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"The broad masses, in the primitive simplicity of their minds, more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie"  - A Hitler
"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Dec '13
(31) Wendy's `crisis' - is affecting all the `Western world' (espec. younger generation)
(29) Explorator 16.37 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(28) New Moon Wed. 11:15; then (in a day) closing Venus aligns; check later quakes?
(27) `Moment of truth' for "Black Hole" theory? | Review that Great Goddess evidence
(24) Seasonal ponderings re: singularities leads to aliens, spooks (& weird visitations?
(22) Explorator 16.36 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(18) Solstice on Saturday (21st) - But it _was_ once on 25th (after `Mother's Night')
(17) Full Moon today; then (1 day+ or so) nearing Venus aligns; check later quakes?
(15) Explorator 16.35 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(15) Summ: Think more meteors incoming? | Media+fat-cats; see politico result (clue)
(14) Summ: Dumb-cops | Dumb BBC | Dumb "warming" | Dumb media | Alien `probing'?
(12) Shrinks: "genes=cleverness"; Wrong! Schools & exams biased and corrupt (bkgrd)
(11) Wolfram Summer School (2014) is taking entries - bckgrd to the Summer School
(10) Brave scientist kicks against the pricks - Yup, see files on journals & peer review
(08) Serendip: links modern `war-reasons' & Confucius, all the way to Fort's epiphany
(08) Explorator 16.34 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(07) Pal posts a good "Quantum Woo" video short - yet Big-Sci ignores a real mystery
(04) `Net Freedom' background - another New Threat - Folks working against threats
(03) (Edu) Pessimism confirm re: UK - USA? |(linked?) Greed makes you fearful / lonely
(03) Try comparing US dialects? (w/memory) | `Fear memories' analyses seem correct
(01) Explorator 16.33 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News

Nov '13
(30) Faster Evolution? | Immortality? (bkgrd) | Modern Hero? | New Nazi? w/lies+fraud
(29) New Moon Mon/Tue 00:22; then (day+) nearing Venus aligns; check later quakes
(26) More clues re: `ancient humans'? - supports the mythologies? - and speculation?
(24) Explorator 16.32 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(24) Bent judges gave him 11 yrs (for £25K) - home free UK politicos steal lots more!
(22) For J.F.K [his biography] - the events - the pretence - some facts and theories
(20) Up front? Nope, behind | No Big-Bang? Again? | Gov't attracts cheats (shocked?)
(19) Great! Robert Anton Wilson on `the good & the bad' including DeMeo's Saharasia
(18) Ha! UK's pervert politicos are conspiring with bent spooks - Do you wonder why?
(18) Yup, the spooks lied - again! (bkgrd1, bkgrd2) | Pointless `dark energy' sci-fake
(18) Dolan's weird remote-viewing revelations | Future: A.I, Androids and Immortality?
(17) Explorator 16.31 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(17) Truth re: FBI vs. FBI's false-flag? | Steady Jim Marrs now agrees w/David Icke?
(15) Full Moon Sun. 15:16; then (2 days+) nearing Venus aligns; check later quakes?
(14) What `they' are plotting (some facts) - and how you can maybe help stop them
(14) D'you believe the Met and MI-6?  Or do you consider (present) mass of evidence?
(12) New evol split? = Morlocks/Eloi? | No Dark Matter? the backstory; more reasons
(11) Shock new evidence; more "disgusting doctors" behaviour re: drugs / vaccines
(10) Explorator 16.30 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(10) UK MPs: thieves, frauds & pervs? | UK police-chiefs: brutal, greasy liars, pervs?
(09) Seems trees are needful for us! | Are spooks always untruthful thickos? (scroll)
(08) Spooks will kill the Internet? Signs are here; Methods are here; Motives are here
(07) More strange skulls, some too big for humans! [Could they be imitations of this?]
(06) BMI, IQ down to `Nurture' (social/culture) NOT to genes - [why was skinny-ish?]
