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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Dec '10
(31) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(31) New Moon 4th Jan - so quake triggers expected (re Venus, recall quarters of Moon)
(29) New - `conformists primitive - free-thinkers learning' - maybe adds to all this
(28) Recall `Solar Mystery' re: "half-life"? - Think they got it too complicated (maybe)?
(27) Over-looked item | Want stories? Saladin writes great fantasy | Save some sharks?
(26) Latest Explorator (13.36) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(26) A week's (not late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(24) Forgot vital detail (re UFO) | Wolfram: NKS + iPad | Petition `No Shark Fin Pledge'
(23) Some interesting results (re UFOs) came from doing some shape/ form calculations
(22) This guy's not paranoid - long ago got bored checking our Gov't (+ NASA / Mil) hits
(22) Celebrate the SOLSTICE - more daylight tomorrow (it explains our `pagan' festivals)
(21) Did you read of these Veterans in US Press? No? We didn't hear about it on BBC either
(20) Interesting vids: `Pyramids' & `Shrunken Brains' Yup, see pyramids, #2, #3 & `Skulls'
(19) "Peer Review"? - (reply) - Some suspicions: of elite-secrecy, gov'ts suppressions etc
(19) Latest Explorator (13.35) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(19) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(18) Full Moon Tuesday - so quake triggers expected (re Venus, recall quarters of Moon)
(17) Just realizing? `Gov't/Corps infiltrate your groups' - Yup, in social & `sci' - Reasons?
(15) Is `hanging corrupt politicos from lamp-posts' due to make a come-back into fashion?
(14) Vatican joins NWO? (they'll own you + your food + house) - Early warning1 / warning2
(14) More (NASA) confirmation of our `alignment forecasts - Ha!  We knew that already
(14) Why the dichotomy (re: Iran)? - Maybe OZ doesn't want Iran's OIL (like USA / UK do)?
(13) Moon's "Quarter" now - so quake triggers (Venus nearby - recall `quarters of Moon'?)
(12) Latest Explorator (13.34) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(12) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(12) Here's the `Graham Hancock Weekly Science Report' from Steve Detwiler (Facebook)
(12) Wikileaks "break veil of gov't & corp't secrecy suffocating American press"? (bkgrd)
(10) WikLeaks w/paper - Seems to be an Apollo 11 patch on that trunk - Wonder why?
(10) "now the Powers That Be can see what the Internet can do, they want it changed"
(10) The UK Guardian's `mirror' site gives update of Latest WikiLeaks plus Live Blogging
(09) Save elephants - tell USA `stop trading ivory' | `Nobel Prize' to Wiki-Leaks? (Russia)
(09) Is `gov't' all liars'n thieves? - Liars'nThieves-yes; now they're class/race pervs also
(08) OZ - Campaigners vilified by arch-priest - Ha! Here's `priestly' facts, and hist. reason
(08) Is the IPCC a stacked deck?  Consp. theory agrees - as does real science background
(08) Edu - `UK behind Poland + Norway' (+ Korea / Iceland) - so what did they expect?
(06) Update to EGYPT-GREEK-ROME archives | Update `Ancient Egypt to America' theories
(06) Help free Tony the Tiger from cruel cage | Browse `W-Leaks Data-base' (interactive)
(06) Summer people / Winter people are different? - and so is each (optical) `world-view' ?
(05) Latest Explorator (13.33) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(05) Here's the `Graham Hancock Weekly Science Report' from Steve Detwiler (Facebook)
(04) Think there's only *one* thief and *one* liar in gov't?  Think again - it's full of them
(04) Yup, as said:- police=thugs-for-the-rich If U want democracy, first expect slaughter
(03) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(03) Ha! `Arsenic-Life Discovery' shows that nay-saying `experts' quote from toilet paper
(02) Bent `doctor' (chosen by police to cover-up murder) is protected - here's background
(02) NewMoon Sunday - so (slow) quake triggers (Venus nearby - recall `quarters of Moon'?)
(02) Seems `experts' catch up with (female) reality - yet the really interesting stuff is here
(01) Check the newspapers: our `rulers' are primitive & stupid, the evidence is in the rocks

Nov '10
(30) George's `Solar Market Effects' - Had coincidentally found `Solar Human Effects' earlier
(29) Maybe `Open Gov't' (via WikiLeaks?) is the way to go? - Well, Dave seems to think so
(28) Is this `philosophical point' (re: `change') true? || And about Europe's politicos/banks?
(28) Latest Explorator (13.32) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(25) Maybe slipping - missed these (Izvestia) items - here's maybe why (UK's bent politicos)
(25) On mythical `black holes' (real data) | On UK's corrupt courts (see Net threats + bkgrd)
(23) Questions about SETI debunking/gov't control (newer links; maybe scroll down one post)
(23) Quakes came in bit slow (≈2 days) || UK's corrupt `libel laws' - Net threats - Reform Call
(22) So it's humans' pollution / logging that'll harm forests - + not "AGW" (misnomer) after all
(22) EU (and UK) plots (to `sell the Net') & Judge plots (future use of bent UK `Libel Laws'?)
(22) See BBC's (illiterate) race-hate attempts are back - Not new, here's their previous try
(21) Police & politicos lied (for 90 days detention `thugs' 1 April '08) -precedent (and today?
(21) Fascists, Socialists & Bolsheviks unite - Against what? `Fairness'?, Education? Liberty?
(21) Latest Explorator (13.31) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(21) If some `dark forces' reportings seems strong - there's a (dangerous) reason for that
(20) So - `FTL Info and Teleportation' possible - as discussed/forecast about three yrs ago
(19) Think this has all happened before? Yup, `Dark Ages' happen without folk even realizing
(19) UK Gov't sells-out `fair Internet' to Corps - Guess more censorship increases next, + this?
(18) Did they just realize they're destroying fish stocks? - No! they were told a decade+ ago
(18) Full Moon Sunday - expect quake triggers (Venus still close - recall `quarters of Moon'?)
(18) Ha! This message from Saskatchewan is v. true for UK (+ USA?) - see below + front page
(17) How come he didn't realize? - that stealing tax-money from poorer folk is downright evil?
(16) EU tried - does USA want to outlaw garden food, seed-saving etc? (guess who benefits?)
(16) `Don't Swim While Bushmen Go Thirsty' - some facts about `Bushmen' - (and their ethics?)
(15) D'you want physical, ethical, brain or soul happiness?  (Tried most - now believe in this)
(14) An interesting result (from below) - seems to back up recent controversies, here & here
(14) Latest Explorator (13.30) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(12) Horror in India (corrupt police/judges etc) - maybe only different in degree from UK/USA?
(12) Sci-coverup question (no `black holes'?) - Check w/Google search (+ maybe our stuff)
(11) New coroner for Ian Tomlinson's murder? Less or more corrupt than usual set-ups?
(11) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(10) Some strange pre-historic aerial vehicles by otherwise accurate artists - Maybe more?
(09) Personal unease with increasingly hyped `science' claims - (funding for `sexy' claims?)
