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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Dec '11  Date/Time = UTC
(31) Press failure re: Putin | Desperate believers (in AGW) | Why psychopaths rule UK
(30) Kelly secrecy (*), Bent Law (*), Bent Rail (*), Bent Cops (*), Rare good edu (*)
(29) The rich panicking? | the rich entrapping | the rich plotting? | the rich corrupting
(28) How the `human condition' affects science (+ET?) | & its lighter side: Fashion!
(26) F'cast early quake(s) coming? - Yup, that's related to those F&N Moon effects
(25) So that `legend' (+ our findings) = TRUE | The NET in danger? | Wm Cooper [vid]
(24) Agreeing with the French? | The people say "People before Profits" - obviously!
(23) Tax-thieving UK elite is maybe panicking? [bkgrd - "slaughter in the streets"?]
(23) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(22) Happy Solstice! (more sunlight tomorrow) | `Nature': "Science is in [big] trouble"
(22) New Moon 24th (18:08 UTC); maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(21) Re: that `mind-reading' ETs problem (+ a warning) - try earlier analysed reports?
(21) Maybe shout to your MP? - for libel Reform | PS re: tomorrow's `festival' [timings]
(21) Another `unexplained death'? Or a warning? Or threat-closure? Or punishment?
(20) Weird#1 `Light coming from the Past'? | Weird#2 `Can they read Minds' (original)
(20) Solstice - bkgrd & truth | Gov't corrupt'n >> Waste/debt >> Dominos fall [bkgrd]
(18) Explorator 14.35 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(18) Follow-up to that `Trickster' post | Clues re: UFO/ET abilities +/or sensitivities?
(18) Cameron's city-cheats & thieves (City bkgrd) | UK kids are being conned (How?)
(18) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(17) Cameron - millionaire `liar, thief, perv' claims Xtian values? - Some research here
(17) "Falls And The Trickster" (maybe not too serious) | Ha! `Hollywood Lies' (serious)
(16) Is `Protest' / `Occupy' a Cosmic Effect? | Are *all* politicos & bankers idiots?
(16) Is he a pervert cop? | Whining thieving politicos - aided by corrupt perv judges
(15) Wolfram Summer School (New Science) 2012 taking entrants [Boston, Mass]
(15) BE CAREFUL! - `Science' knew danger for ~20 years - cowardly commercialism?
(15) "Protester" - Time's Person of the Year [video] (inc. `Occupy' in EU, UK & USA)
(14) Seems that Yule's `real';   XMAS   | Another (rich) `liar, thief & perv'? [bkgrd]
(14) (F'cast) quakes rolling | UK kids lose out [bkgrd] | Brits lose vote (Wonder why?)
(13) So `big society' promises about fair education was all lies? Yup - thought so!
(13) Yup, "UK's ruled by the Banks" as we said below; here's reason#1 & reason#2
(13) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(12) IPCC claims yet another `mistake' (a lie) - bkgrd of corrupt UK `watchdogs'
(11) "Most powerful censorship threat that the Internet has ever seen" - Petition
(11) Explorator 14.34 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(11) F'cast? see quakes | Row re: `accepted science/logic' + ET and its follow-up
(11) Politico's slip (lies & cover-ups?) - bkgrd of greed and reason for lies (usury)
(10) Hartnett - he's a liar, thief & pervert [will he SUE?] - like his (pretend) bosses
(09) Right time `Classic Books cut-price sales' (home) - here's their Amazon sites
(09) Shouldn't we think for ourselves (about everything)? - here's its background
(09) Why's UK elite throwing our jobs away? Cover-for their usurer bosses (the "City")
(09) Schools for rascist xenophobes? [bkgrd] | US state-racism to bar minority's votes?
(08) Cops using political `blackmail' - so how `fair' is UK Gov't being so far? [reality]
(07) Seems even the Russians want `Occupy Everywhere' - & Chinese are angry too
(07) UK's MIL-style police are getting feisty? Thugs for the rich are always greedy
(06) What's new* `English Disease'? Infection; w/symptoms, from festering wounds
(05) Full Moon Sat. 10th (eclipse), maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(05) Holiday reading? Sci-Am Archive | Institiutions "corrupt: Occupy Everywhere"
(04) Another archive of Ancient Images | Ogham - Ancient Celts in America/Africa?
(04) Explorator 14.33 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) `Science' unaware (yet) | Are some scientists lazy? | Maybe some are crazy?
(02) ET law?|1st Americans?|Bent Mil|Bent politico|Bent cops|Bent tax|Results
(01) Limits of human intelligence (reason?) | Future of women UFO investigators?

Nov '11
(30) See increase of their `Power to Detain/Torture' while ignoring our `Liberties'?
(30) Secret? - truth re: `watchdogs' (CQC) [bkgrd] - & truth re: Persia/Iran [bkgrd]
(29) Detective's `newspaper archive' | Anti-`Occupy' Malaysia + newFascist UK/US?
(28) Seems that US internet censorship's "for crime" - + threats of censorship in UK
(27) Explorator 14.32 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(27) Western `climate'-skullduggery? claiming fake "CO2 reasons" - try longterm reality
(27) Recall "Sir" Gus O'Donnell's `whitewash'? - seems there's murky motives behind it
(26) Why the police-brutality to `Occupy'? - Here's the background & the UK reasons
(25) Nice TED talk by Jacques Vallée (15 min); BigSci trying to catch-up with reality?
