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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Sept. '07
(30) Strange threat from an anonymous liar -  Maybe about LAKE BABINE PEOPLE mails?
(28) As you can see at USGS page, the Harvest Moon (26th) made triggers within 24 - 36 hrs
(26) Full (Harvest) Moon tonight - about 8 pm (GMT) - normal quake triggers expected
(26) To recent enquirers (again): commercial ads wouldn't suit this site -  (Reader opinion?)
(25) At least we now know it can work - a possible reason for strange encounter smells
(24) Fake `charities' & Gov't hypocrites cheat our kids, by crap teaching & selection & exams
(24) Ever wonder about those `Freedom of Info' decisions? Here's a course on them
(22) See something strange? - Skeptics deny it? - Science says you're more likely right!
(21) Quake-trigger `blip' over week-end thru Monday or so - how-to page - USGS page
(19) Here's copy of Sept 11th eclipse-series record complete - here's present USGS page
(16) Can't help being impatient with mainstream (cover-ups?)  - Like hero Smolin maybe?
(15) Matthew (The Irreverent Buddhist) tells of `Apocalypse'.  O.E.D says - he's right!
(14) Don't you just hate being forced to say `Told you so!' - specially about sex?
(14) Yup, _all_ politicos are corrupt - everywhere  Check the clues - the facts in UK
(12) First results of eclipse-triggers (USGS check) - Background & how-to for forecasting
(10) Want gov't lies? - Or can we face some hard facts? (check `2007 Gene Transfer Shock)
(10) What are the pervy men-in-suits (& wigs) hiding from you? And from juries?
(09) The top-ten stories you were _not_ supposed to see - Tom says `check #10'
(09) Just to remind us `Eclipse on Tuesday'.  Here's background & how-to for forecasting
(07) Can't argue against this petition - but politicians are a cruel, greedy pervert bunch
(05) Psychos in `respectable authority'? - Yup, just look at the BBC (scroll down for latest)
(05) Urgent appeal on behalf of primates - maybe we should remember that's us too
(04) Lloyd Pye, re-assuring Lyle (below), - says `Starchild Skull evidence on the way'
(03) Lyle Michel pleads `Keep mind free of propaganda about ETs and abductions' - see below
(02) Why no coverage (of N Europe sky crash)? - Black-out of media - like of NASA live-feed

August '07
(31) `History of western slaughter' (and lies) says - `no chance of bringing rulers to justice'
(30) Findings in `junk DNA' support our conclusions on `mind over matter' & `out of body'
(28) Isabella's trying to save a (UFO?) painting (about 15 foot tall) _and_ a crumbling church
(28) Anita offers advice on `how to survive the crunch' - Goodness knows we need it
(28) Photo of hotspots / wildfires from S Italy eastwards over the Black Sea towards Russia
(27) Dale (the ghost-hunter) has a new piece - interview with a Witch, from Rancho Cordova
(27) From past & recent slaughters, to Portuguese view of `criminal acts by crazed rulers'
(27) Anyone living in (or going to) Sri Lanka? - maybe note this Appeal
(26) Forgot to update you on quake triggers - background - more expected before end Dec
(25) First lies, then police admit planting provocateurs - because they were caught on video
(25) Meet the Bilderberg NWO - a.k.a. `The Invisible Gov't' - And this site has the lowdown.
(25) Ha! Lying media & pervs & politicos in USA & NZ & OZ & UK caught faking-up Wikipedia
(24) Anonymous reader asks "Can it be true?" (ans = Yes)  Anita Sands risks telling USA truth
(24) UK/USA data & UK news & files = `judges, senior police, politicos in pedophile conspiracies'
(24) Well, here's the police account! - Here's the video and some real facts.  What'd'you think?
(23) With history of murder & lies - news + vid of gov't / police provocateurs is not a surprise
(21) Not sure on UFOs?  A NASA scientist is (44 mins vid), and a USAF officer is (13 mins vid)
(19) Great little (6 part) video on `ancient giants' and some suggested reasons why
(18) Yup, those claiming authority tend to be pervert - and always pose as `respectable'
(18) Just found - a strangely beguiling and very short-story - wonder why?
(18) Once again murderous pervs & torturers are excused - Here's rulers' reason why
(17) Anita checks `legal' gov't mass-murder - Elequity checks gov't lies about `terrorism'
(16) This seems biggest (so far?) of forecast quakes (see below) - site info & USGS check
(15) Remembering the real past - who's most likely behind divisive `terrorist-bombers?
(15) Remembering earlier disclosure? - Do murderous, ignorant rulers endanger us?
(15) Jim can't understand this `cult stuff' - Citizen insulted by (rich arrogant) judge/law?
