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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Dec '09
(31) Someone in power finally says `Western Education is Shameful' - which we'd proved already
(30) Sci-News? - `Power begets hypocrisy' - Ha! Think working Brits already found that out - in politicos
(30) Reports of `US Military in talks with Aliens' - are reviewed by George (go find for << Off-Planet Talks? >>)
(29) Good video (steady tripod?) of Belfast UFO (fullscreen +weird action at 7:25 mins - news-page report
(28) Saw NASA sat-monitors (b/ground here) and found a cache of similar (unpublicised!) stuff (index here)
(27) Some scientists uneasy that `standard model' may collapse - Maybe there's an alternative explanation
(26) Full Moon's due Thursday(31st), then to align w/nearing Mars - w/seismic effects maybe from Sun (3rd Jan.)
(25) David Wilcock re: the Norway Spiral & HAARP (Russian & China spirals also (remember Far East sky-pattern?)
(24) Latest on that `climate-change' - & NASA reveals why it's colder now - latest science is here and here
(23) Now that `sky-patterns' seem significant, remember this earlier one? (fullscreen) - here's the page report
(22) Right for this time of year - just received a Ghost Recordings site - so here it is - along with more
(22) INEXPLICATA has `Argentine Mother-Ship?' & `UFO History in Spain' (are all countries similar?  i.e. legends?)
(20) Scott has news of BUFOG (B'ham UFO Grp, UK) Meeting, including an X-Files piece,
(19) Finally checked *that* subject - big surprise! - and got flak from `believers' who _haven't_ checked
(18) Last New Moon (16th) seems to've preceded strange events in Nebraska: first a quake then a `fireball'
(17) V-J Ballester Olmos updating FOTOCAT Project -w/`Listed Disclosures' (PDF) (up-to-date - some missing)
(16) `Visitors' had a busy day (9th), w/Moscow `pyramid', another `spiral' in China, and another in Siberia
(15) Unexpected confirmation of correlations - in page re: `Fairies / the Green Man / maybe ETs - Strange?
(15) Seems the Europeans want to test Einsteinian Relativity again - Ha!  `Relativity' failed the test before
(15) Did `nazi-regalia' cops murder NZer Peach?  Police-murder in UK's happened again, + yet again since then
(14) This social-evaluation is no surprise - here's flip-side: greedy over-paid liars and thieves in politics & banks
(13) Seems Clive thinks there's a Sphinx conspiracy - and that they're out to silence him - permanently??
(12) Natasha wants us to help `Save Kenyan / African lions from chemical poisoning' - seems worthwhile
(12) Ha! Alan Duncan (UK politico) is a liar, thief and pervert, pretty much like his UK political `colleagues'
(10) Radio: tonite's C2C show; Paola Harris and Ann Eller review J Allen Hynek - scientist-convert (4 min vid)
(10) Re: forecast (for 8th Dec) - some small reactions to Moon-Mars alignment - Next New Moon due 16th
(09) Radio Stuff: Tonight 10pm ET - Jerry E. Smith + HAARP;  Friday - Dr. Steven Greer + CSETI Training
(08) Ha!  "what could be more alien to ... our people than WAR, and the threat of War?" - Pres. Reagan 1987
(08) `Out of the Blue' documentary youtube 10 min shorts or google film - shows that UK's M.o.D is lying again
(08) Mail - "Mind Control" (tonite 10pm ET) - `Inexplicata' News - Cryptozoology interview - CSETI conference
(07) Global-Research has "The Great Game: U.S., NATO War In Afghanistan" - final paragraph is ominous (scroll)
(07) Skeptics cheated to downgrade Sheldrakes's "psi" results (they knew he was right!  Like Arp?)  [tks to TDG]
(06) 5 Things Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know About Cannabis (UK Media lying now!)  [tks to TDG]
(05) Recalling accumulation of evidence of `A Large Event - at 2,200 BCE' - quite `striking' information?
