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USPs - Unidentified Space Phenomena

with Martyn Stubbs' videos and Leslie Kean's Documentary

Three main types, in line with Martyn Stubbs' categories.

[Martyn's videos are linked in text and complete below.  Other smaller straight-line NASA traces and tracks have been temporarily put aside, as maybe space-junk or minor asteroids zipping past, although they probably aren't.]

BTW - more recently, sightings say the `first space phenomena' are now visiting Earth's surface - and being videod.


Aerial Phenomena   UFOs over London, pub. 18 Mar '09CLICK FOR REPORT - are seen down to near ground level in many accidental sightings and sometimes captured on camera.  Most often metallic discs but occasionally triangles and spheres (sometimes very large).  There appears to be a much smaller `jitterer' type, also seen down to near ground level but with more varied motions.

Space Phenomena One   Clustered around 12m `tether' 80-100 miles awayCLICK FOR VIDEO - are mainly found on NASA's Shuttle footage, like that NASA STS-75 Tether incident [Google - YouTube], and this `STS 80 - UFOs' Dance' vid, most often apparently leaving or entering Earth's atmosphere, enroute to or from elsewhere.  There's several types, maybe the most problematic are the distinctive `notched circles', whose appearance is so unlikely.

Space Phenomena Two   Close to NASA Shuttle - Inquisitive?CLICK FOR VIDEO - are ultra-fast, so mostly only seen as `metallic streak or cylinder', sometimes only in a half a frame (i.e for 1/60th of a second).  There's an interesting moment, at around c. 53 - 54 mins on the long version of the Smoking Gun video, when two exiting astronauts catch a glimpse of at least two, maybe three, very small `ultra-fast ones' scooting past them _into_ the spacecraft  (in which case they might've hitched a ride down to Earth's surface and maybe even to NASA Recovery HQ).

BTW - someone's posted a short examination of them at `NASA UFOs : the 2nd space phenomena' - (sorry about the music - RD)

Reports on Leslie Kean's Documentary

Scientist Kaku's agreement - TV Interview with Leslie - And on the Alyona Show

`The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun'
To find a working copy (seeing as how Youtube/Google keeps deleting them) search for "The Secret NASA Transmissions" in Google or Youtube

Here's some current versions or or or or

BTW - that `glimpse' of tiny entities entering the Shuttle - but maybe NOT leaving - is around 50 mins in - here's an edited Nederlands version (35 mins) at
where that `glimpse' is at 33 mins 40 secs or

BTW - someone feels so strongly about those NASA `untruths' that they've posted `NASA UFOs: the full "bed of diamonds" sequence', where you can see the silver spheres only come into view after 2 or 3 mins, whereas, if they'd been "accompanying ice-crystals" (as claimed by NASA), they would have been in-shot all the time!

STS-48 Incident - Video Evidence

STS-75 Incident - Video Evidence

STS-80, STS-82 Incidents - Video Evidence

Martyn Stubbs, who had to remain silent on various issues in `Smoking Gun', finally got permissions to speak out;  he also reveals weirder details that NASA seems intent on keeping from folk in the USA - in the `Part 2' video below

[Seems there are issues with this second interview - group(s) unknown occasionally force Youtube to delete / withdraw it.  Apologies if it's down]

`The Secret NASA Transmissions - Part 2'
Perhaps a more personally revealing follow-up to the `Smoking Gun' video.

This is where Martyn is finally released from some of his `vows of silence', and gets to make things clearer.  One item I personally liked in `Smoking Gun' was Martyn's earlier `debate me' challenge to NASA's fake `debunker' - J. Oberg. - 1:18:02 OR - 1:04:17 [might needs Google sign-in - fake worry about your age.] OR - 1:26:09 (with many adverts + intro from Graham)
OR maybe - 1:04:17

N.b - Seems that scientists (and a reluctant NASA) are now deeply involved - but the MSM (mainstream media) have a virtual black-out on the story.
N.b 2 - Martyn explains - c. 55:00 mins onward in full version - how NASA is now chopping-up its transmissions (very inefficiently and wastefully), solely to prevent you and me seeing more pictures of the Space Phenomena Two which he got for the `Smoking Gun' video.