(14) For those folk asking (on the Web) if `the fish' page is right? - here's new report
(14) Here's `Footprints in the Snow' - the `paranormal' in Russia by Lee Choron - for review
(14) Expect new sun-spot(s) facing Venus - Earth - Neptune align in day or so - check here
(13) Another sickening disclosure - seems to say _all_ rulers are corrupt, unfeeling pervs
(12) Quakes - probable (temporary) state - here's forecast - and here's USGS List check
(11) Police liars - We now see these `anti-terror laws' are merely meant to suppress democracy
(11) A reader gives important message to our `Newtonian' scientists
(10) Looks like some honesty about `paranormal' is cracking the establishment facade
(09) Next week or so's `quakes forecast' (+ below) - if interested USGS `week list' is here
(08) The `Original Solar System' idea is getting support (from another angle) by this video
(07) Abuse of law - by corrupt cops / gov't - by rich polluters - and by pervy judges
(07) ETs - danger?  have they seen us?  are they older?  & why's Smithsonian hiding early-American evidence - Here's a strong possibilty
(06) The experts have a time-problem - but we're already onto a possible breakthrough
(05) Found a great song (vid) illuminating sadness and betrayal by ruling elites - everywhere
(04) Why the UK and corrupt parts of Europe are much like the USA - and support fake wars
(04) Here's what the `fake scientists' claim - and what Einstein / Smolin frankly admit
(04) Big landowners will profit from this so-called `disease' - the rest of us will pay their gains
(03) (Murdering) UK police want `Do as I say - not as I do' powers - but not applied to them
(02) If USA's ruling elite don't like EU Treaty - then the EU Treaty suits us fine, right?
(02) You, me and the `Laws of Nature' - suppose that's mostly `human nature'?
(01) More on quakes (Venus) forecast - if this is sample it's maybe bad news - Soon? - check
(01) That's official then?  That UK police can murder people - and get away with it?  Legally?
(01) Mail asks - "Vatican to shred / re-write History?" - Reason1?Reason2? (find "Zachary")

July '07
(31) Ha! Italy politicos `fail drug-sex tests' - Probably same in UK (only sex is `different' )
(31) Democracy? - Surely we didn't vote for _another_ false war tomorrow?  Reasons here?
(31) Katharina Wilson's just made her new `Alien Abduction' book easier to download
(30) The habits of murdering elites - and why their `world of military domination' is in-human
(29) Well, well - `the police are more criminal than _all_ the general public'  Are we surprised?
(29) Looks like a short reminder of roots of problems below (and at this page)
(28) Surprised? - greedy lying politicos & media in Kenya, or greedy lying politicos & media in UK?
(24) For anyone who's confused by greedy lying politicians - here's the truth about `terror'
(22) Remember quake forecast for 14thplus and 18thplus?  Results (so-far) are checkable here
(22) What d'you think of this `World Peace' proposal - will it work?
(21) Some perversion of logic by `politics';  and perversion of history by `religion' - check here
(*17) Are MI-5 killers & CIA bombers & KGB running wild?  `Terror' means profit & power to them
(17) Katharina Wilson has new on-line book on `Alien Abduction Phenomena' free to all
(16) Increase in quakes (from 14th onward) was forecast below - and maybe more to come
(16) So, Europe's monarchs were illegally crowned?  (go `find' for "Zachary" +/or "forgery")
(14) It seems we never learn.  Well, the rogues and fools don't.  Maybe we should test folk?
(13) New Moon on 14th and then lines-up with nearing Venus - before big (Aug 11/12) one
(12) Are these the final days of the Internet? - Tell your thoughts / your story / tell a friend
(12) Nepal (`royals') & China (landmines) can do `good' - Why can't UK? - landmines & royals?
(11) Sci wake-up? - to ET likelihood? or danger?  Already checking - here1, here2 & here3
(10) Andrew Johnson is asking `Are we being sprayed by chemtrails in UK?' As well as USA?
(10) Michael's news of `World Gathering' (Aug) - C.G. Klemos gives thanks to `Electric Sky'
(09) Re: China's `extinction' research - `death-beam' idea plays catch-up with `Anniversary'
(08) Despite reassurances from `top doctors' - they look more ineffective as time passes
(08) Jeff Wells examines some `signs of the times' over at Rigorous Intuition
(07) Seems a well-researched piece on `mind-control' - (recognize "dumbing-down" bit?)
(07) C. G. Klemos on `New brain & Space travel' - Subash Chandira Bose on `Spirit Power'
(06) Is this a fantasy of USA today?   Or is the sordid reality - western greed and lust?
(05) Probable `alien encounter' - and how and why things are corrected - eventually
(04) Why we're being conned about `terrorism' - and about other things in modern life
(01) Anita Sands on `how to get advice / help from the Pleideans - (a full link provided)
(01) Catherine Sara on `Demonic Possession' - and C. G. Klemos on `Internal Conflict'

Jun. '07
(27) NASA's now busily re-defining `black hole' hype - in the hope we'll forget they lied?
(27) Conspiracy - `power makes pervs? ... Anti-conspiracy - `an end to racist pretences'
(26) Facts mount re: earlier civilizations - and `experts' denials aren't convincing
(24) Mail on abusers; on `consciousness'; external mail on UFO cover-up; & science ditto
(23) Jeff Wells' thoughts on `UFOs & Deep Time' - much earlier sightings - a Vallée check
(22) Blair says "Brits want to kill him" - maybe he's read the last entry (below)?
(22) Blair's arguing - to retain unfair corrupt taxes, bent judges + policing, & lowest pensions
(20) Seeking (medical) advantage breeds insanity (Japan)? - Well, plenty of precedents here!
(18) Re: that quake forecast (made on 13th) - Here's results w/`New Moon lag' (yet again)
(18) Who's trying to hoodwink us about science? And maybe doing the same in UFOlogy?
