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Unholy Alliances

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Quotes from UK national press (published 9/26/99)

"Prince named as secret backer of hunt lobby" - "Campaigners condemn Highgrove cocktail party for blood sports group" - Sunday September 26, 1999

"Last night Charles's office angrily denied the Prince had covertly funded the organisation. But the Countryside Alliance told The Observer that the entry referred to the fact that the Prince had allowed his country home, Highgrove House, to be used to host a cocktail party in 1995, and that the list reflected donations in kind."

"Sir Christopher Bland, the chairman of the BBC's board of governors, whose name also appears on the list, is said to have donated a bottle of wine. Bland refused to comment, saying: 'It is a private matter.'"

[see BBC attitudes (in the UK)]

"The list of donors came from the office of the Alliance's chief executive Richard Burge. It was handed to a potential major donor after he sought assurances that he would be in good company and not 'feel uncomfortable'."

"Charles is not the only name on the list with Royal connections. Others include: the Queen's dressmaker Sir Hardy Amies; Lord Vestey, the meat tycoon and polo playing chum of Charles who is page of honour to the Queen, and the Marquess of Hartington, chairman of the British Horseracing Board and the Queen's representative of Ascot. The Duke of Westminster and the Duke of Northumberland are also named on the list."

"Mike Baker, UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said: 'The list confirms what we have long argued, that the Countryside Alliance is nothing more than a front for wealthy pro-hunters and the landed gentry to defend their rights to abuse animals in the name of sport.'"

"The linking of Charles to the Alliance is embarrassing . . . because of the organisation's links with extremists. The British National Party is planning to infiltrate the demonstration and rabid pro-hunt Alliance supporters are threatening to cause trouble."

[Note: search on aristocracy NAMES; English aristocrats change their names as often as nuclear power stations and for the same reasons, to evade fallout from past crimes see promise.html]

Extract from "The Independent" - "Peers did not declare hunt links in debates" - Fran Abrams, Westminster Correspondent 26 June 2000

"At least half a dozen countryside campaigners were among scores of peers who spoke on subjects in which they have interests, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary, without mentioning them."

"Among them ...

Lord Allenby of Megiddo [a trustee of the Country Sports Defence Trust]

Lord Mancroft [a board member of the Countryside Alliance]

Lord Kimball [deputy president of the Countryside Alliance]

Baroness Mallalieu [president of the Leave Country Sports Alone Campaign, president of the Countryside Alliance]

Lord Willoughby de Broke [a member of the Countryside Alliance]"

With so many of the elite and extremists involved the so-called Countryside Alliance begins to resemble previous unholy groupings.

The last we heard about was the pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic, anti-working-class conspiracy of English aristocrats, royalty and pseudo-intellectuals hiding behind Mosley's banners.

Successively they called themselves - "The New Party," "The British Union of Fascists," "The Union Movement," - and were conspicuous during the 30's and 40's.

Their activities have since been kept secret.

[See - review of "The Intellectuals and the Masses" - Pride and Prejudice among the Literary Intelligentsia 1880 - 1939
Carey, John. (London: Faber and Faber Ltd, 1992)

QUOTE - "a literary theory of fascism. One finds it still among certain literary intellectuals, many of whom think of themselves as politically progressive.

As Carey wrote, the aristocracy and elite prided themselves on having “proud dreams and proud lusts”.  These turn out to be merely dirty greed and dirtier pedophilia.  [see below]

Before that there was the pedophile network of aristocrats, judges, politicians - actually the same elite groups but more arrogant as they had much more power - who used that power to sexually abuse working-class children - promise & promise2

Their network was defended by the aristocrats and protected by the British government (by imprisoning an honest Pressman), at the time of "Jack the Ripper".

From 1888 and onwards into this century

Their activities have since been kept secret.

from pedosecret

`Perceptions' analysed public domain information (during 1995-97) and warned - during 1997, '98, and '99 - of elite pedophile groups even now committing sex crimes against children in Britain. - analyses

Those warnings have been ignored / suppressed so far by English police authorities and, most noticeably, by the BBC - which after each revelation of abuse has continued to broadcast reassuring "it's an isolated incident, we promise it won't happen again" message,
See warning.html & warning2.html - and by other media - see Gov't and CPS above.

One could almost think that British police and media collaborate with elite pedophiles. Or are they - particularly the police and the BBC - simply obeying orders coming directly or indirectly from upper-class perverts, child-molesters in authority ?

See laworjustice

See current investigation report dated 31 October 1999 from "The Times" internet edition

QUOTE "The Times" - 31 October 1999 : - from John Harlow, Social Affairs Editor - additional reporting Zoe Brennan and Simon Trump:-

"Paedophile inquiry ... Several public figures ... in a paedophile ring, including leading politicians, aristocrats and senior policemen"


"Such is the sensitivity of the document that the only copy is due to be placed in a strong room at the Cabinet Office"


See promise.html & authority2.html & genes5.html#evil2 & mediauk.html#believe

It seems - their activities are to be kept secret

See pedosecret.txt - the concealed VIP pedophiles are getting protection from their highly-placed friends and colleagues

Extract from laworjustice

MEDIA UPDATE: Since Aug. '00 - when ordinary people in Britain, Belgium and Italy rose in protest against governments' (and judges') protection of pedophiles in high places -

- the British establishment media, especially the BBC, have been surreptitiously propagandizing for sex-offenders' "rights to privacy" -

- perhaps under orders from proprietors (& friends with secrets), or perverts amongst judges, senior police, churchmen, aristocrats or politicians? -

- even though most pedophiles are arrogant recidivists, responsible for hundreds of attacks on children, and determined to assault hundreds more.

See laworjustice.html & promise.html & authority2.html & genes5.html#evil2 & mediauk.html#believe

It seems - their activities will be kept secret.

[ NEW as a result of Sarah's murder there is a UK call for openness

But the concealed VIP pedophiles in power are scared - pedosecret.txt ]

There are some disturbing resemblances to cover-ups, even in recent years

NEWS 09/09/01 bentcops13

NEWS January 2003 avoiders

A remedy for corrupt brutality? We found an answer!

`Perceptions' posted REMEDY for corrupt and pervert policeMEN

NEWS "Attack on Straw over extension of secrecy" Freedom of information: special report - David Hencke, Westminster Correspondent Monday January 17, 2000

Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?

"Jack Straw [ British Law and Order Minister ] has been severely criticised by Lord Woolf, chairman of the lord chancellor's advisory council on public records, for using the new freedom of information legislation to extend secrecy to cover up some of the worst scandals which hit the monarchy this century."

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