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Wars past and present

If you've read "Undertones of War" you might already know why WW I was not replayed in WW II.

WW I was brutal wastage of life -  "We'll brutally squander thousands of ordinary lives to show we're dedicated to getting and keeping territory - and slaves" link01

So said the 'owners' - the politicians, generals, land-holders and usurers.

Result:- the next generations in those countries were notably lacking in folk willing to die for a general, a politician or landowner.

An evolutionary geneticist would say
"What did you expect ? You've already killed most of those who were naive / foolish enough to die for you!".

And the groups most heavily wasted :- ordinary British, French & German men and women - indeed came to be strongly in favor of freeing and handing back territories (and slaves), eventually forcing their leaders to follow suit.

WW I made us despise those responsible.

But there has been a repeat of WW I - and it's still going on.

It started in the 'Eighties' - instead of being a military battle for territory - and slaves, it's an economic battle for markets & profits - and slave workers & consumers. link02

Re: Slaves:- we now know that `natural living' groups - nomads, Inuits, Bushmen etc - spend just two hours a day `earning a living'. We think we are better off, but, when you strip away government's profits ( tax costs link03 ) & corporate profits, less than two hours of our work really benefits us.

The strategy is the same:-
  "We'll cruelly waste the lifes of thousands of working people to show we're dedicated to the power, wealth and profits of an elite - Us".

A historian could look at the situation and realize - " "Yes, this happens every five or ten generations - a wave link04 of greediness link05 overcomes those who already own everything - and they want even more".

Result ?

Just as we now despise the bloodthirsty generals and venal politicians of the past - as incompetents and perverts - link06

- so WW III will make us hate those responsible.

Well, you're going to have to wait and see - the evolutionary geneticist will step up in a decade (or century) or two and say "What did you expect ? You've made life miserable for those stupid enough to obey you"

And it's true
As Parkinson link07 wrote,  the greatest national `happiness' is given by -

 lowest number of people in jails, 

 fewest instances of violence link08 

 smallest gap between rich and poor. 

 That's why countries like Denmark, Sweden, Holland and New Zealand lead the world. 

 Not in economic or military power, 

 but in having well-educated, hard-working 

 hard-playing, well-motivated 

  and happy link09 citizens 

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