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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

June '09
(27) More `false-flag' fraud + corruption blamed on terrorists - it's never stopped - more truth here (scroll both)
(27) Seems we want to create things - yet it's dangerous wanting to buy/own them - greed & incompetence
(24) Skulls mystery gets weirder - with ancient/modern Royals & Shanidar's `shaman-Neanderthals' (& craft?)
(23) MPs to "make it illegal to steal from taxpayers" - Ha!  It's ALREADY a CRIME to defraud us & steal from us
(22) Police State: video - illegal arrests & brutality (+ imprisonments) demo video - as expected in corrupt UK
(20) Corrupt UK cops say `only a small number' of politicos are crooks - Rubbish! - Here's the lowdown
(19) Here's `official line' on Dando assassination (not `murder') - & here's our conclusion (at the time)
(17) Human activity in the ancient past raises interesting questions - and there's more here [long page - wait]
(16) Research - UFO-denying astronomers "cannot be taken seriously"  Yup, we found that here, & also here
(15) Mail - Brazil UFO Files - Abductions? - Col de Vence Interview - Free 'X' Chronicles (16) - `Inexplicata'
(14) Evidence - Mexico '08 & South Carolina '09 - says humans were in America 40,000 years ago [big doc - wait]
(13) Bill Tracer's listing some problems with that `Fermi paradox' - couldn't agree more! (from a bit earlier).
(12) Some harsh truths (from Al Jazeera) re: the increase in inequality (& corruption?) in the UK & US
(11) Re: `Planet chaos' - `divining' has a practical use, but the Sumerians-Babylonians might've known more
(08) As arranged year ago - corrupt `Left' ready to hand-over to corrupt `Right' (for a pay-off) - the CURE?
(05) Quakes - July 22nd is forecast as total eclipse - so Sunday's Full Moon (June 7th) likely close alignment
(05) Great artistic discoveries from the Ice Age - and, "Can our bumblebee friends really talk to us?"
(05) They nervously asked what people wantFAIR ELECTIONS! and NO PARTIES funded by THEFT or BRIBERY
(03) NZ + Nordics + Japan = `most peaceful nations'  (rankings) - `Corrupt governance' shames UK? (+US?)?
(01) What Bilderbergers let us know - what (maybe) what they don't tell us - Amazon Book & coming Film
(01) Silence from H. Kennedy QC - Surprised?  Maybe wants to SUE (but corrupt UK judges are scared just now)

May '09
(30) Found out why we like siestas in warmer countries;  How we've evolved - to some millions or so yrs ago?
(29) Why (some) women scientists are brave, males can be bad/mad; mixed w/politicos they're baby-killers
(26) Got more strange skulls around the world; Cause? - inbreeding? privilege? mutation? copying of `aliens'?
(24) Archbish wants `secrecy'?  For democracy?  Ha! Maybe to hide church graft & church tax-thieves & pervs
(22) Some thoughts on `human sex functions & future' now seems prescient - here's latest sobering news
(22) Some background re `Politicos Greed' scandal - Just heard the latest shocker - she wants sympathy!!
(21) Why is a mysterious `group' censoring `THE SECRET NASA TRANSMISSIONS 2'? - And why just now?
(21) Conway UFO Group got a reply to a `NO PHORM' petition (says it's from from No 10 Downing St?)
(21) Gérard says `Les Repas Ufologiques' to have new shindig in NICE - menu & wine list sounds appetizing
(20) Helena Kennedy QC wants more money for `political parties' - Here's a short & disrespectful answer
(19) A greedy thieving MP who should be in jail - is "safe", because, like this other thief, he knows too much
(19) Review of Wolfram|Alpha (started 15th);  More info on `Warnings'? - Astronomically Aligned Megaliths
(18) NEWS? Thieves in gov't / Murderous cops / Perverts-in-Law - We told it here; and showed results here
(17) Shakes - 19th onwards Moon aligns w/receding Venus - then aligns w/ Mercury just before New Moon
(15) Just got Stephen Wolfram's UPDATE - about Wolfram|Alpha, and ~Tones and other Wolfram thingies
(14) Mainstream media always lies to us ordinary folk - mainstream media always lies about corrupt elite
(10) Don't believe those posing `culture' lies - the real culture thing comes from real working people
(09) Yup, it was published here first - the problem of corrupt politicos is obvious and so is the CURE!
(08) Tomorrow's a Full Moon (it's a single-only alignment) - any resulting shakes could be earlyish
(06) Serendip~ giving new stuff on possible origins of Olmec, Maya etc - & Greek `Dark Ages' (working there
(05) Mail catch-up - UFO News from France, from North Wales, and from Russia - (3 mails - maybe scroll up)
(04) Are teachers unions finally realizing they (and we) have been conned by bent bureaucrats and politicos?
(04) Planned?  Is the parasitic + lying Minister Blears going to get a BIG PAY-OFF for making a NOISY EXIT?

April '09
(30) Solar minimum dragging on - here's comparison & background; maybe check (birthday) here
(28) Forecast quakes rolling on - in Mexico, EurAsia, FarEast, Ring-of-Fire, even Europe and UK
(27) Thanks for the tip Gerard - and you're right, Bill Beaty's `textbook misconceptions' link is useful
(23) Ed Mitchell tells the truth: `Blue Book' was a scam - and so is NASA's fake `ice-crystals' etc
(22) Usury + inequality crashed the economy  What's UK Gov't's `cure'?  More usury + inequality
(21) Are they claiming they didn't know `bad teacher damage'? - These kids knew 40 - 50 yrs ago!
(18) Killer-Police Cover-up conspiracy?  Was a `bent' doctor picked to fake first post-mortem?
(18) Next Moon-Venus alignment (see below) is going to be close - so maybe stresses stronger
(17) Digging-up more evidence re: `Life on Mars' mystery (+ possible scandal - genocide plan?)
(16) UK's CORRUPT BLACKLISTS - 1st a teacher, and now a nurse is banned for whistle-blowing
(15) Senr Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos says FOTOCAT (English) is updated - interesting cases
(15) UK & USA (w/stupid politicos) have education problems - Why not teach something useful?
(15) Natasha thinks there's just a chance of stopping polio world-wide - we need to do it!
(14) Re-visit UFO question - find Egypt, Celtic & world-wide myths connections - see below?
(14) Still finding surprising stuff on ancient Hibernia (+ Egypt + legends) - more on ancient travel
(14) Quakes rumbling on a bit longer than forecast - Expect next peak (approx) 21 - 27th April
(13) Think this `happy picture' is actually rather sad - but they're alive at least
(13) Robyn's heart-warming stories of sight-saving operations around the world - can we help?
(12) Still finding more references to `Moon Planting'  You'd think `science' would know by now!
(11) What d'you think our greedy corrupt politicos could/should learn from this Chinese decision?
(11) Do secret Air Force activities (chemtrails etc?) cause some of our problems? [pt of AF 2025]
(10) Brain illusion (tks TDG) is interesting - does it say who's insane or not? - A clue here maybe?
(09) How come they could torture primates secretly anyway?  Clue: "GM secrecy" = Dictatorship?
(08) Emily asks us to `Save the Tigers' - with news of `killing' competition' for space
(06) Re: forecast - Italy's quakes now - maybe due to Moon + Venus aligning (lasts for 4 or 5 days)
(06) Maybe the last five thousand years of `civilization' was a horrible mistake?  What d'you think?
(03) Ofcom `has fined the BBC?' - Liars!  They've just fined us!  (and here's more fake fines)
(03) David says `We are not alone' (radio prog) - Ha! Proved already! (see `Martyn Stubbs' evidence)
(01) Robyn says `If we can't be kind to humans, let's be kinder to animals' - (paraphrased a little

