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or Alien Communicators?

They've each got a NAME! How do we know?
'Cos they use narrative! In `speech' and their long, repeated `song'
Names are needed for narrative!
Although we've only met with friendly & curious dolphins, during Caribbean small boat work, we've heard and read some more surprising things about whale & dolphin behavior

Following paraphrased from broadcast by Roger Payne of "Save the Whale" and other wild-life orgs: -

"Resting on the sea, watching our boat approach ... seemed to be waiting for us ... when the first hand touched his side his eye closed and he stayed that way - eyes closed - until we stopped stroking him"

D'you recognize that sort of behavior?

Yup - it's the same way our human mate, or an intelligent horse or dog reacts to a friendly caress or back-scratching from someone liked / respected / trusted.

Whale / Dolphin links seem to confirm this - if you want to check some start with these - second contains more
"Baja's friendly whales give curious humans the personal touch"
"The Whales of Baja" (links)
"Whales and dolphins show distinctive human traits"

Is that our behavior when approached by an animal known to have hunted and painfully killed many of our friends and family - an animal we knew to be deadly?

Would we have saved an enemy from predators,
just as these dolphins saved a man?

No - though we now know that whales and dolphins exchange information nearly world-wide and maintain a communal 'knowledge' amongst themselves.

Can we learn communication (and sanity) from them?

We are Animals too  -  Retribution is inevitable

Animal Communicators Series

Page 1 - Birds

Page 2 - Bees

Page 3 - Seals
Page 4 - Photos of that walk

Page 5 - Dolphins & Whales

Page 6 - Ants, or SuperAnts?

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Page 7 - Retribution?

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Is the only satisfying power the power of the ascent over men, the only dream, ambition?
And must the alternative to greed, evil, ambition - be only sluggishness?"

Tanith Lee
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