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"In politics, nothing happens by accident - If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"  - FDR

Dec. '06
(31) Happy New Year to reader Ann
(31) Not just chupacabras - here's what looks like dog-cats - Wonder if it's same cause?
(31) Thought for the year? - "What is Life?" - thanks Mathaba News
(31) Emperors wanting "the kingdoms of the world" - Wasn't that the Devil's temptation?
(31) To Nigel and other police - Just use `mail perceptions' - and a Happy New Year
(31) Either Cameron or the Archbishop (or the pair) has lied & is lying now.  Time will tell
(30) UK's corrupt law/courts - by a lawyer - "Things are bad; I fear they will become worse"
(30) Major General Butler wrote - "War is a racket ... To hell with war!" - worth a look
(29) `New Labour' ends year with a Big Lie - check `Guardian' (find - < The northern tax bill >)
(29) Pre-view '07 Full Moon names - plus Moon's seismic - tectonic - volcanic effects
(29) No choice - "you will eat their cloned meat" - because it won't be labeled!
[Remember BSE? - Maybe we'll stop eating tinned meats and other non-local meat products?]
(29) Signs of DU cover-up by professionals - but Mil/Gov pervs rule?
(28) Seems journalists accident-prone these days - couldn't be SS/Gestapo could it?
(28) After that numbers forecast - who should we be expecting to visit us?  And why?
(26) Laughing-stock of the Universe?  - Or just another bunch due to go extinct?
(25) Good `Bigfoot' article - thanks TDG
(25) Garrison's `Anglo-American Dream' + media trailers (is it our easy dream also?)
(24) Not usually allowed to hear about tax-thieves (`find' << penthouse >>) - want lowdown?
(24) Maybe some effects, as only Earth & Saturn this side of Sun - here's some pictures
(23) The UFO / Entity discussion is defining a few pointers maybe?
(22) Is your (or my) country a banana republic? - Right now my answer's YES!
(21) What's missing from all these UFO / ET analyses?  And from their knowledge?
(20) Another victim of the system writes to tell her story - is she in the majority?
(18) That personal view got a swift response from an investigator, with a good point!
(16) Re: Diana enquiry - "from all we know, Tomlinson is telling the truth"
(15) You have either rule of law or you have corruption, as in UK - More on UK corruption later
(15) Corrupt `rulers' need lies - here's an example
(15) Just got a film recommend from a US friend - he says it has lessons
(15) Injustice->->Terrorism - So what do they do?  Increase injustice - world-wide!
(15) That book is out - Separately - have got a recurring Latin American UFO query?
(15) Censoring science? Seems widespread; Worried about revelations? Why now?
(15) Here's that Storm and UFOs video (6 or 7mins) (now experts say "wasn't ball lightning"
(15) `Bent' Diana inquiry? - An opposing view - and a giggling weirdo's `not my fault' story
(14) So the most corrupt are above the law? - You and me know different (more later)
(13) That communication idea needs your criticism - might save us
(13) Remember humour-txtBOX?  Seems even more important - like 31% higher survival
(12) Savour a FREE sci-fi novel "Blindsight" from Peter Watts - thanks TDG
(12) A wide query re: Sphinx - here's site stuff,  have you got any more?
(11) Ha! - had this idea simmering for a while (now HTML), think it _should_ work
(10) So the Nazis won after all.  Look at UK-txtBOX & its `rulers' - & maybe world-wide?
(10) New Neandertal research chimes with conclusion #1 and with conclusion #2
(10) Supremacists? - What happens, historically to supremacists?
(09) New posting - The Battle of Los Angeles (Pts I & II)
(09) Police-chief broadcast blatant lies-txtBOX, yet IPCC sees "no evidence that he lied"
(08) We can (clumsily), so others could've done better - much earlier (Google 30 min video)
(08) IEDs - What we've got coming to us? - Why? - We've got parasites & liars ruling us
(08) Those controlling lies & propaganda get paid more - Reason why BBC lies about taxes
(07) Here's someone with a desperate campaign - `Perceptions' take on it is here
(07) Killer cops secret1; & secret2 - Reason why - - Some (useful) sayings-txtBOX
(05) Bent law? - Reason why - Science: another law's bent - Reason why-txtBOX
(03) Controversial science book - & hard sit-rep - & lowdown on UK corruption-txtBOX
(02) Megalomanic? - Well, here's how home-BBC is corrupt and why their paid liars're sick- ha!
(01) Stuff on `demonology' - And real low-down on humour-txtBOX - And on "drugs"