(17) Real SETI? - NASA (& ESA) still keeping very quiet?  Here's what's been deduced already
(16) UK man doing right is fired! By corrupt `men-in-suits' (& politicos) taking our tax-money!
(16) If HRA `isn't applicable' then UK's judges are corrupt - and larger gov'ts are pervert too
(15) Impartial new climate data input - Also, a fantastic video (& clear, & short - 10 mins)
(14) E.S.A. don't trust NASA? Or even SETI? - True, so here's lowdown on how & on why!
(13) Nearing New Moon - so 3 - 4 days of quake-stresses centers on tomorrow night (USA)
(12) Positive `flood of exo-planet findings' - and our own weird yet also positive forecast
(12) Negative - or at least worrying - findings - and sensibly revised expectations
(12) Catherine Sara tells of official child-abuse - here's symptom, & here's cause
(09) Censorship increasing? - Why do our gov'ts back secret implemention of censorship?
(07) Well, well - seems the `party line' of the media is moving to slightly more honest
(07) We're all invited to a discussion and some maybe rare musical entertainment Saturday
(06) Does money, or politics?, or even science? drive us most?  Nope - `romance' does it!
(05) Like on other subjects - police eventually have to admit truth about some spooky stuff
(05) So they don't care what's on film - just want to stop other people filming - or knowing
(04) `prime minister' lied about pollution costs then - and they're still lying about them now
(02) Interesting research into `inexplicable supernatural' (thanks TDG) - here's our site info
(02) Peace rankings (click on `country' for details) - sad USA reasons? - sad UK's reasons?
(02) He's talking about UK - USA has same malaise - Here's the symptoms, here's the cause
(01) Why murderous pervs in police, judiciary, authority (vid)? - Here's how - and here's why

May '07
(30) Does the world need a free Internet? - some folk need to hear from YOU - Or it's gone
(30) What's `dangerous' about Cassiopaea? - Can't be that Pentagon Strike video surely?
(29) World's owners meeting here this W/E - Maybe making more plans for end-of-democracy?
(28) Gov'ts aiming to provoke racism & violence? - Yup, a fake `response'; just like Straw's
(28) Hate to say this - if it's about astro-fizz `jets':- it's not new and it's not news
(27) UK politico - `elite schools could loan teachers to State' - So we _all_ get stupid? - Note
(27) George Ure has interesting note on the Nuremberg Trials - maybe scroll down to IV
(26) A jury speaks for justice - but thieves & murderers in gov't plan to kill-off our juries
(26) Looks like Mr Brown feels the need to promise "better things in the future?"
(24) `Science catch-up' tries to save `Clovis' - the reality's been readable here for a while
(24) Latest on lying, thieving tax-avoiding UK MPs - scroll down for earlier thefts and lies
(23) `Amnesty' just stated what's blindingly obvious - Our rulers can't admit the real reasons
(23) Check of `religious' claims & counterclaims shows the real background of hierarchies
(22) Verified - in Blair's UK the professions are now corrupt - as if we didn't know already
(22) News of Troglodytes - & in China, in Spain, in Tunisia, in France - And maybe for all of us?
(21) That survey really said `Welsh & Scottish kids were happy - but not English ones'
(21) Now to be "secret": Lying thieves in parliament? - and - "secret": lying pervs in church?
(20) Some `space impact experts' are doing catch-up - greedy selfish politicos won't be happy
(19) Hugo asks for apology from Ratzinger - Useless: he's got own bent version of history
(18) Another plea from USA - seems they'd like to have a democracy! - What's that??
(17) UK's bad for kids! - Due to crap edu, lessons, prices, TV, gov't, media & courts & police??
(17) Yup, our lying, venal MPs are making another try at concealing their profiteering
(16) Corrupt (broke) countries being experimented on? - & indigenous folk broken by bio-fuel?
(16) Some folk saying conquistadors were `holy'? - Like those other genocidal slaughterers?
(15) Why do rich corps tend to pervy abuse? - Here's how Nestlé would use UK law to silence us
(14) Yup, Tony Blair copied USA in tax theft - are they aiming to spread poverty world-wide?
(13) Why many police are thugs prancing as soldiers - Why most real soldiers are peaceable
(13) Re-look at Tony's pedo agenda - And why elite corruptly jailed a `seer'
(13) How usury stole America by treachery (vid) - and now the world - and robs UK citizens
(12) Some folks caring about bees - others about rapeseed. (Don't like its taste in honey)
(12) Campaign against control-freaks in USA - & here's a control freak in Spain - like in UK?
(11) Straw (record here & here & here & here & here) backs liars and parasites.  Surprised?
(11) Well, if they can stop police corruption - maybe the Taliban should be invited to UK?
(10) Ha! Does it mean Jack Straw, Mark Thatcher, & other `illegal' plotters all belong in jail?
(10) Danger (to kids & us) known for seven years - but (money?) interests forbid telling!
(09) Blair's run a pedophiles' game - & deprives the conscientious, needy and helpless - Why?
(09) USA's policy's "Do as we say - not as we do" perhaps? - Yup - that's corrupt!
(08) Argued into a corner - now admit some `consciousness' for all life! - Any suggestions?