You might want to compare that extra-ordinary Martyn Stubbs' `Smoking Gun' evidence with this 1979? classic `It Has Begun' (94 mins) with Rod Serling and Jacques Vallée

Alternative copies: or or (Part 1) or (Part 1)

You might notice that the `self-luminous' formations of many silver spheres seen in the unexplained 1952 Utah film (Wiki ref.) (shot by a Navy officer) are exactly like some recent mass sightings around Mexico City (presented in Pt 2 of a series of 9, by Santiago Yturria Garza & Jaime Maussan 2006 - Can someone tell Santiago or Jaime?  They're busy men and might've missed that), and also exactly like those above the atmosphere, filmed from space - shown in `Smoking Gun' and referred to as a `fleet', but which NASA rather lamely called `video fuzz', then more deceitfully labeled `ice crystals'.

BTW - someone feels so strongly about those NASA untruths that they've posted `NASA UFOs: the full "bed of diamonds" sequence', where you can see the silver spheres only come into view after 2 or 3 mins, whereas, if they'd been "accompanying ice-crystals" (as claimed by NASA), they would have been in-shot all the time!

Aerial Phenomena

Extensively and long-reported

Probably the best presentation - using offical FAA recordings of cockpit and Traffic Control voice - of documented sightings by pilots
Video - `Official FAA cockpit recordings of pilot UFO sightings' part 1 of 6

A mixed bunch, sometimes reported as triangular or spherical or other outlines, but more typically disk-shaped.

Close-up the disks can seem to have revolving rims (sometimes centers also) and, when not moving too speedily for obervation, often have a `falling-leaf' or rocking motion.  Although they are clearly within the atmosphere, often well below cloud level, they don't seem to get any lift from it, even when moving fast enough.

The `revolving rims' might be a visual artifact caused by synchronized illumination / radiation (at night) or a similar movement of attachments or sensors by daylight.

Although it would be tempting to think of them as `aircraft' there are objections to that idea -
a - they don't "fly" but move in the manner of an magnetic or inertial drive (like a directed `anti-gravity');
b - as with Space Phenomena, they can move or depart with lethal acceleration;
c - they are reported to have the weird ability to detect and react to the intent, observation and signalling of individual humans, although we know no way they could isolate one flashing light in a cityscape (& could anyone imagine any method of sensing `human intention' or `observation' alone?).

There are indications that some might be surrounded by a very strong electro-magnetic field, including occasional signs of hard radiation; ref-01 this would mean that humans within the field could have their perceptions altered / distorted.
Catch-22:  very close observations are therefore suspect.

Triangles and Spheres - want to consider large triangular and spherical craft here, since they are also appearing below the atmosphere, almost down to ground level.

They can be of vast size.  An example of a very large spherical craft is this `Giant UFO in Yukon Territory',  very nicely presented from `First Nation' viewpoints.  Particularly liked the illuminating witness accounts from 13:33 mins to 18:30 mins.

Large triangular craft have been seen many places, here's links to observations over Belgium Pt1 & Pt 2 (c. 10+ mins) and Phoenix, Arizona (3 min vid), and here's Richard M Dolan on the `Triangle Evidence'.

It's also worth noting that the large triangular and spherical objects seem to move in a smooth, stable and silent manner.  I.e - no `falling leaf' rocking.

So we might think there's at least one more propulsion method available for craft operating at low levels;  unless the use of multiple drives, for these huge objects, `flattens-out' / cancels the necessarily self-correcting rocking motion of a single inertial `motor' or drive - see discussion below).

Jitterers are small `craft' or maybe `entities' ranging down to human-size and even smaller.  See "UFO - NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE", and here's Youtube analysis version just in case.

They seem to appear in almost any shape, and can dramatically change that shape.  They often have `pulsing' attributes, move at various speeds around and over terrain and are prone to sudden high-speed departures or changes of position / location.  Inertia forbids such movements for human-piloted craft.
[Just now playing with the idea these `jittering' observations _might_ be our view of the ultra-fast types when they come down to Earth's surface?  Also, given their shape-changing abilities, they might have a longer history of sightings than presently realized.]

Space Phenomena One

Martyn Stubbs' `First Space Phenomena'

These are large, possibly up to several miles across, usually spherical or circular or glob-like, and are filmed - from satellite or spacecraft - traveling in long and mostly straight trajectories to or from Earth's atmosphere.