(04) Jason's hope: `machine-immortality' - the reality is grimmer: psychotic-machines!
(03) Explorator 16.29 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) Jason+Immortality? - a Reply | Fear of Public Speaking | Another bad Consensus
(02) Corrupt (+pervy) BBC claim: "You should trust us - else democracy is doomed"?
(01) First Americans? | Human thought or Robot reaction? | ET affecting your mind?

Oct '13
(31) New Moon Sun 12:49 UTC, then (day+) nearing Venus aligns; check later quakes
(30) Is the NSA checking your friends' friends? - `The Guardian' is finding out for you
(29) `Consensus' of gov-sci wants censorship - real-sci wants truth (names) [bkgrnd]
(27) Explorator 16.28 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(25) Ha! Liars & pervs *do* want secret snooping; and liars (& pervs?) also want GM
(24) To writers-in, inc. form-mail: feedback & good words appreciated, keep the faith
(23) Rehash problems w/science/religion; the fake-sci problem - & possible ET reprisal?
(21) Evidence of ET's activities? (and comment re: psychiatry - Ha!) - psycho archive
(20) Explorator 16.27 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(19) Psychiatry is fake! (+ vaccines / pills) [bkgrd] | Much (most?) science is wrong!
(18) Eugenics for Gove? He's wrong again! | Bent MP Paterson in-bed with GM Corps
(16) Ha! `Old-wives tales' true again (re: genes) | Relax; mellow-out with your music
(15) Macdonald's right! Parker (+ his pedo-mafia) are evil & would enslave you thusly
(15) Full Moon Fri. 23:37; then (3 days+) nearing Venus aligns; check later quakes?
(15) Think planetary alignments can't affect the Sun? (and therefore our weather?)
(14) Cooling (+warming) due to Sun [data] | UK is now more `fascist' even than USA
(13) Explorator 16.25 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(12) Yup, had forecast that brain-damage (esp. in males) - '07 confirm - '11 confirm
(12) Dilemma? (medical treatment supposed to be voluntary) - Reasons for distrust
(10) Have we found a sign of Aliens? | Ice tunnel re-opens (but it was open in 40's)
(09) Recall our EDU findings? - maybe it'll mean the end of Anglo-Saxon ascendancy?
(09) Sure Parker [MI-5] (+Rifkin) want secrecy: hides their pedophile n/works [bkgd]
(08) Norman Baker: truthful politico? truth re: corrupt taxes; truth re: bent bishops
(08) `Conspiracies': numbers / Media/elite `ad hominem' cover-up / Real conspiracies
(06) Explorator 16.25 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(05) Ha! Missing the point: 5,400 yrs ago it was hotter than now and folk were OK!
(03) re:`Climate' - warning / bkgrd / facts | re:`Darwinism' - warning / bkgrd / facts
(03) New Moon Saturday 00:34 UTC plus aligning w/Uranus maybe check later quakes
(02) Flowers in `Fertile Earth' period (Permian/Triassic) - Yup, much hotter than now!
(02) A conformist debunk and initial put-down / conformist rejoinder / +final put-down
(01) OpenMedia tries to save the Net - seems the latest threat is HERE + NOW (pet'n)
(01) Simple volcanos pushed us into the Ice Age - W/situation as-is maybe take care!

Sep '13
(29) Explorator 16.24 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(29) Cameron's secrets=lying pervy cops, corporates etc? So no change from all this?
(29) Think `Climate Change' is a scam? (data) Because the logic and facts says so?
(27) NSA's poodle | Pesky Q's (on `Darwin's Doubt') Yup, bright folk have many more
(26) Warming? Try logic & facts | Link Dando + O'Hagan? Ans=Gov't Pedos' Murders?
(25) China, Greece-Rome, Persia-Arabia, Europe; decay1 + decay2; now China again?