Nov. '06
(30) Another `ghosty' request - here's all the research, sources, attributions & links
(29) Wow - after those investigations - along comes all this! - keep an eye out for MIBs?
(28) New `Survivor' page may be a bit worrying - Re: "Site" - Thanks Bill, Keep the faith
(24) A Mississippi reader (no address) - needs help with "the Good Folk"
(23) Some incoming / outgoing UFO - ET speculation
(22) D'you have a lawyer-problem?  (seems that Dr Johnson didn't trust them either)
(22) A maybe dangerous observation, made from a dead man's testimony (google-video)
(20) Ken's realized what's happening - and recent? - Is it all connected?
(20) We've maybe been brain-washed - after all it's happened before
(20) What it's all about - and why it happened in America? and not elsewhere
(20) A perv's lie (for pervy politicos) is sharp contrast with truth from predecessor
(19) That `Dark'? - don't believe politicos' crocodile tears - see who the victims are
(18) Weird but honest reports then sudden silence (& lies) - Wonder why?
(14) Wow, `aliens amongst us' - does that include liars pushing for fascism's rerun?
(14) So Straw / Ratzinger & Blair-Reid are plotting for politics - not religion after all?
(13) BBC claimed `suicided' - not often likely, where bent cops involved
(13) Politicians shy - and shy about `magic'? (badge hints - human sacrifice?)
(13) Those galaxies w/ no 1st generation stars - (tks TDG) - Shall we guess why?
(12) Another BBC fit-up: Cairo Trilogy's search for truth as "Islamic Bloodlust" - Why?
(12) Lying leaders set-up a war? - Like Thatcher's F.O. led Argentina into Falklands?
(11) Serendipity and more on anomalies in night sky
(11) BBC pushes neo-con bad-sci propaganda - & muzzles public's message-boards
(11) Here's the audio UFO testimony - and virtually-suppressed written evidence
(11) Surprise!  We're being poisoned by the rich.  Hidden by bent politicos
(10) Some discussion - was it or was it not a UFO at sea?
(10) Weird - genocidal maniacs over there - controlling pervs over here?
(10) A Secret Service's "enemies? (below) - anybody wanting fairness, open-ness
(09) MI-5 - "More Enemies" - Doesn't work that way - more set-ups manufactured
(09) We might think this is a bit outrageous but ...
(09) Herr Ratzingers's and Mr Straw's lies disproved-txtBOX - already forecasted
(09) Maybe here's a hint for those floundering theorists (that "repels" link)
(08) Interesting reference to mysterious ancient science?
(08) More details turning up on possible comet strike - around that `Atlantis' date?
(08) Innocents get slaughtered & military get pain / Halliburton get richer - & Tony?
(07) First thought "silly" then realized "truthful" (sad?) (short Yuki video) - thanks TDG
(07) If you invest here's a word to the wise via George @ UrbanSurvival
(07) Isn't this already done - to create senior bureaucrats, MPs & party members?
(07) Strong words from Susan Lindauer (you in the US might know of her)
(07) Not convinced by skeptics' bullying? - You're probably right
(07) Folk in most `countries' soon learn - we are ruled by lying murderers
(07) US citizens seem to be now `under control' - it's happened to UK already
(06) `leaders', their liars, their minions (thugs), the infra-structure - a bit unreliable
(03) Seems like all totalitarian thugs want an `Iron Curtain' (try last para)
(03) Well, well - a bureaucratic brainwave?   No - just (delayed) common sense
(03) If you have to check what's left - it's less than you're told - even now!
[Also said to be true for money, time, food, booze, even nature (inc. sex).]
(02) Why's UK a sad country?  Mis-ruled by ignorant bent crooks-txtBOX
(02) Strong words here - do they apply to "democracy" leaders near you/me?
(01) New story entries (for aficionados)

