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psyche storms

`In a Dream ...'
`In a Dream ... ' 

Cyclical storms? / manipulation? / human-led? / Mil-Int/Corps? / external? / sentients? / parasites? / Others?

 Pharaoh Thutmosis III watches fiery `circles' in sky for some days - c. 1455 BCE
 Roman author Livy and historian Pliny the Elder separately write of sightings - BCE - CE
 Astronomer Maunder, at Greenwich, reported watching a great circular disc over London - in 1882 CE
 José Bonilla, chief astronomer, photographs a fleet of 400+ disks 200,000 km out, flying towards the Moon - 1883 CE
 Crowd of 60,000 witnesses disk descend erratically, hover over them, change colors, emit intense heat, at Fatima - 1917 CE
 Observatory boss & up to 200,000 people watch disk-form flying machine traverse Tananarive City, then zoom away - 1954 CE
 Control tower staff, Iranian General, three pilots, civilians see Tehran chase, jets outpaced, "herded" - weapons immobilized - 1976 CE
 Years of explosions, police / civil sightings, chases, fireballs and effects, contacts, military embargoes, outages, Puerto Rico from - 1987 CE

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research: UEF shield-protection Brain/body effects on humans
Mil-Int &/ or Corps
faked most

research:-: "Great Pyramid" built as "Faraday-Cage" for ELF / UEF protection
research: PARASITES arise in a PC's INFO SPACE, by stealing program's "ATTENTION"

research:-: Bronze-Age MAGI's observatories & ELF / UEF headgear

made wide review/analysis
maybe bad / maybe good!
ELF (& Hum?) Mil-deployment Why? Are effects-known?

Co-inciding research:- `Silent contactees' reported accurate "prophecies" leading to peril
reader asks
"You got anything on

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Agencies? / MIBs? / Corps?
Leon Davidson concluded, Jacques Vallée, Gregory M Kanon agree:- Many / most UFO `flaps' and many `cults' have traceable links to intelligence agencies - notably the C.I.A. (invokers / creators? of "The Nine")

Davidson quotes in: `Flying Saucers: An Analysis of Air Force project Blue Book Special Report No 14'
Vallée quotes in: `Messengers of Deception - UFO Contacts and Cults'
Kanon quotes in: `The Great UFO Hoax - : The Final Solution to the Ufo Mystery'
Scenarios ranging from `bluebird ops' to CIA-AFOSI - see REPORTS sect. (12)

Vallée - "The group of people who will first manage to harness the fear of cosmic forces and the emotions surrounding UFO contact to a political purpose will be able to exert incredible spiritual blackmail."

This page was excluded (made invisible) by ALL search engines - from 29 Oct '02 til 09 Nov '02. Who's got that power?

"Mind" PARASITES (sentient ?)
Tom Ray - later of Santa Fe Institute - released 80 bit `replicators' into a PC's INFO-SPACE (randomised memory),  a "land" named TIERRA.

The replicators acted like humans.  They breed, inhabiting PC memory and `breath' the PC's instruction-pointer or `attention'.
But after a while other dependents, only 45 bits long, develop, which `borrow' replicating powers from the originals in an emotional, or even sexual way.  But they only compete for space, no damage being done.

Then, suddenly new ultra-parasites come onto the scene.  These are only 27 bits long and so maybe classed as `non-sentient / non-living' but they have the power to stir up & agitate the PC `society' and steal from the source-emotional-energy of the social replicators and dependents - by diverting the perceptual `pointer' of the actual PC program.  Result: all of the original `sentient citizens' are robbed of `life-energy' to feed the parasites.

Our Universe - from another angle?

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quotes re: "E.L.F" (& "Hum"?)


"HAARP is not the only system available for taking advantage of these new technologies.  The military has developed smaller weapon systems for use in battlefield applications.  These new weapons ... can be used for mind control, inducing heart attacks, causing electronic failures and creating computer malfunctions" - "... the dark side of these technologies is the military"
see - HAARP1 and HAARP2, and maybe HUM REPORTS, or search for "HUM"

`Perceptions' query:- Is HAARP really an un-explainable experiment irradiating the ionosphere with vastly expensive Radio Frequency power transmissions?
Or is it cooking the atmosphere with radiation in order to control or limit information transfer - or even access ?

also "Citizens against Human Rights Abuse" and its maybe more radical relative - "Freedom isn't Free"

UEF - and " ~ shielding"

QUOTE "From UEF Theory, "cellular activity increases when ... more than normal [UEF] shielding ....And that cellular activity decreases under lower than normal shielding"
From radiation.html - "the UEF field can be diminished or distorted by use of a dense rotating mass, but even more efficiently by use of a rotating magnetic field"

Fact - Use of UEF Drive lowers energy levels of electrons [ie. power-outages / distraction, unawareness of bystanders (except sensitive few) / paralysis, memory loss] and of photons [ie. color-shifts / blurring, `invisibility']

From `time' & `consciousness' only the `new' forebrains of humans and higher animals possess - i) self-awareness ii) perception of space-time (passage of time) ...  Unshielded, the new brain's microtubules are swamped by increased UEF interaction ... the new brain is then effectively suppressed, leaving the old or 'reptile' brain more or less dominating actions and reactions
" cellular causes, technical sequence, chronology

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Great Pyramid - "laboratory?"