They typically seem to `pulse' in a synchronized manner.  That is, as their illumination pulses, their shape also seems to briefly change and there is also an apparent surge in velocity.  However these perceptions might be caused by our (NASA's) viewing and filming methods.

They're clearly not debris or ice-crystals, nor are they `meteorites' - some make 100G accelerations  (`acceleration' is used in the scientific sense:  an increase or decrease of speed, or a change of direction).

It's worth noting that although they generally seem to move at very high speeds in straight lines, they also seem capable of stopping instantly, or taking a sharp veer occasionally.  At those apparent speeds, such maneuvers would be fatal for human occupants subject to the ordinary `laws' of inertia / momentum.

None show any signs of significant interaction with atmosphere - their movements are not aerodynamic or even ballistic.  That is, they seem to be able to choose their position and velocity in space with impunity, and are able to disregard the rules of human `flight' - which is dependent on directed thrust and/or lift.

Notched circles - You'll probably notice in the near-Earth NASA space videos [NASA STS-75 Tether incident Google - YouTube / STS 80 - UFOs' Dance],  that there's a variety, the biggest of which, so far as I can tell, always presents as a full-face notched circle, with a distinctive motion.

A perpetual full-face (head-on) view is so unlikely that there's a possibility it is our `view' of an extension into our three-dimensional space.  Of what or from where - no idea.

Space Phenomena Two

Martyn Stubbs' `Second Space Phenomena'

These ultra-fast ones are totally mysterious just now (hope to try to find more footage and come back to this).

They can seem to be tubular but that might be an artifact caused by their speed.

They also seem to have a metallic sheen - n.b. have just re-looked at `Smoking Gun' and Martyn Stubbs there says his research makes him believe they are self-luminous and are `colored' - other than that, their actual material properties are vague at the moment (see `astronauts' glimpse' above).

Later entry - suppose you brought them lower, into the atmosphere, where they'd presumably be slowed down a little, you might be able to photograph them more easily - as `Rods'?  [Like the one filmed moving through and above the clouds over Albany Airport 2002?]


Notes -
If asked for one-word description of the motions of the (more easily visible) First Space Phenomena then would have to say `organic' or `biological'.  Nearest equivalent would be the movements of microbiota in a liquid medium.

There are indications that these entities (maybe not `craft') can vary or even completely control their visibility, perhaps by virtue of a surrounding energy field (see below).  Note the evidence of ultra-violet or infra-red photography - someone in Mexico had the bright idea of strapping a video-camera set to `night-view' alongside another camera set to `normal' and has captured some views of fairly low altitude spheres / lights.

In addition, a possibility exists that some could be non-baryonic in material nature.  That is, not composed of ordinary `matter' like we are.

The `Second Space Phenomena' are mysterious - hope to have more on them shortly.

Coming round to USPs as a name for all of them, because they're clearly not `flying';  so total accuracy demands that we call them USP (unidentified space phenomena), as the evidence right now says the larger `Space Phenomena' types come from far away, well outside of Earth's atmosphere.

And maybe those big ones are carrying-in disks, spheres and triangles, plus those ultra-fast scouts?

Thanks to Dimitris Hatzopoulos for many references and leads

'UFO video documentaries - military and pilot UFO sightings`

 UFO PHYSICS                                   EXTERNAL                                    UFO SUMMARY 


Mar '07 - Maybe it's time to risk an analysis

of the `Aerial Phenomena' at least

they've been seen below the atmosphere for a while, so we have lots of data

(on this site - remember giving Georgina Bruni a tentative run-down and schematics some years ago)

OK - think it's done - and the last bits were done using methods and tactics you'd use to track institutional corruption in authorities, police, gov't.

That's because we can assume (I think) that a certain amount is already known and kept secret, so the tactic is:

check the backgound history;  get on top of the `mechanics' of whatever's in question;  make some educated guesses and shout about them for a while, to find out -
a) where the real `destructive' opposition is coming from;
b) what subjects they're most sensitive about.

[ In fraud / local gov't corruption you get front men (inc. media / lawyers etc) coming at you first - keep pressing and eventually associations with a fat man-in-a-suit, or some bent cops, becomes obvious.  More or less same things happen here.]