(05) Even more evidence that Dr Kelly was murdered by bent politicos? - here's the background-archives
(04) These folk are right - Wallace's theory was first!  And it's still bigger, better, more truthful than Darwin's
(04) Seems the `Voynich Manuscript' is genuine (the parchment anyway) - here's Yale library's on-line images
(03) Mail in - from `one who was there' in Vietnam - seems in line w/thoughts here - + conclusion here? (scroll)
(02) A famous writer gave this curio - which might've tempted the explorer into his last (& lost) expedition
(01) Query 1 - would an *honest* ex-PM be paid millions (secretly - by the rich) - Query 2 - Query 3 - Query 4

Nov '09
(30) Video Series - `Meteor - Fire In The Sky' (ten 9 min shorts) is a great introduction (and a bit scary)
(30) UFO Media - David Twichell sends news of tomorrow's radio show (`The Collectors') - here's the Archive
(29) Gérard Lebat has a lot of stuff at `les Repas Ufologiques' (maybe use Google or Babelfish to translate?)
(29) From ufocasebook - a Russian sighting (video) which is definitely *not* a balloon or even an aircraft
(28) Some folk think this new telescope has a hidden purpose - a bit like the `Wormwood Project' maybe?
(27) Heck! 28th to 30th Jan: Mars/Moon/Earth/Sun/Venus line-up due - so maybe seismic and Solar events?
(27) LiAnna asks if you're ready for The Wave? - And says it's going to be in London & Glasgow on Sat 5th Dec.
(27) Seismic rumbles? after Wed (2 Dec.)'s Full Moon - which moves to align w/nearing Mars around 8 Dec
(26) Mail catch-up - Steve's got `metaphysical' advice for us all re: consciousness and the outer universe?
(26) Mass murderer caught (Colombia) - but his `owners' go free as always (that's really US/UK - scroll)
(25) Mail catch-up - Reader claims the Phaistos Disk has been deciphered - and it's Proto-Slav [Old Russian]?
(25) Looks like `abiotic oil + gas' may be a fact - So why did Thomas Gold's work get suppressed / ridiculed?
(25) So UK police-chiefs still lying - as before + the cover-up - some provocateurs're really murderers (scroll)
(24) Mars - notice the story of "a dry sterile planet" is changing to `Mars had an Ocean' - "chances of life"?
(24) N.Y. 5th Dec. Intruders Foundation hosts Col. Halt (retd.) (of RAF Bentwaters UFO case) for Seminar
(23) More (confirming) updates - past Western catastrophic impact + a mass extinction about 13,000 yrs ago
(21) Reader's mail - request for book-info on Alfred Russel Wallace - genius and wide-ranging investigator
(20) Vallée starts blogging! J-V on blackmail; astronomers' lies; UFO series w/Rod Serling; interview (w/Noory)
(20) Mails on `Democracy' - 1-Dirty `Secrets'; 2-Zero Justice; 3-Divide+Rule; 4-Corrupt Law-for-Oppression'
(18) Drugs & Reality & lying politico-thieves  Why all the lies?  `Drug-law' is a corrupt tool of corrupt rulers
(17) Daily Grail features a new, free iPhone (and iPod touch) "ESP Trainer", from Russell Targ + S.R.I (+ NASA?)
(17) New report re: `Spheres in Airborne UAP Imagery' at FOTOCAT (by V-J Ballester Olmos and M Shough)
(15) UK's `I-o-S' "Not in our name" Poll seems to agree with `Crap BBC' report (above & here - 1st message)
(15) New Moon tomorrow - poss. (delayed) seismic instability - maybe check USGS reports for 3 to 4 days?
(15) Here's a `reincarnation case' video (10 mins) - from the folk at Reincarnation Experiment Org
(11) Bill Beaty querys strange light-events atop storm-clouds - check shorts video1 - video2 - video3 - video4
(11) Maybe read last paragraph of article from Vatican a few times - Esp. that `without our knowing' phrase
(11) LiAnna asks us to help save the salmon in the Atlantic - (note problems in Canada/ USA's Pacific too)
(10) Will Mann be assassinated if he speaks out? - Maybe Straw will know - but Straw usually lies, and lies?
