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the "good folk"

`In the Ring'
17th Century woodcut
"F. . . .s dancing in a Ring"
the Sun sees - doorway `under hill' - multi-anima fungi - dancing ring - anima tree
(RG.UP p 119)

Myth? / psychic need / `nature' / superstition / religion / cult / unconscious / sentients / parasites / Others?

David Williams of Penrhyndeudraeth
(west coast of Wales) was following his mistress home but was amazed to find he arrived at the house three hours later than her.

His account: he saw a brilliant meteoric light come down, followed by a "hoop of light" within which appeared a small man and woman "richly dressed" who jumped from the `hoop' when it touched earth.  They proceeded to make a circle on the ground in which a "large number of small men and women appeared and, to the sweetest music that was ever heard, commenced dancing round and around the circle".
Williams stopped a few moments - or so he thought - to observe the dance.

"By and by, the meteor appeared again" and when its fiery hoop reached the ground where the dancers were, the original couple jumped into it and took off as they had descended,
whereupon the small dancers disappeared `in a flash', leaving Williams alone in the darkness to continue his journey
- and arrive home three hours late.
From Elias Owen's "Welsh Folk-lore" (1888)
RG.UP p130
In the Vale of Neath (South Wales),
two farmhands named Rhys and Llewellyn were driving horses back to their home farm.
On the way Rhys thought he heard music so he told Llewellyn to walk on
- he would catch up `after he'd had a dance'.

By morning he'd not returned and suddenly Llewellyn was suspected of being a murderer.
Luckily a local farmer persuaded Llewellyn (and the narrator - one David) to return to the area where Rhys had disappeared.

Once there Llewellyn heard the music.  His foot was on a `..... ring'.

He bade David to place one foot on his, as did the others, whereupon they all heard the music and saw `a crowd of little figures dancing in the ring' with Rhys among them.

Llewellyn dragged him out of the ring and Rhys thought he'd only danced for five minutes or so.
But Rhys was left melancholy, so depressed that he died soon after.

From T. Crofton Croker's `Fairy Legends' (1825)

`From the Ring'

"Dragged from the "F. . . .s Ring"

RG.UP p 133

"The Little People of the Cherokee are a race of Spirits who live
in rock caves on the mountain side.  They are little ... reaching
almost to your knees.  They are well shaped and handsome,
and their hair so long it almost touches the ground."

The Hebrews considered mushrooms holy and only priests were allowed to eat them while the hallucinogenic properties of some varieties were ritually employed by certain holy men and warriors preparing for battle.
The white-spotted scarlet mushroom known as fly agaric, pressed for its juices and mixed with milk or curds, is reputed to have been the food on which the gods of ancient Greece feasted in their home on Mount Olympus.

A superstition common to many societies is that mushrooms are the offspring of lightning sent from the heavens.

C.D.S p330
Back in the seventeenth century it was thought unlucky even to mention the word `.....'

Euphemisms - [`the good neighbors' or `the little people] - were preferred.

Great care should be taken to avoid dark green `..... rings' in the grass, which mark the place where the `.....' have held a circular dance at midnight...

It is said that these may even indicate the whereabouts of a `.....' village.

C.D.S p186

`Devil's Dancers'
"Tam O'Shanter" by Rabbie Burns
Passing by Kirk Alloway, the drunken Tam sees
`warlocks & witches in a dance'
presided over by "Auld Nick in shape o' beast""
RG.UP p 128

"In the Middle Ages whole villages caught
a dancing hysteria and danced themselves
to exhaustion and death, especially,
it seemed, if they wore red shoes"
p. 164

Late August 1965 - Seattle, Washington - A woman woke in the early hours when a `football sized' machine floated in through the window of her room, settling - with an extruded tripod of landing legs - onto her bedroom carpet.

Six `tiny people in tight-fitting clothing' rushed down a ramp, began working on the machine, completed whatever tasks were necessary and, piling back into the `football', immediately took off - through the open window.