(23) Why cruelty & abuse in UK hospitals + in homes? Greedy bosses steal the money!
(23) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(23) New Moon 25th (part-eclipse); maybe post-alignment check later quake triggers
(22) Looks like this is a 2nd "Climate-gate" (why the secrecy?) - maybe here's a clue?
(22) Re: that `discovery' (bkgrd)? - *Warning* (esp. if `others' are already using it?)
(21) Violent nature | IPCC murder-cover (bkgrd) | Bent BBC warmists (bkgrd) earlier 1
(20) Explorator 14.31 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(19) Maybe the ancients knew best? | Is the `whining whinger' also a bit of a grabber?
(19) Riots? - Met-murder | Killing free-speech (bkgrd) | Big-sci wrong? (bkgrd - scroll)
(18) Those neutrinos `still too fast' | Ex-"M": `legalize grass' (& `Protest'?) [bkgrnd]
(17) Blair's crimes & the cover-up (bkgrd) | FBI crimes (bkgrd) | Western nazification
(16) Reader's ET-Polt mail | Libel-reform Action update | Blair prosecution? (bkgrd)
(15) Impact damage potentials seem to've doubled | CIA "refuses" pres's direct order
(13) Explorator 14.30 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(12) Time to listen carefully? Seems a tell-tale hints at WAR - [Re `Why?' - War-hist
(11) Peaceful protest - corrupt cops lies | Would *you* trust politicos on ETs? [bkgrd]
(09) F'cast: see Moon effects | Greek `domino-effect' > Italy > UK > FR = corruption?
(09) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(08) So no Fermi paradox yet? And on Mars? | Thieving "lords" to return - We've no say?
(07) See George re-comments (scroll to "Rock Me") on quake figs - Some background
(06) Explorator 14.29 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(05) Guy Fawkes Night | Serendipitous mail from LA humorist Martin (+ a suggestion)
(04) If U can get to Parliament on Wednesday - to push for `Action for Libel Reform'
(04) Full Moon Thurs; 6th/8th aligns w/Jupiter; post-alignments check quake triggers
(04) Recent finds + association of UFOs with `poltergeists' = worrying conclusion
(03) Seems there's much more "life possibilities" in space - far away from Earth
(02) William investigates recent "orb" UFOs over Reading (UK) and in London (2 vids)
(01) If this astro-report is confirmed - all we "know" (think?) may be slowly changing!

Oct '11
(31) Poltergeist - the Lego-hit guy gave an account to BBC Radio 5, in this recording
(30) Do these OOBE experiments prove something? Or do they hint *another* thing?
(30) Explorator 14.28 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(29) Corrupt rich abusers still using "Libel Laws" to hide their crimes [some UK bkgrd]
(28) Maybe `ET' wants your dreams / memories / imagination / or even arguments?
(25) Re: moan about Physics (below); did some checking - and had a good reason
(25) Wanna find a "criminal"? - Maybe try this MAIL SOURCE - a real sad-sack type?
(24) Dumbed-down? media carried away by `science-hype' - some reality might help
(23) Explorator 14.27 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(23) Astro-images (some "not fully understood" - i.e. complete mysteries) like #11
(23) Seems Hartnett's another lying thieving pervert - like some corrupt politicos
(23) New Moon 26th (25/29th hit by Jupiter); post-alignments check quake triggers
(23) `Warming' hype/blame claims - but evidence points to natural (cyclical) causes
(22) Excellent series (see right-hand menu), `The Divided Brain' clears thought a bit
(22) Reasons for UFO activity might be ridiculous - like humans - rather than sublime?
(21) Hiding stuff? (for themselves?) | "Pharaonic Capitalism" _and_ `Pharaonic Gov't'
(21) Seems corrupt politicos & corporates are determined to poison us all (for profit)
(20) Wonder why this `UFO Documentary' (by Disney) never got a national release?
(20) World's Cartel [why? - how?] | Secret trials | False evidence | Stolen pensions
(19) USA/UK/GERMANY + ATHENS have things in common: corrupt taxes and gov'ts
(18) `Liars-thieves-pervs' still acting as crims | "Comet" (red-herring) or UFOs 1883?
(17) Dylan Ratigan's right (vid), in UK too, taxation / corps & politicos are all corrupt
(17) An 'outstanding civil servant'? or a liar and cowardly thief & Yes-man? (bkgrd)
(17) Re: 3 above - clarification why we shouldn't accept usual excuses of "cock-up"
(16) Explorator 14.26 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(15) Recap - these pro-intellectuals always seem to plagiarise - try the original?
(15) "Not only in America" - `Occupy' protest in UK (go `UK Uncut' in FB) [bkgrnd]
(14) Ha! The BBC spends more money where it needs to tell more lies (an example)
(14) Moon quakes rolling-in | USA/UK `rulers' | `Ley-lines' | Cruel doctors (reasons)
(12) Flu vaccine safe? (bkgrd) | Mars water? (bkgrd) | Crap UK educators (Greedy!)
(11) Got back-up copies of Martyn Stubbs' interview (videos) - Youtube loses them
(10) Full Moon 12th; bit later check quake triggers [next New Moon aligns w/Jupiter]
(10) Re: item below - looks like USA's reaction to Katrina (N.O) wasn't the first time
(09) From `Explorator' - seems someone's been (partially) reading this page & agrees
(09) Explorator 14.25 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(08) Prof: "Will aliens be nice people?" | One of those OOPARTS maybe? [more here]
(08) As suspected: media (MSM) + `big-science' hype telling us lies about the Earth
(07) Corrupt cops (+below), corrupt media (+below), corrupt politicos = our problems
(04) Fatso thicko (+ corrupt) cops - always obey the powerful [thieves & murderers]
(04) One + two tax-cheating PMs = why UK still hides tax-thieves? (some background)
(03) UK's Police education problem (some reasons?) | Male ufologists - getting irate?
