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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Feb. '08
(29) Want to `infer' what they're keeping secret?  So - what are the results for UFOs & Aliens?
(29) Has USA got the most criminal population?  Or just the most pervy rulers?
(29) MPs - lying, thieving posers? - Answer is Yes - and most are thugs and many are evil
(28) If you don't allow us to `protect' you (claim by NATO) - then `we'll kill you' (threat by USA)
(28) UK libel laws blatantly `corrupt' - like we've always said - as are UK judges (& police-chiefs)
(28) Guess who pays the suits' `fine'?  Yup - we have to! - Why? Bent courts! Clue#1, clue#2
(27) Sounds like a BBC `insider' with opinion on the BBC and racism  - Our (firm) impression?
(27) Re: `Interview with Prof. Wickramasinghe' - there's a follow-up (re: that `Red Rain of Kerala)
(27) As forecast (10th) - extra-quakes persisted till today (27th) (maybe I understated - check here)
(27) Confirmation - ordinary folk more peaceful;  Rulers (Gov'ts) seem to be getting more murderous
(27) The `Petitions Campaign' team are reporting results
(26) Ancient civs `more sophisticated than societies that followed' - Yup, more evidence says so
(26) First it was George's chart then it's Jeff's list - of the amazing co-incidences of 9/11
(26) That UFO cover-up continues (mirror - tcpalm site dead) - evidence says it's long-established
(26) The parasitic fraudsters are just now realizing that we _know_ they're parasitic fraudsters
(26) Another privileged hypocrite in Parliament (see earlier) however `legal' cover-up is certain
(25) Yup - after those triggers forecast (below 10th) - resultant _bigger_ quakes still rolling in
(24) Looks like a big NASA / Mars cover-up - and we shouldn't forget NASA / JPL is ruled by CIA
(24) Hypocrisy and corrupt bribery by Gov't - in the name of religion? (scroll down)
(23) Controversial scientist on `Life from Space' (& might be us!) - and it has a sting in the tail)
(22) Re: those triggers forecast (below) - resultant / associated quakes coming thick and fast
(21) Seems Euro-pols are copying UK's crooks-in-parliament - see item `ruling parasitic scum'
(21) Forecast (below 10th) already got a 6.2 Arctic Svalbard and a 6.3 in Nevada (Full Moon is faster)
(20) Ha! Saw long-term quake-increase years ago - but USGS wiped charts. Don't forget forecast
(20) Always thought Lockerbie was rigged - now almost certain;  motto? Thatcher = liar
(19) We're to be inevitably poisoned by toxic GM-pharma? - Greedy politicos ignore warnings so far
(19) George's (expert) chart shows 9/11's `amazing co-incidence' - enough said?
(19) Lore Sjöberg (of "Wired") made a brain-shaking discovery - hope it doesn't happen to you?
(18) Piece on stupidity of (US) TV News - Ha! BBC-TV tells stupid lies, is more stupidly corrupt
(18) Better research finds cell-phone risk - and maybe their masts aren't totally safe?
(17) `Black Box' tapes on video - pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5 - plus an interesting science comment
(17) Good quotes showing foolishness (of `nationalism' & gov't lies) - plus `unquoteable quotes'
(16) Is GM a weapon now? - with secret trials?  Whatever happened to democracy?  Or to science?
(16) Seems that some Arab `rulers' can be as corrupt as Western ones (& their Media?)
(15) A `report' you'd expect from nostalgic racists.  Is this what these Nazis really want?
(14) Gosh!  Is Davies now saying `Media can only parrot Gov't lies'?  Well, had my suspicions
(13) A reader's noticed a strange co-incidence - same-name tribes (ancient China _and_ America)
(13) Those Japanese whalers - "Shocking new photographic evidence" (from H.S.I)
(13) Why don't we hear tax-truths? - (rich) BBC governers _don't_ pay tax (so they ban coverage?)
(13) The `protected' bullies (and pervs) in charge of UK's National Health Service
(13) From when Australia was governed by racists - (like the-rest-of-the-West?) - And now?
