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Space-time,  Matter,  Thought

Introducing the Universal Energy Field

Everything in the whole wide universe can be covered in these words:-
Space-time - Matter - Thought.

But ignorance, and circular arguments rule in `science'.

The problem is:  science cannot at this moment see what 'Space' is made from.

Here is an experiment, a test of the physical construction of Space:

take a volume of Space and empty it - yes, empty it.  For that Space was full of bits and pieces.  Hydrogen and helium nucleii, perhaps a few atoms or even complete molecules of matter, and lots of photons - energetic particles fleeting through, enroute from distant explosions elsewhere in the Universe.

So we empty that volume of Space, and to keep it empty we surround it with a net, fine enough to stop even an 'electron' from getting in to pollute our area of purely empty Space.

And - although we know we have emptied that Space - we do one more trawl through it.

Lo and behold! We find - nucleii.  What's happened?

[ Check latest confirming report and our conclusions ]

Well, some deep thinkers will go - "There you are, I always said that matter comes from nothing, or from the Primordial Consciousness, or the Effulgent Egg - or some such stuff!"

What really happened? That Space was empty - but now it contains tiny bits and pieces, coming together to make bigger lumps.

Those `deep thinkers' don't realise that the Universe is continually created by, expanded by, and held together by, - the speeding primal particles of its creation.

Moving much, much faster than light, they are, by science's normal instruments, presently unmeasurable and would be unnoticeable - if they did not happen to force themselves on our attention by enabling Electromagnetism, Inertia, Momentum, Gravity, and the so-called nuclear "forces" to exist.  In addition to causing some conundrums that "Big Science" refuses to discuss (because "big science" can't answer them).

see footnotes3.html#mass

see footnotes3.html#forces

see also crystal.html & blinded.html

We really should be aware of them, because they cause all the effects by which we sense the Universe, and they probably give a direction to Time - by which we live - or are dragged along by!

One trouble is that the speeding force / particles - the tiniest of the tiny - are dropping out of their f.t.l. ( C2 ? ) - life to form protonic matter - nucleii and their attendant 'electrons' - at a slow, almost unnoticeable rate.

However, if we had spread an even finer net a long, long, time ago, we might have captured the biggest haul of all, an emergence of either UEF or matter - into our Universe.

UEF is the primal force-field of the universe; an energy field now inwardly and outwardly radiating through a space fairly uniformly studded with 'matter'.

We'll interrupt this to give a quick intro to the Universe.

Let's begin at the beginning

We are given, by the theorists, an explosive beginning that is very vague about how "Magic Forces" came into being.

[UEF theory says there are no "magic forces" - only effects of UEF]

So let's take that (putative) explosive start.  It's got to be either an introduction of matter into a perhaps already ancient universe filled by an extremely strong force-field (UEF), or an approximate inversion: an entry of UEF, the basic 'force' into an `empty' universe, which might be very old already.

Let's try the second one first:-

1. As UEF explodes outwards for the first time in the Universe there would be a strange type of "Gravity".

By virtue of interaction with outward-bound UEF, matter situated at one of those Up/Down arrow symbols would feel UP (the direction of the arrow) as being in the direction of the greatest UEF intensity.

(As we still do today - but today's arrow simply points away from nearest large mass)

But that temporary (and very intense) "Gravity" would only have existed where, and as, the shell of UEF swept outwards.

Behind, in central regions the Universe would have reverted to a gravityless state - for a very short while.

initial temporary UPs

You might think that at this time the UEF would be pushing against a surrounding.  But, whether that's a void or something more substantial, there are problems with both ideas.

After all, if there was a boundary, then at outer edges, UEF would be pushing inwards, whereas we know the Universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate.

(Used 'claustrum' to designate any surround other than a void - same word gives us 'claustrophobia')

2. The UEF, while presumably still exerting a 'push' of some sort on the surround, is now also rebounding back into the Universe.  Another weird "Gravity" is back as a reverse wave - for a split second.

reversed UPs

3. Now UEF is distributed throughout the Universe as f.t.l. foci - of expansion and compression - at all points.  If matter were present it would feel our general and familiar "Gravity".

familiar all round UEF pressure ( ie 'gravity' )

Real "gravity" is here and almost immediately matter begins to accrete. (see above)

Once we have matter, UEF will push it into shape - into protons.  The UEF interacts with protons (nucleii) and we will have `electrons', `positrons' and `charge' - "Electromagnetism" - and the "Nuclear Forces".

The Universe starts its 'normal' expansion and its life

The other possible `beginning' of our Universe is a little different.  A compressive and expansive force field, existing for who knows how long, finally experiences a break or rip - causing the formation of a tiny piece of matter.

The size wouldn't be important; a single protonic body - less than an `atom' - would suffice, allowing the whole force-field to be concentrated on it.  Which means the initial material body would be very dense.

Indeed, its `elements' were much heavier than anything on our present `periodic table', and most probably couldn't be duplicated anywhere in today's Universe.

In addition, the mere existence of `matter' would change the previous `even' state of the force-field.  For the first time the field would be shaping itself around the matter into a pattern of reaction that we now call an `electron shell'.

This in turn will lead to further elements of the force field interacting with that shell of `electron' compressions (or `ripples') with the result that a tiny proportion of the field will be transformed into more `matter'.

The transformation is actually effected by the slowing-down of elements of the force-field to below f.t.l. speeds (not necessarily the present speed-of-light).

We should note that the creation of that first `electron shell' would have also created the very first radiation of "photons".

These you could think of as free ripples in the UEF field - carrying reflected or `released' energy outwards, theoretically to the very edges of the Universe.