(02) Explorator 14.24 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(02) UFOs - on official releases (scroll down) | Ufology - are there hidden agendas?
(01) Marriage's future? | Farming's future? | UK Politicos' futures? [some reasons]

Sep '11
(30) Big-science getting the `final straw? | Doubts about "sick UK workforce" reports
(28) Those `FTL questions'? / +`expert opinion' / +Relativity prob / + back to basics!
(28) India's lowdown on UK corruption (see bkgrd) | "No mystery" coroner says finally
(26) Interesting - multiple whistleblowers de-NASA - Ha! more where that came from
(25) MI-5's mealy-mouthed lies - her (fired?) predecessor told truth - [earlier "Reith"]
(25) Explorator 14.23 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(25) New Moon 27th (aligned Uranus+Mercury); post-alignments check quake triggers
(24) Re: `FTL Find' (maybe) a reasoned Q&A w/opinion - and a `conspiracy question'
(24) [DK] Successful `people-power' hated by corrupt politicos - Well, that's typical
(23) So Yahoo is censoring/ silencing your emails? - Maybe taking over from the BBC?
(23) CIA says "Climate-change is SECRET" - Well, CERN tried same trick - [while ago]
(23) Despite BBC (+ Melvyn's?) reluctance - that `Astrology' prog is finally on-line
(22) "No Immunity" for criminal acts, kidnap, torture (+murder?) - Jail for Blair/Straw?
(22) Corrupt UK cops (below) try for cosy secrecy with corrupt UK politicos (bkgrnd)
(21) Cops (below) told "You're corrupt!" | "Black hole" waffle - [bkgrnd] some reality
(19) Pinker's latest bandwagon [the true bits probably taken from `Violence' page?]
(18) Standard Model [bkgrd] w/o Higgs boson? w/o `Dark Matter? Maybe start afresh?
(18) Explorator 14.22 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(17) Is there an undiscovered `Force' in the Universe? [Some clues - Is it a secret?]
(17) Corrupt cops use `Official Secrets' to try punishing whistle-blower (lies / history)
(17) BBC lies re Libya? & re Libya? Yup, BBC lies about most things; esp. re: money
(16) Not reported by MSM - "Atlantis UFOs NASA can't explain" admission (bkgrd)
(15) Has modern corp'te corruption swallowed-up `science' too? [Some backgrd]
(15) Should rich/powerful pedos + war-criminals be jailed? (here's a moral POV)
(14) UK Taxes *are* Corrupt | Rail? Fares *are* fraud | UK's Sci-schooling *is* Crap
(13) F.o.I Newsletter - seems the NHS is quietly going to get even more secretive
(13) That `Astrology' debate (site page) - now have career *and* activity evidence
(13) UK Edu - only schools for slaves? | `Gov't terror in Syria' & Gov't hypocrisy in UK
(12) Mystery of `milk tolerance' | US tax-scandal, in UK it's hidden by lying politicos
(11) Full Moon (early) tomorrow - 1 day+ post-alignment maybe check quake triggers
(11) Explorator 14.21 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(10) That Notre Dame (IN) sighting reminded - and query prompted evidence survey
(10) Update re murderer politicos (Straw / Blair) | Interesting: Egyptologists' failures
(09) Fantastic short action video re: stupidity of `Generals' (and maybe `nationalism'
(08) Speculation: Either we're an `alien experiment' |or| `The Gods' are real enough
(07) Truthtellers always abused | Interesting `Fortean' site | As most `science' claims
(06) Garrison's intro is worth hearing (re JFK) - Same applies to Jaime Maussan's work?
(06) Is there `a purpose behind evolution'? | Do we get `inspiration highs' like this?
(05) W/Leaks fun cables re 'war on drugs' (detail here) | Great `City' experiment (vid)
(04) Explorator 14.20 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) So truth-tellers to be punished (again) - Yup, in a corrupt country that's normal
(02) Corruption (torture) decadence? If so - is our `ascendancy' dying on schedule?
(01) Latest FAS News item is rather sad - Remind you of something?  Yup - Nazi UK

Aug '11
(31) News? "Big Pharma" is a greedy +dangerous fraudster? - Wow, how did we know?
(31) Sci-secrecy now, 2004, 2002; MSM/BBC secrecy/censorship: 2005, 2003, 2002
(30) UK lang. edu `worst in Europe' - pre-analyzed here already - Ever wonder why?
(29) Arab-Spring to end tyranny/torture? `CIA' wants new tyranny/torture (rendition)
(28) New Moon tomorrow; maybe day or two post-alignment check quake triggers
(28) Explorator 14.19 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(26) Watching (below) - seems `while they lie about UFOs, they'll lie about everything'
(26) Mail: recommend for `Leslie Kean docu' on Hist Chann - (temp?) - Go `show more'
(26) Bitchy Cameron: bends over for bankster+cop/media perps; yet abuses `riot kids'
(24) George's link `FBI sets-up most terror plots' - Well, we knew that (UK) already
(21) Wolfram's `Timeline of Computational Knowledge' - [the `known' stuff anyway?]