(12) Well, well - "US asks for help from Iran to exit Iraq" - Are you ready for their denials?
(11) Here's Steve Allen `Stephenville sighting' video interview - here's L M H's version w/maps etc
(11) Looks like it's `Seal Appeal' time again - and the EU's involved this time
(11) Knowledgable pal in N.Z's `Global Cooling' item (from a knowledgable source) is interesting
(10) Quake triggers increase 21 - 27 Feb '08 - Full Moon then Saturn - Earth - Sun line-up
(08) Wish I was shocked - "USA primary source of state terrorism in the world" - GLADIO thrives!
(08) `Reality' (& `surreal-reality')?  Try these video-shorts of recent Jacques Vallée interview
(08) Ha! More crooks-in-parliament! (below) - War-profiteers are posing as `impartial legislators'
(08) Media deception?  If members had equal vote - NATO wouldn't have invaded Afghanistan!
(07) Experience? - `We can expect more sightings just before (big) elections' - And other places?
(07) Nice piece - "Something floats over the World" - by good writer (sounds like a sincere person)
(06) Latest - `Mathaba's Dr Bleher, a logical German' on - "What cut cables can teach"
(06) Who's chosen to `investigate' crooks-in-parliament (below)?  Right - 'Nother bunch of crooks!
(06) A propos of Texas sightings - here's some little-known background to these UFO cover-ups
(05) Some long-time readers will be happy to know Isaac's OK now
(03) Great up-date (exposé / whistleblow), which seems to strongly back up Anita's JFK theme
(03) Re: `Kids at risk?' item below - here's (tardy?) update indicting corrupt social workers / councils
(03) Anyone help with EVP recording enhancement? - Requested by Eileen (address supplied)
(03) Books (at Amazon) - `Secrets and Lies:' & `The Mighty Wurlitzer:' & `Legacy of Ashes:'
(03) Our rulers' (usually hidden) pedo backgrounds - here's the reasons, and some consequences
(02) Free speech oppressed even more - both in the West - and in the East
(01) Yup, quake-intensities rising (as forecast below) - click on `date/time' for GOOGLE-MAPS
(01) Agreement on up-coming mess - between George (urbansurvival) and Mike Adams (naturalnews)
(01) Cameron (Brown) are hiding bigger scams than this (protected) criminal - So _no_ prosecution!
(01) Weird (short / dangerous?) video of `Hotel of Doom -  and background
(01) Why did judge let murder-chief go free?  'Cos elite-pedos all know where the bodies are buried?
(01) UK milk is getting to be `pus', just like it already is in USA, owned by greed-crazed corporates

Jan. '08
(31) Kids at risk? Nope! It's just crooked lawyers, social workers & councils stealing our taxes
(31) If you're (rightly) scared by one flying your plane - why let them rave in politics, judiciary etc??
(31) Fraud and selling influence are criminal acts.  But corrupt UK cops/judges won't prosecute!
(31) `Science-dogma' tried to suppress Tesla, Velikovsky, Reike.  Think same thing's happening here!
(30) Jail for poor `robbers' - Thieving politicos evade charges, take _our_ money & huge pensions
(29) Coming up for Moon - Earth - Mars alignment in next week - maybe check quakes
(29) Mail catch-up - Ilexa's `Circular Theory' - & the Singular Vortex, & Angular vs Linear Velocity
(29) Mail catch-up - heartfelt request from Anita (CA)
(28) Re: NASA reassurance (below) - A discussion / warning page (insert - "which we know of")
(28) Crooks-in-office to make it `illegal' to want to get rid of them? - Try definitions of `treason'!
(28) Can you spot the (untrue/misleading) NASA reassurance?  And do we feel re-assured by NASA?