Mar '09
(31) Greedy crims (UK MPs) are after more!  Yet wiser, more competent folk want much less!
(31) Gérard Lebat updates Repas Ufologiques - and here's English translation ("meals"=Repas
(30) As forecast Moon/Venus line-up's rattling rocks - next is 7th to 9th/10th (Venus then Full Moon)
(30) Mail catch-up - i) `BUFOG's Investigation Year' (lecture); ii) Robyn says `Save the Seals'
(30) That `amazing Ukraine UFO' looks like a `Space Phenomena 1' (seen for 100 years + more)
(29) More politicos' graft - Here's why they're corrupt thieves (scroll down) And here's the cure
(28) Kevin asks about Mars / Moon and NASA? - (more here)  And maybe some answers aren't nice?
(28) Marina shows `how' our rulers still deserve "perfidious Albion" tag - and here's WHY
(27) "Disband (corrupt) Force - Start afresh" - Maybe for corrupt UK Cops & Parl't? - proviso! (scroll)
(24) Makeover for China's UFOlogy Journal - here's their BBS (and English translation)
(23) Recall forecastMoon effects from Thurs, then Venus aligns 27-30th - then check seismics?
(22) Shocked by another UK politico thief? - See UK parliamentarians' (`legal') thieving spree
(22) EEAPPR (EastEuro Para Research) news from Russia, Czech Rep., Poland, Ukraine (click `Digest')
(22) UFO passing NASA Shuttle (STS-119) on 18th & London UFOs (19th) are linked-analysed here
(20) Will be interested in `Puerto Rican Research Group' results - having read Tim Good's book
(20) Needed reminding by Tammy - it's the EQUINOX! - (shame on me - here's our page - updated
(20) `Wheat Stem-Rust': a new disease? - Or a weapon of GM-Corps/Mil NWO (starve the poor)?
(19) While these UFOs snapped over London - belong to set of disk-shaped `Aerial Phenomena'
(18) Now this reported UFO (here's video) looks like Martyn Stubbs' `First Space Phenomena'
(17) Here's another `13 things that don't make sense' - (we're trying to make a start here)
(15) Ha! - If this rumour's true, or even nearly - then "Fahrenheit 451" might be getting closer
(13) Now we know Blair's war-lies ok'd genocide - and that Blair's tax-lies ok'd bankers' thievery
(12) After Siberian skulls, & book find, re-researched prehistory's skulls - Origins maybe sinister?
(11) In a day or two the (Full) Moon swings to align with close-by Venus' - maybe check seismics
(10) Mail - vi) FWDed from Scott Corrales; Journal of Hispanic Ufology updated up to (early) March
(06) Katherine has news - Freedom of Information Courses (London & B'ham - April)  Good idea
(06) Mail - v) Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (SP) has world-wide UFO FOTOCAT Project blog
(06) Mail - iv) Dominic and those Mars City photos, makes a great case (+ great slide show)
(06) Mail - iii) Gérard Lebat (FR) posts latest news and dates of Repas Ufologiques
(06) Mail - ii) (anonymous) solution for UFOs / OVNIs expounded (forcefully)
(06) Mail catch-up - i) Christian Macé (FR) `structures on Moon, Mars, and on Itokawa asteroid
(05) WDM wants you to swim, cycle and run for charity (01 & 02 Aug '09 London TriAthlon)
(05) To increase spending?  They're giving workers' taxes to the greedy rich (gamblers & thieves)
(03) Thief MP cover-up, (again) - evidence that UK's `Parliament' is a crime organization (again)
(01) Strange skulls found in Siberia (the video) - here's reminder of South-Am & Egyptian skulls

Feb '09
(27) Quakes start in Oregon? [forecast 8th Jan & 11th -17th Feb], remember biggest due 27-30 March
(26) Banksters (usurers) load `losses' onto us - yet keep `profits' for themselves (& bent politicos?)
(25) Regrets for "UK's retrograde step into secrecy" - see secret murders & thieving (scroll down)
(25) Russian Gov't says it will pay for "third to half" of the value of citizens' new cars loans
(24) Blair's greedy `economic advice'?  As always: lie and steal from ordinary hard-working folk
(23) Watch out! Seems corrupt politicos and bent police are preparing (scroll) to silence criticism
(20) So lying & greedy "New Labour" is just as corrupt as Fascists & Bolsheviks - see above (scroll)
(19) Wonder why Canada & some others fare better?  They've fewer rich thieves & liars in power!
(19) Media realizing - our greedy lying politicos always create `terror' to cover-up their thieving ways
(17) New Moon (25th) then for week or so (as nearing Venus aligns) expect seismics - (big forecast)
(13) Seems in EU/UK/USA many (most?) judges are fraudsters or pervs - see UK/Euro evidence
(11) Orreries - `around Valentine's Day, Moon swings to align with nearing Venus' - expect seismics
(11) Seems the bent networks of bankers & politicos (see all below) are now into cover-up mode
(09) Bent bankers take tax billions via corrupt politicos?  Why? Scroll to `usurers degenerate' (see def.)
(06) Our stupid & corrupt politicos (all below) really should check their futures - they're going extinct!
(05) `Politicos knew all the time' - "the rich still don't pay tax"!  And bent PMs still lie about that
(04) Thicko politicos dimly realize UK schools are bad - maybe they should've checked this page
(03) Media `Darwin hype' ignores doubts from scientists - and Darwin's own ignorance - see Wallace
(01) Seems `The Running Man' (Arnold S video) is always our potential future - due to corrupt rulers