So - coupled with the relatively short period of active suppression ref-02 of certain info (about 60 years), ref-03 it's now fairly obvious where the secret of UFO / UAP `technology' and propulsion lies.

And the same sort of signs pointing to that area of physical reality also show us that it's the area that's been most `over-mystified' by mainstream (gov't funded) science and mainstream (corporate funded) media for about the same period.

The secret is the `quantum field'.

Let's look at the first of the two sorts of `mechanics' they need:- incidentally both their needs are sort-of mentioned in that review above.

They've got some way of `shielding' the craft and its occupants from the effects of inertia - because unprotected humans accelerated at those rates (ie. start _or_ stop _or_ turn) would immediately become raspberry jam on the back wall.

Inertia is caused by a field or force - we've known that for a while. ref-04  It's also been suspected, here at least, to be the same field or force that enables `light', quantum effects and `gravity'.

And that field is `instantaneous' over any distance - otherwise you couldn't ride a bicycle or expect a gyroscope to work  Why?  Because the inertial `stability' allowing a bike to stay upright - especially a unicycle say, acts immediately (ask any circus uni-cyclist), but it's supposed to originate in the `fixed stars'; by which the scientists mean the mass of the universe. ref-05

Well, that's a long way away - on average half the radius of the entire Universe.  So the force is `instant' over huge distance.

When you can `shield' something from that force - then you can also use that force for propulsion.  The result resembles `anti-gravity.

The sort of `anti-gravity' produced by a single inertial drive will always give that `falling-leaf' effect visible at slower speeds.  The craft's position is balanced by arcs of repulsion from above and below, with repulsion from below being slightly less in the center.  [Because Earth is thickest directly downwards, less so at an angle]  That results in a constant self-correcting rocking motion for a craft.

As the field can be reversed, you can use it just as well for `attraction' - so you could simply point a separate generator at the Moon and say "Let's go in that direction" - but carefully, maybe, because the potential power of the field is enormous compared to anything we humans are used to.  Well, just think - it's responsible for all inertia / momentum in the Universe.

[Although the simple mode of operation is OK when near to a planet;  it's likely that a second, slightly different method would be used inter-planetary and definitely for inter-stellar - like using a ship rather than a canoe to cross an ocean.

The second method has the advantage of giving collision protection as well as inertial protection.

Also, with respect to that second note (review above), on non-baryonic possibilities for some of `Space Phenomena One' - that might involve movement of both baryonic and non-baryonic matter through space:  i.e carrying `cargo' and `passengers'.]

What's the second sort of `mechanics' they need?

Well, from lots of reports, slightly mentioned above, Aerial Phenomena sometimes behave as if they're instantly aware of things happening a long way away - and we'll include those accounts of them being sensitive to `intention' and even more sensitive to flashlights / radar txers being pointed at them.

That probably means they've found a way of focussing on local and distant events by `tuning in' to the field - which, as you might already know, enables `quantum entanglement' to act instantly over huge, maybe infinite, distance.

Maybe a bit more scary:  that might imply some ability - while tuned-in at least - to `read minds', or at least intentions.

If so - it's obvious why the top-people would want to keep it secret.  Their speeches wouldn't seem half so imposing if we could read their thoughts, maybe as subtitles!

An Early Assessment

Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard, KCB, CBE, DL:

"That while it may be that some operators of UFO are normally the paraphysical denizens of a planet other than Earth, there is no logical need for this to be so.  For, if the materiality of UFO is paraphysical (and consequently normally invisible), UFO could more plausibly be creations of an invisible world coincident with the space of our physical Earth planet than creations in the paraphysical realms of any other physical planet in the solar system...
The astral world of illusion, which (on psychical evidence) is greatly inhabited by illusion-prone spirits, is well known for its multifarious imaginative activities and exhortations.  Seemingly some of its denizens are eager to exemplify principalities and powers.  Others pronounce upon morality, spirituality, Deity, etc.

All of these astral exponents who invoke human consciousness may be sincere, but many of their theses may be framed to propagate some special phantasm, perhaps of an earlier incarnation, or to indulge an inveterate and continuing technological urge toward materialistic progress, or simply to astonish and disturb the gullible for the devil of it."

3 May 1969, Caxton Hall, London

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Early Truth


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