(07) Description: `Science, by and large, is a lot of bull' - Strong, yet backed by research
(07) So Blair / Bush / Hitler et al are all doomed? - Along with other thieves, murderers & pervs
(07) Latest Explorator (13.29) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(05) Latest crime-mail from India - announces an up-coming suicide (due to bent police/courts)
(05) `Perceptions' gets new threats from BBC (since Aug '03) - Wonder why they're angry?
(04) Edu charges? Are Cameron *and* Clegg lying hypocrites? [Wogan? the Duke? BBC bosses?]
(04) `BBC lied about Band-Aid + Geldof' - (earlier BBC lies) - Wonder about the `BBC agenda'?
(03) Again - `It's environment *not* genes' Yup, thinkers knew that! [Royal jelly≈skull shaping?]
(02) `Why is slavery protected by UK/EU/US leaders?' - there's an age-old reason (they're pervs)
(02) They just realized we do `day-dreaming in the womb' - maybe adds to that dream-research?

Oct '10
(31) Alarm for Neo-Darwinists - `You're heading for extinction' - (thinkers should've known)
(31) Latest Explorator (13.28) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(30) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(29) Do MSM / Gov't / Big Science tell us the truth?  No chance! - the `reality-gap' is still there
(27) Spectacular calendars + recent astronomy views (Chandra) - just forget `black hole' claims
(27) Those [long forecast] triggers continue (inc. volcanoes) - later effects c. Moon's quarters
(26) `Bees are quicker than computers at math' [text] - Just as forecast by B. Shipman [in '97]
(25) Those Moon/Venus quakes rolling in, as forecast, maybe more to come - re-check later?
(24) Latest Explorator (13.27) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(24) Maybe students, job-trainees or `change-of-life' experiencers get these `testing dreams'?
(24) Research (text) says `Some folk _can_ drink and smoke and party through a ripe old age'
(23) `Did Blair murder Dr Kelly?' - Gov't says `No' ~ But medics' + experts' evidence hints `Yes'
(23) `Too brainy for a cop?' - Doesn't authority want stable, unbiased & honest police? (women?)
(22) `Lucid Dreams' - what can we learn from them | Soon start wait for forecast quake triggers
(22) Elderly bees nostalgic & forgetful, like us | A tough start not always `bad life'! (A.S. theory)
(20) A week's (bit late) Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(19) Burlington (WI) Conf. runs Oct. 25th-31st - (they can check that quakes / solar forecast?
(18) Check `Suppressed Archeology'?  Research found some clues /queries here and here & links
(17) Latest Explorator (13.26) here - archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(16) Yup, `Altruism's a Survival Trait' (text) - backs-up `Altruist Survivor' (extinction of abusers)
(15) NWO future? = `Sleep Dealer' vid  CC  for Eng Subs | New - more F.o.I secrets & changes
(14) Aztec (NM) UFO Crash? video raises Qs about `UFO Fleets', espec. the Farmington Armada
(13) `Experience shapes us' _not_ our genes backs-up Altruist Survivor (extinction-of-abusers)
(13) Good scientist: `AGW is a pseudoscientific fraud'? - Had doubts earlier on, and suspicions
(12) Guess who're just about the only folk defending freedom?  Strangely enough - it's Librarians!
(12) Reminder friendly readers - an address is useful if you're asking for individual replies to mail
(12) A few quake-blips as Moon swings past Venus; Then big-align of Venus/Full Moon 23-26 Oct
(11) New evidence of child-harm from TV  /  Guess what the BBC (+ the MSM ?) did?  Yup - Lies!
(10) `Lucus Series' mentioned "Incoming space objects now classified as secret" - Wonder why?
(10) Latest Explorator (13.25) here - that's archeology, mysteries etc, and ancient treasures stuff
(09) Were Olmec - Maya - Aztecs `refugees' - invaders from Africa/Aegean/Egypt/Mesopotamia?
(09) A week's Archaeo News; from the folks at the Stone Pages website
(08) Those (forecast) quakes coming in;  Remember big-align of Venus/Full Moon due 23-26 Oct
(08) _Very_ interesting video from a good UFO tracker - of long-term activity near Pittsburgh PA
(08) Interesting MSM report `landmark UFO case' - like it asks "What's in the rest of the tapes?"
(07) Re: that `Lucus Series'; here's his details of `Discoveries, Anomalies, Cover-ups' (scroll down)
(06) Conspiracies? Illuminati? This `Lucus Series' has all the data you want - & here's his website
(06) Rense: `Chemtrails & Morgellons' sampled in Texas, + photo'd in Venice [Morgellons micro-pics]
(05) UpDs: Neanderthals - more parochial than us | Vote Reform Libel Law | New? Disclosure Video
(04) Quake blips 8th-11th (New Moon 7th, to Venus);  Big-align of Venus/Full Moon due 23-26 Oct
(03) Women make groups more `intelligent' - True; (+ which women you choose may be important?)
(03) See R.S academics joining `What if - Alien/ET Disclosure?' - Progress? - question "Why Now?"
(03) Latest Explorator (13.24) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(02) Think all us ordinary folk are sane enough to face the `reality' of the Universe - don't you?
(02) Sadly, have to add even more degrading behaviour of our `rulers' / elites in general
(02) Week's Archaeo News (from Stone Pages) / [BTW - need an address to reply to mail]
(01) Re: `Bad Astronomer Plait' - It's a fact : Astronomers Do See UFOs - so is Plait apologising?

Sep '10
(30) More on `UFOs & Nukes Conf'; (Aussie MSM still a bit hammy) - video-shorts testimony here
(29) Rare unbiased realistic MSM coverage of the UFO vs. Nukes problem - UFO records here & here
(28) Experts OK `panspermia' (directed?) - Here's Hoyle/Wickramasinghe story (w/Gov't dirty tricks?)
(27) Ha! George provides `US Law - it's a Crime to contact ET' - Yup, had queried that contradiction
(26) Forecast: solar-blips were on time - but seems the quakes spread-out, and are still coming in!
(26) Latest Explorator (13.23) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(26) Help save the chimps & grt. apes from torture! / Why all bureaucracies - `empires' - collapse?
(25) Animal Cruelty - or `Free Speech'? / Is Child Trauma Condoned? (seems Facebook is onto it?)
(24) Mail: Free - new `Phenomena Magazine' / Book: Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain Volume 1
(23) As forecast: those solar blips are arriving (+ quakes later?) / F.o.I Campaign (UK) now on Twitter
(23) Full Moon (almost), so quake triggers / Venus is getting closer:  that `Big Align' is due 23-26 Oct
(22) Int'nat'l Cover-up? / Wolfram's `A New Kind of Science' - on your iPad / UK-Libel law: doublecross?
(21) More on those `Magicians' (the Tuatha Dé Danann?) / UFOs in Japan: by a Japanese General
(20) This align of Earth / Jupiter / Uranus means quake/solar blips 20-24th Sept (Full Moon following)
(20) Even weirder - seems those `Magicians' were in North America too (the Tuatha Dé Danann?)