(24) Francis on `money' - our research | Autism 2012 evidence; 2013 reports (data)
(22) Explorator 16.23 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(22) Thatcher/Blair/Brown were mad? Yup, `mad+bad' and going extinct, thankfully
(21) (Some) scientists say "free will doesn't exist" (or "evil") - try `Satan' redefined?
(20) So `altruism is sexy' confirmed! (as found abroad); here's original breakthrough
(19) Ha! Truth re: BigSci=BadSci? - Yup, the facts are here, the mysteries are here
(18) Full Moon Thurs 11:12 UTC aligns w/Venus over weekend; check later quakes?
(17) China GM-conspiracy? (UK Gov't plot) | BBC Pedo-conspiracy? (UK Gov't plot?)
(15) Duz-U-gud - so try these? | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(14) Images on that `Golden Record' Sagan sent to the Stars (and to ET?) - useful?
(14) Notice the elite want `Evolution to cease'? - Here's `reason why' and the reality
(13) Prof Lisa: "BBC dumbs-down stuff"; so they denied it - Ha! It's confirmed - again
(12) Ha! `Privatisation' might sound good to newbies - Others have seen it all before
(11) AGW: `Facts changing?' | Human brains changing? | But anomalies not changing!
(09) Iceberg's tip? More BBC secrets hiding/covering-up deeper and darker criminality?
(08) Explorator 16.21 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(06) Monsanto bribes FSAs? re: cancer [text] - file shows Corporate/Gov't corruption?
(05) Free the Info `How-to' (London venue) | `Empty evolution' (last para) = analysis
(03) Lost suppression of science (+Velikovsky) - apropos, why `experts' untrustworthy
(02) UK Cops: liars+looters | UK Gov't: anti-truth & anti-education | Here's true reality
(01) Explorator 16.20 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News

Aug '13
(31) Effects of commercial greed - effects of military greed; here's the true nitty-gritty
(30) New Moon Thursday 11:36 UTC maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(28) War-mongering then; did you trust Blair? `Diplomacy' now; do you trust Cameron?
(28) More interest / (+ worry?) chat re: the `Mad Males' (below) in pre-historic times
(27) Interesting / (worrying?) chat re: those `Mad Males' (below) in pre-historic times
(26) Sudden new India gang-rapes? Been happening for many years - now it's tourists
(25) UK `danger to world democracy' - on the path of mad +/or pervy Thatcher & Blair
(25) Explorator 16.19 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(23) Yup, another protected perv (like these?) - It's obvious, they should be in jail!
(22) Think John Keel first thought the unthinkable - Jacques Vallee's (RAP) thoughts
(21) Finally (bent BBC) states the blindingly obvious - which we've all known long ago
(20) Full Moon tomorrow 01:45 UTC - aligns w/Venus next week, check later quakes?
(19) Explorator 16.18 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(17) Mind-boggling results shake paradigms of reality - like the Newtonian clockwork
(16) Why'll they stop you reading this website?  'Cos it's `esoteric' - i.e. too truthful
(14) Ha! Thieving party-politicos again - We had a warning about them a long time ago
(13) Why the `religion vs atheists' controversy (+Dawkins) is not quite what it seems
(11) Explorator 16.17 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(11) TED Talk: How GMOs can poison your family! - Yup, got archived evidence here
(10) Media lies: to justify stealing big money - Yup, thief politicos knew 40 years ago
(10) Research now links `Sunshine+climate change' - as predicted - w/sarcastic logic
(08) Seems atheist bigots are same as religious bigots: they all suppress real science
(07) Yup, equality's hated by bullies; yet outcomes are inevitable (based on evolution)
(07) Zooey Deschanel rebuts (male?) small minds (+organs?) - here's troll background
(06) New Moon tonight 21:51 UTC - aligns w/Mars next week, so check later quakes?
(05) Lying, corrupt police-thug + police-chief + `doctor' + `watchdogs'; So all normal?
(04) Latest evid - known for years | Satire: England, (+Wales), Scotland run by MI-5?