(24) Got a feeling NASA / Gov't thinks of UFOs like this -  Whichever, it's a problem for us humans
(23) Just seen - (short) video on unspeakable subjects - a reminder they're still `in charge' of us
(23) Here's George's take on the markets' latest rumpus - agree usurer-banksters are self-lethal
(23) Is 3 kilometers a safe distance from Karakatoa? -  Remember the last time?
(23) In case you missed it - here's The Register and that `Alien on Mars' NASA photo
(22) Are we being `polluted by Monsanto?  - Is MI-5 stealing lap-tops for blackmail or cover-up?
(21) Just seen - Why `history' is biased & censored - To hide earliest egalitarian civilizations
(20) Why no help for archive of `English' lore & music? - 'Cos England's always ruled by `aliens'
(19) Picture of the Universe just updated (thanks to Durham University) - coincidences increase!
(18) Stallone - `anarchy in the streets' if you get the truth? - Like this? - and maybe this in UK?
(17) Blair for EU president? - Well, as he's a hypocrite & liar, & tax-thief & perv-pal - he's ideal!
(17) Some are saying `both USA & UK moving to thought-police' - Here's some quotes on that
(16) More and more real scientists think there's hidden secrets - earlier ref 1 & ref 2
(14) Why a police-chief left free, allowed to murder TWICE? - maybe hidden clues here?
(13) A collection of weird / light-hearted (some heroic) pages & short vids at IndyBlog page
(12) Another intelligent truth-seeker (at De Void) arrives at some answers on UFOs & realism
(11) Looks like a rare clear-thinking academic shares some of our thoughts (on para-normal)
(08) Why's UK (& US & China & Russia) so totalitarian? - Try clue 1 - clue 2 - clue 3 .. more?
(07) Seems the Bishop's a rabble-rousing bigot & liar? - Evidence says so.  Personal `how' & `why'
(07) Moon info says 8/9/10th for quake triggers - then 18th/20th, then Full Moon triggers 22nd/24th
(06) Heard of this Death Valley (off-limits?) mystery - Checked, & GoogleMaps won't show terrain!
(05) "Perpetually misled and manipulated"? (short vid) - Sounds true, from here - How about you?
(04) Well, (short video) 9/11 stuff is out of my normal area (and league) - what do you think?
(03) Rebel groups' videos back up Sphinx likeliest age! - Egyptology establishment is pissed-off
(03) Plus - `JFK Assassination Secret Service Stand Down' - thanks `radtimes'- (watched it - real)
(03) Old NAZI world-domination plan? - Present / future neo-NAZI domination plan? - Is Blair a partner?
(02) Anita has a thought for you - And Ruud Loeffen's got a theory about gravity etc
(01) Do USA's politicos want to `censor' the Net? - UK's thugs & liars & bullies ahead of you there
(01) Remember forecast? (go find `False-flag') - Monbiot fingers those greedy pol/mil/ind criminals

Dec. '07
(31) gives a Solar Activity Alert - think it's going as forecast
(30) Brain in shape for `Illusions and Paradoxes'? - Want more? OK, here's a collection (scroll down)
(30) So Herr Ratzinger's found a real `enemy' - Satan!  Well, co-incidentally have a review here
(29) Is it happening all over `western world'?  This is from the real Pakistan
(28) You can see much more quake activity since 18th / 19th (below) - as forecast
(28) Sources indicate `assassinations' origins differ from `atrocities' - (go find for < False-flag >)
(27) Don't know how you feel about sharks, but Breeana really cares
(27) Bookseller (USA) wakes up to reality of censorship, oppression at home & abroad
(26) Bad pun (seasonal in UK) - Where can you weigh a whale? - at the `whale weigh station'
(26) Priest (living fat off the poor) chides everyone else - except his own corrupt (pervy) church
(26) seasonal fotos - from USA's ice-storm - to London's West End - to Sweden (taken by a Turk)
(25) Fashion / song nostalgia? - try this girl's career (they're in chrono order)
(25) rare Walt Disney shorts (5-8 min cartoons) - No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 - No. 5 - No 6
(24) "... the Federal Ax, Why Corporate News Censored the Story" (maybe increase text size?)