(10) Scott Corrales has a bunch of UFO stuff at Inexplicata, and a link to abducted cattle at Puerto Gaboto
(10) Why distrust Brown on taxes? - To date, PMs have lied, preferring to cheat, & steal from ordinary folk
(08) Some more clues (weird ones) behind those strange un-natural skulls, found all around the world
(06) Mail catch-up - `Free Karem info' - Nellis AFB UFO-School - Afghanistan-UFO - 2012 Cancun-Conference
(06) Moon at `last quarter' aligns w/Mars, expect seismic instabilities maybe check USGS after the 9th - 10th
(05) J.C Grelet has interview re: French Mil Pilots and UFOs [go`translate'?] - w/details of `I Know What I Saw'
(05) MetaMail - Scott (below) has `Re: Moel Sych (Berwyn UFO) Cover-up' - some background here & here
(04) Seismic (from 02 Nov) result: swarm of California (+ Baja) quakes - hafta wait for sunspots to rotate
(03) Strange `saucer-shape' moves back & forth over Beijing (6 min video) - U.S newspaper report here
(02) Re: solar forecast result so far - the 01 Nov blips;  For seismic (02) - maybe check USGS next few days
(02) Update: Cannabis et al (& lying politico-thieves)  Reason? `Drug-law' is a corrupt tool of corrupt rulers

Oct '09
(30) Any sunspots due 01 Nov align'll probably be far & near-side - NASA/Spaceweather [LHS] should see them
(29) Forecast (below & here) is Solar and Seismic, so maybe check `Spaceweather' & USGS in a few days?
(29) Almost forgot - looks like NASA's quietly starting to agree with `alignment facts - but they're still wrong
(29) Just got another `ancient sciences / astronomy / visitors' clue - maybe it raises even more questions
(28) Now on Youtube - "I Know What I Saw" (Pt 1/9, 10 min video) - James Fox's Docu - maybe deleted soon?
(27) A (very) short phone-video (1 min) of `triangle-UFO' in Saint Petersburg RU (here's original report)
(26) Was dangerous to be SDI scientist - now seems it's "virus/brain control" getting people assassinated?
(24) Mail:  SADNEWS - RIP - Mac Tonnies;  UK UFO - Scott hints `a paid debunker is posing as a Ufologist'
(23) Brazil AirForce says UFOs are "solid" + show "intelligence" (short pdf) - here's the original in Portuguese
(21) REAL analysis of the `war-on-terror' foolishness - seems to back our earlier suspicions (scroll) + later ones
(20) Sci-News for `Astrologers' (scroll > *note*) - evidence on `planets+sunspots'; + `planets+solar-storms'
(19) Good! California bans corrupt English Libel Courts - Here's background. UK's courts run by, for, pervs
(19) Here's Yonaguni monument-description and maps-of-monument; Why?  Just seen this video (9 min)
(19) Wall "a monster" - that West (Thatcher et al) lied to keep - just as they're lying here and here (scroll)
(17) New Moon tomorrow - poss. (delayed) quake instability - maybe check USGS reports for 4 to 5 days?
(16) He's angry - Why? Thief politico escapes with "apology" - protected by other liars and thieves
(16) New Zealander finds `universal pattern' in the stock markets - and asks "Do you want to see a copy?"
(16) UFO Meets - CSETI Conference (Rio Rico AZ) Oct 24-26 - BUFOG (UK) `Fastwalkers/Disclosure' Nov 16th
(15) Meta-mail - Gary Simmons' (OZ) new message (strong stuff) - maybe remember his earlier evidence?
(15) `Are Sunspots Disappearing?' - here's the past Charts - and some background to help you forecast
(13) A `fun initiative' in Stockholm (2 min video) which seemed to work great - everybody looks happy after
(13) Moon impacts 11:31 - 11:36; Palomar video 11:27 - 11:39; D'ypu see anything?  So where did they go?
(13) Looks like deep scandal!  What? - Can't say!  Who? - It's secret! - Maybe hidden here? / here? / here?
(12) Survey - Do memories of hot weather tally with latest NASA sunspot-data? (seems c.60/80/90 active?)
(12) See `UK politicos still corrupt' - they're greedy liars & thieves - until we LIMIT their pay to same as us!
(11) Moon line-up with Mars tomorrow - poss. quake instability - maybe check USGS reports for couple days?
(10) Mail catch-up - Tunguska book / UNIFAWEB.AR / Brazil UFO docs+sketches / UFO at NASA launchpad?
(09) That "optical illusion" UFO-cloud over Moscow looks substantial to me - Tks for lead from George Ure
(06) "Blair president" = more work, higher taxes on EU & UK's workers?  Yup, he's a liar - for the greedy rich
(06) Co-incidence? Care2 asks for Edu Pledge - like we did a while ago here!  [and here - scroll to bottom]
(03) Full Moon on 4th - Quake instability (after last week's Jupiter alignment) - Check USGS reports 2-3 days?