(04) Explorator 16.16 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) Is it true re: autism + MMR? [bkgrd] | Sick scenario - if true - hurting you and me
(02) More evidence of North American impact [12.9 Kyrs ago] - Timeline: facts todate

Jul '13
(30) News: `Good happiness is good for you!' - Yup, evidence mounting for years now
(28) Explorator 16.14 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(27) Cosmology results: "standard model is wrong!" [bkgrd] + `Big-sci' seems scared?
(25) `Science' finally stops "Moon debunking"[text]; Yup, said it all (+more) while ago
(23) Are there two kinds of humans? Was bad-type bio-engineered by psycho-aliens?
(21) Explorator 16.14 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(20) Reaction (to query below) forces disturbing [ancient ET] evidence to the surface
(20) Full Moon Monday 18:16 UTC - check detail bkgrd - + maybe later quake triggers
(19) Scientists now say "ETs are probably here already"! - and here's `Fermi paradox'
(17) Kelly's death? (politicos' bkgrd - evidence bkgrd) | "How do you talk to an Alien?"
(15) [NHS] Murderers-in-suits; the reasons | TED won't hear how the Universe works?
(14) Explorator 16.12 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(13) PROOF of Lost Civilizations? | Stupid politicos told how to educate! (Yup, known)
(12) Why're UK schools more class-biased (racist) than most nations? [personal take]
(11) Is this the way for future teaching/training?  (personal experience says `maybe')
(10) LIBOR scandal = Lying London bankers (see usurers) | Ref.: "Jews in Kachemire"
(09) Did `party-politics' give us `democracy' in UK?  No, as the founding fathers knew
(07) Explorator 16.12 hist/archeo | History Time-Teams | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(07) UK Gov't wants OUT of Europol?  Yup, to protect fraud/pedophile elite (+h/drugs)
(06) Jacques Vallée: rap view - TEDex chat - shrink's check - media `welcome back'
(05) New Moon Mon 07:16 UTC then Mercury +later Venus aligns, check later quakes?
(04) Greedy pervs' GMOs lies [bkgrd] [bkgrd2] | Bullying pervs ban safe herbs [bkgrd]
(04) Fra, Port, Ital corrupt lackeys of USA? (+UK) - Bolivia +South America think so!
(03) Are the Egyptians brighter than us? | How to detect UFO/ET activity near you?
(02) Petition: Lawrences > Investigate Cops (UK); Pardon Snowden (USA); zeitgeist
(01) `Contamination of Mars'? Why? For a MARS KILL? I.e. Xenocide! | Mars Secrets

Jun '13
(30) Explorator 16.11 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(30) UK Police: "organised conspiracy against the people" - specially the Metropolitans
(28) Gov't ban "Free Press" to spy on us! As they banned news of murderous `elites'?
(27) As said: "Ugly people do ugly things" As seen Gov't,Police,Judges=thieves'n'pervs
(26) Spooky: Spinning Statuette (Egyptian) | Sensible: Aliens breed-Humans program
(25) F'cast quake starts on time? (circa 24th +?) - some seismic+volcanic bkgrd here
(25) Does Gov't *always* lie? (specially re: UFOs?) Using BBC complicity w/"debunker"
(23) Explorator 16.10 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(22) Feel like cheering-up? Jane &Co think these musical moments (1 flashmob) do it
(22) Ugly people do ugly things (NHS); Check Gov't, Police, Judges = thieves'n'pervs
(22) Full Moon tomorrow. 11:33; Venus aligns in day plus, maybe check later quakes
(21) Massive bribery? UK Gov't pushes GM - despite `toxic' evidence and sci-bkgrnd
(20) Summer Solstice tomorrow (05:04), + Winter one, + real Great Goddess bkgrnd
(20) We can't trust "seeing" or "remembering", the psyche facts and psyche bkgrnd
(20) Just another `big-sci' con-trick; here's the physical facts, and theory bkgrnd
(19) "UFO" post got useful f/back - so maybe we can expect further `hype' stories?