(19) Got queries on possible weirdness of `real (unknown) history' - provoked by that earlier research
(19) Latest Explorator (13.22) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(18) Link: `Great Goddess' + Indus Valley script / Link: Figurines link Ancient Egypt and the Americas
(18) Unknown `Mysteries of the Moon' - David Icke's data / Mysteries on Mars - Van Flandern's data
(16) Already heard of this `real terrorism' (by Gov'ts) - actual situation is worse but actively hidden
(16) So there _are_ nano-diamonds down there! - check b/ground speculation re: Western Impact
(15) `Climate-gate Report' and some real science (and earlier science) - maybe all summed-up here
(13) Seems Gallup's polling folk about ET / UFOs? (scroll to `Just Asking Dept' or read message here)
(12) Latest Explorator (13.21) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(11) Seem to have collected stuff on `Life' (+defs), *and* on `Life after death' - - any suggestions?
(09) Fans: cult sci-fi vids (Russian) Kin Dza Dza (comedy?) / Lem's Solaris / Stalker / The Ugly Swans
(09) Upcoming align of Earth / Jupiter / Uranus means quake/solar blips 20-24th Sept (+ w/Full Moon)
(08) Forecast: Martyn Stubbs' revelations (+ `Smoking Gun') first `chink in the dam'? [media black-out]
(08) "Facebook's Gone Rogue; It's Time for an Open Alternative" - mail suggests `Join Diaspora'
(08) Help Children / Stop HIV / Keep Haiti Promises / Free Tissainayagam / Stop Russian Bullying-Murder
(07) New Moon tomorrow, so quake triggers / Venus getting closer:  the `Big Align' is due 23-26 Oct
(07) Finally re-found! Martyn Stubbs - released from `vows of silence' - his lowdown on `Smoking Gun'
(06) That `Bad Astronomy' bloke (Phil Plait) - fool? - or liar? - Here's the real facts he failed to report
(06) Was Blair fibbing about censorship/secrecy? As well as being a lying tax-thief & (mass) murderer?
(06) Are the MSM (and politicos' pseudo-scientists) lying to us? - [Several possible reasons for that!]
(05) Latest Explorator (13.20) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(04) Kelly murder? - bent coroner/autopsy/CPS? - Like crooked coroner/autopsy/CPS for Ian Tomlinson?
(03) More on Maynard's `UFO Propulsion' question (28th below) - Are`triangles' _other_ ETs' fashions?
(02) Hawking spouts on `Universe/God' - His earlier B.S. & B.S.2 & B.S.3 - A look at today's facts
(01) More leaked documents on the `Battle of Los Angeles' - thanks to MUFON and UFO CaseBook
(01) Who chose/operates corrupt puppet #1 and corrupt puppets #2 & #3? - Corrupt UK/USA politicos?

Aug '10
(31) "Do we live in a designer universe?" - Hey, a bunch of experts have been speculating on just that!
(29) Latest Explorator (13.19) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(28) Maynard (MIT) wants to know about `UFO Propulsion' - Ha!  Here's earlier (informed) speculation!
(27) Query: `UFO Killings'? - Gave details SDI & GermWar & UFO/ET assassinations [same risk for us?]
(25) Why SETI wasted decades? - Here's 2010 opinion - & 2008 opinions (maybe scroll SETI-critiques)
(24) Fight over-fishing | Stop UK's oppression of the poor (+ over-taxed) | Free Ebrima B. Manneh
(23) M.o.D claims "It Didn't Happen" - Here's what *was* known re: Berwyns UFO - some `coincidences'
(22) Latest Explorator (13.18) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(21) 'Most oil from BP spill remains' - So why the lies? - We see establishments *always* lie about pollution!
(21) Did Blair order assassination of David Kelly? (SEARCH `David Kelly') - Evidence says "Yes - and others"
(20) Good bunch of film clips: on SolarSystem Planets + (known) Moons - and HI & LO-Speed Wild-Life shorts
(20) "33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True" only they missed one - here and here (scroll)
(19) Do bent UK coroners / doctors always cover-up police murders? Evidence says "Yes - and much worse"
(18) Right, here's personal take on the `real' Berwyns UFO data - & background (scroll?) and `coincidences'
(16) Re: Berwyn Mountains UFO - later `hair-splitting' but cover-up story `beyond belief' (more to come?
(15) Latest Explorator (13.18) is here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(14) Welsh "Roswell" Berwyn UFO cover-up - Here's a local investigator Scott Felton with his audio-report
(14) Insight on Mil-Int involvement in UFO cover-ups - Contrary to debunkers' claims (below 09 - 11th)
(14) Why do MSM (esp. BBC) get all their `science' wrong?  Don't know for sure, but have some suspicions
(13) Campaign for F.o.I offers `help with campaigning'? - Scroll F.o.I site for details of Gov't Corruption
(11) Why human-science illogical (note)  First clue, & 2nd clue - & how the `mystery' is used by ETs / UFOs
(09) (Re: UFOs 07th) So `debunker' claims UK's mil-int (MI-5/6 etc) NEVER involved in UFO cover-ups - Ha!
(08) These folk are talking about `top UFO proof cases' - Ha! got some (maybe overlapping) proofs here
(08) Latest Explorator (13.16) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(07) Re bogus `UFO Info Release' (below - 06) - A real questioner aims real questions at a paid `debunker'?
(07) New Moon Tues. (UTC), so quake triggers / Venus is getting closer:  the `Big Align' is due 23-26 Oct
(06) Ha! UK gov't claims `UFO Info Release' (as did US's "Blue Book"); - The real stuff was & is still secret!
(05) Berwyn Mountains cover-up continues - Here's our initial take on it - and here's Scott's audio-report
(05) Did Ike (scroll) let Churchill (scroll) arrange a UFO cover-up?  Ha! Maybe an unnecessary question!
(05) Seems that one of our forecast "blob ancestors" has actually been found - a press release here
(05) George's query plus - Did `WE-CO' cause this (Russia fires) & this (Pak floods) & this (China rains)?
(04) Surprising link - of `Amazon' female rulers / generals / megalith `temple' builders to Ireland / Wales
(04) How to: Use the F.o.I Act - Thursday 16th Sept. course || CSETI Mt. Shasta Ambassador Training plus
(02) Glad to see more `text-book experts' are probably wrong again - this time: "Amazons" and "Gorgons"
(01) Glad to see more `text-book experts' are probably wrong again - this time it's on `history of writing'
(01) Latest news from Gérard Lebat and `Les Repas Ufologiques' || "The UK Can Do More to Save Children"
(01) Latest Explorator (13.15) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff

Jul '10
(31) `Nothing new under the Sun'? -Those `Flood Myths' seem to go further back than we'd thought
(30) Related? `No "Higgs Boson" Yet?' - (our take) / `No big bang ... no end' - (your take) (Leibniz take)
(28) A minute of this movie (Youtube 10 min short) tells you why it was banned by the EU and the USA
(28) They claim they just found out: "Thick rich get hi-marks" - Ha! Told them years ago! (bent schools)
(27) We _know_ corrupt `doctor' & corrupt CPS covered for murderous police-thug! - so `Status Quo' wins?