Oct. '06
(30) Sounds like this is from the heart
(30) Just found - startlingly clear take on `reality'
(29) Just found right quote from right speaker - (thought it was Saml. Johnson)
(29) New story entries (for aficionados)
(29) Rapists and mass murderers can escape, if just saying "Sorry"?
(29) UK Gov't secretly murdered scientists like USA Gov't kills journalists now? (vid)
(28) Links to great-cycle question; More on `consciousness'
(26) Nazis' front-man's reward - & another's? - So what's Tony getting? & where?
(26) Our situation, but leaders too greedy & selfish. Hey, maybe one's changed?
(26) Coming global starvation - countries' actions - countries' motives - one result?
(25) Why would geneticists (Gov'ts?) want to control human social behavior?
(25) Occasionally, a glimpse of reality behind all those lies
(24) Quakes? They're rolling in - from 21st/22nd - maybe up to 3 - 5 days?
(23) Those `interrogation dreams' - and Karma
(22) Any Frisbee challengers?
(22) Not science - old politico's lies - and new ones? - Thanks Tony Gosling
(22) Do UK's science lies imitate USA's science lies - thanks Rich Hansen
(22) Who's accident-prone? (no politics) - thanks `The Register'
(22) Watch for quakes in next 24hrs or so (New Moon - and a lonely Earth just now)
(21) Straw's & Ratzinger's smears? - They knew it was lies! - Why they did it?
(20) So, our `rulers' are lying, greed-crazed lunatics (video) - So what's new?
(19) Only politicians should pay for parties - the people don't benefit from them
(19) Police `terror' frame-ups ditto in Canada - thanks WSWS.Org
(19) USA & Soviet Lies? (+ corpses?) MoonCheck Video - thanks TDG
(19) Wow, a wise man - (ideal Vatican replacement?) - love that `No TV' bit
(18) Working on life, universe & everything (new - because changes expected soon)
(17) More Nazi-ism?  Soon you won't be able to read about it anyway
(15) Goering & Himmler? - Sorry - should read `Blunckit, Reid & Blair'-txtBOX
(15) What's behind today's political speeches (lies)? - "OIL" + "TOMORROW"!
(13) Quick response to that "interrogation" question
(13) People didn't want it - Army doesn't want it - only the pervs wanted it!
(13) If you try `Junk Science' (seems truthful) - Does it change your life?
(12) `Secret-evidence' inevitably tends to manufactured lies.  As expected!
(12) We're forced to pay - guilty police-chiefs (or bureaucrats) always walk free
(12) Seems bent politicos don't like _some_ scientific numbers
(12) More `consciousness' (tks Roger Penrose) - New gallery (or go DIRECT)
(10) Greys + `ayahuasca-like substances'?  Like animals? You're a `terrorist'!
(07) Safe? From - Herr Ratzinger, then Mr Straw and then ...?-txtBOX
(05) Some views of Mars - may be worth a second look
(05) 2006 Space Sighting? - thanks to Cosmic Log
(04) Reader(s) - from daily MAP - are agents based here? (try `fake' below)
(04) Hidden by corrupt police and corrupt BBC:- most `atrocities' are set-ups
(04) "How Scientific is CSICOP?" - Maybe not at all? - thanks TDG
(04) Murderer of innocents - w/corrupt Nobel (aren't they all?) still evil
(04) Thought religious-intolerance was against their `Law'? Checked - it is!
(04) English frauds biggest in EU! (Plus scum Dukes & other fakes called `Charities')
(03) Expect use of "marginal", from lying tax-parasites & other perverts (MPs etc)
(03) Finis physics?   Too few teachers?  So Dark Age _is_ official? (also below)
(02) Channel Flood?  Maybe as did the Med., & the Black Sea more recently?
(02) Any paranormal experiences? - for survey - thanks TDG
(01) NASA's Jim Hansen - "One degree and we're done for" - thanks TDG
(01) More on that other fake - (try earlier)
(01) The `fake terror'? - The real terror? - (try `earlier')