Jan '09
(31) Rare and truthful short animation (re: Vietnam) called `Ave Maria' - here's some good others
(30) UK Press: sleezy, brutal & corrupt liars; just like UK Parliament - corrupt & expensive criminals
(29) Mail update: vi) for Stephen Wolfram's NKS Summer School apply here (frontiers of science)
(29) Mail update: v) F.o.I - Gov't's `thinking about' cutting secrecy to 15 years!  Why allow _any_?
(29) Mail update: i) politico & pedo ii) legal murder? iii) F.o.I `politico greed' iv) F.o.I `Iraq Papers'
(29) Dean Radin's challenge: `The Enduring Enigma of the UFO' (pdf) - HTML version (& background?)
(27) Grabbing bribes?  Seems _both_ of UK's `Houses of Parliament' are greedy thieves & liars
(25) Well, there's another forecast coming true!  Although didn't expect to see it in this lifetime
(25) Maybe try some of these `sayings' for size & fit - on your or my "nation", for instance?
(24) Feynman said - `It's the central mystery of physics'  No-one understands it - until now
(24) New Moon/ eclipse (26th) - So seismics wll extend past 29th/30th (from Moon/Venus alignment)
(19) "Bank shares in freefall" - Surprise? Check 2002 forecast - maybe scroll to "usurers degenerate"
(16) Is greedy UK parliament entirely composed of liars & thieves?  Here's CURE-1 & CURE-2 (scroll)
(10) Why's Blair paid for no results?  - Is it, like he conned the Brits, just another corrupt scam?
(08) Full Moon 11th then some days of seismics (as Venus aligns) - biggest Venus from 27-30 March
(08) Real taxpayers (workers) freeze - while elite, greedy thieving perv politicos, are in warm luxury
(03) Now MSM's playing catch-up re: Recent Impact(s) - ('cept for some cowardly fogeys maybe)
(02) Mail catch-up soon (hopefully)
(02) UFO-stuff in air (says `also in Space'?) above Western Australia - here's G-Maps and vid

Dec '08
(30) Interesting find - from an interesting researcher and auther - re:  airlines and astrology
(26) New Moon (on 27th) then seismic stuff for week or so (Venus) - Mail catch-up later (I hope)
(24) And there's the `Alternative Christmas Message' on Channel4 - (text) - maybe interesting
(22) If you're keen (& have the time) - there's a huge cache of `Mind Papers', (here's our intro)
(22) Ha! Check of mystery deaths of VIPs - Yup, think it's all true - see senior cops `suicides' (scroll
(21) Solstice!  Coincidentally (maybe?) found a great resource for students of `consciousness'
(21) Science & abductions!  Here's Dr. John Mack (vids) Part1, Part2, part3, part4, Part5 - source
(16) `Freedom of Information' January courses news - and a petition for stupid (corrupt?) gov't
(15) Police `injuries' - lies and more lies - Wise readers can expect _only_ lies from "rulers"
(12) Murray (WDM) says `Got Gordon Brown's attention' - Ha!  What's Gordon's promises worth?
(12) Corrupt police, corrupt courts & gagged press - all to protect bent system & perv politicos
(11) New short video shows best-yet workings of the Antikythera Mechanism (eclipses & stuff)
(10) That VAT cut simply gave our tax-money to big companies - we poorer folk just got cheated
(10) Just took another look at `reality' - and it wasn't really there! - (So what was there?)
(08) More quake triggers post-Full Moon 12th - then more from upcoming (14th - 16) Venus alignment
(08) Maybe an `expert's been reading our edu page - but will UK's (thick/bent) politicos listen?
(08) Christian Macé's fine work - discovers new anomalies on Mars (have magnified that pic)
(07) Looks like primates are STILL being tortured in Europe - D'you want to help them?
(07) Seems `the Net is being censored by UK / USA gov'ts (10 min vid) - (Can you get this page?)
(07) Bit more confirmation - `how our brains fool us, even about reality' (you knew that?)
(06) Anyone realized? - Maybe we need a new brain? - It seems we're _really_ all at sea
(05) Check white-words above (don't burn-up) - just see if this lead-verse applies to our politicos
(03) Here's the latest update on the (real) Bosnian Pyramids - and here's (old) Google summary
(01) Mail catch-up iv) Group Invite (UFO-FR)  v) News from Repas ~  vi) UK Conference News
(01) Mail catch-up i) crop-circle - Brazil  ii) UFO news from Argentina  iii) UFO news from France

Nov '08
(30) Maybe start checking resulting quakes (bold/red) - rolling in as forecast down below (22nd)
(27) Joseph P. Skipper shows NASA has abused its `credibility and trust' - what can we believe?
(27) Just reminded that tomorrow's `Buy Nothing Day' and it looks to be popular in some places
(26) `All UK police to get Tasers' - here's problem and (apart from bullies and pervs) here's reason
(26) `RepowerAmerica's Cathy Zoi - "Please make your comment - there's only a day or so left"
(25) George asks `Why's Martin Armstrong been jailed for 7 years without trial' - His story (pdf)
(25) Yup, think he's right - `a waste of good spit'; but most judges seem stupid, corrupt or pervert
(23) Alfred Lambremont Webre uncovering a NWO scandal? - asks `Help Don Carter's new-energy'
(22) After New Moon (27th) quake-triggers from Mercury/Mars then Jupiter/Venus maybe a week
(20) Another `convenience' or `political' murder by Met police? - Like many others before?
(20) Lying, parasitic & pervy MPs plot to subsidize the rich while still stealing from us working folk
(20) Obvious - English police covering-up / complicit w/elite frauds and pervs (ie. English MI-5/6)
(19) Looks like bigger quakes (bold / red) result from the forecast week of triggers (13th onwards)
(18) Maybe Bush'n'Blair will be extradited to face justice? - like `half-past-human' guy said (on 17th)
(18) Ever wonder what `the-powers-that-be' are keeping secret? And maybe for themselves?
(18) Mail catch-up 1) Brazil's new crop-circles (+ transl) 2) Lion's Head on Mars 3) B'hamUFOG News
(17) Want to know how next year goes? Here's the `half-past-human' guy telling us [short MP3]
(17) George Ure has a GM corn warning from Austria Gov't (slow-move)- and maybe look above it
(16) UK Press (below) feature UFOs Pt III  Maybe check #11 - with Military (& Police) backing (video)
(15) Protection from sex/violence?  Suspect it'll "change" to ban truth re: lying & corrupt politicos
(15) Maybe Quebec & N.Z & Montenegro feeling the first of that series of forecast quake-triggers?
(14) Re: "Stop Greed appeal" below - seems it's about rich greedy authority versus us poor workers
(13) UK Press decides to feature "140 years of UFO sightings" (parts I & II) - Wonder why just now?
(13) Armstrong jailed for telling truth? Compare with Reich's case (jail + death)? - Something's wrong!
(13) WDM says "Ask Gordon to call time on global greed via YouTube" - maybe find a start here?
(12) Re: below; if you see some `dogmatiks' in denial - here's reason why (+ their psychology)
(11) Latest - science is `peeking over the backyard fence' - the universe outside is unknown
(10) A while ago found the USAF's UFO-training doc - now comes the Fire Service's (confidential?)
(09) After next Full Moon (13th) expect seismic rumbles for week or so (as Mars then Venus lines-up
(09) Christian Macé has a weird tale to tell - (with a weird photograph + some hints of a MIB
(09) Tony asks Europeans to help save animals (specially primates) from vivisection + experiments
(08) Scott Corrales' news at Inexplicata of strange events in Argentina and Mexico - lots of fotos
(08) More violence from police `agent-provocateurs' in disguise - as forecast in '06 (scroll down
(07) Mail catch-up: #1 - REPAS UFOLOGIQUES (Nov);  #2 - BirminghamUFOG News / Lectures
(07) Ha! Minister Blears is angry we said she's a liar, parasite & pervert - Thing is, it's plain truth
(06) Another (thankfully small) near-miss by asteroid - last note & solar-system view1, view 2, view3
(05) Heard (radio) it's `Pagan New Year' now - (UK changed to Bonfire Night) - so Happy New Year!
(05) Robert - Nukes + UFO's article; Rob - X-Zone + `Today's News'; Billy - Ostriches + UFOs
(04) Looks like this year's UK UFO-wave is bigger than I'd yet heard about (or thought about)
(03) Linda's `EarthFiles' site seems to be analyzing a good collection of reports - looks worthwhile
(03) UK's bullying politico's `website censorship erodes freedoms' - Well, that's what bullies DO!
(03) See that Goldmiths University of London's doing `paranormal research' in a big way
(03) Victor tells us of two new books - on the occult, the paranormal, on politics & on UFOs
(01) Greg Boone just posted this interesting short video of UFO buzzing a plane - Cheshire (UK)
(01) Quentin's dis-illusioned with `science' (archeology) - An earlier leak from Dave (thoughts?)
(01) Looks like England's `professions' are built on lies and cheating - as some folk have suspected
(01) Did Halloween truth - "Work less hours and sleep more, for your heart" - upset big-business?