(27) Blix' evidence:  were Blair / Bush just greedy fools?  Or greedy lying murderous war-criminal pervs?
(26) News re:  "monstrous skulls", from Australia - with news-article re: skulls in Netherlands/Denmark
(25) Is the `New World Order' secretly investing its Big Money (+propaganda) in the A.G Warmists Cabal?
(25) Latest Explorator (13.14) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(25) Help free a blogger / India+China UFOs speculation / Full Moon tonight/tomorrow; await quake triggers
(24) So they need [want] a new law? - to turn the UK into a safe-haven for war-criminals and pedophiles?
(23) WorldPujaRadio tonite / `Help defend Ocean Health' / erratic `EU Times' claim: "King Tut a European"?
(23) So another killer (police-thug) is unpunished - (see corrupt CPS) - now a bad habit, spec. in London
(22) Do the PTB _always_ claim to be `right'? (sci-dispute1 - dispute2) - D'you think this might be reason?
(21) Lost Civs - maybe western languages & agriculture/technology came from Indus/Saraswati valley roots
(19) Yup - science re-think says Plants have a `nervous system' - and they even 'think and remember'
(19) Help Save a `Peoples Lake'? (being `sold' by `Utility' (Big Corps), via UK Royal family's `estate agent')
(19) Action - Stop Animal Testing (US) & UK / Cut Child Poverty / Stop usurers' (banksters) food-hikes
(18) Latest Explorator (13.13) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(18) The China Airport UFO still a mystery (video) - then (week later) another China UFO mystery? (report)
(18) Help Stop Over-fishing / Are BBC bosses (& bent politicos) on `Big Money' GM Payroll? (scroll to foot
(16) Is the new French "Law" only to be inflicted on Muslims? I.e - Xtian women (+ some men??) exempt?
(15) `Popper-prompted question' gets examined at UFO Updates - maybe follow links to Vatican ET inquiry
(15) Updates: VancouverConf / Wld Developt Movt / Libel Reform promises (believe it when I see it!)
(15) Tonite - Brad Steiger due to chat on `Exploring All Realms' - for others check RADIO FEEDS above
(15) Peter Davenport on `peculiar + dramatic' increase in UFO sightings in July - is he counting China UFO?
(13) Didn't realize that every four (useless) MPs costs us taxpayers about £1 MILLION PER YEAR (lowdown)
(13) A. J. Gevaerd on Brazil's `Operation Saucer' (and Captain Hollanda) - there's a Disclosure Petition also
(13) Recall that "Maybe we're a computer program" proposition? - Seems Karl P (nearly) thought of it first
(13) The China airport UFO has no good explanation yet / Earlier, a UFO seen over Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
(12) Save Sable Isle Seals / UK Gov't Hypocrisy / UK Gov't Murderers? / UK's corrupt Police-liars (+ coroners)
(11) Latest Explorator (13.12) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(11) OverFishing Plea - Overnight AM - OpenMinds - MW-UFO Conf - 2012TippingPoint Conf - Free Webinars
(08) So the truth-teller was arrested +charged; like w/police-murder on London Tube & another cover-up
(08) Warning - `TV's bad for us, kids especially' - Our earlier shout; then BBC's lies and corrupt `experts'
(07) "Banned" by TSA? (tks George) MAIL: WorldPuja Mysterious Valley (9th) / MysteriousEarthConf (when?)
(06) George (above) on upcoming total eclipse [+ sci-refs] - Don't forget Venus alignment @ Oct 23-27th
(05) Why does `The Free World' need, or even want, an Internet Kill-Switch'? / And why deny what it is?
(05) Research: `Oil Spills Raise Arsenic Levels in the Ocean'  /  Belarus: `Now Internet Passports' (original)
(04) Greenpeace says "Multi-Nationals Will Get Away With Murder" - if we don't make our opinions heard
(04) Frank Feschino on `WeAreNotAlone Show' 6 July / Daniel Pinchbeck at 2012TippingPointConf 23-25July
(04) Latest Explorator (13.11) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(02) Reader queried NewScientist article (01 below); Got personal list of ET evidence - maybe you have too?
(02) Sent a suggestion for Seth at SETI re: The Galactic Internet'; maybe he's concealing his own knowledge?
(02) Oil Spill Methane:  toxic clouds, loss of buoyancy for (large) ships, sea-bed fracture, (multi?)explosions?
(01) Research says "Organic Agriculture Better at Controlling Pests" (better than insecticides _or_ GM)
(01) Izvestia article w/different explanation for Tunguska Event - w/two or three new points (original URL)
(01) New Scientist - "Top 10: Controversial pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life" - (not seen before!)

Jun '10
(29) Re: those two opposing views on `human evolution'? - Seems they're both wrong - & maybe right(ish)!
(29) More data emerging re: `imminent cooling of Earth' (in next few millenia?) - background (1) & bkgrnd (2)
(29) E.S.A 's satellite pics of Oil Spill `all over the Gulf of Mexico basin' - here's the big version (c. 719 Kb)
(28) Durned YouTube - Only just found that Johnny Cash song again - see "WW I  -  Johnny" - Says it all!
(28) MAIL - Stop Banksters! (usurers) - OtherWorld - LastDays - Roswell - TippingPointCon - UFOHastings
(27) A pal, Wm. (Mike) Mott (background), due tonight on `Eerie Radio' from 6:00 EST / 5:00 CST / 3:00 PST,
(27) `Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales' (10 min vid) - "BP threatens to arrest reporters" (1 min vid) - Why?
(27) Dangerous `Big Oil' is still out of control? - Live-feed available from Skandi ROV2 seems to confirm that
(27) Latest Explorator (13.10) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(27) Is Canada playing `dirty-tricks' again? - See false-flag background 1 / background 2 / background 3 (scroll)
(26) RADIO - Coast to Coast AM / Paranormal Palace Radio / Heart.Com Radio / National Public Radio Progs
(26) Lying politicos want economies?  They should abolish VAT (wastes 66%+) and `Council Tax' (wastes 50%+)
(25) Found `apparitions and solar phenomena' - like Fatima 1917 / Opinon - `Why the UFO Cover-up goes on'?
(25) Elite at G8 & Child Poverty / Other World Radio / World Puja Radio / Clark Radio Network / Peru Airliner UFO
(23) Two eclipses - Full Moon 26th, (+ New Moon 11th July), mean extra quakes/seismic [Venus Oct 23-27th]
(22) Younger (+ shyer) me (w/lying politico + BBC), bkgrd / More on CO2 (was AGW just a Gov't & MSM scam?)
(21) More great books / library resources arriving here - gratefully received from readers / compilers
(21) DeVoid reviews `Science Was Wrong' by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden (+ `experts' gaffes)
(21) C2C LDRN Lynne Kitei [Wed] Roswell Jul 1-5 UFOCon(MO) Aug 14-15 ParaCon(UK) Aug 19 Glamour UFO?
(20) Latest Explorator (13.09) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(20) Sorry about GAP (comms probs - no sabotage - not just yet anyway!)