(16) HuffPost World + Science | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(16) Math faked "black-holes" [diagrams] | Re: Dimensions + `Flatland' [proof + diag]
(14) Panic! `Experts' need fancy footwork (scroll) - try that synopsis and those details
(14) Folk agree on modern sci-fakery / evidence cover-up etc (re: cosmos / big bang)
(13) Seems `science-fashions' are fashionable fakes! - Here's reasons (+ `jets' bkgrd)
(12) So-called `big-thinkers' thinking small? - Yup, shy about their own sci-ignorance
(10) Passing Evils (for profit!) | Change (in our different brains+bodies) for the better?
(09) More re: `Hidden History' (Vikings in USA?) (some more sci-social cover-ups here)
(09) Explorator 16.08 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(08) Yup, these video shorts tell truth: "No Big Bang" - does Lee Smolin (partly) agree?
(06) Hear Melvyn's `experts' trying to justify `Relativity' - They know its time is gone?
(05) New Moon Sat, Mars align just precedes, Venus align m/later, Check later quakes?
(03) Free Energy debate? | Query `extra dimensions'? | Something sinister in Universe?
(02) Explorator 16.06/7 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(02) So that `warming stuff' was a mistake? - Yup, as we hinted and the facts confirm
(01) Why's INERTIA vital?  It's secret of the Universe; our future (+ maybe a problem!)

May '13
(31) Review `Experts >ALIENS' | Tri-sci: Multi-verses, Culture Evol, & Is Time Real?
(30) See that `Gov't' (thieves) are trying to hide more stuff - Can you stop them?
(30) Re: (below) Maybe d/load that R3 discussion on ALIENS - then check our files?
(30) Occasional remind (scroll?) | Fake psychiatry again - here's a personal opinion
(28) F'cast quakes started on time (23rd/24th) - some seismic+volcanic bkgrd here
(27) Check a SETI brainwash piece? - And try analysis of its fakery (Shostak bkgrd)
(26) Millions march anti-GM (inc Kala MI) - see that more corrupt states are pro-GM?
(26) That `Impact' confirmed (again) | Conspiracy `theories confirmed scroll [bkgrd
(26) Archeo News (+ treasure) | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(25) Why was Profumo exposed (+ Ward killed)? - because he *wasn't* a pedophile
(25) `Magic is still alive' - known from theoretical info - and from personal experience
(23) Seems not many folk know about earliest-Americans? (background & refs (scroll)
(22) Full Moon Saturday, align w/Mars precedes, w/Venus follows, check later quakes
(22) Climate Logic | Evidence of Gov't Murders (+Straw's) | Past dooms | Inbreeding
(21) More on "Dryas Catastrophe" (bkgrd-scroll) | Ice-Melt Scare no go (bkgrd-scroll)
(20) Big-Sci panic (and lies?) | Small-Sci ponder | More UFO specs (bkgrd1 - bkgrd2)
(19) Explorator 16.05 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(19) Alice: Big-Sci "it's Bullshit" - Yup agreed and ditto for AGW and ditto for BigBang
(17) Posted dramatic-warning & sent Sci-backgrd | Pre-view our anticipated answer
(17) Corrupt IPCC (bkgrd) | Corrupt pro-GM diplomats (bkgrd) | Sad-Biology cover-up?
(16) Ha! First Google, now Amazon's cast as villain - Our opinion's exactly opposite!
(16) Other folk against `Quack Psychiatry' - our critique - backstory + some site refs
(15) A ruler + a thinker made breakthru - but PTB took over | Check the seatbelt Argh!
(14) So Gov't lied and lied - Why? So Brits stay slaves of over-taxed perv-ruled State
(13) "Psychiatry: it's fake science" shock - Cathy's backstory - a Summary - data refs.