Sep. '06
(31) Another power-pervert is stealing from the gullible  - Reason?
(30) Is our Dark Age getting even darker?
(30) If anyone knows what's happened to Iraqi girl? - plse inform
(29) Looks like B & B ordered the BBC - "Don't cover problems in Mexico"
(29) The "S.S." reborn?  - Why?
(29) Why nay-sayers get positions of power? - They want to be Tyrants
(29) How that fake lied? (try last two paras) - Why that fake lied?
(28) Guess what?  BBC's been broadcasting an anti-Muslim, pro-colonial "book-of-the-week" (`The Last Mughal') - Wonder why?
(28) Want-a-quote? - click `Sayings' - txt / random
(28) Inzamam-ul-Haq didn't tamper with the ball - so surely that umpire brought the game into disrepute?
(28) C'mon those `quantum' scientists - it's time to catch up
(28) As suspected, looks like `hecklers' were police-patsies - maybe to "justify" latest anti-Muslims speech by Reid?  Ready for pogroms? - with economics about to crash, maybe US & UK are setting-up folk for blame / as distraction for the mob?
(28) Mark Twain - "If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed"
(28) Maybe have a look at the Sphinx for yourself - What do you think?
(27) Impartial view?  All `countries' bombing & land-mining should get 6 months (from action) to clear-up all - if not, the political leaders should automatically be jailed for war crimes
(27) Conclusion - they lied then - they've lied ever since - they're lying now
(27) George on `up-coming elections' - Fred on `the Market'
(27) 18th Cent. jingoism implied that Argentina was legally correct
(26) Why politicos and priests are lying just now?  Maybe try last two paras
(26) Scientist trying his best (pp 958 -> ->) - betrayed by `authority'?
(25) `The Science of Extraterrestrials' - new book.  Another UFO shot down?
(25) Yup, UK Gov't & its `Officials' were lying all the time - so what's new?
(24) Vintage footages in this UFO trailer - the audio archive is Faded Discs
(23) Seems most of the world agrees (when not being bombed back to the Stone Age)
(23) Forget Face, enlarge 3rd photo and check the pyramid + cross-structure above it (both sand-piled on the east - RH side) - thanks TDG
(23) Lowdown on `The Phoenix Lights' (w/movie trailer)
(22) Science painted into a corner - maybe they hoped we didn't notice
(22) Just updated Barry's intensive `catastrophe' links
(21) Another (relatively) honest soldier - on `rogue states' (maybe that should be `rogue leaders': B+B again?)
(21) Maybe `Bishop' Ratzinger could be forced to admit `who's killed most, in last century - or last two milleniums?'
(20) Well-known extremists at `invite-only' photo-op?  Clumsy set-up? Again?
(20) Monbiot puts a little `Heat' on the corporates (thanks TDG)
(20) Red rain of Kerala still unknown?  (They've been pushed to hush before!)
(20) Thought so - "he has another direction altogether in mind" (last para)
(20) B+B- "Do as we say - not as we do!" - but some soldiers maybe honest?
(19) If one lying PM is upsetting - we've got three
(19) Ever listen to BBC?  Keep your `belief' switch OFF
(19) Why is Uk's Exam System harmful, inefficient (and corrupt)?
(19) In a sane society - Met's Police-chief + operation chief + trigger-man, all belong in jail - for negligent homicide and an attempted cover-up
(19) News of the Dogon
(18) Controversial - but some suspected it all along (most `atrocities' are covertly committed by security forces)
(18) Remember Eccenova being hacked? Here's some of the stolen stills
(18) Two more UFO clips - shot in Space?
(18) In UK one Major seems to be trying for re-hab - Hah!
(18) He's got some questions
(17) "A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices" (thanks TDG)
(17) "there is genius in all of us" (thanks TDG)
(16) Yup, thermal runaway seems more and more likely
(16) Check this new UFO clip from China (Google video)
(16) Yeah - Western `churches' long ago got corrupted - see below
(15) Re: Papal faux-pas, here's facts about priests, and bishops, and (ancient) proselytizer
(15) New entry for aficionados
(15) a reminder?
(13) Careful! - Scientists and investigators `silenced' - maybe a Dark age? (also above)
(12) Think this counts as another confirm?
(12) Points of interest for cosmology
(10) A bit heavy and maybe seems obsessive, yet there's more than a germ of truth there - altho' i don't go with numerology - here's a maybe gentler version (+ links)
(10) Alexandr Solzhenitsyn on "A state of war ... "
(10) Seems symbolism goes even further back than thought
(10) A question for `Smiley's people'
(10) Need to check this out - complacent media and bent gov'ts fooled us too long
(10) A down-played hero?
(10) What is `terrorism'
(09) Yup, effects of that Full Moon alignment just beginning to show (some 5's and a six so far)
(09) Didn't realize they'd been spying on us for more than ten years?
(08) Positive feedback _can_ = thermal runaway
(08) Guess what? - Lying politicians, police, doctors, priests, psychiatrists - all corrupt - and pervert.  Well, well
(08) Susan's plight shows the shame - *later* UPDATE
(08) Establishment's `Nature' guilty of smearing BubbleFusion - corporates getting scared?
(08) In the West - "sometimes our perception ... does not mirror reality" - Surprised?
(08) Same old story, establishment `professionals' in denial (find `violent')
(08) Sadly, Semites are both Arabs _and_ Jews
(07) Seems that Tony is just a giggling front for the NWO corporates (find `blair').  Under `New Labour' the rich get richer & don't pay tax - while working people get poorer and are even more over-taxed
(06) Europe's losing its `water towers' - lower rivers, no nuclear power?
(06) Ha! Both sides are greedy greasy liars, stealing from poorer people
(06) Experiment (find `modulate') renews the Michelson/Morley question-txtBOX
(06) Wrong radiation and redshifts (Arp), plus more sci-boobs (Van Flandern) backs Hoyle and Steady-State, not Big-Bang
(06) Are corporates going to control our PCs and pages?
(05) And if bent police-chiefs were out of the loop too?
(05) Interesting stuff on Grays and (ethnic) Euros
(04) At last - we hear from a whistle-blower being held prisoner
(04) Seems normal folk don't.  Need to be emperors, that is!
(03) More `Origin of Life' results coming in
(03) Are we sure seeing is believing?
(02) Those `contradictions' just got weirder
(02) After all the hype - no Big-Bang?  - Well now
(01) Not so reassuring!
(01) Hope this is re-assuring? - you're not absent-minded