(23) Umberto Ecco's thoughts - or Herr Ratzinger's rants?  Well, think Ecco's the better writer
(23) Is a new `plague (HIV/AIDS) being planted in Mid-East? - And our soldiers sacrificed - again?
(22) Days start lengthening (here) now - Happy Solstice!
(22) Anyone noticed `dark forces' monitoring `Perceptions' pages?
(21) False-flag English-Right setting-up anti-semite Kristallnacht? - To justify nazi-ism, as forecast?
(21) Fact - an innocent man is murdered - and then we get sick establishment lies and cover-ups
(21) Was the `Omagh bombing' just another false-flag atrocity? - Here's evidence (scroll down)
(21) Maybe hot-shot `scientists' are close to killing us all - without even thinking of consequences
(21) Who could think of `electro-shocking' pupils - yup: FASCIST / PERVS - here's how'nd'why
(20) The `Care2 Petition' folks suggest - take re-usable bags, rather than using store-plastics
(19) Looks like those `Mars effects' are visible already - here's that earlier forecast for Dec / Jan
(18) Mars is closest later today says - but there's quakes & solar storms to come
(18) Only just posted - Randall's suggestions and thoughts on UEF - sorry for delay
(15) Joseph's detective work - even stranger Mars evidence(2). You might disbelieve these NASA shots
(15) So Semir Osmanagic was right after all? - thanks to The Daily Grail
(15) Folk wanting to send stuff in (Hi Ozan!) can email as TEXT or just paste TEXT into mail page box
(15) UK police hide poisonings, frauds, race hate, fascist & pedo VIPs, drug-dealing cops & local-gov't)
(14) UK's schools are more biased than ever - Why?  UK's rulers are more incompetent & dis-honest
(13) Dishonest power and ignorance rule, especially where East and West meet - in Egyptology
(12) UK wants to lock even more people up, and without charge!  Are they stupid or cruel or both?
(10) `50 things U're not supposed to know' - Is this worst: judges misdirecting juries in UK & USA?
(09) Think most `in authority' are thieves and thugs - here's another example - here's many more
(08) Did Romney (Mormon) say "freedom requires religion"?  If so - does anyone recall 1933?
(08) (Boring) Seth Shostak says `Universe too big to travel';  Well, so is the Sahara - to a pedestrian
(08) Try a click on `Venezuelan UFO photo' on Billy's page
(07) Who needs to kill children? (w/ late-exploding cluster bombs) - Seems UK politicos want that!
(06) Good idea for `Support for Meaningful Projects' from the Care2 folk
(05) Earlier `fake-charities' warn - UK's laws (judges?) owned by `financier filth'. Honest politics? - Ha!
(04) How can pedo judges, bureaucrats (& bent cops?) avoid jail by `retiring'? - Bank robbers can't!
(04) Big Sur (great vid) video's `removed'!  Why? - Here's real story, from the man & his boss's say-so
(03) UFO? U need Big Sur UFO (13min) & "pilot UFO sightings" (44min) & `Greatest Story Ever Denied'
(01) SPECIAL - `Party Funding' (scroll down to last) is a) used for electioneering: WRONG - pre-election statements should be minimal and free for candidates; b) used for running the Parties: WRONG - political parties only benefit lying politicians - and they should pay for them.

Nov. '07
(30) Sorry Michelle, the mail got lost - here's a quick reaction; (UK taxes are a corrupt disgrace)
(30) Confirm - ordinary folk are getting better (11a). And, `nanotech dangers worry scientists' (Nov)
(29) Astro-phys forecast confirmed - & as usual experts haven't realized (or aren't allowed to say)
(28) Revisit review of - politicos, corps & nuts hitting Wiki - Here's personal take - & check?
(28) Us poor folk made to pay for _their_ `Party Funding' (bottom)?  Because MPs are greedy liars
(27) Trailer/video `Metaphysia' re: reality, changes, disasters, New Age, 2012 & more - tks TDG
(26) To round it all up - tried rewording those Leibniz conclusions.  - Hope it makes sense now?