(12) Even `Quality Press' gets it wrong - we had to show them it was just propaganda
(12) Explorator 16.04 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(11) Those forecast quakes seem to've started (in Iran) + could roll-on a day or three
(11) Seems those naive folk at `Libel Reform' want to party; We only say: "wait+see?"
(10) Tax-theft shock! D'you think Cameron DIDN'T know? (Late stuff and "Told-U-so")
(10) C-of-E Archbishop hid pedophile abuser from Law - As said: `Why isn't he in jail?'
(09) Sense re: Universe+You by Smolin; got his intro-thoughts - and deeper foreboding
(08) Nice `ancient language' research (maybe related?) | Long-running CIA UFO-fakery
(07) New Moon Thur/Friday, then later alignment w/Venus; maybe check later quakes
(05) Explorator 16.03 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(04) Sheldrake speaks on censorship (of Wikipedia?) - So ghosty page's now banned?
(03) Serendipity `The Goddess' hunt found her picture on (very) oldest Egyptian tomb
(03) Seems Hawaiians becoming aware/sensitized? - detailed GMO background here
(02) Shock revelation - Insecticides are killing our insects! - Wow, who'da thought it?
(02) News item on Arabian floods rang bell re: great tale of adventure & risk-taking
(01) Here's the popular [Wiki] description of today - + maybe a darker traditional side

Apr '13
(29) Great! A try to save our bees - D'you wonder why UK politicos refused? [bkgrd]
(29) Seems `human history' is longer than thought - maybe complicated by `others'?
(28) Interesting new findings re: `Intelligence'; maybe good/bad news for Westerners
(28) Explorator 16.02 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(28) Slow search? Maybe Internet censorship - see Facebook - esp. in (corrupt) UK
(28) The Aquatic Ape Theory revisited - our sympathy for theory - some background
(26) Bankers own Gov'ts,Courts,Police,Media,Popes,Armies,Wars, jobs, homes + YOU
(26) `Save Our Bees' petition seems urgent | Celebrate a new Libel Law? (wait+see?)
(24) That `Global Peace Index' is out again today. Yup, there's more to follow on that
(24) More ancient evidence: from Europe, Japan, China - + from America to Oceania
(24) The Libel Reform folks want to hear from (some of) you - here's some background
(23) "Scientists" need amateur help? (evidence) | Cosmologists need a spare wheel?
(22) Think Google was "evil" about their taxes? Think again! The `lawmakers' were evil
(22) Full Moon Thursday aligns w/Mars then Saturn+Venus; maybe check later quakes
(21) Some real scientists (i.e not Dawkins) line-up against TED censorship (last post)
(21) Ha! - `Glacier experts' ignore the obvious [scroll text copy] - more obvious facts
(21) Explorator 16.01 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(21) The BANNED TED TALK by Sheldrake - and readers' (and ours) sharp comments
(20) Interesting: seems the court agreed the BBC was indeed complicit with terrorism
(20) Thoughtful piece in UK press: - Already thought, with even weirder conclusions
(19) Latest from Stonehenge: "5,000 yrs older"!  Ha! So that whisper was correct?
(18) TED's "Game of Thrones"? Had already looked + found the reason: Militant Dorks
(18) "Big Bang Theory" looks a bit sickly | This Irving seems more rational than MSM
(18) MAIL: `Save Our Bees' | Tax-theft Corporates | `Have You Been Threatened?'
(17) See "Toxic GM corn" - Yup data's building - Wondering why politicos don't care?
(17) Surprise number of quakes from forecast Mars then Venus prolonged alignment
(17) Who wants bent Libel Law? (see 12th) | Our problem with "atrocities" and bkgrd
(16) "Odd?" Fat cats go free; as w/corrupt/perv politicos - Why? Reasons (scroll txt)
(16) 1st the (selective) hype + alarmism; then the full picture: "not unusual" [bkgrd]
(15) Ha! More `bad-sci' - gen bkgrd - phys bkgrd | Secret arrests? w/secret courts?