Aug. '06
(29) New evidence of an old mystery - Kelts from China
(26) Tebbit's cricket test - cheat (as the `gentlemen' did) - be racist - and, like Tebbit himself, keep on lying
(25) Yup, seismics as forecast (from 22nd onwards) - but as it was New Moon, maybe more to come
(24) Let them take millionaires' incomes from poor people's taxes, then take bribes from the super-rich?  That's crazy!
(24) Anyone got any idea for Ed?
(23) Above the Law?
(23) Wonder what's that at 39.224,83.480 ? or even at 39.335,83.455 ? (go `hybrid' + zoom)
(21) Some seismic / volcanic possibilities soon and a little later-txtBOX - maybe check with USGS?
(20) Just found - and you're a member already
(20) "You have created a monster and now you don't know what to do with it"
(20) Paulo's UFOs in pop culture
(18) A simple question for the wise?
(18) Are we seeing a (slow) change in humans?-txtBOX
(17) Ha! Who's fooling who?
(16 late) Thuggery / murder? Or `western diplomacy'?
(15) What's said now, and what's happening - is this partly why?
(14) President's blog (choose flag)
(13) Fake US `insurgency' to justify repression inside USA? (like agents provocateurs' `fake plots' in UK?)
(13) Detective work (today) uncovers apparent skullduggery
(10) Guess who'll pay this fine? - Yup, the poor tax-payer!
(09) George's prediction (scroll to `AOL Apology')
(09) Bloke who deserves quoting - can someone tell him I'm going to?
(08) A strange thing - is it happening now?
(07) Think this reader's joshing me?
(05) Got a little excited with this
(04) Earth's not so lonely nowadays
(04) Pre-hist is getting exciting - but mainstream's hush-hush
(03) Does media like `men of convictions'? - So what's a `conviction'?
(02) What? - Hospitals' bosses prefer money - not health?
(02) Yup, show-off cars are killing us all - slowly
(01) So, poor taxpayers are forced to pay the fines, get sick - again

July '06
(31) See they're finally catching up a little
(30) Richard M. Dolan's comments on the cover-up
(30) In the news, and long on the site
(29) Yup, happiness might be a matter of fairness
(25) Looking back over that debate - seems mind and matter might be more connected
(23) Four rebels tried to save us - one still hated by English elite
(21) Could it be? - That philosophers, scientists and even musicians suffer same problem? (20) Request from Africa
(17) States is getting irate over `cultural elites' - Ha!
(16) Are we really surprised at this?
(15) Check out these rocks flying around us!
(12) Want to be happy - 2006?
(12) Latest hints of cataclysmic impacts / (09) New Russian Anti-Grav / Inertia Grp.
(07) More from `Fatima' authors / investigators
(06) Asking a lawyer & politician for justice? - Silly!
(05) Think this chap's talking about courts everywhere, not just Nevada
(05) Catastrophe stuff looks weirdly repetitive
(04) Friend, don't ask for tax-justice - the tax-thieves are always in charge
(02) Tonight's asteroid flyby?-txtBOX
(01) Once again - derided pioneers maybe right, after all
(01) Dave reports desecration by bureaucrats.

June '06
(30) George is probably right - we're losing it
(30) Latest slow realization by `experts'!
(27) Our pals have a suggestion for troubled science
(27) Upcoming FLYBY-txtBOX
(21) Yes, reality's very hard / impossible to see
(18) Why do gov'ts kill real journalists around the world? - Here's why
(17) News on second `Fatima' book
(16) Qualified views of Mars
(15) Interesting day's quakes yesterday
(13) Re: those pedophile-friendly judges?
(12) Are we running out of time?
(12) Did `skeptics' set-up the girl with x-ray eyes'?
(12) A Marine speaks of `rotting fish'
(11) Sent to the `House of Torture' - Why?
(10) `Msm' let us down, again
(08) (limited) update on CIA / MI5 Nazis
(08) Shetlander kidnapped by UK cops
(06) USA's banned Chemistry - UK's banned history, math, music, physics
(05) A Quiet Death
(05) Wow - N.a.s.a. is catching-up!
(05) Are we free to speak?-txtBOX
(05) And a new Theory of Everything
(04) More Illuminati
(04) Are you afraid to walk alone?-txtBOX
(03) Nice page for weather-watchers
(03) Today's question - Is it a set-up?
(02) Sad - doesn't realize he's talking to pervs & junkies-txtBOX
(01) Ha! A greedy lying politico isn't `News'

May '06
(31) Is this happening now?
A soldier speaks?
(31) Maybe he speaks for UK folk?
(31) Ancient Americas' Maps
(27) So, killing helpless people is good - killing VIPs is bad?
(25) UK suits try to gag Internet
(25) "Surely, this is a sign"
(23) What are we worth?
(21) Ultimate debate
(21) Terrorism? Or War Crime?
(19) Pupils for WAR?
(14) Skeptics un-skeptical about their own beliefs-txtBOX
(13) Judge says "if you protest you're criminal & delusional"
(12) Might be one intelligent man in politics-txtBOX
(07) Folk try figure it out-txtBOX
(03) Re: `MayDay' forecast - see results for 30th & 3rd?
(02) Alien invasion?
(01) Seal Hunts - the other view