(03) Chilean UFOs? - new `Military X-Files video (6min) & background: Santiago UFOs (1) & Santiago UFOs (2)
(02) Meta-Mail - Gérard Lebat's Repas Ufologiques (FR UFOs) - WHFR David Twichell + TJ Ryan on Tues (7th)
(01) Sci-Mail - Stephen Mooney's new ideas on `Gravity' - and T. B. Bon's new Theory of Field Interaction
(01) Quiet please!  UN, UK, USA (+ BBC - see above) cover-up fake `election' of Afghanistan `puppet gov't'

Sep '09
(30) Good reporting! UFORIA (Daily KOS) Cover-up1 - Pt2 - Pt3 - Pt4 - Pt5; Hynek1 - HyPt2 - HyPt3 - HyPt4
(30) Ha! Finally confirmed - Newton was a liar and elite plagiarist (scroll down to "MAINSTREAM ADMISSION")
(28) Long suspected - `New Labour' plans to hand power to `Old Tories' - 'Cos both are `owned' by the rich
(28) Ha! After review of western religio/political lies - now ICH says "Everything you know about Iran is a Myth"
(27) Interesting media archives - 140 yrs of UFO pics - Part II, Part III, more UFO stories in pages' sidebars
(26) A dangerous precedent in Germany?  Any suggestions?  Like, who shall we prosecute next? - and next..?
(26) Just read some text-books are still confusing themselves over centrifugal / centripetal "forces" - Sigh
(25) `Inexplicata' (Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy) gives round-up of cases - Cuba/AR/Panama/Costa Rica/MX
(24) A re-look at those `Ten Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts' - (placed in page of (associated?) mysteries
(24) Vladimir Rubtsov in `The Tunguska Mystery' thinks the mystery might be re-solved - I.e, for Earth's safety
(24) From INREES(Fr) Interview(s) with Dr John Mack about his investigations [the audio's in English]
(24) Good radio prog on `Newton versus Leibniz' - check national bias? - here's Leibniz' background (for Brits?)
(23) Mail catch-up - Ema has deep questions about the Sphinx - like is it a `dire warning'?
(21) You CAN try this at home!  Weird effect - `anomalous transparency' - thanks to Bill Beatty & to George
(21) Curious - Jung's book being kept secret so long? - Here's some pages and illustrations ("SAVE" to enlarge?
(20) Any code-breakers? Here's that `Voynich Manuscript' at Yale on-line (click for 2 sets of bigger-sizes)
(19) Like MPs - 96% of English doctors are bent, taking money from Toxic `Big Pharma' - to promote drugs
(19) Shock! Local authorities in UK are corrupt? - Ha! Was obvious long ago, hidden by bent politicos (+ police)
(18) New Moon - so maybe 3-4 days of unstable tectonics - & maybe check USGS reports Sunday onwards
(17) Do we believe `US Generals start brainwash war on UK + French people'? - No need: BBC already does that!
(13) It seems that the `creation controversy' is hiding many scientists' fears - fears about the hard facts
(12) So, they lied about the `Fall of the Wall'!  Ha!  Politicos are lying about history here and even earlier (scroll)
(11) See that most birds thrive on organic farms - That's vital, for birds (& insects) are our early-warning system!