(14) Explorator 15.52 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(13) Truthful analyst won't get into today's controversial `politics' - here's reason
(13) As U find more past evidence; also find more controversy re: earliest humans
(12) Who wants to keep bent `Libel Laws'? - Yup, elite's frauds, thieves'n'perverts!
(12) Yup, these solar upsets probably due to planets align - see solar rotation rate
(12) No `global warming' in USA? (link? | Richard Dolan on `Economic Hit-Men' (link?
(10) New Moon: fo'cast quakes still rolling in from Venus/Mars align; > align bkgrd
(10) UNICEF: Children suffer in UK - Earlier data | Same `poverty' plans for NHS?
(09) Mars-truth? | Where Aliens (+us?) might go? | Are we an experiment? (bkgrd)
(08) A good Amish pal came up with questions - gave me a bit of work (some bkgrd)
(07) Explorator 15.51 hist/archeo | A Blog about History | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(06) Cat Signal! [what's that?] - Seems a grubby `big brother' LAW can jail you/me?
(06) Richard Dolan re: "Living the Real Life" - Yup, we've similar feelings on that stuff
(05) Impact? A bigger worry is `Jets' | Judge says: "It's Not A Crime To Expose Crime"
(04) Heard of `Amazons'+`Gorgons'? We found they're NOT myths! Now BBC to copy?
(04) Sent a detailed response (with Fatima info) - to that Fermi's paradox post
(03) Crap BBC: "Only wealth & snobbery counts" - Really? Maybe world dis-agrees!
(03) Censor: first Sheldrake, then Hancock, then TEDxWestHollywood, then YOU/ME?
(01) Maybe watching movies CAN make you think? - Maybe they'd rather we didn't?

Mar '13
(31) Explorator 15.50 hist/archeo | History News (Discv) | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(30) Mechanical ORRERY - s/ware orrery + online one - others - & their usefulness
(29) Ha! `Probabilistic' weather forecasts just WRONG - Yup, as we'd stated already
(29) "Why should Co's want more female directors?" 'Cos women're wiser than men!
(27) Danger from cosmic heat + dust? - early warning? - & noises | Fermi's paradox
(27) Pedo-politicos "pressure far more powerful"; Analysis finds pedos-in-parliament
(26) Harsh UK weather `unseasonal' - gave harsh analysis + even harsher forecast
(26) Fruit-flies thumbs-up for organic food - background detail - wider sci-context
(26) Full Moon (see forecast) Wed. a.m. - bkgrd - maybe see later quake triggers
(25) Want to be an effective `Freedom of Info' researcher'? Try April 23rd course
(25) Big-Sci impasse - reality - finale | Authority's pedo-promises - & pedo-reality
(24) Explorator 15.49 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(23) Malvinas / Falklands truth? - maybe think again (scroll down) - military ref.
(23) Russell's inspiration from Fort's (dangerous) insight - here's site reference
(21) Equinox happened with no problems - Bkgrd to `equinoxes and alignments'
(21) Corrupt/stupid MSM & politicos being forced to face facts & stop lying/fakery
(20) Surprise (unsolicited) e-mail re: `NHS Privatisation' - maybe 'cos of analysis?
(19) Looks like United Nations (boss) believed in ET/UFOs - + more scientifically
(19) Seems `Big Brother' is looking over our shoulder again - this time with a gun!
(18) Scary `fatal attractor' evidence; some hard bkgrd & some conspiracy theories
(18) Effort needed to clean-up UK's bent law - backgrd re: corrupt libel law / courts
(17) A reaction to `climate-scam' revelation [article] & our checks + sci-forebodings
(17) Explorator 15.48 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(16) Next Full (Venus align)+New Moons (Venus/Mars align)=quake/volcanic triggers
(16) Question: "Gov't ignoring ET-tech? - Don't think so!" - the prequel - + sequel?
