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Elite science - "big science" - has become arrogant and slightly removed from real life. note 01 & note 02

Just like Victorian scientists deciding they'd completed all science note 03 and achieved all possible inventions, over a hundred years ago, so today's smug `scientists' are making false assumptions about almost everything.

For instance, dimly realising that `electricity'& `magnetism' are linked (but not directly & equally as they think) they've assumed that magnetic polarity is `equal and opposite'.

In "The Emperor's New Mind" - Roger Penrose, OUP, ISBN 0-09-977170-5
Penrose refers to the search for magnetic monopoles - on which much time and money is being wasted:-

"The difference between the electric and the magnetic case is that individual 'magnetic charges' (i.e. north and south poles) do not exist separately in nature, magnetic particles being what are called 'dipoles', i.e. tiny magnets (north and south together)." - Ch 5 "The Classical World" p218

But reality is spelled out (mostly) at emission and radiation - more details in other UEF pages.

Mainstream physicists (26 June 2000) still think a magnetic MONOPOLE could exist. But that's not possible

For the 'dipole' magnetism of an object is caused by passage of percentage of diverted UEF through magnetic material.

That `external' energy input - from UEF - is the answer to the physics `mystery' of permanent magnets, which are not explainable otherwise, since a power source should be needed by laws of classical and quantum physics.

[I.e. - once a material has been `magnetized' - by deforming its molecular alignment so as to receive the (spiral percentage) of UEF flow or `pressure' - that flow will maintain `magnetism. Differences in a material's molecular shaping and `rigidity' will determine the permanence or otherwise of its `magnetism'.]

Yet there is one theoretical monopole example which could save the faces of those mathematical physicists.  The one place where `magnetism' can be, indeed must be, uni-polar is the putative edge of the universe.

So the only possible magnetic monopole is at the same time impossible to find (att.) and impossible to miss - because it's all around but out-of-reach.

Inside the Universe

Note: QUOTE from charge.html

"It can be seen - from radiation - that a/m small number of spiralling UEF energy points are brought about - 'instantaneously' - at each photon 'bunching' occurrence.

That's the real explanation of why any electric field is accompanied by a synchronized magnetic field.

Many readers will realise this is the first and only truthful explanation of linked electro-magnetic fields.

Lacking knowledge of UEF, mainstream science is forced to gloss over unexplained linkage, although many detailed descriptions are printed - as we show at footnotes2.

So there's always a point of entry of diverted UEF and a point of departure - of very slightly less - diverted UEF.

So breaking what were the scientists' assumed `symmetry laws', and therefore causing the loss of parity in beta decay.

UEF, otherwise ignored by mainstream science - although it endows all our superstitious "Forces & Laws" of mass, matter, inertia, momentum and gravity - does make itself briefly visible when passing through a magnetized substance.

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