Oct '08
(31) Timothy Karr (`Free Press') asking everyone to send a Halloween message to Washington
(28) Criminal phone-calls from Ross, Brand & BBC - No charges by (bent) Metropolitan police?
(28) Katherine says they're to run two courses on using `Freedom of Information Act' (in London)
(26) Christian Macé tells us "Spain is de-classifying (some) secret UFO files"
(26) Bankers `self-regulation'?  Like with corrupt/perv doctors, police, lawyers, judges, politicos?
(25) Someone's checking so-called "black holes" - here's our original conclusion - sci-fakery!
(25) Chat provokes a (re)-look at astrology - and "when religion AND science can be dangerous"
(23) `Contact predicted within two decades' - although there's a caveat about SETI
(23) Interesting page `Famous People Who Have Been Homeless' - maybe a lesson for us?
(23) You see the maxim `Let Justice Be Done' doesn't apply to (corrupt) English `Law Lords'
(19) Simon expounds reasons for linkages of Quakes/Volcanics/Sunspots (clear example shown)
(19) Mail catch-up - Rebecca tells of profiteers killing-off the tigers - asks `pse sign petition'
(17) D'you think this `over-consuming due to lack of satisfaction' explains UK greeds & bribery?
(14) Full Moon now - maybe quake triggers during next 24 hours - then again in a day or so
(14) Media catch-up - our `fairness' recommend (scrap homework) finally picked-up by Press
(13) Mail catch-up - someone in North Wales provides useful timeline/map of recent sightings
(13) Official Fluoride Report Admissions - are they intentionally dumbing-down next generation?
(13) Looks like Sweden and France are protecting their UFO data - Can we say the same for UK?
(12) LiAnna has a great suggestion for EU - (if we don't do it we'll suffer the effects for ever)
(09) Did F.D.R say - "In politics, nothing happens by accident"? - Well, seems George thinks so
(08) A "new" evolution claim that's really quite old - And think your daily decisions disprove it!
(06) "Greedy banksters should face trial" (& Lula agrees) - Bet crooked UK politicos are reluctant?
(06) BUFOG has a slide show for Mary - and Scott adds to that `lantern warning' of debunking
(04) Reminder? - That most gov'ts are corrupt oppressors? (i.e like lying & thieving UK parliament?)
(03) Gerard (Lebat) has interesting News - seems the French take UFO things more seriously
(03) And Scott thinks there's too many `lantern fakes' around N Wales - Yup, suspect de-bunking
(03) David Twichell has Stephen Bassett upcoming (Sat) and lots more folk on tape
(03) Michael has a `Theory' - the Irish are the Founders of Our Civilization - [what civilization?]

Sept '08
(30) Mail - Katherine says `F.o.I's working for all of us - So far!' - Good news
(30) Mail - Ever thought about `Volunteering to Work Abroad?' - asks LiAnna
(29) (external) Adam Korbitz says ... "Something Is Here" (and `remember those words'. - Maybe?)
(28) Gerard's posted French UFOlogy Calendar 2008 - 2009 (& his personal itinary + invites)
(27) Fairly obvious - corrupt cops / judges / politicos `war-on-democracy' (check the files)
(25) Everyone's invited (I think) - to GHENT (in Belgium) and their Astrology Conference
(24) Mathaba says "mainstream media suppresses fact" - check at 2 mins in this video-short
(23) Mail catch-up - North Wales UFO sightings increase - interesting newspaper blog
(22) Why `more jailed kids in UK'? - UK has more corrupt (pervy) magistrates / judges & senior cops
(22) News? That journalists / politicos lie about UFO / ET? - Here's how you/we detect reality
(20) Science is trying to say something - but the scientists are scared to tell our `rulers'
(19) Gov't finds-out years after the public knew - `Maths teaching is crap - official'
(18) Reader recommends Rupert Sheldrake's `New Science of Life' podcast here (might agree)
(18) (San Diego) - Yvonne Smith (author of CHOSEN) to present unedited sessions on 21st Sept.
(17) The real UFO Sci-cover-up exposed - Does Glenn think it's necessary, as `humans are mad'?
(16) As forecast (below) a lull from 11th and now quake-triggers renewing (background)
(16) UFO folk might not realize - cops' cover-ups are often a sign of deeper police corruption
(12) EXTERNAL LINK - `Live on the Net' War Crimes Conference in Andover, MA to Live Stream
(12) An invite to Phoenix AZ Conference Day tomorrow - subject `Global Transformation'
(11) That line-up on 8th has got results still rolling in;  Next:(see below) up to 14/15/16th for triggers
(11) Do we really have `Free Will'? -  Maybe the answer's a bit surprising
(10) The Care2 folk ask: can you help delay a maybe over-hasty execution?
(09) Do rulers harm our kids?  Edu evidence says "Yes"  Is there a `conspiracy of lawyers/judges'?
(08) _Must_ try to remember: the important things are secret - like UFO/ET and elite-corruption
(08) Mail catch-up 3) US has problem of corrupt judges - (at least they're not pedos like in UK)
(08) Mail catch-up - 1) BUFOG Annual Conference (Oct)  2) Matt(?) has some IODINE advice
(08) Results of line-up? - Plus: to 14/15/16th Saturn & nearby Uranus join w/Full Moon for triggers
(04) In the news again - the Bosnian `Pyramids' (scroll down) - an update on `Pyramid of the Sun'
(04) Re-newed accusation (believable) - here's some background - and a suggested reason-why
(03) Around the 8th the Moon aligns with nearby Jupiter - so there may be some quake-triggers
(02) You & me are still paying for corrupt VIPs in authority! - Check, by analysis and by `Cui bono'!
(02) Some `debunkers' - a) hidden employers  b) covert motives;  Martyn Stubbs found out long ago