Apr. '06
(30) Janet - How come?
(30) Co-incidence, another reality check-CLIK4TX
(27) Reality check-txtBOX
(25) Shoddy science. - Why?
(23) Slaves' protest begins tomorrow
(23) Church and State and mind-control Drugs?
(22) Can we get help for Susan? CLIK4TXT
(21) May Day cometh
(15) Greed = extinction!
(14) Why's state edu so crappy-txtBOX? - an answer!
(14) Wouldn't want to scare folkCLIK4TXT
(12) Think you've answered that judge question!
(11) Are you a "threat"?-txtBOX
(07) Are all judges corrupt thugs?
(03) New NASA policy - really?
(02) World Mind? - linked w/Indiv. pre-cog? - Internet `conscious'?
(01) Noam Chomsky on "Terror Fakers"

Mar. '06
(27) The Origin of Culture
(26) Are we `normal'?
(26) `Appalling vista' looms
(25) Can you read this?
(24) Wrong again - on `quasars'
(24) Something visible on Mars?
(23) Fast response from a real address
(23) Someone claiming "paranoia"
(22) It's looking urgent for the Seals
(18) Free our (stolen) UK data
(18) Good versus Bad science
(17) Another PETITION - help baby seals
(16) By co-incidence? - a PETITION
(14) Seems the bent ones are plotting against their boy. Who's more scared - him or them? And what of?
(11) Could Mills be found hanging from Blackfriar's Bridge? (Met say`suicide' - Ha!) / (11) Always more murdering doctors? & corrupt coroners? & complicit thug police?
(10) Word from the source? - Nigel
(10) Any weird ones?
(09) Unrecognized brain abilities
(09) Corrupt UK pervs are complicit to torture?
(08) Interesting input from Keith
(07) We daren't forget where they still hide
(04) Did he say `God told him to do it'? Cm'on - no judge could believe that.
(04) Erthia has news

Feb. '06
(28) Guess who's checking your radiation safety in UK?
(27) Latest on secrecy
(27) Earler thoughts confirmed? and again?
(26) What else d'you expect from scum media?
(23) Looks like we've been around longer than experts think
(20) Sorry folks, say again - no space for commercial links - just mail
(16) Tut tut Google - bad boy!
(16) Why they call `Perceptions' anarchist?
(15) Civil unrest - in China?
(13) Want to download?
(11) Yup - faith works!
(08) Hard work here
(07 & 06) Was it all pre-arranged?
(02) Happy Aussie
(01) Query from "Mechanic"

Jan. '06
(28) Lies - & judges lies
(27) Riots & empty cities? Ask BBC?
(24) Who's telling us lies?
(24) UK democracy? How so?
(18) Ethan's New Ideas
(16) Urgent Appeal
(13) Any ideas on Vigale?
(13) Is it inevitable?
(09) Query on Red Rain
(08) They're dying for GM?
(05) Heads up - as forecast
(02) The Old and the New?

Dec '05
(31) Offer from China?
(29) Sin & Ishtar as omens? (28) Just a reminder
(27) Abduction evidence?
(27) True originally, and then again - true now?
(26) Next 20days
(26) Suppression
(24) Checked those alignments?
(22) Solstice
(19) England's Education Swindle
(16) Happy Holiday for Thieves
(15) Ghosts and Conspiracies
(15) Faster than light?
(14) News on early americans?
(13) Tectonics trigger-risks
(13) Just received - amazing (Word Doc)
(11) We ready for this?
(10) Honest Chancellor?
(10) They can recognize us?
(09) Pinter on USA's (& UK's) "terrorist activities"
(08) Some `scientists' haven't noticed yet
(07) New Ghost Site
(05) Diseased? - here's the cure! \ (03) US sci-propaganda?

Nov. '05
(27) Yes for Al-Jazeera - No for BBC!
(26) Why politicos, frauds & pervs fear Juries!
(25) "Site" additions clearer?
(23) `Forever universe'? - and follow-up
(22) Rich - scared of fair tests
(19) Unfair selection (by greedy teachers)
[15] Secrets at Giza?
(12) Reality again?
(11) Keep reading - and writing
(10) Bill's `realization'
(05) Anonymous Dreams

Oct. '05
(31) Some physics reaction(aries?)
(30) Surprise confirmation of US comets?
(30) `black-hole' fun starts here
(29) `Perceptions' real Maya report
(28) "Spooky" forecast
(21) Signs of catastrophe?
(18) Check forecast against USGS results
(17) Corrupt "English justice"
(15) Pervy BBC liars
(14) Quake forecast update (10) Check on quakes - right
(09) Examples of `lost science' ?
(08) More sensitivity?
(07) Why're they scared?
(07) Finally, from BBC
(04) Divide and Rule!
(02) Suspicion verified
(01) Eclipse warning?