(09) Tonight - Cremo on `Forbidden Archeology' PLUS (10pm EST) / Jerry Pippin talks w/James Fox on Gulf
(08) Recent SPIRALS - Why? And now in OZ? - Discounting "rockets" (as swamp-gas), we see David has a view
(08) RADIO - New Michael Horns's Show || Megalithic Tours (2010)
(07) Latest Explorator (13.07) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(06) `GM News' (verbatim) /  Our take? - UK's Gov't and bureaucrats are corrupt - been `bought' by big GM-money
(05) Tonite - ParanormalMatrix - `Experience: Contact' / C2C June 8-9 Stanton + Kathleen - `Science Was Wrong'
(04) George worries (scroll to MAP) about `Gulf-Oil moving into N Atlantic' (source map) - and maybe to Europe?
(04) Events - WDM Activists-Conf, 19 June (UK) / Exo-Pol/SSF-IIIHS Conf July Montreal / Dimension-Shift 2012?
(04) Things hit Jupiter (in '94) & again '09-'10(now) - Earth? Tunguska & some `forgot' - Threat types & a forecast
(03) Tomorrow - `Psychic Dinner Show' (AZ) / W/E - `The Kitchen Table Show' (UK) / and another `Antarctic Portal'
(02) `Labour' liars (esp. for the rich), planned GM propaganda campaign *not* a debate! - background of GM lies
(01) George worrying how far a hurricane might carry toxic Gulf oil+dispersant - inland & north [scroll to MAPS]

May '10
(31) Today CoopRadio "BP FalseFlag" / Tomorrow Travis Walton / UFO Conf (UK) / Stanton `Science Was Wrong'
(30) New Labour's lies exposed! - Ha! We knew that already!  See above (scrolldown) & the history (scrolldown)
(30) Latest Explorator (13.06) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(28) George (at above) on Market Astro-Predictions - and reason for interest in the subject
(28) Sam Bari's question: `Where's All The Space-Guys Gone?' / Radio (tonite): Donna and "Miracle Healing"
(28) So the politicos lying and stealing abroad - were same back home!  See above (scroll) & the history (scroll)
(27) Finance (scroll) - BEST: Norway, Finland / WORST: Japan, Italy, Greece, Belgium, US, Portugal, Hungary, UK
(27) Events - CSETI-W.Puja / Conspiracy-Con CA / `UFO Matrix' / Religion/June(scroll) / `Interview with Gods'
(27) Found: over-looked `UFO Fleets Report' (Farmington) - D'you think `fleets have interesting background'?
(26) Full Moon tomorrow (23:07 UTC) so we can expect extra quake/seismic triggers circa, and for a day or so
(25) Vatican say _all_ their `Holocaust Files' to be opened - Ha!  You wanta bet? (scroll abit to `Herr Ratzinger)
(25) Heck! Why quibble / split hairs? (OZ's Parl't) - We _know_ all incumbents / politicos are lying thieves'n' pervs
(25) `Libel Law' Update / F.o.I Update+Courses / C2C Tonite + Tomorrow (paranormal) / UK M.o.D UFO Releases
(24) Round-up: `Why Spirals Anyway?' (more on Youtube) - / Last Days Radio Network sent Week's PLAYLIST
(23) New - Canada's UFO Spiral? with videos? from ground & airborne / C2C tonite-stuff & tomorrow Bilderberg
(23) Latest Explorator (13.05) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(23) Today `royal privilege' goes together with prostitution - yet worse secrets now; & then, and ever earlier
(22) Gov't's (evil) - 1) Suppression of Hundreds of UFO Witnesses / 2) Upcoming Sell-out of the Whales
(21) EVENTS - `Psychic Dinner' (AZ - tonite) / (UK) Lancs Tour Jun 5: PUBS - Corso Manuscript / ParaNorm Exp's
(21) Tainter's book on `Collapse of Societies' (scroll to "Mayan") seems to've forecast our recent troubles
(18) So the `shrinks' want more power over us - & getting closer / Ha! - Think most `shrinks' are fakes (refs)
(18) MEDIA - Ancient Aliens (tonite) / Open Minds Radio / Last Days Radio Network / Gary Mckinnon + NASA?
(17) Seems UK's `rulers' planned terrorism (w/diseases) 60 yrs ago - No surprise, just a continuation (scroll)!
(16) Latest Explorator (13.04) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(14) `Revista UFO' + Hawking's `ET Message' fears / Maybe, maybe not, an `unintended consequence'? (of GM)
(14) New Moon (about now) so we can expect extra quake/seismic triggers for a day or so afterward
(13) News about ETs & Ike / LAPIS (UK) Conf / RADIO: TheLightofDay / WorldPujaShow and CSETI (tomorrow)
(12) `Handover of UK', arranged long-ago? (but nearly f*d by Lib-Dems), means the `Big Lie' goes on?, & on?
(10) Papal visit may help uncover "Third Secret of Fatima" (tks TDG) - Here's our Review, & link Vatican Report
(10) Billy Cox's view of SETI cover-up (orchestrated by Shostak) / Ha! Here's our view of Shostak (read down)
(10) RADIO - Last Days Radio: Week's Playlist / Tuesday: ParaNormalPalace - Kyle Lovern (UFO Investigator)
(09) Cosmology Mag - scientists' "Commentaries on Stephen Hawking's Aliens" - (and our bit on time-travel)
(09) First they'll take away your rights (immemorial) - then they can say you never *had* any historical rights!
(09) Latest Explorator (13.03) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(08) Surprised to find this `Alien Planet' speculative vid - might agree / disagree with some `experts' conclusions
(08) George (above) in hopes of `Global Revolution' (reasons in UK) - and law + politics in a real democracy
(07) Even a (rare) electoral analysis is too confusing! - A simple look at UK's sad and wasteful `politico-mafias'
(07) UK heads to worse deficit than Greece!  Reason is same (or worse):- corrupt taxation (+ evasion) - A Cure?
(06) Mail catch-up - Angry guy (in Andra Pradesh?) w/angry letter about bent judges - The UK has them too!
(05) UK Gov't attempts "Star Chamber" secret courts!  Corrupt politicos' aims?  To destroy "Rights Immemorial"
(05) Events - X-Con (May 7-10, DC) / LDRN (week's play) / C-SETI (June, CO) / Malta (Sept.) / MECon 2011
(03) Re : `Time Travel & Hawking' - Here's a (inevitable?) and surprising consequence - if it were even possible!
(03) Discovery: `Genetic transfers between bacteria / plants / insects / mammals (humans?) = `Much Higher Risks'?
(03) Latest Explorator (13.02) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(01) MAIL - Jaime Maussan / Ancient Aliens / UFO Matrix / WEIRD 10 Conf / CSETI Conf / FOTOCAT up-d / WDM

Apr '10
(30) Events - Les Repas Ufologiques (trans?) / Seminars (scroll to Denver CO) / this Eve (note) and Tomorrow
(30) Latest article on anomalist Charles Hoy Fort / Here's an interesting assortment: UFOs & `Falls' & more
(29) George's thought on Earth's past & Mars' future? - and our own recent worry (& much earlier forecasts)
(27) NASA Telecon re: `Extraterrestrial Life' (do we expect disclosure?) / Quakes: triggers tomorrow (Full Moon)
(26) Try this bunch of `Ancient Forecasts'? / So far, all Hawkings' other forecasts were wrong! / `What If?'
