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`Perceptions' analysis of British crime data.

Some conclusions are surprising, see - Violence; see - "Cruel & Unjust Taxes"; see Education.

Is a warning being suppressed by V.I.P. child porn/abuse bosses in Government, Media and Police?

Here is text [trimmed] from email message sent by `Perceptions' to major national media organisation in the autumn of 1997

(Note CPS = the British "Crown Prosecution Service")

Thu, 21 Aug 1997 01:29:50 +0100 From: editor Organization: `PERCEPTIONS' X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)MIME-Version: 1.0
To: Sybil Ruscoe - <>

Subject: Misleading reassurances. X-Priority: 3 (Normal) Content-Type: text/plain

Dear Sybil Re - Misleading reassurances, seemingly endorsed by you re organized / institutional pedophile activities

Data re institutional pedophile corruption are available in public domain

Media do not seem able to access this data.RE-organized pedophile abuse (and murder)...

a) Independent 3rd country targeted investigations DO arrest / prosecute / punish senior English pedophiles - diplomats, civil servants, politicians etc.

b) British targeted investigations NEVER arrest/prosecute/punish senior pedophiles, only thugs and "brothel-keepers".

Conclusion :- Senior pedophiles have the power to prevent prosecution within Britain.  Suspects in :- Govt., Whitehall[State Department], Police, CPS[British national prosecution department] (or previous equivalent)

a) Every generation fresh revelations are made (organized abuse- "visitors" to Homes or Institutions) , then assurances given that new and effective controls are now in place

b) Only junior social and care workers prosecuted - no organizers prosecuted [see c1900 when an innocent investigating journalist was actually jailed - to keep him quiet; see c1950; see c1997; see 1999] 52

Tentative conclusion:- Senior pedophiles have the power to circumvent "controls", to prevent prosecution in Britain, to prevent publicity in Britain

Suspects in:- Local Govt., Govt., Whitehall, Police, CPS.

a) Only senior pedophiles caught in Britain (1 x High Court Judge and 1 x Senior Diplomat) were caught by junior policemen and junior Customs men respectively, in "trawl" operations, out of reach of control by senior officers

b) The paedophile High Court Judge, never held in custody, was allowed to walk - free and unpunished - by a fellow High Court Judge

Tentative conclusion:- Senior Police and Home Office[State Department?] do not wish to arrest or punish senior pedophile organizers

Suspects - as all above

[LATE ADDITION - 9June 2000 - judges are asking that Customs officers be denied the right to prosecute !

`Perceptions' speculates that if the prosecution decision is left to CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service ie. LAWYERS) - pedophile diplomats and judges will be completely safe again

The lawyers mafia does not encourage the prosecution of judges - not even pedophile judges

QUOTE "Yesterday the Attorney General, Lord Williams of Mostyn, ordered a review of the role of Customs and Excise."UNQUOTE]

a) No senior (or possibly even junior) member of Establishment - Govt., Police, Whitehall, Church etc. to my knowledge has ever been prosecuted for any offense at the initiative of the CPS (the Crown Prosecution Service)

Tentative conclusion :- The CPS will become totally corrupt, serving mainly to help the privileged sex offenders and child abusers to escape justice

Suspects - unnecessary

If you would like to see root causes of this and other problems try - "The Altruist Survivor",(all of it)

Yours- end of text





Why did senior British policemen or senior British civil servants make an official visit to a pedophile tourist destination ?" They said that they went to "increase child protection in that country"

Analysis of that situation shows:-

No possibility of increasing arrests of guilty child-abusers - local police under-paid and corrupt

Local police do occasionally arrest senior British pedophiles in the act of sexually abusing children, but only when the Brit hasn't got enough pay-off money available

But - as British Government 'security' organizations have a history of organising and using pedophile abuse rings - the most likely outcome is that there will be increased protection for British V.I.P. pedophiles at that child-sex tourist destination and more children abused by pedophiles from the British establishment

The habit of obedience to rich and influential pederasts seems to be very strong in senior ranks of the British police, the British judiciary see real.html[& BBC], British political parties and indeed British governments see 1999

February 16 2000 Yet another 'report' on yet another British pedophile institutional scandal from Sir Ronald Waterhouse - a former High Court judge and member of the English elite - reads all too predictably:-

From the "Guardian" - "Rumours of a ring of abusers, including prominent public figures, have been rife.  But the report says there is no credible evidence of any such network.  It also dismisses suggestions that freemasonry was implicated in what went on"

From "The Times" - "The report names many of those convicted of abuse in the scandal, but stops short of revealing the identities of those against whom no convictions have been secured.  Despite persistent rumours that paedophile activity led straight from the Welsh care homes to the door of the English Establishment, the report concludes that there was no evidence to confirm the existence of "a wide-ranging conspiracy involving prominent persons" (our stress)

Well, after reading laworjustice;  ie. real facts, set against the words of corrupt, lying, pedophile English judges, we can estimate how much those judges' statements are worth

NEWS "Attack on Straw over extension of secrecy"

Freedom of information: special report

David Hencke, Westminster Correspondent Monday January 17, 2000

" Jack Straw [ British Law and Order Minister in charge of the Home Office see promise#Home] has been severely criticised . . . . for using the new freedom of information legislation to extend secrecy to cover up some of the worst scandals which hit the monarchy this century"

LATEST entry see unholy#last

Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?

Evil in Uniform


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