(08) Latest research - kids, and probably the rest of us, are better off without TV (link 10)
(08) Marsha's campaigning for Ron Paul Revolution - Well, if this is the (probable) alternative?
(06) Apartheid (under another name) - Was it reason for USA's slaughter of the innocents?
(05) Is `human consciousness' changing? - Maybe that's why establishments are panicking?
(05) Establishment panics over loss of a `magic stone'.  No, not in Africa - in 1950's London!
(05) Interesting take on gov't propaganda versus some `experts' views - on 9/11
(04) Excuse for research ban?  Is Vatican covering scandal?  Maybe re: old (and new) Nazis?
(04) If it's now safe for truth about the War - maybe the Hague will be switching its sights?
(03) Who wants killer-cops in USA? And in UK? - NWO Nazis, maybe? Are they hidden here?
(03) You're deemed "enemy of the USA" if you read this `F.O.U.O' .pdf - Be warned?
(03) AF says "no human experiments - except ..." - Yeah. D'you believe these people?
(02) More input on `entity speculation' leads to logical (but stranger) possibilities
(02) Wonder what could be on the Moon they don't want us to know about?
(02) If Net's taken-over - will liars secretly cover-up new State murders in UK and in US?
(02) Seems Mike Gravel's right too - d'you think Mil/Corp Press & Politicos will `silence' him?
(02) Paul's right - in small world of finite resources the greedy (gov'ts), opt to steal and murder
(01) Seems evidence says `she was selling - he was buying' - using our money

Apr. '07
(30) Seems to be last chance for natural cures, vits & alternative health in USA
(30) Remember `entity' speculation?  Report of `science' attempt to catch-up!  - Wiki-ref
(30) Q and A re: spam / hackers (site linked here) - answer's URL1, URL2, URL3, URL4
(29) Found: Muslims more honest than police-chiefs, judges & political pervs - Why oppression?
(29) Seems rich, bullies & pervs still own judges & courts - UK has no Constitution, no Justice
(29) Here's a small Moon mystery  - and what's this about NASA's air-brushed photos?
(28) Remember `high pulser' UFOs? - Like this weird vid shot near Brooklyn's Verrazano Bridge
(28) Lying parasites (of both parties) seem to be plotting again - and more secretly
(28) Is it OK for our `leaders' to plot "immorally and illegally" and keep it SECRET?
(27) Check week's quakes - as expected, w/ 2 / 3 day lag - more to come 2nd, 3rd, 4th May
(26) Our strange judges and police-chiefs were `wrong about drink-law' - Or they lied.  Why?
(26) Earth-danger checks `to be dramatically weakened' - Wonder why?
(25) FDA scheme has `zero input from the people' - Is it one of `10 easy steps to fascism'?
(25) USA - "you'll never watch TV news again";  UK - top parasites in secret plotting - again
(25) Yup, how we're gonna die is unimportant: how we've lived - that really matters
(24) Arson, assassination - by UK corps or gov't?  This time - to cover-up BSE / vCJD?
(24) Did Diana cover-up want safe, bent coroners? - Well, seems they're getting scared?
(24) Busybodying bullies-in-suits (perverts of a more common kind) target mothers and babies
(23) Political liars thieves & parasites are scheming to defraud us - yet again (names here)
(23) Maybe they're getting a bit closer to truth about long-cycle extinctions (62 Myrs?)
(23) New story entries (for aficionados) - one's an old one - `The Last Days of Pompeii
(22) Alarming news-report of `new disease' in wheat - reaction "three years too late"
(22) Hey -  Someone's saying it's `Earth Day' - (another of those days we didn't know about)
(21) Those quakes are coming in - as expected, with 2 / 3 day lag - there's more to come
(21) Unusually, George Ure recommends a book - (go find for << Iacocca >>)
(21) Who's guarding the guards?  Here's another perp.  Don't worry - bad motives known
(20) So Big Pharma's not content with drugging kids - they want to ban nature!
(20) Hate to say `told U so' - but this was foretold - check "brown dwarves"
(19) New experiments say thought-forms fill space:  inner space and maybe outer space
(19) Liars and thieves & parasites are covering-up - again.  Want to speak out?
(19) Whicker said - "Follow the money to the dirt; follow the dirt to the power"
(18) Something wrong with CCD pollen & honey & `babies'? - Other bees, and even mites know
(18) Clock's ticking for New Moon triggers and later - check correlations, specially this one
(15) That Olmec hunch re: "Africans first in the Americas" is looking more likely
(15) Here's skeptics' chance to verify quake `prediction' in next few days - background here
(14) Psycho-fakery (& drugs) plus new FDA-drugs fakery - leads to suspicion of conspiracy
(13) Up to you - would you want to be experimented on, or your sister or mother?  Well?
(12) Is the bee-killer hitting UK? -  If so, is there more secret (illegal) GM in UK also?
(12) Ha! Work & death, & paying taxes makes us a "threat"! Who to? Surely not Reptilians?