(25) Re-count on date of `first clothing' - done by louse DNA (big doc - maybe give it a second or two)
(25) Latest Explorator (13.01) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(23) Nearly forgot - Now have text record of BBC `amnesia' over the Astrology upset - looks like they're in denial?
(23) EVENTS SAT 24th - CERO Jaime Maussan at Moorpark CA (7:30) / I.F Budd Hopkins + David Jacobs at NY. (7:30)
(22) MAIL catch-up - New (UK) UFO Mag wants articles, reports, cases etc. (mutual basis) Editor: Philip Mantle
(21) Tonite: `Libel Reform Husting' (UK 6:30 pm) / UFONautRadio 7 pm PST (scroll) / OtherWorldRadio 10 pm EST
(20) Quake triggers - tomorrow (1st qrtr) Moon aligns w/Mars, then in 2-3 days w/Saturn - Full Moon on 28th
(20) RADIO: Whispers: 6 p.m EDT - `Project Serpo' / ParaNormPalace: 8 pm CST - `Stephenville' w/Angelia Joiner
(19) Notice `I.D. Question' is getting attention? - Here's latest summary of the intelligence analyses so far
(19) George has earthquake energies graph - UFO-Updates's audio archive "Remote Viewing" (scroll to bottom)
(18) Interesting news shows bird-behavior not hard-wired after all - as Gene Wolfe said "They must be thinking"
(18) MSM finally admits `Afghan War a crime/mistake' + `Is creating terrorism' - as said here & here (& above)
(18) Latest Explorator (12:52) is out and here - that's archeology, mysteries etc., and ancient treasures stuff
(17) Just found out why *that* controversy (see page-top) is so threatening for some (or deadly for all maybe?)
(17) Tonight's RADIO - C2C AM `Souls' - `Talking with the Dead' / `TheLightofDay' has John Dinardo (conspiracies?)
(16) UK Libel Campaign / Egypt Tour / PUBs - HAARP/Chems - Swine Flu Expose? / Ancient Aliens? / Moon Conspiracy?
(13) Latest mystery of `quasars' means Halton Arp may be right, also No Big Bang?, & maybe Fred Hoyle's also right?
(13) Professor calls for `serious study' of UFOs - about time! - The evidence has been accumulating for decades
(13) Not sure about these `Hyper-dimensional civilizations' - yet an `underground society of Mars' is familiar
(12) BOOKS - `Political Ponerology' suppressed by Kremlin + Vatican (Why?) / The politics of `Opium' (Amazon)
(12) More quake triggers from Wednesday (New Moon 12:31 UTC) - planetary alignments around `first quarter'
(11) Seems the Chinese military (and firemen) are open about UFOs (report) - here's the video (full-screen)
(10) Billy Cox: cheers Brazil's UFO disclosure (refs here & here) - Steven Greer: offers 3-day w/shop in Brittany
(09) Jono & Trace (`Libel Reform') ask for follow-thru against corrupt lawyers - [prob: politicos are mostly lawyers]
(09) C2C tonight - Art Bell & astrobiologist David Grinspoon re: `life on other planets' `astronaut training' etc
(09) B&S - 80% of Americans think US gov't is covering-up information (about UFOs and the ET presence)
(08) `World Puja' - Tonight: `Portals & 2012' + `Ascension' - Tomorrow: `History of High Strangeness & UFOs
(08) A small step towards justice in English Courts?  (Simon Singh's first appeal) - Justice is rare in England (viz)
(07) It's beginning to look like an Ice-Age is inevitable `very soon'.  Trouble is - exactly `when' is uncertain
(07) TONITE - C2C Steve Quayle / UFONaut Dr Elliott Haimoff / TvNewsLIES Phil Jayhan / ParaNormPalace Mike Bara
(06) MAIL - Tonite on C2C `HAARP' +MindEffects +ESP / BR-UFO Brigadier says `They're way ahead of us' (trans)
(06) UFO News - Iceland volcano UFOs (four videos), reminded us of UFO over Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano
(05) Realism: `The Soldier's Burden' [here's that Gen. Smedley Butler ref.] - and a little personal memory
(04) `How a GM Monster nearly got into the enviro' (+ killed us all!) - co-inc had some earlier forecasts here
(04) Tonight: Mike Mott's `Unravelling Secrets' 11:00CST,12:00EST / Tuesday April 6th: `We Are Not Alone' 1pm
(04) Enrique's `Ancient Maps' & `TransPacific Connexions' - (more to come: `CHI Symbol in Egypt + S America')
(03) Can you trust Popes or `rulers' with your children? - No? Here's why not! - and here's the historical reason
(03) Latest research says `Multiple Comet Frags Struck North America' - which fits with last `doomsday scenario'
(02) Trust `mainstream science'?  Try insider info (Pt1) and Pt2, lowdown on `NASA's lies +' - w/ Halton Arp et al
(02) Kim + Margaret think `judges behave dishonorably' - Agree? Sign-up! - Here's more info on corrupt judges
(01) Ian - killed by police thug (vid) - 1st doctor lied - peoples' comments (vid); TODAY: No justice from C.P.S

Mar '10
(31) C2C Tonite - Graham Hancock returns to answer Q's on lost civs, 2012, time travel, and other dimensions
(31) Events - Ufonaut Radio / OtherWorld Radio / Repas Ufologiques (trans) / Glastonbury UK / Megalithic Tours
(30) C2C Tonite - `Black Budget': Secret underground/sea bases - Richard Sauder's information and ideas (+UFOs)
(29) Events - BUFOG Larry Warren Lecture 12 Apr. / Paracast Progs / X-Conference 2010 / `UFOs no Brasil' (Book)
(27) Re-found (10 min) video - Hancock on DMT / Gov't Mind Control / Increasing Fascism - (+ 2012 + much more)
(27) Quakes - 29th-31st:- (Moon w/Saturn then Full Moon) - NEWS criminal Blair arrested [he got away - damn-it]
(26) MAIL - Video: "We are living in a science-fiction reality" - Alex Collier (rare speech @ Camelot Conf. LA '09)
(26) Synchronous video-short then history prog gave `empire collapse' warning / Co-inc, already got forecasts
(25) Mar 26-27th Aztec NM UFO Symposium - Mar 26th Disclosure Project (Radio) - Apr 18th Era-of-Peace Seminar
(24) Signs ancient-humans were world-connected millennia ago - / - SETI plans (official) post-contact ET Message
(24) Simon's friends' report on `Mass Lobby' by Campaign for Libel Reform / (Recall corrupt politicos are lawyers?)