(21) Explorator 14.18 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(20) See those bent cops and benter politicos are persecuting anti-corruption heroes
(19) CIA/NASA "Aliens may destroy humanity .." | `A fish rots from the head' - UK
(18) 3rd night `Car arson continues unabated in Berlin' (GE) - was "a prelude to .?."
(18) Yup: `Journalists Who Shun UFO Reports Fail Readers' Bill Wickersham [bkgrd]
(17) WWW's fairly worrying interrogation of the Abbottabad raid / OBL killing story
(17) Cleared by IPCC: topCop1 & topCop2 - Reason? | Fooled? Ha! It's `normal' for BBC
(16) Causes: riots then & riots now; UK (liar) Govt's reply? Oppression and Censorship
(16) Article: `Anthropologists tackle 2012' - some COMMENTS might help some students
(14) How `Press' spins `science' (ignorance?) | Rich arsonist visits arsoned cop-shop
(14) Explorator 14.17 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(13) Liar Cameron: `Everyone deserves a second chance' - (except poor & workers)
(13) Ha! Feisty Mahmoud gives `sauce for the goose' (*?*) to hypocrite UK politicos
(13) Riots & IPCC: w/CPS, PCC (+BBC) and others = corrupt, racist, elitist & pervy
(12) Watch `V for Vendetta'? - (UK now?) - Yup, they're today's politicos (BTN=BBC)
(12) Full Moon (late) tomorrow - maybe check quake triggers for day+ post-alignment
(12) Nazi (secret) law (US-Cuba) (UK-N.I) | Germany (+UK) = `Never tax the rich'
(11) Sun's (long) cycles' effects in N Europe? - & linked mental effects? (biorhythm)
(11) Scientists: "Badgers don't cause TB in cattle" - but Gov't/rich farmers want blood
(11) Some sense about "riots" (from the Guardian) - and the real UK reasons are below
(10) `Riots' analyses: adults due to corruption; kids due to oppression - all unfair
(09) `DNA components ... extraterrestrial origin' - like Profs Fred & Chandra said
(09) Lying, thieving politicos + BBC are shouting "criminal" - Tax reality + edu bkgd
(08) Vital "percentages and fractions" - (Not taught!) - so maybe kids deprived/angry
(08) Taking a cutting (cloning) `introduces mutations' - like we've said for ages
(07) Explorator 14.16 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(07) So `Arctic Ice was much less in recent past' - despite all the AGW hype/scares
(07) Will (nazi) corrupt police face justice? - Experience says `NO - they won't'
(05) That NASA PR-conf. reminded of a little coincidence - noticed q. often before
(04) NASA admits "Water on Mars" - as Joseph's been saying [see `Life on Mars' etc]
(04) Folk discussing fantastic Russian scientific find - (OOPARTS site is interesting
(02) Fat greedy lying politico is out; why? - Cahoots w/fat greedy lying (perv) judges?
(01) Sussed the `feral elite' ruining UK yet? [letter]  Maybe you'd seen it here first
(01) Corrupt [& nazi] cops order you to report folks - merely for their political beliefs

July '11
(31) Explorator 14.15 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(30) Long-term plot? - Lead in fuel to dumb-down kids? - So, is it still happening?
(26) That `Gold Yacht' spurs a conversation | & good deeds by Dolly (hero of mine)
(26) New Moon on 30th - maybe day or two post-alignment check quake triggers
(24) Explorator 14.14 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(24) Those corrupt vindictive cops are only working for the rich - who don't pay tax
(23) Great - PZ Myers' `Skeptical Look at Aliens' in pop fiction - especially last slide
(23) This looks like an honest ANONYMOUS message (maybe FIND "trample" in sayings
(22) Re: sci-fi/ET tales of `humanized animals'? - as we know `regulation' always fails
(21) Jones & BBC: "Censor science - only feature consensus" Ha! consensus = wrong
(20) Climate close-up [4.5Kyr] review & `brave' forecasting attempt, by Cliff & Randy
(19) `Sex disappears' (stuck in a rut?) | Ancient Welsh migration (prior discovery)
(19) Corrupt public bodies: CPS? (bkgrd), IPCC? (bkgrd), BBC? (bkgrd), CERN? (bkgrd)
(18) Can murderers "resign" scot-free? Why can bent cops? - or pedo-priests escape?
(17) Shameful `alienation' of western education? | Mystery: `coral and temperature'
(17) Explorator 14.13 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(16) No10 Downing St: another nest of corruption? | "Disgraceful"?  Yes, and criminal!
(15) Mail: pal in Malaysia sent `micro-ET' post - seems follow-on from these cases?
(15) Met : police: a nest of corruption - Our taxes stolen for PR / bribes / cover-ups
(14) Full Moon (early) tomorrow - maybe check quake triggers for day+ post-alignment
(14) Politicos (pretend) seeing sense on fish-stocks? - here's the *real* background
(13) Update re: `Sicily Time-slip' - and spooky coincidence (?) re: earlier anomalies
(13) Secrecy = Corruption; as we saw with `false-flag Straw', and `pedo-friend Straw'
(12) Police claim: "Cock-up, not conspiracy" - Ha! Where have we heard that before?
(11) Cull badgers? (or kill humans?) | Bloodthirsty `scientists' get it wrong (yet again)
(10) News (was `MMR-autism' doc framed?) | Revolution in USA-UK soon? (small pdf)
(10) Explorator 14.12 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(09) Cleared! - Was `crash' mass-assassination of bent MI-5 men? (10 yrs `rogue'?)
