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to independent thinkers, researchers, pioneering unis & other forward looking folk

This site started as a single-handed project with just one science report, then added social, ecological and other pages, checking data from around the world;  hopefully to find fresh information - and maybe leading to fresh conclusions.

Why? -  Too much of the `data' published by government & bureaucracy, even by edu. & science orgs, proves to be misleading or downright wrong.

Often they're hopes or guesses, but also lies;  specially about history, science-discovery, law and policing, and socio-economic stuff.  Yes, that's the power, money, morals & mind-control type of information.

For lots of reasons, mainstream media avoid truthful or even close examination of these subjects and even good technical & sci / edu folk can be muzzled by bent politicos - mostly by funding and tenure blackmail.

`Mistakes' are common, often allowing bad things to happen to you and me - ordinary folk who need to know what's really happening.

[That's why offers of `sponsorship' - from USA, Europe & China so far - have been turned down.  Those with money enough to sponsor will often - maybe always - want to promote some stuff & suppress other info.]

Besides, being a one-man project, this way `Perceptions' can be just as autotelic (self-driven) as its editor.

BTW - some unscrupulous people are copying / using `Perceptions' pages and asking for donations of money to "help this unique independent website stay online" etc. etc.  Needless to say, they have no connection to `Perceptions' and are clearly scamming the public and keeping those "donations" for themselves.  Here's an example - that website has no connection to `Perceptions' and has not asked permission to use our material - so they're fraudsters, plagiarists and con-artists.  That example stole this page from our site.

To make it clear, here's our money-policy.    I.e. we don't accept money from anyone!

So if you've donated anything to them, or others like them, you can sue - or report their fraud to your local law-enforcement.

YOUR side: you use & share info for other folk to use - to help figure things out.

Your input is welcome, because an individual hasn't got time, expertise or savvy for everything.  While some are inclined maybe towards history, mythology &/or physics, perhaps you're interested in social, financial or mathematical stuff.

You don't have to be a `gov't expert' - in fact you and me are probably better equipped as we are.

PROJECTS:   try `Search Page' for your topics or key-words.
BTW - There's a handy dictionary and encyclopedia on that page, along with some history-tools and conversion-tools.

And, if you want - browse the Site Map links.

RSS feed's available at `News Page'.

BTW2 - There's `a Google-Translate Box at top of most HTML pages, and also Google and Babelfish behind those Chinese / Arabic / Russian /Sanskrit words if you want to translate parts of other web-sites' articles or pages.

BTW3 - `Contact' button links to mail.html - to send news, problems, broken links, comments, reports..

BTW4 - `DEFENSE' link (also at foot of Front Page) has information which might be useful for folk troubled by net-abuse, trolls etc.

Cheers - have fun.
Ray D

BTW - Expect to find mistakes,  maybe let us know?

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