(23) Alien Contact - 1896-1969 / The 1970s / The 1980s / 1990 - Present Day; - thanks to `UFO Casebook'
(22) Seems there's no limit to corrupt (UK) politicos' greed - that's earlier seen re: `stupidity' and re: `thieves'
(21) MAIL - `Last Days Radio Network' sends week's Playlist (NWO / Chem Trails / Avatar / Conspiracy etc)
(21) ZetaTAlk Newsletter / PrisonPlanet: `Is Conspiracy Wide-spread?' - Well, seems this academic thinks so
(21) Landmines & clusters always kill/maim the innocent - but pervert rulers & generals don't care about innocents
(20) Sci-Am: `Are we risking global suicide?' - Ha! Already checked possibility - & found a (conspiracy) conclusion
(19) MASS LOBBY of PARLIAMENT Tues, 23 Mar - Help dump LIBEL/SECRECY law used by corrupt Corps/crooks
(18) Look up-top-right? - Yes `UFO UPDATES LIST' is open-to-public again (and Errol is our benefactor yet again)
(18) Does _anyone_ believe this corrupt priest? - Here's a logical conclusion - feared by rulers & other pervs
(18) Yup, scientists (now) realizing `altruism is vital' (scroll) - coincidence short while ago? - as seen here
(17) MAIL2 - OtherWorldRadio Show : `Alien Event' - OpenMindsTV : Cumbre Mundial UFO Conf. (Mexico City)
(17) MAIL - Petition: `Stop Afghan Abuse of Women' - Stephen's "Empty Sun - Gravity" Theory (video short)
(16) Check `quakes forecast' (below) - That `bad health report' (scroll to `Britain and America') is confirmed (again!)
(15) Reader's conclusions about those Skulls and Attila the Hun's mentality - Chimes with some page hints
(14) C2C tonite:  Joseph P. Farrell on UFOs + Nazis  -  Last Days Radio Network:  Week's PlayList
(14) Cheer up! Latest findings confirm our forecast: `The greedy fools who rule us are headed for extinction'
(14) New Moon due tomorrow - so quakes (due to nearness of Mars) can be expected to stir in a few days
(13) Yup, like Simon said (below) `Corrupt libel laws make the UK a protector of crooks and con-men'
(12) Simon says `goodbye' - and thinks that corrupt libel laws will isolate UK from civilized world - PETITION here
(12) George's (above) `special update' - And some research to add to that stuff immediately below
(11) Media getting up-tight over "climate-change" - here's rundown on `mis-understandings' and a fact-review
(11) Recall `radar patterns'? - Colin Andrews (OZ) seems to debunk the debunkers (re: HAARP + skullduggery)
(11) Natasha asks `PETITION:  Why Poverty?' - Ans =  We're ruled by parasitic thieves, Gov't WANTS POVERTY
(11) From `Guardian': "People NOT represented in the West" - as we'd said: (re murder for OIL) & (re thieves)
(10) Want to see that impact crater? - Try "Loko, DR Congo" in Google Maps - zoom-out to 50/100 mile screen
(10) On re-checking `monstrous skulls/brains', the mystery is even more unexplainable - & `science' seems fearful
(10) Examiner.Com has Ron Stewart's `Moon Aliens Spacecraft' w/photos, video (pixilated) and slideshow
(10) UK - UFO: 15th March BUFOG Video-Nite & Demos - Paranormal: New book from Stephen Mera BSc; of MAPIT
(08) `OpenNasa' says "Vote for release of Moon images & Info re: UFOs / ETs / Visitors" - Is that a Good Idea?
(08) C2C George talks toJim Moroney about ETs - the week on ParanormalPalace - New book `Planet X & the Elite'
(07) Some more folk joining in lately - but you regular readers were the earliest (to read/agree with `Alt Survivor')
(06) C2C Tonight - Ian talks with Dr Lynne D Kitei about `The Phoenix Lights' (here's Lynne's web-site & new book)
(05) How peaceful ancient groups (from Ages of Virgo + Leo) seemed to worship The Goddess (Anatolia/Crete/Indus?
(05) The Guardian exposes "appalling European hypocrisy" (scroll) - Yup, we've already mentioned it here
(04) C2C Tonight - George talks with Richard Hoagland on NASA & space-futures (Richard's web-site here)
(04) Confirmation of that bacteria worry? (see article - which also chimes w/`irritable bowel syndrome')
(03) Natasha says `Chagos Isles deadline Friday' - Tonite 7pm Ufonaut Live Net Radio has Jordan Maxwell - 'Matrix'
(02) Hidden `debunkers' & gov't apologists in ufology? - Andy seems to think so - and the figures back him up
(02) Not a hoax or scam - Impact worries from 65 M yrs ago - w/conclusions of more recent North American strike(s)
(02) Tonight (USA radio+) George talks to Russell Targ about `Remote Viewing' at SRI and now ESP - on C2C
(01) Can we think / talk of `science inspiration' like folk think / talk of `Quantum Magic' - What d'you think?
(01) A friend just sent confirmation (from Eire & USA) of a long-held opinion - regular readers'll know how long
(01) Paranormal-Palace-Radio's week's play-list - Remote-Viewing Conf. details - Les Repas Ufologiques (translate)

Feb '10
(28) Robert Hastings and Robert Salas arranging Press Conf. on UFOs and NUKES - and they want your help
(28) This month's `Inexplicata' has a chapter of Jacques Bergier's `The Secret War of the Occult'
(27) Full Moon tomorrow 16:38 UTC - and `Mystery Lights' on National Geographic TV (Monday 1st Mar at 9pm)
(26) Mails provoked a scary thought - is a quick-entry Ice-Age planned, to `thin-out' all those surplus workers?
(26) Katherine (F.o.I Campaign) says `Politicos & Royals can still keep secrets' - despite a few (20 year) crumbs
(25) Reviewed `science today', and its controversies - please say if any probs seeing those (8) iFrames right?
(24) Tonite on C2C w/George Noory - "New Roswell Stuff" - from Tom Carey and Don Schmitt (w/site)
(24) Tonite or Friday? World Puja Radio Show w/Dr. Steven Greer - and `Want to be an ambassador to Aliens?'
(24) Emily (Care2) asks greedy politicos to speak on Poverty - Think our (UK's) liars and thieves aren't listening
(23) `Last Days Radio N/w' - Listen (+week's playlist) / `Other World Radio' "Disclosure '09/10" by Stephen Bassett
(22) Simon is in court tomorrow - fighting for our free speech (and against corrupt libel laws) - Can we help?
(22) C2C tonite w/J.R Norman `Economic Warfare' - Sun. 28 Feb: Free Seminar (Santa Clara, CA) P.D Cota-Robles
(20) iPhone - ParanormalSightingsTool / JC Grelet - Pierre Beak's `The Mysteries of Col de Vence' (Translate?)
(18) Conspiracies? - Thousands of UFOs (UK)? - Gov't Mass-murders? - UFO-Wars?(vid) - UFO-Nightbattles:vidslist)
(17) Great! World-wide folk can help get rid of corrupt `Libel Laws' - + maybe get your name in Simon's next book!