Aug '08
(31) Another entity in sky above Mexico? - speaker sounds like Santiago Yturria Garza, a good man
(30) Tony tells of BBC (7/7) cover-up - & of `Mum on run' from abuse - (we have earlier evidence)
(30) B'ham UFO Grp hosts TERRY WALTERS - and CUFOG is disillusioned with media (who isn't?)
(29) New Moon tomorrow (19:59 UTC), then Moon aligns with distant Saturn - so extended triggers?
(28) Gérard says `World-first! - French Gov't asks Ufologists for help - (found the doc for you)
(28) Interesting `Chart of 4,500 years Temps' - and here's a probable `impact blip' they missed
(27) Looks like `UK & Europe's "terrorism" was mostly false-flag' - and the source is? (maybe scroll
(27) Richard Dolan told what really happened when the Admiral asked about UFOs - "KEEP OUT!"
(26) Roger has a search problem - so some suggestions  [You're looking? - maybe try SEARCH first]
(26) `Implants' investigated - Here's photos/description, & lab report & a summary & comments
(25) Reader dips a toe in deep & dangerous waters;  Hope the reply (re: Straw and women) suits?
(25) Message: someone hankers for maybe Slim's version - or sweet Doris Day's - hope this's in time
(23) Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos excellent UFO research and catalog work - need more like him
(23) After more than a decade our analyses are confirmed - newspaper admits UK EDU is corrupt.
(23) Just got a reminder from Phil re: that UFO Conference (Oct)
(22) The "Care2" folk invite you (and me) to join WITNESS - seems like a good cause
(20) Healthy dogs? Nope - western `pedigrees' are sick, mad mutants - Maybe like our rulers?
(20) D'you really want to be ruled by this `empire' for another 400 years? - See above, & `mutants'
(20) Best `method of inquiry' kept secret?  Maybe, until now!  Was that due to corrupt politicos?
(19) Jeff Wells on contemporary UFO media-mess; Mac Tonnies on `theoretical ufology' mess
(18) Why public dislike? - 'Cos BBC lies for tax-frauds, for the rich & for pervs - see `more BBC lies'
(17) From recent U.K NEWS accounts, this UFO Conference (Oct) should have a lot to discuss
(17) Nor Cal lucky - missed eclipse's first (forecast 28th & 15th) results (USGS) - more to come?
(16) LiAnna and the Care2 folk have a point - check UK's law-court pervs' brutal abuse of women
(15) If your mail isn't answered please send again - some UK ISP's have had a 2-day glitch
(15) Quake triggers: tomorrow's eclipse results (see USGS) could be faster - aligned w/ Neptune
(15) Why the rich (+ pervy) & UK? Use of bent libel-laws, tax-laws, & (pedophile) judges for cover
(14) If ordinary email seems to be down - no replies etc  - maybe try the CONTACT button
(12) What `cattle-feed' did the UK Gov't import in '70s & '80s? - And why did they do it? - Greed!
(11) NASA water-search on Moon? (a reason to doubt?) - Or something else? (a reason to doubt?)
(11) Yup, Buffet's proof that *some* (US) rich can think - unlike UK's greedy idiots (& bent politicos)
(10) Abusers only in Jersey?  Anywhere there's a pervert elite / media / bureaucracy / pol-sec
(09) Marcus wrote of Arkhipov's work on `space-artifacts' (also on `Moon-traces' & `Moon-ruins')
(08) `Stirling' cites "brinkmanship" in the Gulf - Engdahl shows-up "puppeteering" in the same area
(08) Re that quake triggers forecast (below - 28th)  This 6th/7th reaction is unexpected - strange
(07) Maybe these robbers should be given a medal - after all. they only stole from worse thieves
(06) Re cataclysms (reference1, reference2) - accumulating evidence for recent world-wide event
(06) Re that quake triggers forecast (below - 28th)  Maybe keep checking USGS Quake page
(03) Two brave profs state the obvious  - Regular readers already know about UFOs & the State
(02) You can't trust politicos - maybe Scott is more truthful about these things, being ex-military
(01) `Left' or `Right' for UK Gov't? - Evidence says they're both greedy thieves & pervy liars!