(09) UFO must've been fairly close to Earth above China, or other observatories would've seen it (or lied to us)
(08) CSETI 3-day Conference at Rio Rico, Arizona, Oct 24-26 is asking for a volunteer Videographer
(08) Here's latest on that `Huge UFO filmed by Chinese scientists' - & video of citizens reports on China TV
(08) External UFO site updates - UNIFAWEB (Google Translate Box) - INEXPLICATA - J-P Petit (book) Int'view
(07) Interesting antique color pics (slides) - Old Russia - Georgia - Samarkand (+ the wives of Timur the Lame)
(05) Tomorrow - Richard C. Hoagland (Secrets of NASA-The Smoking Gun) - more details at UFOTV.COM
(05) Near Baltimore - "Annual MYSTERIES OF SPACE & SKY UFO Conference!" - on Saturday, October 24, 2009
(04) Quakes - it's Full Moon - and David Twichell says "We Are Not Alone" (see guests) is on tomorrow
(03) The Campaign for Freedom of Information - here's its Half-day Courses in Oct. '09 (London)
(02) Mail - links to `CLOCK - US National & Gov't Debts vs Products' - and here's their `ABOUT/INFO'
(02) Mail - links to `Gov't Sex-Abuse' & `Gov't Terror Grps'?  True - see pedo-refs & news & secrets & terror-refs
(01) See Dr Bruce just won MUFON award for his great UFO investigating - especially liked this report

Aug '09
(30) That China UFO (2 pics) - & Italian `UFO ONLINE' page + their Euro-links page (thanks Palmiro Campagna)
(30) Are UK politicos purposely keeping our kids `prisoners of ignorance'?  They're much easier to fool that way
(28) We see that most folk are honest & welcoming to ETs - but `authorities' are cowards: bullying deniers
(28) Quakes - Moon aligns w/Jupiter Tue-Wed (maybe triggers) then Full Moon (more triggers?) on Fri 4 Sep
(27) Why we should always doubt `expert opinion' on unidentified & unexplained, & maybe para-normal events
(24) Thousands of years before the Pyramids - Folk building megalithic `Observatories'? - What d'you think?
(23) `11th Annual Bay Area UFO Expo' set for 12th & 13th September - looks exciting (take your stuff along)
(23) UK+USA (& BBC) keep mum over rigged Afghan `election', but lie & rant about Iran - The reason? OIL
(21) A thought (scroll to foot) which might explain humans' tending to bent politicos, corruption, bent law
(20) BUFOG (Birmingham UK) have mid-Sept. talk - `Life on Mars - Pyramids - Solar System Changes'?
(19) Quakes - Tomorrow's New Moon could set-off a few more days of triggers - Maybe check the USGS page
(15) Mail - It's all about Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma (Myanmar) - [A "gov't" more corrupt than UK's / USA's?]
(15) `UFO - Warminster' arranges "Weird '09" (in Wiltshire, England, UK) - over August Bank Holiday W/E
(13) Quakes - as forecast - now into Jupiter alignment; Check results over next few days at USGS page
(13) Why MP Alan Duncan is a mentally incompetent `hamster'!  Also - hence the perverts Blears & Blair et al
(12) 4parasites fleeced taxpayer/workers & _aren't_ prosecuted - Why?  'Cos UK's politicos are also criminals
(10) UNIFAWEB (Argentina) has an interesting issue out - (added TRANSLATE location & video URL - Ray)
(09) Quakes - forecast (below) & one Tokyo result + more at USGS - beckground details here
(09) Göbekli Tepe - now dated at 14,000 yrs ago (article) - + nice little video here (still got old date tho)
(08) Mail 2 - Brazil Committee of UFO Researchers get 1,300 pages of formerly secret UFO documents
(08) Mail - Birmingham (UK) UFO Group has interesting-sounding meeting in just over a week's time
(08) So MI-5 lied about their torture crimes? - What d'you expect from a bunch of ruling-class perverts?
(08) Police murderer(s?); IPCC/CPS/Courts still corrupt? - Earlier cover-ups of `bent-cops', 'pedos', `frame-ups'
(07) Was Ian Tomlinson kidney-clubbed, then kicked to death by feral cops? - Here's the (trimmed) video
(07) Another UFO (over RAF base) - Military say "not a threat", so therefore they must think they know them!
(06) Something fast leaves Newcastle (UK) air-space - that pulse-effect's common among NASA's UFOs
(05) Quakes - Full Moon (6th) swings to Jupiter next day or so, then Sun - Earth - Jupiter around 13th / 17th
(05) Seems a cowardly police thug "might not be prosecuted" - though unprovoked assault (murder?) was filmed
(04) Sounds like today's UK - Anti-democracy politicos & and criminal thugs protected by `official' secrecy
(03) D'you think Afghan `War' (for Iran's Oil) was caused by this up-coming oil-deficit? (the politicos knew ahead
(03) Ha! - Scientists agree : "Politicos lie about `the science', all the time" - now it's `official' maybe?