(26) Invitation to go see ENDGAME (Toronto 7th Dec) - N.W.O film - w/short trailer (vid) on page
(25) "Faith 'hugely important' for Blair" - Which faith? - Do the facts imply it's `devil worship'?
(25) Blair quote - "... people do think you're a nutter". - And, if we check, wouldn't they be right?
(25) Now we see that `UK and US politicos' statements about Iraq were lies' - So? - So what's new?
(25) Was Greek whistle-blower murdered?  Here's UK / US cases maybe covered-up by bent courts
(24) Depleted uranium (DU) poisoning kids in NY - USA (and also parts of UK?) - but not politicos' kids!
(24) UK police murders and UK police lying are apparently now `quite OK' - So say corrupt politicos
(23) Quite a moving `Thanksgiving Message' from JFK via Robert Morningstar - takes you back maybe?
(23) Linda Moulton Howe asks `Did they know UFO stuff - & cover for power purposes?' - good case?
(22) Now just got a `wizardry' challenge sent by another pal - what d'you think?
(22) Just got one Kennedy mail-recommend, and then got another - Is this because of the holiday?
(22) UK police murder of unarmed man is OK? And torture, rape, murder is OK?  Oh - of `foreigners'!
(20) Well, that analysis of Leibniz turned out surprising - can't escape the conclusions
(20) Admit it - they were talking ignorant racist crap!. Politicos inciting hatred for political motives
(20) Chemtrails (7 min vid) persist:- if you don't know about them, then you can't complain
(19) Realize these conspiracies (frame-ups & more) in all police/gov't orgs - and it's always been so
(19) Think it's (cloning) always been dangerously wishful thinking from the rich & eugenics types
(18) Yup, as he says `the bullies are in charge' - here's why it's done - and here's how it's done
(17) Hard evidence (43 min vid) w/ Haines, NASA expert (@11 mins) - & short (5 min vid) alarm call
(17) Is the BBC in cahoots with corrupt police/ CPS / lawyers / Gov't to keep the innocent in jail?
(17) Lesson from the Italians to corrupt UK police murderers - and UK thug or perv politico bosses
(17) Last `American Liberties' stolen (by FBI) - you understand the meaning?
(16) Here's the follow-on from that now famous UFO news-conference (below it) - my take added
(16) Is BBC playing (slightly biased) catch-up? - with our note (8th) and subsequent messages
(15) Multiple clues to catastrophe 4,200 years ago - no-one seems to be joining-up the dots?
(15) Here's some urgent information to help animals in Europe - your input appreciated
(15) Thanks to `Anonymous' - for straightening out one of those `average' confusions
(15) UK's corrupt `libel' courts get exposure - they've always been used to suppress truth
(14) UK (and USA) get stupid, even less world-knowledge - Why not answer kids' questions?
(14) `Rule-by-murder'? - Aided by bent courts in UK? - Same in USA? - Reason?
(13) Petition just arrived for Pakistan's `leaders' - (although suspect main two in cahoots)
(12) Late - why're USA/UK gov't lies blocking _all_ reasonable requests? - Watch this space
(12) Book - ET report (Pt IV re: Nellis AFB) is now out - tks to `CourtRoomEvidence' for info
(12) Waffle from politico copies `LaworJustice' but excuses corrupt lawyers, cops & judges
(11) Interesting physics research and new book news from Russia - share some objectives
(10) UK (+US?) judges (magistrates, politicos) mainly perverts? - Reasons to think they are
(10) Corrupt English courts punish the innocent - as they did in Tolstoy (truthful) libel case
(10) More police-thuggery excused - like the recent case - and much worse past ones
(09) "Money-raking"? - When was he anything else? - those `idealist' lies had us fooled also
(08) Why not `Solar Warming'? - No excuse to rob us ordinary folk? & to enrich the powerful?
