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`haar' - fog, screen


tube or trough

12 mile-wide head on Mars?

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Artifacts, Inhabitants
on Mars

"geology" or artifacts

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unexplainable `geology'

`plants' / `tubes' / `lights'

U-trains / tunnels / machines

Commenting on 1976 Viking experiments:- Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe said - "I have not the slightest doubt that Life exists on Mars.  In fact the 1976 Viking explorations of Mars probably established the presence of life.  The results of the Viking experiments, to this day, have not been fully understood except on the basis of life."

Commenting on unexplained JPL photos:- Sir Arthur C Clarke said - "I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars... There are some incredible photographs [from Jet Propulsion Laboratory] which to me are pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars!  Have a look at them.  I don't see any other interpretation"

It seems N.A.S.A has been forbidden comment about the Viking experiments and the more recent images, and there have been allegations, by experienced investigators, that military-style `doctoring' / `tampering' removed signs of habitation from images before publication, raising a hard but inevitable question - is genocide / xenocide being planned for Mars.

1) a) - The "tubes" are in many images (finally released by NASA).  Image processing (or tampering) means these shapes could be either convex `tubes' or concave `troughs'.  b) - Diameters seem to range from 25 m. - c.100+ meters (widths c.100 to about 500 ft). Lengths unknown but long - networks seem to run just under surface for long distances, appearing almost anywhere.  c) - Tubes have circular ribbed structure with reflective outer covering. Majority seem complete / functional, although an abandoned / ruined / decayed tube occurs in one image.  d) - Multi-angled routings and perpendicular nodes (90 degree bends and cross-overs), seem to rule out any "geological" or "flow" phenomena.  e) - one shot apparently indicates a vehicle / large organism traveling inside tube.

2) Mars photos show large-scale working machinery [image] and their tracks [image1 - image2 many others] huge (electrical?) lamps / illuminators switched-on [image others] steam / vapor issuing from machines & / or buildings - [many images]

3) Other images are equally `fantastic' - check originals from N.A.S.A / J.P.L
note: check Mars crustal-history for possible time-lines?

4) It seems that international rules meant to prevent contamination (of all planets - including Earth) have been reset to be ineffective in the case of Mars and Earth, posssibly by NASA or by the (now military-led) JPL.

5) 1976 Viking Mars landers carried life-detecting experiments.  Of the 3 detectors of biotic activity, one was 50/50 and two recorded POSITIVE results.  Those results were suppressed / downgraded, although no laboratory has managed to create `fake positives' for these experiments.

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shaman, scientist, astronaut or alien?
Full images - Attribution - Literature

Rock drawing at Fergana (Uzbekistan)

Label it "shaman, scientist, astronaut or alien" - Why?

Logical alternatives suggested by facts

- - -


Shaman - wearing ritual outfit, carrying impedimenta of sorcery

Scientist - wearing necessary / symbolic gear, carrying tools, calculators

Astronaut - wearing space-gear, carrying shielding or memory software

Alien - ditto for space-gear, ditto for tools or software

Detail of drawing is generally an indication of prestige, esteem, awe or fear inspired by subject - this drawing is very detailed.

1) Suggestion of helmet, breathing gear and suit with securing straps.

2) Right hand drawn - accurately - as very delicate. So left hand could be in suit glove / gauntlet.

3) No attempt to give "impressive human-male physique" - a flattery routinely used with human prestige-subjects: rulers etc.

4) Disk in left hand could be some form of data-recording.  Circular data-form is only really efficient with modern high tech rotation-read.  [Why lasting human reverence for non-useful circularity?  Ie. why certain ancient records - 2,3, 4 below - also shaped like 8 or 9 track device held by alien or shaman?]

5) Is disk explanation (or warning) of recent (or future) catastrophe - from visitor, scientist, or astronaut?

[n.b. - likelihood that UFO panorama (to right of that figure) is a modern addition]

Astronomical model
(disk form needful)


Modern (or ancient?) device. Write-up at ORRERY
Data / charm & / or reminder

modern mandala

Modern "mandala" - possible folk-memory of early tool. Image at MANDALA
Data / record of important history

dropa or dhzopa stone

Dropa or Dhzopa Stone from China / Tibet border. Write-up at DROPA

Data / Passport? Itinerary? ID?

Phaistos Disk

Phaistos Disk - unknown language / purpose. Images and write-up at PHAISTOS
7-Orbit Solar System Model
built as a Maze?

Bayeux Maze

`Troy-Town Maze' linked to Megalithic builders. Write-up at MEGALITH

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unreal "nano-tech"
Images - Attributions - Discussion - Literature

"Nano-tech" East of Urals
(Russia) of 1991

"mil-secret, anomaly, UFO"

- - -


Modern hi-tech

Ancient relics

UFO's garbage

These items - max. of 3 cm (1.2 inch) to min. 0.003 mm (1/10,000th of inch), were discovered by River Narada, Eastern Urals, from 1991 - 1993 in rock strata dated from 20,000 to 318,000 years level.

Materials: large units: copper - smallest: tungsten or molybdenum

1) Did we have technology to make these in 1991? - Would routine manufacture have been feasible / economic?

2) What agencies had advance knowledge of excavation(s) - to acquire and plant the `nano items'? / What gain for them?

3) Can we envisage physical functions / purpose of components?

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early knowledge of moon's effects (4)
Ancient knowledge of cellular and mental effect(s) of Lunar phases

anomalous info, pre-cataclysm, alien teaching"

- - -


Isolated / accidental info

Pre-cataclysm civ's. tech

Alien info-pak

Chinese prescription utilizing cellular effects of Full (& New) Moon.

World-wide esoteric (& erotic) traditions of mating / courtship / `sacred' rites making use of Full Moon phase.

The items - Chinese from more than 2,200 yrs ago - / World rituals of unknown origins - reveal detailed knowledge of sophisticated effects on human tissue / cells and human mental reactions.

Modern `blind science' is still too crude to measure many effects, and too bigoted to recognize many of these phenomena

1) Was ancient knowledge / arcana inherited from a pre-cataclysmic body of learning?

2) Or from another source?

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Green Man
Green Man of Bamberg

We'll try to trace events, more ancient than blinkered experts admit to, which may still be influencing human civilizations.

We may have to look back 13,000 years - or more than 26,000 years.



"Dualism or Dichotomy"


"Westward Ho!"

"Great Cycle?"


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