(09) Corporates kill us? | Sense re: "AGW" (some facts) | Fermi's wrong assumptions
(08) A tax-hero fights corrupt Gov't | Shock at corrupty cops? - it's today's "policing"
(07) Mail: Interesting ancient art-UFO research (+ Orientals), many not seen before
(07) News : Torture cover-up? | Wikileaks debt? | Vaccines cover-up?| Blood-types?
(06) `Warmist' Prof's claim seems wrong - scroll down - Greenland did get `Ice Age'
(06) Honest folk framed by corrupt cops/courts | Long-run cover-up of London UFOs?
(05) Scandal of lying Gov't agencies (re: UFOs) +`Sign up Disclosure' (go SHOW MORE)
(03) Reader (Mexico) has strong speculation re: `Marian Apparitions' + UFO/ET!  Yup
(03) Explorator 14.11 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(01) Fukushima - UK brainwash? [so easy] | Dangers of conformism / brainwashing

June '11
(30) New Moon tomorrow - maybe day or two post-alignment check quake triggers
(30) Bent politicos always in cahoots w/usurers? | Donate books, eqpt etc to India?
(29) The Net & phone-cams fight for freedom? - So maybe expect Gov't clampdowns?
(28) Another `Mirage City' in NY? | Russian scientist makes `Alien Contact' prediction
(27) Why China `Mirage City' not ID'd? | Why London UFOs - #1, #2, #3 downplayed?
(26) Why's `Diana Conspiracy' film banned? | Conspiracies? | Is this one? (bkgrd)
(26) Explorator 14.10 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(26) [provisional 'cast - check Orerry? + find 10th > 20th August shud be interesting]
(24) Had to explain `evolution + ET' - example of the danger/profit | wrong analysis?
(21) Powerful survival reason for (ET) contact - bio-cause+hist - social cause+hist.
(19) Explorator 14.09 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(18) So Wallace was right - Darwin was wrong! (and wrong again) | Some bkgrd here
(17) Rare post of (UFO) book blurb (here's another - re: Fatima); reason for the rarity
(16) Corruption News: (c~ CPS, cops, courts) | Check forecast quakes (13th & today)
(15) Real sci-news (with some `warmist denial'?) | Maybe recall to check post-eclipse?
(14) News: `UK's education is still crap' - Ha! No surprise there - want to guess why?
(13) Multi-uncertainty facing science/ufology - latest background, earlier bkgrd here
(12) Contradicts: Humans in Asia 1.85 M yrs ago | Switz was warmer last 11,500 yrs
(12) Explorator 14.08 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(11) An Australian example of useful UFO data - earlier `work-in-progress' on data
(10) Interesting confirm of `Trade Winds' | common misconception: Brits vs "English"
(09) Full Moon (+eclipse) 15th - quake triggers from 13th on, recall quarters of Moon?
(07) Fat bureaucrats thieve as much as politicos - politicos bkgrd - bureaucrats bkgrd
(06) Seems humans, animals & bees are alike - earlier findings (re: animals & humans)
(05) Rare appreciation of wisdom (txt) (why usury's a sin) - & why stupidity rules
(05) Explorator 14.07 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Graham Hancock's Sci-News
(03) News - bits the police lie about (bkgrd) & things politicos lie about (bkgrd)
(02) Planned dumb-down for most? | Gov't theft plans | (temp) Archaeo News
(01) Some important ET info we've probably been missing - but _they_ haven't?

May '11
(31) New Moon tomorrow - maybe day or two post-alignment check quake triggers
(31) Biorhythms? Half-lives? That controversy revisited, objected-to, & re-confirmed
(30) Half-life controversy (here) leads to Biorhythm investigation and results here
(30) Maybe he/they just knew too much? - some `State-murder'? precedents here
(29) Explorator 14.06 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Grhm Hancock's Sci-News
(29) Our taxes taken [Twitter libel (see below)] - to cover-up council corruption in UK
(28) Corrupt judges, libel laws - So bent Gov't erects "gobbledygook response" hurdle!
(27) Science's multi-ignorance persists, leading to misunderstands & doomsday stuff
(27) Secret: Presidents' Lies (bkgrd) | Exposed: Crop Sprays & N-power plants (bkgrd)
(26) Corps cash-in on`natural medicines'? | Why Gov't scares / lies - to vaccinate?
(26) New hype story exposed? - along with (quiet) NASA results? - plus SCI-NEWS
(24) UK - Corrupt police, corrupt judges, corrupt politicos - Oh, and corrupt media
(23) D'you believe this police `JTR secrecy story'? No? Suspect aristos & politicos?
(22) Nice presentation by Colin Renfrew adds controversy to the `Old Silk Road'
(22) Someone (Youtube?) lying to us re: the Martyn Stubbs interview - wonder why?
(22) Explorator 14.05 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Grhm Hancock's Sci-News
(22) Another corrupt UK judge? - (overview) | Re: mystery @ Lake Washington (WA)
(21) Long-range 'cast: 10-15 Aug for Earth/Moon/Sun/Venus align - quake checks?
(21) Latest fat, greedy, ugly thief-politicos (& see "more") - an overview - & a cure?