July '08
(30) Are our `rulers' attacking visitors? - To keep us Earth-slaves trapped in ignorance maybe?
(30) New info on Antikythera Mechanism; the whole interesting period ends with our hero Omar
(30) Re-link "Out of the Blue" (w/Dr Edgar Mitchell) on `Present Day' and other UFO/ET related pages
(29) AlterNet: "Survivalists Get the Last Laugh?" - & George has `unhappy conclusion' (scroll down
(28) Eclipses 1st & 16th so expect Iceland, China, & E.Pacific, Central & S.America quake triggers
(28) 60 years ago gov't knew the truth about UFOs  Since? - They've told us lies (for a lifetime)
(27) `Science' catches-up slowly - most real people discover the value of a smile eventually
(26) He came back with a searching question - (hopefully) re-did some of site's "discovery" links
(24) Paul sent some interesting modern sci-stuff - and looks like those ancients knew some too
(23) Looks like `Big Pharma' was the bee-killer all along - maybe helped a little by corrupt gov't?
(22) Gov't claims `fairness' - so why does Equality Commission ignore corrupt inequality & bias?
(21) Maybe for a Monday boost or for some inspiration - more (and new) music, myth & truth
(20) Stuff on legends and traces of earlier civilizations _still_ coming in - maybe strange pointers
(19) Seems `Gladio' (+CIA +MI-5) Europe-wide bombings / mass murders maybe news soon (again)
(18) Expect Quake triggers (Full Moon 08:00 UTC today) for a day or so - maybe check USGS page
(17) End bad teaching: replace `History' & `Geography' by new combo - exciting & more realistic
(17) Politicos' (& police) lie about "violence"!  It's always decreasing, because death-rates are too
(17) Under corrupt rule `security' is always murderous thugs - sooner or later becoming perverts
(17) A 12,000 year Earth-cycle (approx. since end Ice Age) keeps cropping up, now with Zoroaster
(16) Corporate `media' want `No free speech: only propaganda and (rich) advertizing' - compulsory?
(16) Just been told - `Philip Mantle's coming to the (UK) Midlands' - to talk to investigators and folk
(15) Australia's S-E `food basin' maybe running dry - the GoogleMap already seems less green
(13) For folks on a rest-day, some Chinese or European music for your pleasure - enjoy
(13) Asteroid 2008 BT18 `gliding past Earth'  Yeah - at 1000's m.p.h - and we mightn't have known
(12) Another `free' feast for a get-together of liars and thieves  And, as usual, we're paying for it
(12) More on fake ufologists / professional `debunkers'  We expect lies from media, not investigators
(11) Sounds like "UFOs: The Secret History" is an interesting documentary - hope it comes to UK
(10) Think Ted's right - they won't want to talk about that air-collision with unknown `disk' - scroll
(08) Re: those quake triggers (03) - the 5's and 6's (and a 7.7) are rolling in
(08) The *people* of the G8 are GOOD - our thieving politicos (and their *owners*) are BAD
(07) Request from a theological scholar - he needs your help - sent something (maybe useful)
(05) Excitement! - Real info on the Berwyns Event - after all the lies from BBC, Press, Police etc.
(05) Maybe "there's more going on than we can imagine" - It's not just UFO/ET vs Hollow Earth
(05) That Berwyn's UFO is still bringing in questions - am trying to answer one here
(04) UK's long-term cover-up of a UFO explosion - Why wasn't it in those `released' UK-UFO files?
(04) UK's EDU is biased - official - Any claims that they "only recently found out" are plain lies
(03) Those forecast (below) quake triggers? - Maybe check USGS page for the next days/week
(01) New Moon on 3rd so later quake-triggers, then Moon-Earth lines-up with Jupiter - they'll persist
(01) Need to know F.o.I?  the Campaign for F.o.I has July courses for you - Birmingham and London
(01) Sam is asking all of us to `Help Stop A War' - am in the wrong (or right) country though
(01) That guy is still gloomy - and still wrong, especially about science (interesting 9 min video)

June '08
(29) Feel we can cheer-up folk getting stuck in a rut - because `reality' is always exciting - so far
(29) Clumsy status-quo `explanation' for one Mars mystery - Try an economical & `real' Mars origin
(28) Warned about this a while ago - it's not hands _or_ any overload - it's our slower new brain
(27) Some interesting `people pointers' - like why different countries' folk like different things?
(27) Renewed interest in this early sighting prompted yesterdays / today's updated translation - work!
(20) Evidence of UFO / ET?  Don't believe common media / experts denial - there's reasons for it
(19) North-Am Attorneys have a request  Made `REQUESTS' note bit more polite - still can't do it.
(18) JCH raised an interesting question:  "Why do they wait?" - any answer maybe has implications
(18) Today's Full Moon (y/day aligned with Mercury) has tomorrow line-up w/Venus - check USGS
(17) Scott Ritter's right about `media' - they have to lie about taxes, law & war - and `the threat'
(17) Robyn E. & the Care2 folk say there's dirty dealings in dead whales - Wonder why?
(15) Just found report of Sicily's `fires' update - first thought to be `devils' - now said to be `Aliens'
(14) As Sagan says: (short video): the Dark Ages were forced on us by thugs & pervs - And now?
(12) Just asked a Michigan pal if he's seen strange footprints on lakeshore (short vid) - No reply yet
(11) When oppression's legalized - it soon oppresses the innocent  Why? - rulers mostly psychos
(10) UK politicos?  `Left' are thieving scum and `Right' are thieving scum - the cure? (scroll down)
(10) Evidence says `Human race much older than thought' - more speculation re `China' & Americas
(09) Politicos & civ-servs always incompetent? It's an _act_- they're really greedy, corrupt and pervy
(08) Seems they're panicking Who? The greedy liars who rule us (or pretend to)
(08) Those (forecast 27th) triggers having effects last few days - maybe see USGS quake page
(07) UK PM's secret tasks? Hand power to other thieves; then collect his pay-off from the rich!
(07) Stanton's new book says "You Can Get Here From There"  - Like the known facts here show?
(07) D'you think Zimbabwe might've offended the N.W.O a while ago?  (WO = "white owners"?)
(06) UK news - oppression, bad-edu, & censorship; & bent police protecting fraud, thief & perv MPs
(06) Rare wild-life? Or a rich man's hotel/marina/golf course?  That's still the question for Virgin Isles
(05) RE: `quake-forecast' 27th May (lot of mediums? / a few big ones?); later check at USGS?
(04) New book says "Middle class betrayed" - Only surprised it took them so long to realize!
(03) Think this chap's really found something on Mars (short vid) - here's that Hale Crater image
(01) Maybe we can all fight back, against the stupid cover-ups and flimsy excuses of `authority'