(11) Ha! - We'd got the `happiness' evidence a while ago - the media and corps catching up
(11) Missed this - "As Europe [EU] fails, the Pope blames the women ..." - thanks Elequity
(11) Just got round to posting Ken's appreciation of the ET / UFO situation
(10) And here's what happens when we honest folk upset ruling bullies, tax-cheats and pervs
(10) Exposed lies! - reason Dame Stella got fired? - corrupt racist pervs' fake `war on terror'
(10) States can't admit - their `security' is composed of cheats, murderers and pervs
(10) Catherine's most recent review is about `evil', not witchcraft - I think
(09) D'you think we should recalculate `probability of life'? - Elsewhere seems likelier, earlier
(09) Detect hypocrisy & lies?  Who's most responsible for abduction & torture?  Yup - US & UK
(08) Learn to `be British' - Yeah - How to be ruled by lying, tax-cheating, bullying perverts
(08) Ordered? Today's hasty BBC propoganda probably means war's still ordered! Who by?
(08) Surprised by lies and betrayals? - Isn't that just the dirty work Bilderberg picked him to do?
(07) Think future of science (and humans) is already here - Maybe someone wants a cover-up?
(05) Australians angry over `falling birds' expo - Is this (Yellowstone?) volcano-blast-area?
(05) Got a reply on that `witchcraft message' - and a link to the full story
(05) Valenzuela's Veritas - quoted by Information Clearing House  Plus a Bilderberg Alert
(04) "Radiation's like air pollution" - Yeah, well, looks like we're gonna get both!
(04) That Full Moon (late on 2nd) had early and later effects - check future alignments
(04) Good video of Yukon UFO incident - and something that's maybe relevant?
(03) A spark of interest maybe? - but maybe late for bees, poisoned by GM / insecticide?
(03) Interesting? mail on witchcraft, or rather accusations of
(02) Earth's getting restless already - even though Moon isn't Full until 17:15 UTC (GMT)
(01) Seems folk are waking up to UK-Iran stuff - the cause (greed) is always the same
(01) UFO-vid checks 1) Nuts'n'bolts pilots reports, 2) all-round summary - possible reason
(01) Big populations `at risk' from flood/tsunami etc - shown here in UK, and in eastern USA

Mar. '07
(31) A strange question - and it's from the anonymous mail page so no clue to origin
(31) Normal international hypocrisy - or more deadly plots?
(30) Contra Tony's & Gordon's (& other pervs) dreams of total control - law in real democracy
(30) Good `zoom' on little feature added (now on bottom of most pages) - see "privacy" page
(30) Maybe it's a newly revealed psychological explanation for earlier police lies?
(30) Were they sent to borderless zone to be sunk/killed?  To `justify' war? (see `provocation')
(28) Would UK gov't lie about borders? Check the Mad King's tame moralist and his propaganda
(28) Recall "don't panic - OK panic now" below? - Here's Elequity's latest "bees" sum-up
(28) Media pretends `bad temper' in Riyadh / Washington? - No, it's just about oil & money!
(28) Hi Catherine - Thanks, you confirm what we'd heard before - many times
(28) NO - taxes, public transport / health / dentistry, education, mil service - so he don't care
(28) `Industrial gambling' takes money from the poor to give it to the rich - like UK taxes
(27) Are we "Playing Dangerous Genetic Roulette?" asks Linda Moulton Howe - some facts
(27) Is another "Final Solution" hatching in Ratzinger's mind?  Check out his recent record
(26) "The Voice of Experience..." posted by Elequity (don't know how they find these)
(26) Experts waffle about garden birds - do they know the truth?
(26) They only got charged by military take-over - same happens in our countries every day
(26) Ever wonder how much the priests, bishops and popes are lying?  - Look at their history
(25) Looks like our thought on Venus alignment has come true - check data from 21st onward
(25) Anthropological question - Why do we allow thugs to steal from us - and for a long time
(24) Want background on USA's & UK's elite drug users? - Just don't believe the Press
(24) Repeated requests for background?  Think these clues are enough for you - Yes?
(24) Seen false-flag op? - Recall? (& scroll down) UK / Vatican plot - to `provocation' - News?
(23) Slightly weary - yet think the UFO / UAP problem is sorted - much of it anyway
(23) Remember "don't panic"? - looks like it was too soon - maybe now panic?
(23) You got it here first - "Psychiatry isn't science":  just fraudsters and power-pervs
(22) Another big cat - at the Scottish end of probable migration - see two items down below
(21) Scots like it - but English `rulers' dont - they plan to scrap `freedom of information'
(21) Problems of faith in `science' - Wanna bet they don't get bitchy and defensive?
(21) Quakes - Yup, frequency and severity increased after Moon line-up - as forecast
(20) Looks like `water supply' is news - so maybe find out more at broadcast (+ concert!)
(20) Ha!  Ranting science establishment apologists getting uptight (in a twist) - again
(19) Well, heard of false-flag ops but this `MI-6 bomb attempt' seems more blatant than most!
(18) More big cats - in Cornwall & Kent & Sussex & Yorkshire & Scotland; remember forecast?
(18) Wolff says `no change - no improvement' and have to agree about usurers
(17) Are they - and all the rest of us - presently just too scared to look at the future?
(17) Arizona Ken has interesting take on the UFO situation - What d'you think?
(17) Murdered by 93 assaults/injuries in custody.  Mil pervs responsible: "Not Guilty"  - Why?