(21) Seems `sci-news' is much-rehash these days (know why?) - 10 yr-old original
(20) Mysterious invisible `force' visits L Washington (WA) - more weird things? (below
(19) Re: Hawking & Dawkins - "bandwagon riders" | Good Law: to save "Mother Earth"
(17) Folk hearing strange noise in the sky (all over the world?) - more here & here
(16) Those forecast (below) quakes rolling in - maybe more after Full Moon? (on 17th)
(15) Explorator 14.03 hist / arch stuff | Archaeo News | Grhm Hancock's Sci-News
(14) Comment shows the `funny / tragic' implications of the ET confession - below
(13) Made a confession - think many of us have this `abduction evidence' block
(12) Differing views - yet recent evidence is "Probably no interbreed w/Neanderthals"
(10) Ignore hype - mainstream science is in a mess - and here's a (probable) reason
(09) Moon/E/Merc/Venus/Mars/Jupe align c.15th, pre: Full Moon17th); later q-check?
(08) No Explorator today | StonePages Archaeo News | Grhm Hancock's Sci-News
(07) Why `NO' to fairer votes? 'Cos Libs've betrayed party, integrity & the tax-payer?
(06) So our lying politicos and their fat-cat pals are jacking-up food prices - Protest?
(06) Good `dystopian' novel, reminds of UK's on-going sci-soc and sec-pol corruption
(05) Ask why UK's murderous police hire corrupt doctors? To get away with cover-ups!
(04) Wonder why all those fat-cats & liars thieves and pervs want you+me to vote NO?
(03) Finally known - the police lied, and lied, and lied again: `normal' for UK police?
(02) New Moon tomorrow - maybe day or two post-alignment check quake triggers
(01) May Day (bgrd) | Explorator 14.02| Archaeo News |Grhm Hancock's Sci-News

Apr '11
(29) Ironic - on `May Day' (trad. `freedom day') EU (corps) plots to cut our freedoms
(29) Don't read `Royal News' but ... | A SETI summary, followed by 2nd thoughts?
(29) World weather? [US tornado map] - Research maybe says big changes underway?
(28) What a shame - not all of the puppet liars, thieves and perverts will be there?
(28) There's a lot of corrupt police thugs in UK - this one's trying to cover-up killing(s?)
(28) Corrupt judges (w/greedy politicos) conspired to hide corrupt banker-thievery?
(27) Article on Bilderberg and NATO | Radio interview Shirley MacLaine and pole-shift?
(24) Explorator 14.01 hist/arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(23) Great - `Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview' - "Time is speeding up"
(22) Just found discussions of `Missing Time' (of a different kind) + its controversy
(21) Hypocrite `bishop' asks "help for the poor" - while he steals via (corrupt) taxes
(21) Re-found some ancient mystery stuff: why `crystal balls'? (and strange spoons?)
(19) So politicos & oil corps lied about Iraq? - NOT new; check earlier UK/BP genocide
(19) Oil is `geological'? - as T Gold forecast, maybe also right about `Steady-State'?
(18) Those forecast quakes (6.6?) from Full Moon - are rolling in, see background
(17) Explorator 13.52 hist/arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(17) `Elites' - inflict rape (Congo + here); and abuse/torture/murder (Bahrain + here)
(17) Olden `magic'? | That `singularity' and our worry | Modern `wealth' poisoning
(17) Ongoing quake-storms so Full Moon (Mon) could bring more quake-triggers after
(15) Corrupt UK Cops - (NoW bkgrd + update) | Reason corrupt elites finally lose out?
(13) Corrupt cover-up by corrupt cops-doctor | Nazifying UK police? | Why bent cops?
(12) Recall `toxo' warning? - BBC follow-up | Don't expect `UFO truths' from Gov'ts?
(12) "A big, big lie" Afghanistan - Right! | `No-Campaign' corrupt - Anti-fairness plot?
(12) "We can't trust the police to tell the truth" - Right (Ian knew), and we know that!
(11) Politicos betray the Elephants | Stephen's `New Paradigm' for science / universe
(10) Explorator 13.51 hist/arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(10) Why she represents all of us - and that's why we are all vicitims of corrupt elites
(08) Police: child-abuse | Corrupt cops + Murdoch (NoW) | Corrupt cops UFO cover-up
(07) Fight injustice | ET + `The Singularity' - why we can't face either just now (bkgrd)
(07) David Cameron - speaks truthful hypocrisy in Pakistan - and lying hypocrisy in UK
(05) Those forecast quakes (6.0+) from Sunday on - are rolling in, check USGS reports
(04) Help `freedom of speech' in China | Are `sceptics'/`paranoids' carrying Toxoplasma?
(03) AV: "MPs would work harder" - and a big pay-cut would make them more honest
(03) Explorator 13.50 hist/arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(02) New Moon Sunday - then quake triggers from Saturn-Earth-Moon-Sun-Jupiter align
(01) UK judges conspire for corrupt secrecy? - Reasons might be hidden in these pages
(01) So `Conservatives' + `BNP' are "on the same side" - against fairer voting - AV

Mar '11
(31) Party for one good ruler in the world (+ a song) - Reason why others are bad
(30) Seems some thugs were disguised police? - to `justify' suppression of free speech
(30) Zoroastrians + Mazda & `New Year' | Prod those greedy politicos to help the poor
(29) A Turk's homily in a Persian paper | Save Madagascar from `Tar Sands' destruction
(29) Ian T: harrassed, bullied, mauled and lethally assaulted - by police (at 13:09 mins)
(28) Did balaclavas hide police - agents-provocateurs? - (some films are secret - why?)
