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a pattern - alive?

"Psyche Storms"  asks if more alien - non-protonic - lifeforms could exist, and how they might interact with material (protonic) animals such as ourselves.

We Earth-animals survive by `eating' complex carbon molecules (our own building blocks and therefore our food), and we propagate or reproduce by using RNA / DNA to make approximate copies of ourselves for the future.

Ordinary intelligent earth-beings are capable of going beyond physical (protonic) limits by generating electromagnetic brain oscillations that we call `thought'.

In fact, people say that a human without the ability to think is a `vegetable'.


In energy fields with a rhythm or frequency, areas of standing waves can arise and have a `life', however brief.

Given time, such patterns could extend that life by `feeding' on irregularities in the energy field, learning to perpetuate themselves.

Let's not forget, unlike our paltry few billion years, such life could have been developing since the very beginning of the Universe.

It follows that such beings could have the same degree, or much more - of the `intelligence' of any other life forms.

They could initially be `grazers' (or predators) of other patterns (irregularities) in the energy field, which, as we know, is how different kinds of intelligence developed here in material, organic animals.

At first, had thought the idea of such `patterns' arising and perpetuating would be heavily criticized by skeptics / debunkers, and was surprised to find that more mundane physicists & biologists had already theoretically allowed part of the basic hypothesis.

Chapter 8 - `The Nature of Laws'
"Such patterns are likely to arise in any dynamical system with suitable features ... spatial extension, a particular type of oscillatory local dynamic, and coupling rules for how one region influences its neighbors.

These phenomena do not depend on detailed properties of the underlying setup, such as which chemicals you use or even whether you use chemicals at all. They depend on certain universals ... - spacial distribution; local oscillations; certain kinds of short range coupling.

They are independent of any underlying chaos; indeed, they are independent of a great many regularities as well."

p. 266 `The Collapse of Chaos' by Professor Jack Cohen & Professor Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-670-84983-9 (hc.)


Chapter 4 - `Not-Quite Life'
"The quantum-mechanical vacuum is a seething mass of particles and antiparticles being created and annihilated in amazingly complicated ways: a vacuum has more than enough complexity to organise itself into an autonomous agent."

p. 65 `Evolving the Alien - The Science of Extraterrestrial Life' by Professor Jack Cohen & Professor Ian Stewart
ISBN - 0-09-187927-2

Later found that James Jeans, an eminent physicist of an earlier generation, had theorised along similar lines :-

"Indeed it is easy to imagine beings in inter-galactic space, where matter is rare, endowed with electric senses in place of our material senses, who would regard photons as the primary constituent of reality, and matter as something outside the general course of nature."

`The New Background of Science' by Sir James Jeans 1945

Putting those facts / speculations together, you'll see that those energy pattern grazers (or predators) might readily adapt to graze or predate on the energy fields generated by humans (or others?).

So, which `brain-waves' would they prefer?  And would they foster or force human activities to produce them?

Answer - maybe that would depend on their `tastes' -

- greedy, primitive ones could crave strong patterns, ie. fear, distress, pain, even `death agony';

- while more advanced ones might want harmonies, ie. `altruistic' `intellectual' or `inspiring' patterns of thought.

Later - have been informed that (some) advanced intellects want knowledge (rather than power, say), and that their greatest pleasure is in analysis of that knowledge (rather than physical use of power, say).

If all that's happening now, you might agree on which group seems to be controlling most of Earth's rulers -

- but

- is any group influencing the motives of us normal folk?

And what about Others?

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`Boltzmann Brains' report shows science trying to catch-up - with talk of "self-aware entity which arises due to random fluctuations".
Checked - and here's the Wiki-ref

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From `timeprob' and its links, we can see that a `force' or `field' entered - or was introduced into - the Real Universe some time before protonic matter could have existed.
Therefore there is no record available to us of how that quantum field, UEF, or `quintessence' came to be.
All that is visible to us is the fact that it made possible the formation of our kind of `matter', with its `mass' and `inertia'.
Whether that initial formation was a `big bang' or a `small spark' is also unknown.

From the amount of protonic matter that science says exists in the Universe - about 5% of total - it might be presumed that it is relatively new to the Universe, especially if the asymmetry of space-time is continuing to create more protonic matter.

Later `timeprob' also infers that our kind of protonic matter is formed, held, and perpetually being re-clenched by the field - maybe one billion3 times per second say - so humans can `see' other protonic matter which is similarly held by the field.
But if older `matter' or form, perhaps of a more permanent nature exists, could we `see' it?

Or, as it presumably doesn't interact with electrons or other `material' phenomena, would it remain `dark' to we beings who have to rely, for visual and instrumental information, on the stimulus of photons, which are only complex reverberations in the quantum field (UEF) itself?