(17) Concurrent (evil) items: `Evil in Scotland' - `Evil in Ireland' - `Evil in N.I' - `Evil in UK' - `Evil in USA' - causes?
(16) Sunday's New Moon is pulling on `Ring of Fire' + elsewhere - maybe more: reactions to New Moon are slower
(16) The SOONERCON 2010 - June 4-6 folk give details of Oklahoma City VENUE - and here's background/history
(15) And mail from `David Icke site' - says "very important ... can websites around world post this information?"
(14) Got reminder of 'Mysterious Earth Conference' - 20th/21st March - Windermere, UK Lake District
(14) `News' keeps agreeing with our edu-estimates [of UK] - UK's `rulers' don't want our kids to be educated!
(13) Don't be surprised by news about Mars (or Moon?) soon - don't believe "official" story (background?)
(11) Surprised? `Saturn's North Pole's magnetic-field more concentrated than South' - Forecast here years ago
(11) Natasha (Care2) says `Only one day left to sign "Save Chagos Islands" [UK] Petition' - Thanks for update
(09) Weird, got this Ice Age warning yesterday - now read (via BBC R4) same threat - (hear him) Feel cold already
(09) Stephen Wolfram's `NKS Summer School' (@ Vermont University) is taking applications now - deadline nears
(08) Natasha's onto the Chagos Isles deadline - and - F.o.I Campaign have news of Gov't and "offences" get-outs
(08) Reading of `use of science-paradigms' - already knew of dangers of social paradigms (stupid gready `rulers'
(07) Mars is still close, so quake-triggers increasing as from tonight/tomorrow the waning Moon lines up with it
(06) Tonight on Coast-to-Coast - Shankar Vedantam talks about "The Dark Secrets of the Mind" (some bkgrd?)
(05) Got a bit curious about Col. Fawcett (Amazon's `Lost Cities' explorer) and his talisman - found some stuff
(04) ... and volcanoes: the Congo [video] - Columbia [video] - off Japan (undersea)[video] - and more big quakes
(04) Maybe alignment kicked week's tremor-swarms (Yellowstone?) & sunspot+coronal hole?; here background
(03) Campaigner training days by World Development Movement (UK) 6&27th Mar, 17&24th April, & 22nd May
(03) UFO stuff - tomorrow UFOnaut Radio has "Beyond 2012: From Legend to Reality" - Daniel Pinchbeck
(01) UFO stuff - 2nd: "We Are Not Alone" - 15 Feb BUFOG Talk (B'ham UK) - Mar. Repas Ufologiques (translate?)

Jan '10
(31) Finally got round to answering Rick's questions - hope to put links to references shortly - allow a little time?
(31) Human `mutes'? - police officer talks - video 1 - video 2 - video 3 - video 4 - video 5 (original [slow] page)
(30) Mail: `World was hot/hotter when we all farmed'? - Re: AGW controversies below (21st and 28th posts)
(29) Re: `Full Moon forecast' - (see Spaceweather maybe luk tonite) check USGS tomorrow +later (bkgrd here)
(28) '08 Phil (OZ) said it - '09 `Indy' (UK) repeated it - '10 corrupt UK-EDU denies it - Here's bkgrd ('94-'99)
(27) RCMP `investigate' a missile/UFO which was photo'd "coming out of the ocean" nr Newfoundland (MAP here)
(27) Looks like the `liars, thieves'n pervs' (our rulers) - don't want to face the music this year - Too sensitive?
(26) War-criminal politicians and a corrupt/cowardly Attorney General? - Things don't change much do they?
(26) Press quote: "UFOs on top scientist's agenda" - Thanks to Scott Felton (hear his Berwyn's UFO interview)
(26) Now it's Emily (Care2 Petitions) who's getting serious about those Chagos Islands and their future safety
(24) Mysterious Earth Conf. 20th/21st Mar. Windermere (UK) - Montauk Project Journey April 9-11, Long Island (NY)
(23) David Brin wants to save us from future Alien Invasion - Maybe reasons already in Richard Dolan's list?
(22) Shocks - "H1N1 swine flu hoax" - Recall "WOW Signal"? (scroll down) - To UK's M.o.D "unexplained" = UFO?
(22) That `Iraq War Inquiry' (cover-up?) - UK Gov's (+ US's) guilt is clear (it's in Harold Pinter's Nobel Speech)
(21) Seems all the planets are warming - and so CO2 not to blame?  Wonder why the `fake-science dogma'?
(21) Mars:- `Industry?' - `Free-water?' - `Transport system?' or what - `Head monument?' (`Head' in Google)
(21) UFOs - Spain: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista & UFOs;  Argentina - "UFO beams Salta dam - causes blackout?"
(20) So USA's top-cops are actually criminal liars? - Exactly the same as UK's, as noted here & here and here
(18) Maybe result of Mars align - Next lineup c. Jan28 - Feb2th: Mars - Moon - Earth - Sun (+ Venus(approx.)
(17) Mail5 - Stephen Wolfram's NKS Summer School is accepting applications for 2010 session - New Science
(17) Mail4 - Philippe Auger interview (Varginha UFO/ETs) & Lloyd Pye "Why so much about science is wrong"
(16) Mail3 John DiNardo posts `US Naval Obs + NASA's search for Planet X' & `Marshall Masters Review of Search'
(16) Mail2 (Groups) - Stan Romanek : Abduction (AZ - Jan) - CSETI Jan (FL Feb) - Swindon UFO Grp (UK Jan)
(16) Mail catch-up - Rick poses some deepish questions (hope to answer them soon) - come back here?
(14) Natasha (Care2 Campaign Team) has a good idea - Protect the Chagos Islands - while we still can
(14) That Amazonian `Lost City' is in the news - Here's info on Col. Fawcett's quest; and a research-note
(12) Indication of Gov'ts' move to Fascist policing (& lickspittle UK judges) - noted here & here and here
(12) New Moon (15th Jan) then line-up w/nearing Mars (c. 17th) - seismics before the big one (c. 30th)
(11) Ancient `Grays' (large heads/big eyes/small faces) long ago? - Large-skull refs here + here + maybe here
(10) Tremors building-up? to line-up around Full Moon Jan 30th: Mars - Moon - Earth - Sun (+ Venus(approx.)
(10) Farmers/ecologists a bit late in realizing greedy corporates are a deadly danger - logic told us a while ago
(10) Re: UFO cover-up by North Wales Police (along with Brit. Geological Survey) - from Scott (hear more)
(05) Here's Scott Felton's latest interview on the Berwyns Incident (mp3) - (bgrd1 & bgrd2) - tks Europe Radio
(03) Looks like that forecast Moon/Mars alignment is beginning to give quake +/or seismic results already
(03) Try `Fastwalkers ... Disclosure' (9 min vid shorts), maybe compare w/Martyn Stubbs' NASA downloads
(01) `The Tunguska Mystery' - a serious book (w/unusual findings tho') on an unsolved (+dangerous) problem
(01) Scott Corrales has news in this week's INEXPLICATA; Gérard Lebat has news in Repas-Ufologiques


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