(27) Humans: `origins' & `cycles' | Ufology: what we shouldn't do - and reason why
(27) Explorator 13.49 hist/arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(27) Power-pervs in Egypt | Power-pervs in Libya | Power-pervs in UK's courtrooms
(26) Science/ufology prob | UK cops: spies&provocateurs- dark reasons - funny prob
(25) UK `Budget' OK? Nope, more lies | `War on Drugs'? Nope, just hypocrisy + lies
(24) Tell EU - `Fight against poverty' | Fight corrupt libel-secrecy in UK's bent courts
(23) More `Altruist Survivor' evidence coming in - versus shallow `Selfish Gene' stuff
(23) We don't know much about universe (bkgrd) - but we do know NASA covered-up
(22) Bent `watchdogs' allow murder-for-profit; not the first time - police & CPS corrupt
(22) Those `distant' quakes arriving - as unusual quake-storm continues - see backgrd
(22) Thug police `prefer' corrupt doctors - like English `elite' `selects' pedophile judges
(20) Explorator 13.48 Hist/Arch | Week's Archaeo News |`Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(19) Politicos' lies & F.o.I | Help a non-nuclear Jaitapur | Pressure on corrupt City police
(19) Do we need a clean-up? (how+why); "Say your piece" re:greedy MPs [send it here]
(17) Ongoing quake-storm so Full Moon (cycles) might bring more distant q-triggers later
(17) USA's History to be made into CRAP? | UK's History is already CRAP! - [bkgrd both?]
(16) Cranks vs Rationalists? (science+ufology); Skepti-bunkers "psychologically scarred"
(16) Turning UK uglier & greedier? | Aiding corporate corruption? | (bkgrd to both items)
(14) Way-out speculation re: ET and/or `Spirits' | Is this Youtube skullduggery? [bkgrd]
(14) Europe: 91% say "politicos are liars/thieves"[bkgrd] | & Arabia? | & India [bkgrnd]
(13) Read a little Ufology spat - found links to Andrew Lang - and `Subterranean' links
(13) Explorator 13.47 - (archeo-news / events etc) | `Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(12) Getting together some facts and images of `The Great Goddess' (8-10,000 yrs ago)
(12) Seen many times already - UK's Police & CPS are corrupt - todays case1 / case2
(10) Corrupt secrecy for the guilty rich - just like "walls", was forecast by A.S. principle
(10) Those forecast quakes +Solar still rolling, Moon closeby, + will be on 19th Full Moon
(09) Yup. like ancient Athens, `USA's Courts Now Corrupt' (break `First Rule') + UK also
(08) Cynical about (sleazy) Gov't UFO coverups? | Give a (final?) push for Libel Reform
(06) Those forecast quakes rolling in | Sleazy greedy MPs wanted pay-offs kept secret
(06) Explorator 13.46 - (archeo-news / events etc) | `Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(05) Good idea (see below) | Lies about sightings (bkgrd) | Lost file? No chance! (bkgrd)
(04) George's `PTB insight' recalled 07June'08 "Brown payoff" forecast Yup, now millionaire
(04) How can low turnout (36%) still pretend to be democratic?  Ha! - in UK it never was
(04) Bradley Manning didn't commit murder, abuse or theft - so those charges are corrupt!
(03) Welcome to `goldfish-bowl Earth', which billions are (probably) watching just now
(02) New Moon Fri - so (quake) triggers later (+rolling Solar stuff from 20th/21st align)
(01) Short-term scams may be `usual' | Longer-term `ascendancies' also have to end?

Feb '11
(27) `Phone-hack' scandal shows what we already knew: police=corrupt & CPS=corrupt
(27) Explorator 13.45 - (archeo-news / events etc) | `Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(26) `Nullification' not a crime, it's a RIGHT! | Explanation? - Of some UFO/ET evidence
(26) (India) bent politicos betray the forests | UK bent politicos betray Gary McKinnon
(24) People/workers suffer; rich & high-income politicos *don't* pay tax - like in UK
(24) NKS announces their Summer School coming soon - invites applications etc
(22) "frogs deformities ... in cities and suburbs" - So, is _your_ sex being changed?
(22) ORRERY tick `EQUAL' + `UPDATE' to see Earth/Sun/Mercury/Mars/Neptune alignment
(22) Was this another `false-flag' bombing? - plenty of UK/Europe background here
(20) Explorator 13.44 - (archeo-news / events etc) | `Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(20) Corrupt media? (India) - just like UK's! | New Royal sex-scandal? - or just deja-vu?
(19) Week's Archaeo News | `The rich *don't* pay tax' (like Cameron - just 1% or less)
(18) Science checks `Fatima' | Help save poor kids | Check *real* terrorism/genocide
(17) So truth is to be a crime? (ha! - always was) | They're blithely ignoring a problem
(17) Full Moon tomorrow, so (later?) quake triggers expected (recall quarters of Moon)
(17) Soldiers betrayed by bent politicos | Frame-up by bent police? | "Cheap" UK edu?
(16) Why unrest? - Maybe corrupt: CIA / Media+Police / US censors / Rulers / Gov'ts?
(15) Surprise? The rich secretly pay to keep UK undemocratic! |Stop animal-torturers!
(14) Maybe *these* are what's been visiting us? - Reviewed here (& far-out here & here
(13) Ancient UFO SIghtings (tks to Graham Hancock) - Yup, there's some more here
(13) Explorator 13.43 - (archeo-news / events etc) | `Graham Hancock's Sci-News'
(13) Mid-East: `people' rejoicing - `elites' uneasy (why do elites fear/harm real people?)