The: Great Pyramid - 6 - 7 million tonnes of limestone, built around a special chamber thickly lined with granite - not a "tomb" but a kind of screened or shielded laboratory

"... compartments ... above the ["King's Chamber"] ceiling ... some two to three thousand tonnes of granite.  Clearly therefore, the granite chambers above the burial chamber were not included in the design for structural reasons".  And why GRANITE? - Maybe its extra DENSITY?
"Since the ... shafts all measure only about 20 by 20 cm (8 x 8 in.), they were obviously never designed for human passage through them.  So what were they for?"

Did the original builders want/need mind-shielding?  And, in view of evidence that the Great Pyramid & the Sphinx actually date from c. 12,000 years ago - are those phenomena likely to recur?

Stone / Bronze - Age observatories (not "tombs")

Now we know that sages of the Bronze Age - c3,500 yrs ago - traced the Metonic cycle on their wizard's hats, of beaten gold.  [Why GOLD? - its extra DENSITY, of course!] These wizards' regalias have been found in Celtic Germany, Ireland and Wales - see `Wizards' & `Megaliths'

Our UEF/science readers might find a physical reason for sages/magi to need `thinking caps' of dense material that would protect/increase brains' cellular activity

And that as far back as 5,000 years ago their special buildings (today they are often [wrongly] called "tombs") were constructed with skills and knowledge we are only recently becoming qualified to appreciate

Were the magi & sages of 5 - 7,000 year ago also under mind-attack?

Are these cyclical events?

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Silent Contactees (truth here?)

Most contactees stay quiet or just tell nearest & dearest; do not seek publicity or fame
John Keel attempted to find a common factor in thousands of `silent contactee' events by speaking to silent contactees around the USA.  Originally a skeptic, he said he eventually became convinced of the existence of powerful but capricious beings.

He found a mysterious, ultimately destructive predictive force emerging from the contactees' ongoing reports:-
"What astonished me most .. predictions were coming in from wide variety of sources .. mediums ... automatic writers ... spirit world .. coming up with same as the UFO [silent] contactees.  Often the prophecies were phrased identically in different sections of the country ... we could not overlook the peculiar set of correlative factors"

Fatal danger hid in the prophecies: "This is the tiger behind the door ...  I didn't [set-up] cult impressed with accuracy of the ... predictions.  Others have not been so lucky" [viz. "Heaven's Gate" - "Solar Temple" ?}

John A Keel - "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse" New York 1971

Reader's query
From: Robert S. Hodge, USA - Tuesday, January 01, 2002, 02:24:13 (gmt)

"Do you have any links to Psychic Vampire sites?

Psychic Vampires are the real thing, they feed on the energy of others in many kinds of ways.  This is a topic I have followed for several years.

The folklore and legends of these malignant parasites is known throughout the world as far back in history of human existence.
Each culture adapts the symbols, lore to their own time and area. ..."

Unfortunately, at that time we had no info. and few constructive thoughts to offer Robert.

Now we're reading other reports.
Tentatively putting things together, from sources mentioned on this page & others, it's possible that a larger - and maybe darker - picture may be emerging

Maybe check this opinion `Men In Black - Energy Vampires' (Youtube vid) from Nick Redfern

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At a time when open-ness from the establishment was expected `any time now' at least two US politicians latched on to the "welcome ET" mood of the people.

(In 1973 both Governor Ronald Reagan and Governor Jimmy Carter were reported as `sighting' UFOs.)

Indeed, J.C. said "when I'm elected I'll make sure you get to know the real facts about UFOs"

Subsequently we could see that Vallée, Keel, Davidson et al were right all along.

VIP UFOs - Canada

05 Mar '69, over Ottawa, Canada.

Report:  `At least seven RCMP officers saw the UFO' - over the residence of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister.

Here's the RCMP Report - JPG image.

08 Mar '97, near Lympne, Kent, UK.

Two fire-officers reported seeing a triangular UFO hover over palace of UK's `Home Secretary' - in charge of Police, Courts, Security (see corruptlaw).
That was Michael Howard: seen as `Cruello d'Evil' by UK liberals.

But, strangely, the sighting wasn't truthfully reported.

The Press lied, saying the UFO was seen miles away, at Romney, far away from Cruello's lair.

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Governments formally deny sightings of UFOs, of possible alien visitors or even the likelihood of alien life or alien beings of any kind.

Especially noticeable in the case of USA and UK gov't & corporate agencies.


Much deception (esp. on TV), complex hoaxes etc. always ongoing; to confuse / discredit genuine investigation of sightings, mutilations etc..

Eventually traced to agents employed or funded by USA and UK Gov'ts & corporations.