Whereupon the woman found herself free of the paralysis which had frozen her throughout this brief `pit stop' of `little people'.
Investigated by J Russell Jenkins
pp 86, 87

Typical Entities - from the '50's and '60's
"Tiny tricksters about 3 feet tall - sometimes described as `children'
- in tightly fitting `ski-suits' or uniforms."  `Seemingly obsessed with the concept of time.'

Other entities from the 1950's and 1960's - assorted dwarfs, gnome-like creatures and goblins.  Some described as being hairy, with red glowing eyes and pointed ears
p. 356

Malaysia  1969 - 1985
A long-running series of visits and contacts with tiny people.
The beings were typically 3" or sometimes 6" tall, and some of these visitors were seen to land in a similarly very small UFO.

"On 13 August 1967 48 year old Inacio de Souza and his wife Luiza were returning from the local village Pilar de Goaias (240 km from Brasilia - capital of Brazil) to the ranch where they lived and worked.
Approaching the ranch they saw threee child-like "beings" `playing' (dancing?) on the ranch's landing strip.

The beings noticed the de Souzas and began to approach them and just then "an unknown craft appeared on the scene" - looking like an "up-turned basin" hovering above the end of the landing strip.
"De Souza reached for his .44 carbine and fired at one of the figures", whereupon the craft emitted a beam of green light which knocked him to the ground.
As Louiza went to her husband's aid, the beings entered the hovering "basin" - which immediately took off at high speed.
In next few days and weeks de Souza fell sick and was diagnosed with burns in 6 inch circles on head and upper body.  Finally it was clear that he was in last stages of leukaemia and he died on 11 Oct 1967, about 3 months after the confrontation.

paraphrased - p. 91

04 July, 1969, Anolaima, Columbia
Arcesio Bermudez, with some friends spotted a `shining sphere' hovering near his home.  He shone his flashlight, as a greeting maybe.
Within few days he became seriously ill and was taken to Bogota Hospital - where he was attended by Dr. Luis Borda & Dr. Cesar Esmeral.

Arcesio worsened, and on July 12 he died, with symptoms ` like gamma-ray poisoning'.

paraphrased - p. 98

"The old (Irish) histories tell of a battle between the invading Milesians and a magically skilled native race, the Tuatha de Danaan, for possession of the country
The Milesians won
"It was split between them, the victorious Milesians taking the upper half and banishing the older race to the country below the surface"

RG.UP p163

T.C. Kermode, member of the Isle of Man parliament, when younger was walking through the countryside at evening with a friend who suddenly pointed across a river saying "Oh look, there are the f . . . . es.  Did you ever see them?"
Kermode looked and saw `a circle of supernatural light' in which, arriving in twos and threes, appeared a `great crowd of little beings - dressed in red' - "They moved back and forth amid the circle of light"
When his friend shouted the "folk" disappeared.

W.E. Thorner, serving in the Orkneys during WWII, came across a party of small-statured "wild men" on the high cliffs of Hoy one stormy winter's day.  They had sallow complexions and long dark hair, and `unkindly expressions on their faces' - They were all dancing

RG.UP pp 117, 118

Maybe that dancing in a ring isn't "dancing" at all - maybe it's something we aren't able to understand?


"FAIRIES:  Real Encounters with Little People"
by Janet Bord

ISBN 1-85479-698-4

Kobolds working
engraving detail "The Universe" Pouchet 1870

Deep underground, kobolds (`little people') excavating a fossil dinosaur.

RG.UP p 166

RG.UP - "Unexplained Phenomena - A Rough Guide Special", 2000 ISBN 1-85828-589-5

CDS - "Cassell's Dictionary of Superstitions Editor - David Pickering 2002 ISBN 0-304-36561-0

Other details from Lynn Picknett's - "The Mammoth Book of UFOs" 2001, ISBN 1-84119-075-6 (pbk)

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A carved chalcedony gem - 1st century BCE
RG.UP p 222

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