Sept. '05
(28) Lying police arrest woman for telling truth
(26) Ruled by Scum?
(26) Thermal runaway
(24) A co-incidence!
(23) wacky site?
(20) Manhattan pondering
(19) Finally confirmed - too late
(13) Pervs in Power!
(13) Jerry Cohen's Cases
(08) Where are we?
(07) Political confession!
Katrina World Verdict
(01) More on Fatima book
Thanks Dads-UK

Aug. '05
Thanks lots for Chinese `welcome' sign
Pervs in USA?
Don't ask about Omphalos
Nasik Prison Haunting
Justice? Not if you're Muslim
`Perceptions' readers' Schizos?
Bad stuff in Oz?
Forecast blip is here
Trade (& money-lenders) query?
Welsh slaughter & updates
Why d'you think Mars gets gov't disinfo?
Forecast right again!
Furtive announcements?


New book on Fatima (scroll down) \ Feasible future? \ Earlier Americans \ Have to say - "Told-u-so"! \ Sadly - the logical answer \ We can make it! \ From one-of-them? \ Forecast right again - just
23 July 2005

Who'd've thought it? \ Maybe interesting times ahead? \ Were we made to think? \ Big Lie \ Readers? check those gov & mil! \ Truth's always too late \ Inside information? \ Strange report \ Current 'quake potentials
29 June 2005

Whose Dogma? \ What's new? \ Arrogant censorship \ Non-education \ Spirit Orbs? \ Sphinx date? / Sphinx alignment? \ Are you brave enough? \ Debate on "the Filth" \ Why not DO IT NOW? \ Sadly, we'd told them! \ Is gov't anti-God or anti-ET? \ Always a mistake! \ No LINKS here tks
29 May 2005

Monuments & Ext - life on Mars? \ Update on Impacts \ Spooky enough! \ Giza story update \ What's an RSS or XML "feed"? \ Eleanor's co-incidence! \ More suspicions checked-out \ Any honest briefs? \ Dumb-tech update \ Shock - UK politicians tell lies! \ Ext. - Belgian sleaze wins \ New Sci-View
29 Apr, 2005

Freedom? - Held to ransom \ Continuing scandals \ 2nd Law of Hogwash \ Only elbow-deep? \ Who's paranoid \ Any ghost-busters? \ Check extinction news \ FLASH! - check earlier FORECAST \ Sushil Yadav on EMOTION \ Sex - suspicion verified \ Bent men-in-suits \ Why're scientists scared? \ Sign \ New MARS evidence? \ Our "caring" politicians
31 Mar, 2005

Priest asks for ESP help \ Quakes question? \ Saturn's funny hot-spot \ Dyslexics more humane! \ We're _still_ evolving! \ Why tomorrow comes \ Core of the Universe? \ Suspicion confirmed? \ Big Lie confirmed
24 Feb, 2005

Tsunami aid here \ Two pals fix things \ Three men & a Bard \ New "cup and ring" images \ external - DeceitandDenial \ African explorer NEWS \ Vote for TRADE JUSTICE \ A proposition \ A refreshing critique
30 Jan 2005

Terra-forming? \ Junket or junk it? \ Spotted a typo? please tell us \ Brazil's UFO Vigil \ Kelly update (from 03 Aug '03) \ Do they need HELP? \ Giants in Land of Oz
25 Dec 2004

New Globalism? \ Fort's weird year \ Here's one reason! \ More cover-ups! \ N American disaster? \ Offer from Ukraine
27 Nov 2004

Their lack of knowledge \ Imprisoned nuns' appeal \ Hey, mayor - this your mail? \ Ignore "bad news" stats. \ What're they hiding? \ Phaistos Disk deciphered? \ UEF weather worries? \ Physics not true? \ Where's "Perceptions at LA"? \ Power of Inertia!
31 Oct 2004

Youth machine? \ Galileo's garden \ Feel caged? \ Reader's dynamic Universe \ Tiger in the closet? \ Flight trauma \ Are we humane? \ Future of Happiness \ Politicos' damned lies ?
21 Sep 2004

See "The Fly"? \ An illusion? \ To Kee-Tai \ Secret of Time \ black Holes? \ More SuperAnts \ Know any psychos?
19 Aug 2004

Experts wrong again \ Near future \ Critics to be certified? \ Badsci yet again \ Who're & \ Sci-Media late again
26 July 2004

Evidence mounts - but did Giants exist? \ US Constitution suspended "indefinitely" says judge \ Gouranga? \ More walls 2004 \`Suicide' mission update
16 July 2004

Reader's experiences \ RIGHT ! \ TEOTW ? \ A secret \ A fact \ Well, what d'you say? \ A dispute re: Mars \ Tip for mail-answers \ News on "Evil Science"
30 June 2004

Found Carl's tip \ A new E.T? an earlier E.T? \ Seems `Kevin Allen' agrees
06 June 2004