Astronaut Dr Edgar D. Mitchell, speaking (1996) of Mil/CIA's
rigging of UFO/ET sightings/abductions:-

"I am convinced there is a body of valid [UFO/ET] information and that there is a body of information ten times as big that is total disinformation put out to confuse the issue"

"The dangerous part is, they [Mil/CIA] are operating a black budget, which has been estimated at over $30 billion a year.  And nobody knows what goes into a black budget"

Ed Mitchell (Capt. USN) - Lunar Module Pilot - Apollo 14.
Dr. Mitchell's info came via his Military & Security contacts.


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Albert Einstein wrote:
"It is possible that there exist emanations that are still unknown to us.  Do you remember how electrical currents and unseen waves were laughed at?"

A recent academic admission:
"No doubt many new senses remain to be discovered; there is no reason whatsoever to imagine that we have discovered all the possibilities"

"Alien senses might well be weirder still"

from the book by Professors Jack Cohen & Ian Stewart:
`Collapse of Chaos'
check their
"sixth-sense example"

Another, on grades of civilizations' powers:

"Ultimately, we could imagine a type `omega' civilization, which could manipulate the entire Universe (and even other universes)"
John D Barrow `Impossibility - the limits of science and the science of limits'
ISBN 0-09-977211-6

- - -
Can anyone summarize ?

& its effects in the `material' world

We say the basic energy field UEF, though ignored / unseen by humans - except for its inertial effects - has the greatest physical interaction, greater than any so-called "force"

So - the Universe is permeated by
powerful UEF information-space

From Tom Ray's work we see that replicators, maters, predators & parasites can evolve in information-space, even within the randomised memory of an ordinary computer.

Interestingly, at time we see that a standing-wave or regenerating pattern within UEF can be immune to the effects of `time' and, if organized, even self-aware, theoretically might be able to choose any time-position, and any form of corporeality - or none.

[ Could we be in a time-program run by Others? ]

[ Perhaps adaption of a UEF pattern-detector could bring about greater revelations in paranormal research & UFOlogy than the metal-detector did in archeology.
See instantaneous psi-effects on consciousness ]

Bear in mind that such entities therefore could arrange virtual invisibility to regular materially-sighted beings

Now we need not be surprised that,
as seen at "Magic or Mass" and above:
experiences and observed events do not follow,
so do not arise from,
known physical Laws.

- - -
Serious researchers in this field, even though they
were working without knowledge of UEF or of the data gathered by `Perceptions' have even so arrived at some surprisingly similar conclusions:

Profs. Jack Cohen & Ian Stewart wrote:

"We simply would not know they were here unless they wanted us to" - - "Planet Earth is ... near enough all we know ... If we assume Earth is typical, we are lost."
`Evolving the Alien'
2002 ISBN 0-09-187927-2

and [some aliens]
"might exist only in the gaps where the human perceptual systems are in their refractory phase and cannot register their existence."
`What Does a Martian Look Like? The Science of Extra-terrestrial Life'

Jacques Vallée wrote:
"UFOs do exist.  They are astounding physical anomalies that have the ability to affect the perception of time and space and the consciousness of those who come close to them. ... the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond space-time."
"Somebody is going to an awful lot of trouble to convince the world that we are threatened by beings from outer space."


- - -
`Perceptions' tentative thoughts

Deciding whether phenomena are real
seems impossible given incomplete state of human science

Considering items @ magic2, exosci, paranoid, from the "Little People" & ghosts, and from other `Perceptions' sources and from all above, we've got questions for you.  Here's a sample:
i) are your thoughts are being disturbed / altered?

ii) d'you think deals are being made with `Others'?

- - -
There's no reason to believe this age is sociologically
different from other ages.

Could our pains, all those
wars and other horrors
of known and unknown history,
come from non-human hungers of
our rulers?
Or of their rulers?

- - -
if we don't have control of our own minds,
then others might.

- - -

"Man can do what he wills, but cannot will what he wills"
A Schopenhauer 1788-1860

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REPORTS from - Age of Freedom - pre-1950

REPORTS from - A Dark Age - post-1950



- - -
Philip Corso
1997 Art Bell interview with Col. Philip Corso (youtube video)

Voice-analysis of that interview (and e-mail dispute)

Paul Hellyer
With Dr Steven Greer - UFO disclosure (google video)
2001 National Press Club Conference (google video)

Some details from Lynn Picknett's - "The Mammoth Book of UFOs" 2001, ISBN 1-84119-075-6 (pbk)  Others as quoted
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TOP SEARCH RESULT for "psyche storms" From 29 Oct. '02 to 09 Nov.'02. banned by S/Es
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Carta Marina UFO?
Detail from Carta Marina - 16th Cent.
What's this thing, reported by sailors to Olaus Magnus?

Check on the BIG PICTURE (at upper left).

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early space travelers?

A carved chalcedony gem - 1st century BCE?

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 Green Man 
Green Man of Bamberg

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Strange science, weird and unusual anomalies

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Alien Evidence

Speculative Possibilities


Cover-up Situation

Early Truth


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