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1) Dowsing for water or metals - `divining'       2) Feng shui

This will offend almost all who read it.  Humans are rarely impartial.
On the one hand insecure 'scientists' will feel it their duty to sneer at something not documented and approved by other 'safe & respectable' scientists;
on the other hand escapists will be deeply angered by the discovery that some strange things happen without 'earth magic'.

From "De re metallica", and several other texts, there's evidence that a simple 'indicator' - below - has been a more efficacious sensor in the past than may be possible now.


That woodcut (from Agricola) shows the stages for finding metals:-
a) - center far background = cutting a fresh branch for rod or wand.
b) - upper left middle distance =  dowsing up, with split rod 'A'.
c) - 2nd left foreground = dowsing down, with another rod 'A'.

19 March 2000 - Llanelli, South Wales
Dowsing farmers find 1m spring [text link]

16 September 2012 - Galashiels, Scotland
Ettrick's Walter Elliot uses dowsing to find archeology [text link]

However medium and long-term changes in UEF intensity within the Solar System, may have contributed to a lessening of easily demonstrable past efficiency.

See which has the details of such changes.

It is reasonable to suppose that amplification of the effect we wish to detect would help restore the earlier - more easily recognized and acknowledged - efficiency of dowsing.

Such amplification could be provided, in a virtual way, by shielding the user (the human holding the 'dowsing' rod) from downward UEF, increasing the relative effect of changes in upward UEF that we wish to detect [see UEF Shields].

Now we understand the operation of the primitive handheld sensor, the design - outlined below - of more specialized and more efficient sensors should not be too difficult.

UEF environment

early scientists ?

FENG SHUI:- early practitioners.

We believe "feng shui" may have been an early science; see fertility.html, although unevenly practised and now degenerated to a subjective art.

[See also lost sciences]

To quote a paragraph from 'fertility.html' :-

"The rhythmically varying UEF shielding provided by flowing water provides a well known but previously unexplained effect on the human brain.

It takes the form of exhilaration, stimulation or relaxation feelings in most human beings caused by being above or near flowing water.  [So maybe that's why doctors recommend a sea-cruise?]

Some humans seem to have heightened sensitivity allowing them to sense the presence of water (and in some cases metals).

In ancient times (before man-made electromagnetic radiation), the primary causes of environmental viability were :-

1) water (static and flowing)

2) Earth's magnetic field (and local distortions)

3) geological strata

4) weather effects.

We believe that the first three are directly due to, and detectable by, UEF effects - as detailed above.

[See Index#paranormal]

An alternative method for extracting information from UEF (field) is outlined at crystal

How can we make a sensor that is capable of detecting differences in local UEF intensity - say caused by underground strata, of differing densities and compositions?

What established facts have we to work with, and what predictions / hypotheses can we make that might help with the design of our sensor?

It has been established that:

1) Molecular actions and cellular activities - including crystal formation, and perhaps brain function - in interplanetary space proceed at a different rate and in a different manner than these same processes here on Earth.

See:- newhome/headlines/msad18may99_1.htm  


2) Some molecular processes - specifically crystal formation, but perhaps most or even all others - can be shown to be affected by the presence of a nearby mass.

See, if it's down try our reserve copy at same document

It's predicted that:

Increased UEF intensity - outside Earth's 'shielding' effect - appreciably slows all molecular and organic activity, probably due to a combination of two factors:-

1) increased all-round compressive effect of UEF [seen by denser, more regular crystal formation in micro-gravity.  I.e. away from Earth's shielding.];

2) higher UEF intensity 'damping' the cellular (and neuronic) feedback mechanisms - necessary for all life functions and perhaps even for human consciousness - that have evolved in 'shielded' conditions here on Earth [We believe that this has been seen in recent NASA experiments - and you don't think those astronauts normally think and talk like that do you?]

How can we make use of these facts and predictions to devise a sensor?

Clue:- to make a barometer, say, we'd need to mechanically indicate a rise or fall in atmospheric pressure.  Folk do this by creating a low pressure atmosphere in an air-tight container and then compare that to the atmospheric pressure existing outside.  The difference - expressed as electrical or physical pressure - operates the barometer read-out or indicator.

Therefore, a complex-feedback physical system - sensitive to the above predicted factors 1) molecular density, 2) neuronic 'damping' - should react physically in one way when above a high-density stratum and in another way when above a low-density stratum.  And if the stratum is a dynamic fluid the response should also be dynamic / varying.

We'll try to use the effects that increased UEF intensity is predicted to have on organic cellular functions, and, because we are forced to use our own human body for this experiment, we'll concentrate particularly on neuronic and muscular functions [because we need to feel, or to demonstrate by movement, any difference detected by our 'sensor'].

We need to ask the human body to adopt and maintain a condition of balanced stresses and strains - controlled by neuron and muscle feedback mechanisms - that we can predict will be affected by a change in UEF intensity.


Anyone who's performed 'punishment drill' - holding a rifle in various positions before or above the body - knows that holding out both arms, while gripping an object with both hands, places the body in a state of (hopefully) balanced stresses and strains.

But holding a rigid object - one that withstands compression or expansion - would rob us of some of the involuntary movements that we predict could indicate a change in UEF intensity.

So let's substitute a springy , non-rigid object, which also should protrude so as to make any involuntary movements more obvious.  And, as the movements will be involuntary, caused by external forces not recognized or signalled by the brain, the object will appear to move of its own volition when the sensing device (body + indicator) moves in a varying UEF field.

a springy forked branch

some refs:-

"The Collapse of Chaos" by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart.  ISBN 0-670-84983-9 (hc) ISBN 0 14 01.7874 0 (pbk)

"Nature's Numbers" by Ian Stewart.  ISBN 1 85799 648 8

"The Emperor's New Mind" by Roger Penrose.  ISBN 0 09 977170 5

"De re metallica" by Georgius Agricola (1556 CE)

"Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia" by the Abbé Mernet

`Y' Dowsing-rod image from Gary Osborn at `Paradigm Shift'

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