Due to density of that initial piece of matter, the radiation event would have been extreme, and, if seen by an observer would have been the last thing observed.

That's because the photons would also have been `dense' - that is, extremely hard and energetic radiation, possibly preceded by a radiating spray of what we now call neutrinos - the most intense forms of proto-electrons.

This means we can't agree with the universe models presently fashionable.

UEF - the flux of Space-time - has an f.t.l. existence (how much 'faster than light' remains to be seen).

However, it does interact with matter.  If you insist on clinging to text book classifications of all the main effects as magic 'Forces' then the interaction is only perceptible using gyroscopics, UEF detectors, certain experiments, and by observing cellular damage.

UEF also interacts with electromagnetic phenomena (again perceptible through observing cellular damage and other experiments).

As a result of this interaction a percentage of the UEF flux is dropping out of f.t.l. existence, to become the basic ingredients of 'matter'.

This means we do not live in a 'Closed Universe' (big bang - big crunch) or even in a 'Steady State Universe' (eternal and serene).

We live in a universe which is steadily gaining matter* as it expands.

[* not necessarily gaining net mass, since binding energy may be decreasing, but we won't be aware of that. See time ].

And our universe might be much older than the discredited `big-bang' hypothesis allows.

UEF actions and effects:-

Net inward compression makes agglomeration of matter possible.  It pushes matter together to the proton limit, and as collections of protons (and "shielded" protons: neutrons) reach certain thresholds of size and density, UEF can, and will, push those lumps towards each other, or away from each other.

So gas molecules never touch, always dispersing.  Ignore the so-called "kinetic 'molecular collision' theories" - Maxwell's math was more trustworthy than his desire for conformity; the figures told him that gas molecules are constantly repelled - but he eventually subscribed to the crazy "ricochets" that the Kineticists thought necessary for a mechanical universe.

At the next threshold, some molecules become large enough and dense enough and, if close together - say in a 'gravitational' field, and their attendant 'electrons' are moving slowly enough - UEF can clamp them into liquid form, with, for the first time, an external surface, here endowed with what we call 'surface tension'.

And so it progresses.  UEF intensity dictates all the thresholds of accretion or dispersal of matter, from the sub-micro upwards through all the macro-scales.

We are held together by net UEF pressure, and even held onto our planet by the shadow - or differential - in that pressure, which 'science' in its ignorance believes to be a separate magic force: `gravity'.

And the UEF Theory decrees upper limits for accretion of matter.

See jets.html &
footnotes3.html#mass &

Problems that had worried us are now explained - and we can do something about them - like the mental and physical slow-down that happens to our astronautsThat is caused by the very small increase in net UEF inward pressure as spacecraft move out of Earth's 'shielding' effect.  We can, indeed we must, take operating "UEF Shields" along on board crewed spacecraft, to duplicate Earth mass UEF interaction and protective shielding.

Even better, we can use that extra shielding effect here on Earth.

Shielding in space prevents brain (and cellular) slowdown - therefore extra shielding here on Earth can increase brain speeds, and amplify and speed up cellular actions such as fertilization / germination and growth.

Power generation, anti-gravity (maybe even f.t.l. travel), and definitely f.t.l. communication [from "likeliest SETI possibilities"], are all made possible by using variations of UEF shielding and related techniques
to be continued - hopefully?

patent name and number ( i )

patent name and number ( ii )

Here are some date/time references - to later attempts by the author to give others the basic UEF Theory

Some earlier date / time anchor points won't be shown, so as not to embarrass some more - or less - eminent pundits who immediately denigrated the theory and others who simply ignored the information - but here is Arthur C. Clarke's observation which he kindly sent after he read an early draft of the UEF / CGbR theory.

Arthur C CLarke's note on UEF / CGbR

You might notice that UEF Theory and its confirming experiments give a causal explanation of photon travel and light pathways - for the first time.

Up to now they've had only a priori "least action" or "shortest time" rules, as if photons could think ahead and make decisions before action.

Most conspicuous (and causally impossible) photon "choices" were those of `reflection', `refraction' and `interference'.

Now it is clear that photons are constrained to form in, and take the paths of, available UEF intensity and `phase'.

Electromagnetic radiation is composed of UEF force or particles, but as a transient pattern of outward compression in the incoming UEF.  We feel those patterns as energy, and we can see some of it - as LIGHT.

All we know - Space, matter, thought - is defined, held or patterned in the UEF field, even the emotions evoked as you read this.

Although some of them will be fast intellectual patterns of almost pure electromagnetic interaction, others - fear, greed, hate - are imposed on our brains before thought.  Pre-immediate in action, they are also slow to change, being made from the chemical and electrochemical responses inherited from reptilian ancestors.

Perhaps one day we may progress to become pure patterns, unsullied by turgid chemical sludge which imposes greeds and hatreds on us.  In fact, if we want to survive the Universe - we must.

So how do we detect these "totts"?

How can we sense, catch or "see" them, or register phenomena which actually prove the presence of the UEF "field"?

Simple - just look around for all those phenomena that Science can describe but can't explain: -

the "gyroscopic principle", including the stability of bicycles, or even spinning tops or toys;

plain old momentum or inertia;

"angular momentum" (including all the versions of Coriolis);

and the allied fact that gravitational mass must equal inertial mass, because `gravitational attraction' is only the shadow that a mass casts in the inertial field that is UEF.

These are only a few examples

Also, UEF density - which is bound to be either increasing or more likely decreasing - determines the ARROW of TIME

Therefore, as that density applies, more or less equally, throughout our universe, 'local' time travel is impossible - unless . . . .

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