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UEF Theory
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Verifiable Predictions

Published in the face of unfortunate attitude of scientific establishment' to discoveries by outsiders

". . . the very fact that an idea is 'elegant,' in the scientific sense of being a beautifully simple, clear solution to a problem, makes it acutely uncomfortable to those who have been working in the field" -JOHN W. CAMPBELL, JR


Max Planck
"Old Theories only die when the Old Professors die"

Einstein writing to Heisenberg
"It is the theory that decides what we can observe"

"Relativity" and "Quantum"
paradigms are dead
it seems some professors have to follow them
before the world can consider
UEF theory

Conditions & Forecasts

If the angle and rate of swing of a pendulum or the precession of a gyroscope are changed by the nearness of a rotating mass -

& / or

If the rate, shape and directions of crystal formation are changed by the presence of a nearby mass -

then we can derive these facts :-

that 'gravity' is an effect caused by a faster-than-light force, which we will call UEF - universal energy field, or force


that 'jets' occur when mass achieves sufficient rotation rate and density (and therefore that "black holes" do not exist)

see ('jets' and 'nblckhls')

The results are obtained making logical, step-by-step progressions from `conditions' to `forecasts' - no handwaving.

And those conditions ?

Yes, they're true indeed - see these observations :- gyro and so at crystal sci-site
If it's down try a mirror site - same document.

For independent prediction of two other contingent proofs - see radiation

& 'relativity'

and for another - see gases

and for others see fertility + tectonics

The Experiments

abolish the "FORCE of Gravity"

Gases - Critical points

e.m. & pendula etc. Proof "A"

e.m. (two-slit exp) Proof "B"

e.m. photons Proof "C"

crystal engineering

human sensing of dense strata

mental effects - of high speed travel

cellular effects (trauma) - of high speed travel

cellular effects (fertility) - forecasts

Tectonic (& fertility) effects - a past forecast

Tectonic effects - more forecasts

Tectonic effects - past correlations

disproving "Principle of Relativity" - gyros

disprove 'lightspeed Gravity' - SETI detector

and already being proven


Solar activity

Tectonic heaves

Tectonic triggers

Cellular Trauma

Fertility / Conception


Magic numbers do not rule the universe, they're varying even now as UEF intensity - and effects that establishments still think of as 'FORCES' - decrease

One particularly transient ratio is "c   "Yes, that c, equal to Ö E/M

As universal Energy decreases and Matter (but not Mass) increases

c is changing - even now

[from recent mail to media & gov't agencies]

QUOTE "... the UEF theory says the Forces are only 'effects'; these nuclear, electromagnetic and inertial /gravitational effects being caused by the universal 'pressure' and expansion of UEF, enacted at a speed _much_ higher than 'lightspeed'.

For example, UEF theory says the Earth-Sun inertial/gravitational linkage can be considered to be virtually 'instantaneous', as are all 'local' inertial /gravitational effects, rather than being a lightspeed linkage demanded by Special Relativity or by Quantum Theory." UNQUOTE

BUREAUCRATIC "National Endowment for Science, Tech & Arts" is going to SUPPRESS

"UEF Theory"

Is it in case it offends some


"UEF Theory"

tell "NESTA"

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take off the blindfolds?

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