(16) Future `singularity'?  MADness v Golden Age v Disaster Cycles from Vernor, Tks Daily Grail
(16) Space protection for us?  No funds!  Politicos prefer wars - and luxury for themselves?
(16) Why do world's politicos always renege on promises of `fairness'Here's reason why!
(16) Earth triggers:- New Moon 19th + later alignment with nearing Venus before 25th/26th
(15) Finally, some scientists doing a bit of catch-up - American / Atlantic impact(s) checked
(15) So politicos & media, and `scientists' have taken our money - for cover-ups and fakery!
(15) So we have to pay for their parties!  Why?  Political parties only profit politicians!
(14) Whistle blown on BBC fake - only the latest, earlier `broken promise - broken Charter'
(14) Didn't know: your house-plants are probably thinking about you!  Thanks Daily Grail
(14) Seems only `big money' wants Trident - but sadly, `big money' owns all top politicos
(14) So in the UK labels are lies?, - Like fake religion - taxes - charity - education - justice?
(14) Will Tony be offended by another petition shock?  Isn't he `one of them'? (see above)
(12) Typical of elites - creating all blocks to education - progress is what they don't want!
(12) Ten conspiracies?  Plus a BBC cover-up?  A Bosnian/American mystery Thanks Daily Grail
(10) Are you being brain-washed right now? by your TV - here's science article in full
(10) DC has our problem - stable folk use guns safely as tools - but UK police aren't stable!
(09) Seems that biology/ ecology is now `secret' - if physics is also, you can get round it
(09) FBI? - bullying liars;  UK police?  - often corrupt thugs & murderers & pervs - check
(09) Murderers' accomplice (+ boss) shares `privilege' of top table with gov't's chief embezzler
(08) Shock quote -"babies die, you know, if kept in a sterile atmosphere" from Melvynn
(08) Another ripple from that eclipse - '99's eclipse rippled Turkey and Taiwan for a month+
(08) Irate visitors? (GoogMaps) Foggy Bottom, the Kremlin, & USA's Vatican arm - worried?
(07) Truth from Lee Smolin -`Physics is stuck, since 1975'.  Here's the future of physics!
(07) Corrupt rulers wanted thieves, pervs & murderers kept `secret' - & more are hidden
(07) Harmless old lady is called `a criminal' - thieves, pervs & murderers kept safe (above)
(06) Sick Russians? (or ordinary Americans) used as `lab rats'? - Is unknown stuff dangerous?
(06) `Big business' UK justice: animals rights = 4 years jail; but drunken murder only 2 yrs
(06) UK cops using "anti-terror" to bully and trawl - 20+ times more than `justice' level
(06) Quakes - roughly `when' is easy - forecasting `where' is maybe possible for gov'ts
(04) Some pointers maybe - epidemics; & increasingly `strategic' quakes from alignments
(04) Paul (our ghost-hunter friend) is getting into a routine - but where this time?
(04) Who really wanted BBC gag? - Police? or Gov't? - Or a BBC `trusty' and its `trustees?
(02) Recommend folk around fault-zones to maybe take care tomorrow and next few days
(02) It's the same world-wide: politicians are lying pervs who don't care about real people
(02) So that `Diana coroner' might have to be truthful! - But it'll probably be a `first'
(02) Yup, perv police chiefs obey orders from (rich) pervy `friends' - as they've always done?

Feb. '07
(28) Thanks for the confidence Josephina - hope to help without personal intrusion
(27) A couple of interesting ghost-hunting reports from Paul in West Sacramento
(27) Alzheimer's is in the news - why not look for the cause intelligently - while U can?
(26) Learn - `the rich' are genocidal slaughterers of ordinary folk / children - see forecast
(25) More big cats in Staffordshire (again) - they seem to move thru to / from Scotland?
(25) Kelly offed?  No inquest: Bloody Sunday/Pinochet cover-up, by bent judicial system
(24) Don't panic - but the worst might be beginning right now - we just don't know
(24) Update on that Sphinx (or Sphynx) question - more than we'd thought there were
(24) Weird sights in the skies (+ a special) - someone says "5 questions can't be answered"?
(23) Is this (updated) TV casting invite from Keya Mason what your family's looking for?
(22) How could a `fake shrink' operate for 27 years? - Maybe the psych profession is all fake?
(21) 6M carers to get £4 each (maybe) - from Gov't. (MPs take £500,000 each - per year!)
(21) Thieves, pervs & murderers (ie. lawyers, doctors, politicos) - all `self-regulating' trades?
(21) Still more activity as result of that New Moon + alignment on 17th and after
(20) A magnitude or two higher (GoogleMaps link) and `ripples' might affect those coasts
(20) `Men-in-suits' get fatter & richer - paid by poorer taxpayers - thanks Mathaba.Net
(20) Yup, more activity as result of that New Moon + alignment on 17th and after
(20) UK's education "not fit for purpose" - so why are we charged so much for it?
(20) Good atmospheric photos of Chinese New Year around the world - Guardian pix
(20) How much can happen in 90 seconds?  Lots!  Great little animation - 1 1/2 mins
(19) Just like in UK's turkey farms - our supposed `protecters' just protect big business
(19) Committee says `Lying police murderers didn't legally lie' - So what's the truth?