(03) Yup, UK politicos plotting food-monopoly (+poison?) - the science is wrong, and so are the results
(02) Re-jigged `Felice' (page on Mysteries & suchlike), giving 4 short-cuts/lead-ins, above `page-by-page' list
(01) Maybe take a glance at the `Peace Map' and the associated `Peace Index Rankings'?
(01) You/me wouldn't have known how - but intelligent whale saved a girl's life - without harm - Thanks TDG
(01) Corruption:  UK MPs' (politicos') sleaze re-starts - in secret - FOOD: GM crops re-planted - in secret

July '09
(31) New video of Antikythera mechanism at Guardian page (full screen is good) - other location (& AVI here)
(30) Mail catch-up #5 - `NASA's Space Secrets' (good vid); Mail catch-up #6 - Lost Continent (PDF stories)
(30) Mail catch-up #3 - Brazil UFO-files disclosure; Mail catch-up #4 - UNIFA.WEB on UFO's ETs & more
(30) Mail catch-up #2 - Bigelow Aerospace + MUFON agreement for private UFO tracking continues
(30) Mail catch-up # 1 - The Care2 Team ask us to help ban ivory sales right now
(30) Emerging - Dr Kelly's intended book adds to MP's case that Kelly was murdered - as we earlier suspected
(29) Soldier thinks the Afghan war is OIL-motivated crap (above & map) - seems UK opinion is agreeing
(26) Mainstream science plays catch-up to our long-held suspicions of strikes on N AMerica (big doc - wait
(26) Looks like quake-triggers came from that eclipse (below) - note: New Moon (eclipses) slower than Full's
(26) From the `Three Wise Men' of science - 3 analyses, of Metaphysics, Physics & Reality, Life & the Cosmos
(22) A sceptic? Nope, ignorant or a liar - here's some history of UFOs, some updates and some conclusions
(22) Coincidentally, Sat Aug 15th photographers aim to protest against UK's `police-nazification' (below)
(22) UK police `nazification'? - Whatever you thought, it seems to be ongoing and increasing
(20) Scientists / amateurs with gyro or pendulum - RU ready for 22nd's eclipse?, (NASA correspondence
(20) Just found details (of Attila the Hun) - previously unknown background to those "mysterious skulls"!
(19) Perhaps their (rather horrible) motive for deforming babies' skulls was to create `robots' or `rulers'?
(17) Seems that mindless greed, fraud and thievery _are_ contagious after all - as we've shown earlier
(17) F-of-I team publish Gov't's "too modest" proposals (politicos and Royals stay SECRET with many others)
(14) The Care-2 team ask you to help save Africa's lions & other wildlife from toxic pesticide poisoning
(14) Quakes - forecast triggers hit China area - maybe more danger there on/after 22nd's total eclipse
(12) Seen the latest `Happiness Index Map'? - annual report - and the world's `Damage Footprint Map'?
(12) Doctors risk asking for truth about Dr Kelly's death - when we were all pressured - here's maybe why
(11) Pre-view of new UFO video (some subs) recently given Jaime Maussan - thanks TDG & Examiner for info
(08) Mail catch-up 3 - F-o-I - i) Politicos / Royals and Secrecy - F-o-I - ii) `Justice delayed is justice denied'
(08) Mail catch-up 2 - Fair Trade - Whaling - Malaysian logging - Save Lions - Save Baby Elephants
(08) Mail catch-up 1 - Inexplicata's July UFO update - New (with Google Translate) Reports page
(07) Hundreds of criminals `still at large'?  Yup, and more of them are (unprosecuted) politicians in Parliament!
(06) WIDNES - Tell Lisa Greenwood to sue them!  They couldn't deny any of this, so Lisa is right (+ `impartial')
(05) Quakes - Full Moon 7th, align with Jupiter 11-13th then big one at 22nd: New Moon(slow) & Eclipse (fast)
(04) Maybe info for new pages of UK local & nat'l gov't / police / media corruption - and maybe get arrested?
(03) "Fraud case dropped"? - To cover-up fact that UK MPs (+Ministers) `expenses' really are criminal fraud?
(03) Super-ANTS? -  That speculation nearly ten years ago now seems correct - maybe it is evolution?
(02) Those `alien-like' skulls - mystery's getting weirder - ancient elites & Shanidar's Neanderthals - Why???
(01) UFOs - Notice `Hollywood' + main-stream media are in bed with Pentagon & corporates? - Reason why?


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