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From: "Ray Dickenson"
To: <ufoupdates at>
Subject: Zero-power space-links?
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:25:13 -0000

Hello List,
A while ago someone asked why we don't see evidence of alien or ET transmissions - thought to necessarily involve high power usage.

As folk know, I've been nagging on about `entanglement physics' for a while.  Well, recently (11 Dec) got around to it and thought up a system, which, on paper, probably explains why we don't see any significant communications power being used in space around us.


Obviously I'd be interested if Listers spot any fatal flaws.  The assumptions are  a) that entanglement works instantaneously - (f.t.l is already proven);  b) that `modulating' entangled photons (already being generated by a mid-way star) effectively uses zero power.

Ray D

Faster than light Communication?


Entanglement works.  There is f.t.l. transfer of information between `entangled' particles - this has been confirmed in the laboratory.

The effect, and some of its calculated implications are summarized under headings of `E.P.R Effect', `Alain Aspect's Experiment', `Bell's Inequalities', or `Bell's Theorem'.

F.T.L COMMS :-:-

Notwithstanding Einstein's somewhat superstitious diktat - that no message can travel faster-than-light - there is now a possibility of using that `entanglement link' for practical purposes.

Let's say we have a base-station 100 light-years away across the galaxy in the direction of Orion, which we wish to communicate with from a station on Earth.  An intermediate star at about 60 light-years distance from both Earth and Orion stations (chosen in advance and known to both Earth and Orion stations) is bound to be blasting out billions of photons non-stop.  And many, maybe most, of them will be originating as `entangled' pairs.

When Earth and Orion train their telescopes on that mid-way star, there should be a constant stream of entangled photons being received at both ends of the proposed link.

By forcing `actions' on entangled photons arriving at Earth, we will also be impressing those same `actions' on their partner-photons arriving at Orion Station.

So - by encoding a message on those photons locally, we will also have sent that message to Orion - instantaneously!

See 2007 update below


We already have a widely used methodology for reclaiming such imposed actions, or `modulation', from a chaotic background  - it's called `spread spectrum technology', among other names.  Using forms of differential encoding and decoding of the modulating actions, it might give us an instantaneous communications link.

In fact, we could synchronize that demodulation at Earth and Orion stations by using fast-running pseudo-random generators as in-step clocking.  This would allow breaks, when transferring reception to another telescope for instance,  without compromising the link's operation.

This process might enable say, a permanent video conference link - i.e. wide bandwidth operations - across a hundred, or a thousand light years - and would need virtually ZERO POWER for transmission!
Interestingly, there's no reason why folk across the galaxy shouldn't be using it right now, as a general broadcast method.  If we go outside we may feel the ghostly touch of photons fleeting past us, whose `shapes' carry a live, constantly updating version of the Encyclopedia Galactica  - or, less inspiringly, `morning TV' programs from next-door stars.

See 2007 update below


Only slightly more controversial would be the modulation of the basic field itself.
[ When `mass' causes a permanent shadow in the UEF field we think of it as a force - `gravitation',  while faster changes, caused by movement or re-arrangements of masses, would be still today be called `gravity waves' - because our physicists are slow to rethink and re-label past mistakes.

BTW - that's the reason why `gravity' - a spurious `force' - isn't quantized.  We know that energy generation, transformations or transfers enacted through the field are restricted to quanta.  However, any shadings or attenuation of the field by matter and its movements are necessarily `smooth' - non-quantized.

This has implications for our understanding of `redshift' ref-1  - some examples of which are found to be partly-quantized.  So, logically, `smooth' redshift is due to `gravity' and distance plus a small contribution from relative velocities.  However, quantized redshift must be caused by some form of (locally generated) energy field in the region (or direction) of the red-shifted object. ]

However, if someone is capable of modulating the basic field, how could we detect it?  In other words: what mechanism could we use to de-modulate their signal?


Well, the field is detectable by the attributes it gives to material matter.  Inertia is an obvious one, and mass itself is another.  So, as all `constants' of physical matter ultimately depend on the field - which should we select to use as a high-speed detector of any signals imposed on (or within) the `intensity' or even the `phase' of the basic field?

Most of what we call `constants of nature' (of the universe) are merely pulls, or pushes or speeds - like "c" - and are expressed in terms of physical things - which is pretty crude, for our purposes anyway.

However, there is a `dimensionless number' - the fine structure constant.  It's a ratio of some `physical constants' divided or multiplied by others to give a `number' which doesn't quote physical things , just the strength of whatever holds matter together.  And, if you think about it, that's exactly what we're trying to detect - the (possibly changing) intensity of the basic field.


There are many methods and balancing tricks used to measure the `fine structure' figure.  All we need is one that reacts very quickly to changes  (which probably rules out all those miles of underground tunnels with mirrors at each end used for `gravity wave detection').

[Think that's a lost cause, at this time anyway.  Even a star exploding doesn't much change the mass situation in its region - the material is still all there, just spread out a tiny bit more.  `Gravity' can't tell us much, if anything, about an event it didn't really notice.]


BTW - the simplest detector of any modulation in the field's intensity would be something sensitive, held together by field-intensity and actually operating electrochemically;  i.e. - constrained by the field's intensity parameters.

That could be a group of brain cells, already used for speech recognition, which just happens to act as a demodulator or detector for the field.

[ Rather like someone's spectacles or even dentures just happen to demodulate the local radio station's RF output - so s/he hears the station's programs. ]

If achievable, that would give you instantaneous inter-galactic (or universal) communication - by telepathy!

That's only acting as a receiver of course  - transmission, although not needing any more power (as we see above), might be more complex.

Still,  it's good to know there's a `scientific' explanation maybe hiding behind all those `voices' that history, religious texts and recent `paranormal' reports heap on us.

Background: Suggest reasons for entanglement working

Photons - (`particles' of light) and electrons (`particles' of matter) are not, as our atomist physicists believe, `mass-produced'.

That is, any photon, of a given frequency (i.e - energy, color or temperature) is not necessarily identical to, and interchangeable with, any other photon of the same frequency. ref-2

That's going to shock most modern physicists,  who're stuck in a mechanistic, Newtonian ref-3  mode of thought exemplified in text books by sentences like "Our bodies' atoms are the same as those in a tree or a wall or a star"  or  "All atoms of a given element are identical to one another".

Why? - (and how?) :-
As well as classical attributes - size, shape and frequency (`temperature' or `color'), each of these so-called elementary particles also possesses an identity, recognizable / detectable by UEF.  This attribute can be (badly) expressed as a unique `shape', a compound of shape of slope-of-frequency and shape of spin. ref-4 

In the case of the photon (and electron, and maybe even larger configurations) that amounts to the photon carrying a holographic `picture' of its birth - its originating (or modifying) event.

All particles are affected by UEF's ubiquitous `pressure' according to their classical shape, size etc.  However, because many particles (and atoms, maybe even molecules), can carry that unique `shape-of-origin', they have the possibility of an even stranger and stronger effect.

That is, if two photons are originated or modified by one event, they'll have `identical' but mirror image `shapes' and thus be effectively joined by an active UEF link.

Its effect is that any change in the `shape' of either particle will instantaneously be reflected or `impressed' onto the other - no matter how far apart they are, even across the width of a galaxy (or maybe the universe).

This, to atomists and relativists alike, is spooky stuff - action at a distance, and f.t.l. action at that. ref-5

Seems that European Space Agency is just now following these instructions.

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