Secret of Roads? \ Power of ZERO? \ Rehashed Speculation? \ Revisit Magi \ Buddha's advice \ Soon - witchcraft trials? \ Any suggestions? \ Still true? \ Your own UEF Show?
21 May 2004

Buckle's Tall Tales now in \ Egypt's Eras ? \ Power PERVS \ UFO Request re: Norwood was Kenny Young (R.I.P) but try UFO Updates \ Eerie forecast?
13 May 2004

Dualism / dichotomy \ Court order? \ +ft? - lost your kind mail, pse send again \ high seismicity set to climb again 19th April \ La petite morte \ Killer coming? \ Elephants in Old America? \ Another Atlantis?
26 April 2004

Solar / seismic forecast-alignments \ Early suspicions now maybe verified? \ Nice work from E.Y.
05 April 2004

Lighter side \ Dr Montanari's (smart) diagnosis \ For post-grads \ New support in controversy \ a Voice from the grave? \ Friends in JAIL
28 Feb. 2004

BBC hid corruption from Greg Dyke & Governors, more \ Strange ancestry \ UK's doctors / coroners biased? \ S.E.T.I's blind eye to alien comms \ Killer flu - direct mutation \ UK's bent bureaucrats \ Cosmic copy-cats \ FireSPOOK?
11 Feb. 2004

Three die - flying east \ fake "shock" \ Mars jinx? or more? \ New Physics and Metaphysics \ SARS & Flu as forecast
30 Jan. 2004

From Gwyneth Jones \ Kate's LA arrest \ John's & E.Y's science \ Conspiracy \ Bad conspiracy ?
15 Jan. 2004

Cover-ups - for control? \ Rechecking S.A.Ds - Vikings - genes - "witches" or "aliens" - levitation - "Ages" - "sixth-senses" - dogma-th \ Expansion of Universe? \ Russian evidence v. ignorance?
04 Jan. 2004

'Quakes as Mars & eclipse forecasts (approx) \ Megaliths & comet swarms
20 Nov. 2003

GM fog \ UFOs \ media lies \ Flu? \ Gulf War \ "Storm" due to line-up \ Told-u-so - '97-'98 \ Berwyn Mountains - UFO? \ NHS corruption. \ Star Chamber? (secret court). \ Rock drawing
08 Nov '03

Sleaze update. \ Ghost surprise. \ Probs of biologists. \ Yes - 'quakes follow forecasts \ Warning? \ Sleaze again
11 Oct, 2003

Looks like that central peak (forecast) was trigger for 25th & 26th's? HOKKAIDO 'quakes. \ C'mon, calculate degree/strength of upcoming (4th - 8th Oct.) Moon - Mars alignment. \ [Next - 19-22 Oct. & 2-6 Nov.]
Novel News - Gwyneth Jones (ROCKSTARSREICH) and Ian R Macleod fight good fight.
27 Sep, 2003

Input on supernatural - from either direction? \ "Black holes"? take a look \ Local reader spots crooks in suits \ M/stream broadsheet notes our report @ "Go to" / "Data" / "The northern tax bill" covered-up by corrupt Press & BBC
24 Sept, 2003

Maybe better news for earth-quake predictors \ A researcher targets (some) bent judges, but, per previous mail, crooked courts still the norm \ Mini-jibe at posers miffed? by growing popularity, even w/mainstream unis, of Tops & Coriolis
19 Sep, 2003

Adds to "poltergeists" - also asks "Why does establishment (& BBC) fear the supernatural so much?" \ Update corrupt cops & murderous medics & bent bureaucrats
08 Sep, 2003

If elite of your country now live in `secure' enclaves? - check history's `forecast' \ Carl Sagan found weird / funny (in "Cosmos") - "UK Joke - or Cover" link
24 Aug, 2003

Buckle warning \ `Persian history gap' `Chinese Dark Age' & `Mycenean collapse' added to European - American `Missing Histories' \ Secret subsidies \ Unknown driving hazard
10 Aug, 2003

Non-UK folk won't believe - an arm of the BBC's just decreed that `their enforcers will be visiting `Perceptions' shortly'. Cover? "looking for a TV" - Reality - BBC abuses power & bans all criticism. Well well; - until a friend said "maybe those same enforcers `visited' David Kelly - when he became a danger to BBC liars."
You (and BBC) know there's no TV at `Perceptions' - but UK's elites have harsh powers to suppress truth \ Before Dr Kelly's mysterious death last month he testified that the BBC had twisted his words into "non-recognisability" - for their own purposes? [scroll to July 20] - Watch this space
03 Aug, 2003

UPDATE they obviously thought twice about `breaking and entering' - found a letter (BBC hand delivered) threatening "1000 fine". Ha! - `Perceptions' is always broke - by necessity (and on principle).


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