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Some US rich opt
for A.S. rules !

(i.e. that fairness is survival, for rich and poor families alike)

From "The Observer" an English Sunday broadsheet

"In the United States, 150 billionaires have demanded fairer taxation. They believe they should contribute to a more egalitarian society"
Sunday February 25, 2001 - The Observer

Last Sunday in the New York Times, some 120 billionaires jointly advertised their opposition to George Bush's proposal to abolish the remnants of inheritance tax.

It was a threat to democracy and economic vitality, they argued, because it would guarantee that the United States became an aristocracy of the wealthy....

As Warren Buffett, legendary investor, fourth richest American and supporter of Responsible Wealth puts it, dropping inheritance tax would be like 'choosing the 2020 Olympics team by picking the eldest sons of the gold medal winners in the 2000 Olympics'."

We believe this revelation may have been provoked by some intelligent rich people absorbing the message of the "Altruist Survivor"

[ it's been available for some years now ]

Suddenly they've realized that although their hangers-on - [bent politicians, bent media, bent bent tax-collectors]- want wealth to accrue unfairly, the wealthy themselves will suffer, along with their families.

Privilege - unfair wealth - kills its owners.

That's the message of the Altruist Survivor.

USA - you could have been healthy again - if you'd listened to people like Warren Buffett who can still think clearly.

Instead, short-term greed rules - as in the UK

LATER INSERT Post-Budget day. Yesterday the English parliament heard the annual "Budget" speech from the finance minister: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. Note that Wales, the North of England and Scotland all pay higher taxes than London (the South-East of England), due to corrupt, unfairly 'graded' taxes that take more from the poor than the rich.

So `Perceptions' sent an 'open letter' via the UK Press.


Subject: Questions for the Chancellor

Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 17:43:35 +0000

Questions for Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, after his speech on Budget Day

1) Why does your regressive "Value Added Tax" demand 10,000% more from a poor person than from someone 100 times better off ?

2) Why do your overall tax policies confiscate each year more than 50% of a working poor person's total 'wealth' _but_ ask for less than 0.5% (i.e.. one hundred times less) of a rich person's wealth ?

3) Can you sleep at night while claiming to be "fair" ?


Ray Dickenson

editor at perceptions

the ratios quoted are simple arithmetic - from "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" & links


UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

those who abuse power
over helpless people

are perverts, merely
more cowardly terrrorists

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