(19) Yup, increased activity as a result of that New Moon + alignment on 17th and later
(17) Eventually they'll go extinct, but now the greedy control our food, and our politicians
(16) Some good pix - first five make me thoughtful - thanks Shockmonkey
(16) Have these `men in white coats' come to take the lunatics away? - tks Mathaba.Net
(16) Lying politicos, here's how they blight our lives and how they ruin our kids' futures
(14) Anyone living near weird Cannock Chase (UK)? - Are you feeling OK?
(14) So, their elite were cowardly oppressors? - What d'you think the UK elite was?
(14) Why jail the harmless & poor children? - Corrupt & pervy magistrates, judges, politicos
(14) Posers (and their victims) - but # 3 and #8 maybe could be a warning (Guardian pix)
(14) Peace-keepers trying to treat the symptoms - Eventually we have to cure the disease!
(12) Feb 17 (Moon -Saturn align + plus New Moon), then Mar 3rd + a few days for triggers
(12) Re-think: science-facts actually support Sheldrake, while mainstream lacks credibility
(12) Gotta feeling that science gag is getting crucial, maybe fatal / deadly - Why now?
(11) D'you think politicos can _never_ break their habits of lies and greed?
(11) The greedy always over-consume, so eventually we're going to starve (Guardian pix)
(10) Almost daren't credit some new stuff coming in for that `Paranoid' page
(09) Feel that physics can agree with Sheldrake's thesis - but there's one open question
(09) We're moving directly in-line with Saturn and Sun - maybe watch reports a few days
(09) Seems prehistoric Europeans/Mid-Easters first in America - then came a big shock
(08) Why West's elites are selfish & genocidal (find < lusts >) - how to spot them in UK
(08) If the greedy need to be rich, then, in a finite world, others must be poor (Guardian pix)
(08) As forecast - Iran seems calm-ish - How'bout mad-dog militarists & crazed genociders?
(07) Guardian's pics (again) - exotic problems (#1) and today's spreading slavery (#9)
(07) Well, they say Italians know the language of love - lasting up to 6,000 years
(07) Nasty pedo stuff / nasty people - wanna bet UK's `friends of judges' won't be jailed?
(06) Guardian `day's best images' has warmish Moscow (#5) + weird ref (#12)to Roswell
(06) Line-up effects? Taiwan/Japan - Asia - Med - Cuba/Mexico, S America back to Pacific?
(05) might give closer view of your UK back garden than Google Maps
(05) Here's the Chinese Pyramids minivid - (thanks TDG). Anyone else think they look Mayan?
(05) UK's thugs & thieves would've hidden here - and lying BBC would've kept on lying
(05) So GM polluters are arguing how much they can lie - meanwhile the pollution's here in UK
(05) Strange little video clip - UFO abducts cow? - What'd'you think?
(05) Just re-received short video of Jerome Murat (man with two heads) - worth a look
(04) Alarming indication + web-background that earlier suspicions re: UK & USA are justified
(04) First in West? after Asia / Pacific's quakes; Result of line-up? (see 27th "after 02 Feb")
(04) So gov't, police, corporates can still murder us - Here's one reason, here's second
(03) There are coincidences and there are `co-incidences'
(03) Maybe remind quake forecasters - next few days are expected to be interesting
(01) Blair was chosen (find Blair) as a giggling liar who'd deceive people - So what's Brown?
(01) Report says UK has `more stress' - D'you think this's why? - Here's the suppressed facts

Jan. '07
(31) Hate to have to keep saying it - "can't do links' page - no space / people power"
(30) WIRED's "42 Big Questions" and Their Answers (`um - don't know?') - thanks TDG
(29) Chilling inside info on Gov't Terror - sort-of backs up our earlier suspicions & data
(29) Why O'Hare UFO wasn't reported earlier (or truthfully) - ditto for this São Paulo UFO?
(29) Just in - a foto-rich Polish parnormal site - sadly Google/Babel still don't do Polish
(29) Why the best witnesses are silenced on O'Hare case - and how long it's been going on
(28) `Coffin girl' says client is UK's "best-known elder statesmen".  Bet some UK media knew
(28) Bent UK media - there's no `wrong kind of freedom' - just freedom or repression
(28) Bono's right - most politicos are hypocritical, greedy, lying thieves & pervs - so there!
(28) A look at China's forecast energy consumption graph is a bit scary
(28) Re: that Russian Anti-Gravity idea - just been told of a new film about it?
(28) Hey - didn't know we can replace faulty stuff up to 6 years after buying it
(28) For UK victims, or their friends + family - support details update.  Hope that works OK
(27) UK's parasitic MPs are still anti-democracy - if it can be checked - they're liars & thieves
(27) Wildly funny short vid - shows that politicans lie all the time: on demand
(27) Don't recall this Uruknet site (under threat?) - this is probably why they're under threat
(27) Short video of a strange (cute?) walking sea creature - thanks Miss Catatonic
(27) Seems that big gov't & big media & big money've been hiding the truth about FOOD!
(27) Picture of somewhat off-center alignment on / after 02 Feb '07 - hope it's not a problem
(27) Linda Moulton Howe tells us there's two different O'Hare UFO photos, thanks Linda
(26) A tale of a ghost-hunt at The National Hotel, 2 Water Street Jackson CA
(26) Hey - He's telling the truth - but ruling pervs + usurers can't allow that to be known!