May '08
(30) Stanton (9min vid) "educated folk know about UFOs - less-educated folk toe the `official' line"
(30) Fake UFO `debunks' are lies, and need exposing - As do war-lies, peace-lies & elites' lies
(30) Seems EXOPOLITICS Alfred might have a point about H.A.A.R.P - as also noted here (w/links)
(29) Thought so - parapsychology more `scientific' than psychology or psychiatry (both non-sciences)
(28) Similar - only the greedy (& pervy) need to argue for torture of animals (or humans)
(28) Only greedy & pervy rulers want `cluster bombs' - pervs need to kill the poor & innocent
(27) Now the last in the trilogy - `Fatima Revisited ~' seems to say "It was a close encounter"
(27) First week in June has quake triggers forecast - Sun / Moon / planets have small line-up due
(27) Seems English M.o.D. is advised by `magic', or `something' - here's more strange UFO lies
(27) Surprise for BBC's Melvyn Bragg:  `Astrology alive and well' says academics - Like we thought?
(26) Phoenix on Mars - Spaceflight.Now status reports & images here
(25) Law is greedy and cruel, unless you stop it - a Reader says "Tell your MP" & sign a petition?
(24) Why is NASA still silent about the `living critturs' (9 min vid)? - Here's list of video evidence
(23) Rare wild-life? Or a rich man's hotel/marina/golf course?  That's the question for Virgin Isles
(22) Riga (Latvia) UFO video'd - multiple viewers - 50' wide, 3000'+ altitude, 300 mph (approx)
(22) World has `Low Trust in Government';  D'you mean lying, tax-thieving politicos aren't trusted?
(21) Rebecca is concerned about slaughter of kangaroos - typical of gov't / buros
(21) Notice the `dead-hand' of gov't & bureaucracy killing-off inquiry?  In edu and other areas?
(20) Some on both sides only now realize what's really happened - others lie about the past (scroll
(20) Arthur & Fiona's book _has_ got a truth: bad formal edu suppresses vision & breeds bigotry
(19) UFOs/Aliens - Poll #1 (41%); Poll #2 (63%) - a US comment - & a USAF schoolkid's view
(19) Notice?  The richer & more privileged our rulers get:- they also become more cruel and pervert
(18) Research prompts a post (on 17th) to Mac Tonnies' insightful `Aliens & Consciousness' blog
(18) UFOTV (Net Radio?) - Stanton Friedman & Kathleen Marden LIVE at 7:00 pm (PST) tonight
(17) Been reminded - `alien' views are changing, scientists are getting realistic (non-NASA/SETI etc?)
(17) Fat corrupt `parliament' (congress) begins to panic - we _know_ they're thieves or con-men
(17) Vatican says `aliens are our brothers' - So, more torture, murder and genocide planned?
(16) Surprisingly, China is still `clean' - but the West is looking `dirty' - and selfish!
(16) Rare! - honest US judge defines `paid accomplice' - same for UK's corrupt MPs & bureaucrats
(16) Richard Dolan says Vol II well on the way - maybe get an idea of the UFO research task here
(16) Clearly it's poor (real taxpayers') kids who suffer - and guess the real reasons for bad edu?
(15) So they're flying overhead - today, yesterday & tomorrow - So why bother lying about them?
(15) Tax-thieves: corps / politicos / big-media - They steal from us: we're the only real tax-payers!
(12) Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron, Brown - they're all liars & tax-thieves, part of the stupid RICH
(12) Was Burmese cyclone (rev. hurricane) called Katrina? - Certainly got same rulers' response!
(11) After `Obvious life on Mars' (short video) - maybe see why CIA/JPL rigged safety protocols
(10) Evidence says SETI (& NORAD & NASA routinely lie to us - but who's ordering their lies?
(10) EMERGENCY? Conspiracy Alarm-Call!  - maybe ignored before (short video) - maybe we'll regret?
(10) Seems USA's bee colony-collapse is hitting Germany about now - Who can cure it?  Or pay for it?
(10) Updating on PSI (good short video there - Dean Radin) and `Obvious Life on Mars'1 & ditto#2
(09) Here's a petition for the military junta in Burma (Myanmar) - d'you think they'll listen?
(08) Check inside your head? HERE'S HOW TO DO IT - (background), it's a humbling experience
(07) Updating on `Crime in Government' - 'cos privilege always breeds corruption (& pervs)
(06) Bosses _and_ academics are going to be wronger than you - when things are unexpected & weird
(05) Controversies reveal establishment deceptions - affecting us in every walk of life
(03) Old forecast adds weight to those SETI conclusions maybe? (below)
(02) So GM-plants grow less food than conventional crops! - Maybe GM corps pay more to politicos?
(01) Disturbing conclusions from SETI's activities - seems our killer-rulers want to infect space

Apr. '08
(30) `EXOPOLITICS' just sent an open letter to Hillary & to Barack - d'you expect an answer?
(30) Just found a word (entelechy) clarifying a few concepts folk fret about, or cogitate on
(28) The `Freedom of Information' Campaign would like your opinions on `30 Year Secrecy'
(28) Two dangers:  one forecast - to the brain in Space;  second just found - to pilots on Earth
(28) What scientists know but we don't - What Canada knows but USA can't - & Who's lying?
(27) Looks like folk in Orissa need your help fighting oppression of GM giants (& corrupt politicos?)
(27) Pondered `Fermi Paradox' - and realized it's now solved - (and maybe so for centuries past?)
(25) Diplomat scum opt to starve the poor - while UK politico scum get fat (police corrupt?)
(24) Science doom-waffle, posing & secrecy / ignorance  Familiar?  Yup, same thing - same period
(24) `War on terror' backfires - recruits extremists' - Wasn't it designed for that? (scroll down)
(23) Seems the very ancient past was better than text-books say - maybe fairer than today?
(22) Puzzle of real emotions, real values & real consciousness has just got (a bit) clearer?
(19) 9 min vid - why NASA's started hiding publicly-owned information  (down-links from space)
(19) UK's military & Gov't lied about Iran's capture of boat & USA lied about borders and torture
(18) Here's (some) of the reasons for that Jaime Maussan request - vids speak for themselves
(17) Had a hunch and it seems to be working out - (Please don't forget to tell Jaime Maussan)
(16) Reader's question `Why do UK workers pay higher taxes than the rich?' - and scum MPs etc?
(15) Finally - `Secret NASA Transmissions 2' : Martyn Stubbs released from his `vows of silence'
(15) Joe/Kim ask `Please sign "Save the children petition"' - linked at page
(14) Fern says: `Want a paper ballot? - Please use these links to tell your senator' - sounds urgent
(13) A page has two new info bits for investigator Jaime Maussan - can anybody relay them?
(10) Try this `cool illusion' to confuse ourselves - and might prove something or other
(09) New Moon brought quake triggers to Vanuatu area - the New Moon acts slower somehow
(09) Some earlier `perceptions' of the ET / UFO phenomemon - here's the reality filmed by NASA
(08) Seems some NASA folk are fighting CIA secrecy (short 9 min vid) - here's full story (vid series)
(07) OK, done finding - here's a letter to folk with NASA / ET-interests - & here's (shaky?) analysis
(05) USA petition for mortgage-moratorium - should message go to greedy thieves who rule UK?
(04) After seeing that `Smoking Gun' video - think that Martyn Stubbs has changed everything!
(02) Do we allow mystery-police-deaths cover-up?  Could also be linked to this; or this(below)
(02) A US citizen asks for your help!  - Sounds like that "Secure Election" thing is urgent!
(01) Nice (short)video treatments of Yukon UFO sightings (part1) - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5
(01) Official thugs' abuse-of-power?  Impartial evidence says `things are getting worse' - Why it is?

