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From: "Ray D"
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:44:39 +0100
Subject: Re: Tobacco Cause of Schizophrenia? was re etc etc

Hi Lawrie / Kelly,
You've picked up some interesting `reports' there.

Taking the `genetic' hype first - here's Matt Ridley's `Nature Via Nurture' - "Schizophrenia has now been linked to markers on most of the human chromosomes. Only six human chromosomes (3, 7, 12, 17, 19 and 21) do not have putative links to schizophrenia.  But few of the links prove durable and every study seems to find a different link." [p. 107]

(And several twins studies would seem to show `schizophrenia' _cannot_ be a simple genetic inheritance.)

Next did a search for "schizophrenia" in `search perceptions' and found six or seven entries, many of which seemed to be caused by abusive actions of `authority' (parental or gov't inspired) or social / corporate pressures (think we can add `youngbrain.txt' to those, though schizophrenia isn't specifically mentioned by name).

Own impressions of some folk diagnosed as "schizophrenic" (or worse)?

i) in UK some seem to be simply intelligent youngish folk rebelling against in-articulacy forced on them by lousy education &/or their minority background - i.e. simple intellectual / physical frustration.  Found similar in overseas groups - but in UK the minority chosen for `schizophrenia' diagnosis is overwhelmingly West Indian;

ii) a friend who became (thankfully temporarily) totally paralyzed, as a possible result of virus picked up in Egypt, was clearly a problem for the specialists (much later was found to be a rare condition - only one or two other cases in UK) - so guess what they did?

While she was still paralyzed and having seizures they got a "psychiatrist" to diagnose a suitably vague `mental' / `schizophrenic' condition and for a horrifying week or three she was simply dumped (still paralyzed) in London's Maudsley Hospital (one branch of which is mentioned in those half-dozen other "schizophrenia" pages at `search perceptions').

[Visited her there evenings (luckily was in UK att.) and can promise you - you wouldn't want to be in there and helpless, even by accident.]

So her folks got her out as quickly as we could.  Matter of fact, she might be reading this - she's an active computer-user these days.

Finally try that "psystars.txt" page - Guess what? - A top expert admits "schizophrenia" probably doesn't exist!

Seems to me nearly the whole "schizophrenia" thing is a messy excuse, covering-up lack of knowledge, results of abuse of power and several other `social evils'.

Which doesn't say much for psychiatrists making money from spurious diagnoses.

Ray D

re - general state of psychiatry / psychology - some might be well-meaning (ha!) but think it's still mainly "metaphysics" and that the situation hasn't changed much from that described by "Buckle on Metaphysics" - written about 150 yrs ago!

speculation :- just as many police / security are crooks and killers,
maybe many / most psychiatrists are `mad'

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