(13) Week's Archaeo News from Stone Pages | Sustain for Cambodian Elephants
(12) Looks like change is in the wind, perhaps in East *and* West? - Maybe due to this?
(12) Suddenly - a Free People celebrates (scroll to video?) - more here (Fidel earlier)
(10) Call - "President Obama, come to Tahrir" | Maybe check - "The Trouble with Normal"
(10) Fri. Deadline for Cambodian Elephants | The CIA Nostra - Cuba's "Bay of Pigs"
(09) Is PM `fair'? And his country isn't! | Response to WikiLeaks : `Gov't lies/cover-up'
(08) Dracula family sends Vlad the Impaler to retain another "blood bank" - Too late?
(08) Getting more info linking Ancient Egypt with Europe, Americas, and even Australia
(07) Ever wonder why those corrupt UK police-chiefs sound so thick, on the radio / TV?
(06) Explorator 13.42 - (archeo-news etc) | Topical Egypt Blog re Cairo and other sites
(06) `Graham Hancock's News' - (forget FB, link's to his continuous site-page now)
(05) Cumbria: pumping=quakes (as in N Shrops) | Priests: they're still pervs & murderers
(04) Those forecast (below) quakes are rolling in - maybe more to come?
(04) Sec/Pol thugs in Cairo, in UK, Canada, US & Germany (scroll) - all will be revealed?
(03) New research to trigger `Sci-Revolution'? (Maybe Hoyle et al were right all along?)
(03) Happy New Year! (7 photos) - to all friends who celebrate today
(02) New Moon tomorrow, so (later?) quake triggers expected (recall quarters of Moon)
(02) CPS - civilian charged/convicted for joke; while politico can make racist threats 0K?
(02) `Graham Hancock's News' - (forget FB, link's to his continuous site-page now)
(01) Week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website

Jan '11
(31) D'you give to the poor?; No! In corrupt UK (y)our `charity' goes to the RICH!
(31) Corrupt Egyptian elite, Corrupt UK elite, Corrupt USA elite, same problem & Cure
(30) `Alien' / `Miracle' warning (bkgrd) | Reader (Stephen) sends his video (site bkgrd)
(30) Quick `cui bono' test (for N. Africa/Egypt) | `Phenomena Mag' latest issue(s) here
(30) Explorator 13.41 - (archeo-news etc) | Topical Egypt Blog re Luxor and other sites
(30) Helpful reader finds original of that (hurriedly censored) BBC page about Astrology
(29) Who'd want power to cut-off the Internet? Only corrupt elites would  (NWO panic?)
(28) Maybe it's not so easy to know `the truth'? - [Milton (& Buddha) said that ages ago]
(28) WDM - stop `Bankers ramping-up Food-prices' - Yup, usurers always become pervs
(27) If opposing corrupt UK Gov't / Police? - They can `control' you (legally "destroy")
(26) Still finding evidence of the `Great Goddess' world-wide - If you find any pse inform?
(24) Re: "fake US science" (below) two videos `Secret Evidence' & `Secret Ancient Tech'
(24) Help Afghan women! (lying politicos haven't) | Why does USA have most sci-fakery?
(24) Latest Explorator (13.40) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(22) Corrupt UK police-chiefs (ACPO) have problems - their spies are too intelligent!
(21) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(19) Save families (bkgd) | Save kids (bkgd) | Loot frozen? (+ Blair/Brown's? + Cameron's?)
(17) Full Moon late Wednesday, so quake triggers - + maybe early/late tug from opp. Mars
(16) Real secrets (WikiLeaks tax-bombshell) due soon - here's background (scroll to foot)
(16) Latest Explorator (13.39) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(16) Graham Hancock's `Weekly Science Report' - (from Steve Detwiler at F.B)
(15) About time it was said - `A good scientist is never 'certain'' - and you can see why!
(14) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(12) Coverups in science? 10 min vid, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5 - Yup, here's bkgrd1, bkgrd2
(10) High-pay dumbos or Gov't propagandists? (reality) - Latest accurate graphs here
(10) Like most `terrorism' this was a Gov't set-up (by `provocateur'); ie false-flag (scroll)
(09) Latest Explorator (13.38) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(09) `Cosmic Life' news | Return of Magic? (sheep-goat effect) | "Royals expenses abuse"
(08) A `peoples jury' would've given this VIP crook a poor man's sentence - 5 to 10 years!
(08) Wolfram: NKS Summer School starts soon (register?) | Fermi's Paradox (background)
(08) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(07) So UK's media / police & CPS are corrupt? (and politicos & mandarins) So what's new?
(06) `Do we have free will' or `does power corrupt' - Ans: more checks say "no" and "yes"
(05) Those quakes; maybe more? |`Graham Hancock's Weekly' from Steve Detwiler (F.B)
(04) Check quakes (eclipse) | Check bumblebees | Check `Years of the Rabbit' [Izvestia]
(03) Was Mars different just a while ago? | Is India just a `slave-state' (bkgrd) [like UK?]
(02) Latest Explorator (13.37) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(02) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(01) Co-incidental tie-ins of Med/Keltic folk with Anatolia's `People of the Goddess Dana'
(01) False Dichotomy? | 2010's Earth Disasters | Things Further Out | Do we fool ourselves?
(01) New Moon on Tuesday, so quake triggers expected (re Venus, recall quarters of Moon)


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