(08) Realized: politicos may be using our data (who?) - fr'instance, tomorrow is a New Moon
(08) Some brave (?) person's definition of `faith' - anybody got any other ideas?
(07) These new clues (from Stonehenge) nearly got missed - like other signs of ancient civs
(06) Just watched - `Most accurate investigation into UFO's ever' - that sounds about right
(06) Maybe Allan Sturm's found some interesting new `artifacts' on the Moon
(05) Do new US `laws' & new UK `laws' mean they can jail you just for thinking or speaking?
(04) News update to story of state (USA) murder? - A story of suppression of science?
(03) So - those UFO plans & fears _were_ kept secret! - Just as this investigation showed
(02) Seen the verdict on that Police murder? - You've just witnessed a `perversion of justice'
(02) `Beware of enterprises that require new clothes' - think fat politicos should abide by it?
(02) More evidence of anomalous civilization and knowledge - relics of catastrophe?
(01) Yup, corrupt use of law again - we need more people, like this brave guy to oppose it
(01) Guess - corrupt law allows rich crooks & thugs to silence truth - why is it always in UK?
(01) Re: that mail backlog - input on new science research - input on `Second Family' story

Oct. '07
(31) As if it was needed, more evidence that `TV is bad for your brain' (and that BBC lies)
(30) This (pervert) brutality affects men in uniform - and experience shows it always has
(29) Yup, the rich (& `rulers') robbing the poor - as they did under cover of `UK witchcraft'
(29) Another update of Brazil UFO situation - and here's Dr Fontes earlier report of cover-up
(28) Seems that evidence for longer human history keeps turning up - as already said here
(28) Most of us don't remember this (2 min. video) warning - d'you think he knew the score?
(26) Surprising poll of USA's ghost seers-believers - seems numbers are growing this century?
(24 & 25) You got it here first - `Chinese' were first `Americans'! - (scenario fits the facts)
(23) Thanks for this update on Brazil's UFO situation - here's earlier report from Dr. Fontes
(21) Reminder that experts don't know humanity's real history - they just say they do
(19) Re: mail back-log - Anita's sent in some IDEAS - and the last one particularly appeals
(18) Looking for a secret? - maybe check the big silence - there should be a reason for it
(16) Re: all that brain stuff - here's a run-down - and here's helpful female perspective
(16) Re: that Right vs Left brain Test; d'you think GBS said right-brain's for progress?
(16) Yup, this conclusion isn't rocket-science - and the evidence is all around us
(15) Getting report of 6.8 quake @ NZ (South Island) - (forecast on 11th) fits within period
(14) Mail back-log - here's the latest metamail, a Paranormal / UFO discussion grp invite
(14) Maybe try this `Right-brain vs Left-brain Test' - but this's maybe more accurate
(14) Surprise UPDATE - seems the Pentagon might've been reading this page on the future
(14) More interesting stuff on D.D Home - the `magic man'
(11) Maybe check effects of today's New Moon - and back-check why later than Full Moon?
(11) Does `campaign of terrorism' - sound familiar? - Well, like he says, it's _getting_ familiar
(10) Re: advertizing propositions - Can't reply to each but hope the message is clear?
(09) Re: Dimitris' mail - Italian carabiniere / court corruptly tried to silence Filiberto - Why?
(09) Forgot to copy you `advance warn' for December - background here (& maybe more)
(09) Dimitris (from Greece) shows interesting similarities in Caponi - Varginha ET cases
(07) Something we often don't (or daren't) think about - your & me and views of `reality'
(06) Re: first use of `saucer' word - found `shields' used, maybe when folk hadn't got saucers
(05) Extra notes to `The Sphinx' page - and a `legal' addition to that `Ghosts' page
(05) Thoughtful mail on `photons' and associated electro-magnetic (& more) effects
(05) Two petitions about Burma to check out - and hopefully _sign_?
(02) Claude Maugé questions `UFOlogy answer' - just made a (grateful) reply - More to come?
(01) Answer to a UFOlogy question - Here's site files for background


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