Mar. '08
(31) Repeat - "USA & UK have forced UFO secrecy" (short vid) - Why?  A possible reason
(30) "A pretty interesting piece of [UFO] history" - discusses the Nellis tape (and an analysis)
(30) Reader's tip brings fast (+ unexpected) results - maybe tie it all together (if not assassinated!)
(28) Why we daren't believe mainstream media on corruption - or anything else, like ET (short vid)
(28) Why does US National Security Agency have access to our PCs? And is Microsoft crooked?
(27) Suspect `real science' is being suppressed (maybe 50+ yrs) - reasons = #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
(27) Some don't realize - science has already proven that paranormal exists - now `forgotten'?
(27) Steven (short video) Greer of the Disclosure Project - is due on C2C on Sunday night
(26) Is our future now in the hands of two corrupt elites? - Watched (& maybe judged) by Others?
(26) `30 reasons the "Big Bang" is a rubbish theory' - as forecast for a reason - others agree
(25) Worth a long look - new stuff on Front Page  (+ the somewhat schmaltzy juke-box below it?)
(25) Democratic goverments being sabotaged (using our money + stolen cash) - that's `terrorism'
(24) US/UK's `false-flag' bomb-makers? (txt ref @ scroll to `False-flag'); page links here & here
(24) Why don't our rulers generate power `sensibly'?  They're intent on tax-usury and -slavery!
(24) Bent judges - `deceivers to sue investigators' - like `rapist to sue any fight-back victims?'
(24) US folk worry about H.R. 1955 (short vid - good) - Ha! It's always `illegal' to speak freely in UK
(23) Good day for watching "ZEITGEIST" (maybe stick with `old' version for opening - it's horrifying)
(23) Great interview with Michael Cremo (short 9 min vids) - here's Michael's background (short vid)
(23) Anita (from CA) has a good few suggestions - add mine `Lock up the usurer banksters'
(22) Still hearing media waffle re: `criminal scum' - disbelieve BBC versions - a personal take on it
(22) Billy Cox's stuff is always great - and the UK is similarly hypocrite (see `criminal scum' above)
(21) Forecast (below - 07th) Saturn alignment & oncoming Full Moon beget triggers
(20) When `intelligence' gets politicized (book) then it's just propaganda, corruption & murder (vid)
(20) News says `rulers, police, judiciary, etc are corrupt murderers' - why bad now & worse `soon'
(19) `Criminal scum' gov'ts always betray the `good soldier' - Gurkhas have been betrayed most
(19) Congress takes Drug Co.s' bribes (short vid) - So UK's Parliament of criminal scum isn't unusual?
(19) Idea - One-laptop-per-child - which _might_ free our world from greedy corrupt rulers/usurers
(19) Infinite change is hidden - `Dangerous Knowledge' (vid) - evo-knowledge; physics-knowledge
(18) This cruelty - vivisection & animal testing - makes us humans guilty (and vulnerable)
(18) On this `Psychedelic Odyssey' page - reload toggles `Random Quote Generator' (on RHS)
(17) More F.o.I news - on `oil-drilling' secrecy, `whales secrecy' and on `I.D card secrecy'
(17) Real F.o.I ? - Help Katherine get rid of "30 Year Secrecy" (corrupt cops/usurers / judges/politicos)
(17) (bit late) `UFO-Radio invite' (& podcast)  Separately - `Observers from another Dimension'
(17) Small example - how authority is brutal, lying & corrupt - and there's much more on record
(16) Cute `JukeBox' (50's - 80's) - it's "Blueberry Hill" (in Borneo) for me
(16) Got time? - here's recent Jacques Vallée chat with George Noory (and more UFO exposures)
(16) More mail - iii) `Help college-women' - iv) `Help Ban Cruel Snares' - v) `Mile-wide UFO'+
(16) Mail catch-up time - here's i) `Invite to Good Causes' - ii) `Invite to Horror'
(15) Dead cops, another clue? - when added to 2 below (14th) (remember conspicuous `converts'?)
(15) Down-stated (ufologist) Timothy Good says "Congress is sewn up" - and have to agree with him
(14) Another `found dead' senior policeman  Is it three cover-ups? - or one?  Clue #1?, clue #2?
(14) How dupes and stooges are betrayed by CIA / MI5 - except the politico/judge-pervs of course
(14) Maybe this 1949 UFO / Pentagon report is the reason for the later cover-ups?
(14) When the rich start building walls (or moats) - it's a sign of imminent collapse of system
(14) We `poor folk' get starved to pay taxes to these parasitic & criminal scum - and pay for their `law'
(14) Found some interesting vids - added them to that item on `ETs around Earth' - (scroll down?)
(13) People realizing - mass media are liars - and frauds and pervs in power want them that way
(13) Suicides? - `CIA-torture' police-chief _and_ Camilla's police-chief?  Personally suspect cover-ups
(13) China lambasts USA's human rights record!  Heck - try the UK's
(12) `What is Treason?'  Here's the (bent) UK `lawyers law' - Here's a clean, honest People's Law
(12) Corrupt (pervert) judges?  Yup! - Is this "sadistic" US judge a lickspittle for corrupt gov't?
(12) Robyn E's worried about US folk getting poorer ('cept politicos & usurers) - Well, UK's like that too
(11) Awkward truths re `life in the universe' & ETs around Earth - (& rulers afraid to admit it)
(11) Guess what - China fakes `terrorism' - just like the USA did - and don't forget the UK
(11) It's not only truth about bent politicos being suppressed - why is `climate' censored by elites?
(11) Only criminals want drug laws - shown in Jamaica, exactly as in the USA and hypocritical UK
(11) This reader seems pretty sure s/he knows the origin of life - maybe check it out
(11) Think these both from same reader - and also think s/he's _not_ happy with us humans
(10) Bottled and tapwater - we're drinking other people's drugs - all the time (specially in cities)
(08) Bimini Road discredited? Short (pdf w/photos) shows `official debunk' is offical hoax / cover-up
(08) He's realized they're stealing our taxes _and_ our services - that's just the tip of the iceberg
(07) New Moon (17:15 UTC) so triggers (slower than Full) - aligns w/Mars c. 14th; w/Saturn c. 18th
(07) Eminent folk think Earth's been invaded.  But maybe we're just `fauna' to them?
(07) `US Church pays $2.5 billion for pedo sex-abuse since 1950'; With your money, with your children
(06) Al-Qaeda's a scam! - Why's US/UK setting-up `straw-men'? - Do they intend - totalitarianism?
(06) Got `faith'? - Then this is for you: a how-to resource guide for living mindfully
(05) UN `Drugs: how-it-is' - UK's aristos (& judges) are criminals - but bent cops & media ignore
(05) Great idea - encourage free press - And what's the results so far? A corrupt press
(05) How it was, & now hidden - UK police complicit; instead `provocateuring' young Muslims
(04) Was this the last truthful speech by a US president? (1961) - go FIND for < Statehouse >
(03) Carbon-offset? Green laws?  Lovelock says - "It's a scam - or becomes one" - So's most politics
(03) Repeat - `UK education's a fraud - by corrupt politicos/bureaucrats' says (one more) survey
(03) Seems like more `widely-respected intelligence and scientific experts' agree with Marion Cotillard
(02) Remember our discussion about Venus?  Looks like mainstream science is trying to catch-up
(02) Phillip (PhD) on `Occult Science' - Personally go with A.R Wallace, check here (scroll), and here


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