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[Old] Patent Notes

These [edited] notes were written to accompany a Patent Application, printed 23 April 1998

NB. These notes refer to "UEF energy" and to "UEF particles"; these terms do not mean "electromagnetic energy," nor "particles of matter".

apologies are due for style of all these docs - attempted precision, got pedantic pomposity - without hoped-for clarity

Universal Energy Field

A definition of the parameters of a field of "energy" or "force" which is the basis of gravitational and inertial phenomena, of electromagnetic phenomena, and of subatomic or nuclear phenomena (these various known phenomena necessarily include cellular organic activity), and explanation as to why this field has been so difficult to recognise and measure.


Known phenomena which may be referred to :-

1. "Gravity" radiates, lessening with the square of distance: ( Intensity /d2 ). "Light" also radiates in accordance with this rule.

[However a secondary gravitational effect - the "tidal" effect in a group of similar objects falling towards a larger mass - lessens with the cube of distance: ( I /d3 ).]

2. A uniformly accelerating object will be acted upon by a "universal field" rather than by Earth's gravitational field ( this is known as Mach's Principle and refers to Mach's pendulum, Newton's Water Experiment and other phenomena ).

3. Light - and all electromagnetic radiation ( e.m.r. ) - when tested for its energy bearing properties, is said to have the characteristics of a discrete particle.

4. Light - and all e.m.r. - when tested for its interference properties, is said to have the characteristics of a distributed wave.

5. Sunspot activity ( increase in solar atmospheric storms ) is cyclical ( Schwabe/ Wolf ) and is associated with 10% - 20% expansions of Earth's atmosphere.

The cycle was thought to be 11 years approximately but is now thought to be over 23 years (when the solar magnetic field is reversed ), with "super cycle" periods of 76 years approx.. and of 180 years having been noted ( Gilliland et al. )

The solar cycle is also correlated with Earth weather conditions ( Maunder ), and has more recently been correlated with cyclical conjunctions of planetary positions ( from Nelson J.H. - 'RCA' 1940 ).

Inferred and expected phenomena :-

a) That human and animal brain activity "slows down" or is in some way restricted when away from Earth's normal gravitational field. The "slow down" is expected to be most severe at high velocities and in deep space, and applies to all other cellular activity in the body.

[This was inferred from the U.E theory alone.]

b) That organic cellular activity on Earth ( including that of the brain ), varies with solar, lunar and planetary positions and activity.

[ This was inferred partially from the U.E. theory, partially from incidental research on historical references - and in folklore etc. - to cyclical behaviour, and more recently from 5 above. ]

c) That the root causes of the cyclical activities in 5 above are "shielding"effects arising mainly from the inter-positionings of the most massive outer planets, in association with those of the inner planets.

[ This was inferred from U.E. theory, and more recently from J H Nelson's findings (1940) mentioned in 5 above. ]


A macroscopic body under uniform acceleration reacts to a force field oriented on the Universe (that is, the distant galaxies ) rather than the rotating Earth ( see 1 & 2 above ). Similarly accelerating electrons experience interaction with a medium that while limiting their movement, permits them to radiate electromagnetic radiation / photons in the direction of acceleration.

Field:- it is induced that there is a universal force field composed of moving particles. This concept reconciles the contradictions inherent in the quantum measurements of e.m.r. properties (see 3 & 4 above). Therefore light (e.m.r.), is a wave or perturbation in some way superimposed on a stream of particles which ordinarily move at a very high speed.

Travel:- To find the direction of travel of this field of particles we must consider emission of light (e.m.r.) from a point source. As this radiates, the wave must be imposed on a field which itself is travelling inwards or outwards to or from that same point. Discounting the possibility of particles spontaneously emerging from all points in local space, this leaves us with particles speeding inwards to foci at all points in our Universe, necessarily 'passing' each other and then travelling outwards.

This in turn means that light ( e.m.r. ) - a wave imposed on the field - probably travels against the field flow. This has implications for the highest possible speed of travel for light.

Speed:- Recent experiments show that "information" i.e. the state of "spin" of one electron can be passed to a distant matched electron at a speed very much faster than that of light. It is suggested that this information is transmitted directly via the universal energy field, at its normal speed of travel.

This "faster than light" speed is a theoretical necessity for the Universal Energy Field, for if the field travelled at a speed lower than c then any wave in that field would have a velocity which varied with its frequency / wavelength, as do waves in all other mediums. Light has a constant maximum speed, regardless of frequency / wavelength. Therefore the "speed of light" may not be a universal maximum, merely a maximum for electromagnetic radiation ( which is imposed on the field in a particular way, by acceleration of electrons ).

The Universal Energy Field particles must travel at a speed much higher than light speed, since all experiments to detect the movement of Earth through a static field have invariably failed, (Michelson-Morley etc.), due, it is suggested, to the extreme statistical insignificance of the speed of the Earth compared to that of the Field particles.

Effects:- Effects of the Field are felt by 1) nuclei, 2) electrons, 3) molecular matter, interactions which in turn affect the local intensity and pattern of the Field. Hence nuclei are bonded ("strong nuclear force" created ), electrons are impeded ( "e.m.r." and the "magnetic field" is radiated), and molecular matter is compressed and impeded ("inertia" created and "gravitational field" radiated).

These interactions are of respective efficiencies of the order of 1, 10-2, 10-39, as suggested by B K Ridley ("Time, space and things" 1984), and for the reasons partly forecast by H Weyl ("Ann. d. Physik", 54, 1917, p.133, and "Gravitation und Elektricitat" 1918.).

Use:- The "U.E. Shield (and generator and motor) is a method of a) using the above interactions to limit or shield the intensity of the U.E.F. in order to enable or increase various nuclear, electronic and molecular processes , and b) to abstract energy from the U.E.F..

NOTE : The interactions noted above may be represented as having the following relative efficiencies:

Mass (gravity) = 1

Electromagnetic radiation (field) = 1 x 1037

'Strong' nuclear = 1 x 1039

IMPORTANT: It may seem to be a difficult project to "approximate [the mass shielding] of half that of a medium sized star" by using only a fast-rotating mass. True. However, a fast-rotating electromagnetic field and / or a fast-rotating emitter of wide-band electromagnetic radiation will serve as a more efficient absorber or deflector of UEF energy. see NOTE also jets

Note: all UEF energy 'absorbed' or 'deflected' by any type of natural or artificial UEF 'shield can be re-emitted in the form of a 'jet' - an axial 'anti-gravity' effect which, if powerful enough, will also generate electromagnetic radiation in an axial 'beam' from footnotes2 & fbanswers#jet

Re verifiable date / time points in the history of circulated drafts:

patent name and number ( i )
patent name and number ( ii )

Some date / time anchor points will not be shown (so as not to embarrass a few eminent scientists who frankly disbelieved and perhaps even denigrated the theory - open-minded professionals are rare - but here is Arthur C. Clarke's observation, which he kindly sent after reading an early draft of the UEF / CGBR theory

Arthur C Clarke's note

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