(25) Funny & sentimental mil. requests here (yup, i'm ex-mil); - w/the rare lawyer sneaking in
(25) F.o.I - greedy parasites lied to us - the pervy non-humans daren't allow democracy!
(24) At last, one "O'Hare photo" has turned up - they're asking for expert opinion
(24) Reluctant lunar admission from media - D'you think they'll acknowledge or attribute? Ha!
(24) Contrast truth - `no war on terror', with police + gov't lies and their nazi precedents
(23) Tokyo foto! - Zoom-in on Earth (short vid) - a Kafka-esque short vid - thanks Mac T
(22) Re-vamp - new stuff coming in - says they're probably not really human
(22) Western world? With murdering politicos and police? As folk know - a sick combo-txtBox
(21) Some `humans' illusions' got discovered last year - and here's a bunch of them
(20) Shag Harbour UFO's being investigated - tonite's (Canada?) `History Channel' @ 8pm
(20) Suspect real people around the world feel like this- thanks
(20) Western police prepared and planted Molotov cocktails - as predicted here-txtBox
(20) Is this a still, small voice, on `justice'? - while corrupt liars and lunatics rant on?
(19) Re: earlier Iran UFO? - here's latest `radiant' one; + vaguely linked mail plus news report
(19) Re: those Phoenix `Lights' - Here's Mike Fortson on the `non-investigation'! (slow load)
(18) Guess what? More politicos' lies and damned lies - (think here's the truth - it's in Farsi)
(18) `Justice delayed', probably means that `justice will be denied'; thanks to Mathaba News
(18) Christopher Knight's `Top Ten Ghost Photos' - (featuring this revenant case)
(18) Rape and murder? - Take a cruise; Mass murder? - Join the militia
(17) Iranian UFO report - reminds of `Phoenix Lights' anniversary review (stills + vid)
(17) Any punishment for greedy BP murderers?  No!  `Authority' is also greedy & murderous
(16) Living Sci/Fi Horror illustration!  And some witty stills/shortfilms from Redkite Animation
(15) Seen Hilkevitch O'Hare UFO Interview (8 min vid) a few times now - still interesting
(15) Rich usurers, `owners' of Britain, shown as thieves & pervs who rob the poor.  Surprised?
(14) CrapBBC bends over for Nazi-Police methods - & it's not the first time
(14) Looks like ghosts, homeopathy and emotion amplifiers have same cause; thanks T Peter
(14) Jealousy murder at South Pole? Or suppression of science discovery?
(14) Illegal CIA/Mil `hoax flight' directly after Hudson Valley Sighting (8min vid) - Why?  Check
(13) "Shooting the messenger": a habit of ruling pervs - they always need `enemies' to blame
(13) D'you notice politicos claim `debate' when trying to stampede us into stupidity?-txtBOX
(13) Thanks for info, but we already know he's a liar, and we think we know about G8 too
(13) D'you really think UK politicos ever believed in `witches'? - And only women of course
(12) Same source (George Ure) spotted the routine (find - `tweaks') - and deadly history
(12) Recall US/UK tricks of provocation-txtBOX of violence?  Here's lead-in to provoking Iran
(12) Media called it "Phoenix Lights",  Why? - When it clearly looked like a huge CRAFT!
(11) Are they capable of `listening to ET'?  Nope - not unless they find how
(11) Yup, most UK folk know of `psycho' officials, politicos, police, judges etc. Check here?
(11) Been putting off a reply - hope this answers repeated scholars requests, & future ones?
(11) José Bonilla Observation now w/links-graphics; plus `food for thought' re: alien origins?
(10) That mail page has `anonymous send' - so if u need direct answer please include address
(09) A possible video of the Ariel School `UFO and strange beings' sighting
(08) Weird - `What the Bleep' short extract (5 mins) well worth a look
(06) If this is actually happening to money - you know what happens next-txtBOX
(06) Are the French threatening to come clean about UFOs?
(06) Can't we join up the UFO dots - instead of restricting ourselves to `old physics'?
(06) Mediterranean beaches (scroll down) now have barracuda swimming nearby
(06) First Ratzinger, now Wielgus;  Are they only typical of `churchmen'?
(05) We've got few rights any more - but if you're one of `them' you've got even less
(05) Startling analysis - `Closing the Collapse Gap' - tell if you're more scared than me
(05) UK politicians incite race hatred - yet only the `chosen enemy' gets prosecuted
(05) UK police conspiring against Human Rights Act by lying and raising fears - yet again?
(05) Just received - apt quote re: `Dark Ages'; hope to produce more write-ups shortly
(05) An amusing / wicked / shocking analogy - your choice; what d'you think?
(05) Titan has `rain' + `streams' & `life atmosphere' (methane - cowfarts?) - Careful there
(05) Poorer folks pay for rich pervy judges' free perks; more than many UK workers' incomes
(05) Do UK folk really want Trident? & War?
(03) Sun's closest and Moon's Full (13:57 UTC);  d'you know your Birthday's Moon?
(01) Some of last year's fallacies - Wonder if some or all will be used again in '07?


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