Energy entities - there seem to be two possibilities:-

i)  that entities formed spontaneously as wave-patterns in the quantum (UEF) field - as outlined above.  In which case we should be prepared for the fact they could have been evolving for about 15 billion years  (the assumed age of the protonic universe,  although several factors point to a 150 billion year span at least!).

ii)  alternatively, if there was already some form of `energy' in the pre-protonic Universe  (which we can't know about),  there's an equal chance of energy entities - maybe totally undetectable by us - having been around for many more billions, maybe hundreds or thousands of billions of years.

UPDATE - Nov. 2009
News article about E.T and the Vatican - (text copy) - which has this final paragraph -
"The Academy conference will include presentations from scientists - by no means all of them Christians - on the discovery of planets outside our solar system, the geological record of early life on Earth, how life might have started on Earth, and whether "alien" life of a different biochemistry to our own might exist here without our knowing, among many other things."

Interesting.  Do you think this page's speculation - first aired on this site a decade or so ago, initially as a text file (same name and title) - is maybe being taken seriously in some `high places'?

Dec. 2010
Some considerations of the shapes / forms (morphologies) of entities which might have arisen as patterns in a universal energy field - as outlined above.

1) - It's important to realize that such entities could - and usually probably would - be invisible to us.  That is, they might not normally `choose' to interact with visible light.  After all, visible light is only a tiny fraction of the vibrations in the energy-field which form the electro-magnetic spectrum, on which they might be browsing.

[It may be useful to recall that such entities are not affected by gravity as such, as their `bodies' (patterns) do not have material (protonic) mass - which necessarily also means they have no inertia.]

2) - Making an analogy with earthly life-forms evolved to live entirely enclosed by a surrounding medium (the deep sea), we can think that an entity which arose in deep space would most likely have a spherical form, and that its `sense-organs' would be self-generated modulations of that form.

I.e. being a pattern in the energy field, and `feeding' on disturbances in the field, it would need to detect those disturbances - from arbitrary distance (and virtually instantly, as allowed by the properties of the field) - by creating radial `rods' or `tubes' of sensitive patterns leading from the surface of the sphere to a central processor.

The larger the sphere, the longer would be the sensitive `rods', and therefore more accurate at greater distance.

3) - By a similar analogy, we can guess that an entity which arises and exists close to a field `barrier', like a planet or even a star, would be a `flattened spheroid' - i.e. a disk or `saucer shape'.  In this case most of the radial sensing organs would be mainly in the plane of the disk, although one would naturally expect some verticals - `up' and `down'.

N.b. - We can expect that, if the entity so modulated its radial sensing `rods', their outer ends could refract or reflect or even emit `photons'.  In the case of a disk, they would then appear as a belt or ring of lights around its circumference  - with a central vertical `light', either `up' or `down', which might only appear as/when those organs are sensitized.

N.b.2 - After arriving at those conclusions, realized those two sets of configurations and attributes would also permit the otherwise incredible sensitivity of some `unexplained aerial phenomena' - that is, their reported speedy reaction to flashlights, other electrical eqpt, and even to an observer's "intentions".

27 Dec 2010 - Speculative Update

Some humans believe that the Earth and its resources were `created' for their benefit, while others say that humanity, by virtue of accidental evolution, has `inherited' domain over the Earth.

It might come as a shock. or at least a salutary lesson, if we eventually find that the entire Universe - seemingly `designed' to produce stars, light (e.m.r) and energy - is actually regarded as the `property' of those beings who first evolved, many billions of years ago, to directly use (consume) that electro-magnetic energy.

And that they might regard us recently spawned life-forms - crude organic beings living in squalor on late-evolved rocky planets - as mere vermin, dirtying-up their starry environment.

05 Jan 2014 - Some known ET facts and issues arising.

After consideration of the observational data:
including Martyn Stubbs' downloads of NASA film evidence of massive ET activity in near-Earth space and an apparent act of space-aggression by an Earth government (causing a 135 degree plus turn by UFO);
and conclusions from Richard Dolan and Tim Good (with some nuggets of info not generally known or publicised);
eventually find these issues:
Observations say that:
groups are numerous and apparently of different `species';
groups have differing motives (aims), methods and `ethics', all opaque to us;
groups do not know or use money (i.e. no personal wealth or property);
groups have differing expressions / appreciations of `time', all incomprehensible to us;
some or all groups seem to have an interest in Earth genetics (human and animal);
some or all groups use biological entities, some with little or no intelligence, as tools, `quasi-robots' or agents (seemingly without concern for their well-being, as they are often abandoned).
A logical conclusion seems to be:
that advanced beings are (diversely), workers or hivers or projecteers or collaborationists - i.e. hence no `money' or tokens of wealth / power (see `The Culture' for the logic).

So, either these observed groups are composed of individuals selected for intelligence and dedication;
those advanced societies have rid themselves of greedy elites and other parasites - including `eaters'
(an evolutionary outcome which is forecast by `Altruist Survivor' theory - although apparently quicker than anticipated).
No firm conclusions can be drawn as to the long-term motivations or aims of the groups - apart from the obvious danger that some or all groups might consider all or most humans as biological tools.

Ray D

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