(15) Changing: `experts' giant wave/flybys lies | Changing: `authorities' ET/UFO lies
(14) Analysis indicates real motives (for that white smoke) - bkgrd & method used
(13) TED Sci-groups split re: PSI/Paranormal  Ha! got mail on PSI + on Paranormal
(12) Ha! BigSci `Inquisition' oppressing thinkers - Reason? Scared of the evidence!
(12) They don't really know what's out there! - Reason? Science is only beginning
(11) Re forecast : quakes & volcanics arrive early; see `do-your-own-forecasting'
(10) Explorator 15.47 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(10) Presidents' obsessions with UFOs; and Hillary's concerns - the Researcher
(09) Seems pervy perps will get to keep their secrets - by using bent Libel Laws
(08) Surprised?  We found basic trouble-shooting rule in `Scripture' of all places!
(07) UEF Theory: predicted sexual effects confirmed - implications for air travel?
(07) Steve's theory re: Cave Art and Ancient Links - bkgrd here, here? and here?
(06) New Moon Mon 19:54 UTC; maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(05) Corrupt Libel Law | New secret courts (maybe to hide Gov't thieves & pervs?)
(04) Folk think: Danger from AIs | Folk knew: Danger from usurers & bent judges
(03) Explorator 15.46 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) Very topical - "Crowded Skies" video re: `Return of Comets/Asteroids Danger'
(03) Ha! Big-Sci problems#1? & #2? - Yup, readers + pals're already on the case
(01) Big-money for Politicos & Bankers? Nope! - See `Real Motivation' + HOW-TO?

Feb '13
(28) Forecast : Quakes arriving - check bkgrd & maybe do-your-own-forecasting
(27) External: Re: Mars + Big-Sci & fakery | Re: Politicos/Banks corruption & fakery
(26 ) Seems we've been lied to about Mars habitability - & maybe for bad reasons
(26) Interesting resource - `Masters in Divinity' (try Zoros, + maybe the Pagans?)
(25) External: ET Life evidence maybe soon? | Earth-sized planets maybe nextdoor?
(25) Full Moon tonite, 20:28 UTC; maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(24) Ha! see Sci-Am's trendy mistake Reality: 2200BCE event likely a global IMPACT!
(24) Explorator 15.45 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(24) Late: Secrecy to increase! | Censorship to increase - so thieves / pervs win?
(23) Inevitable doom from Space? [data] | Secrets behind SETI (+ NASA)? [data]
(23) Crappy UK education (for umpteenth time) | Killer pedophiles in Gov't (+ BBC)
(22) So `TV is bad for us?' - Yup, said it already - Here's evidence (and BBC's lies)
(20) Weird look at `morality' (evolution) | re: Darwin, Wallace and ET intervention?
(18) Explorator 15.44 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(18) Sorry for lost mails etc (system crash/hacked?) | Summer School (Mass. USA)

Jan '13
(20) Explorator 15.40 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(18) "Why Alien Abductions? - Medic?" - Ans#1 "For Genes?" - Ans#2&3 "For Kicks?"
(16) Ha! Synchronicity and the A.S. Theory - bkgrd controversy & the Theory Pages
(15) "Life from Space"? - some background controversy & background metaphysics
(13) Re: Sci-fakery debate - some embarrassing facts & some news [no Big Bang?]
(13) Explorator 15.39 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(11) Is most `info' a big (gov't run) fake? - our earlier conclusions (from the facts)
(10) So `egalitarianism' was the ancients' rule?: archeo-bkgrd | More strange skulls
(09) New Moon Friday, 19:45 UTC; maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(08) More on AIs - including their `morals' / `ethics' - (and maybe our `morals' too)
(06) Explorator 15.38 hist/archeo | History News-Blog | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(04) Final? post re: `AI Dangers etc' (and Spartans' love-lives) | New planet count
(02) Re: that AI chat - some `human' (wishful?) thinking & danger + interesting facts
(01) Lost tribe? - maybe `lost civilizations'? | AI dream? They can't grasp the danger


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