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Fertility:- fecundity, fruitfulness, productiveness

Fertility of plants, animals and humans has changed in the past, increasing and decreasing in cyclical patterns.

The cause: changes in our relative shielding from UEF pressure caused by:-
1) changes in the Moon's rotation rate and distance - and
2) cyclic alignments of mass within the solar system - and (perhaps only slightly);
3) Solar system's own changing position within various arms of our galaxy.
See footnotes3.html#mass and links for density, inertial mass and gravitational mass changes due to 'shielding'

This page initially got some disbelief - Now biotech co's, health org's & Gov'ts are downloading.
IMPORTANT: This page does not give medical advice, although average conception rates can be altered using information below
QUICK TIPS - mid-day-time fertility increases around NEW moon; mid-night-time fertility increases even more around nights of FULL moon.  (Especially w/eclipses)
Details here and here
LATER - check NASA news-release 21Nov01


Daily (diurnal)

diurnal increases and decreases in cellular activity due to increased interaction with UEF caused by Earth's 24 hour rotation.

From UEF Theory - for approximately 6 - 8 hours per day increased interaction with UEF will cause a general slow-down of cellular activity - see diagram

In Earth organisms this has been partly obscured by
a) adaptations to diurnal feeding by certain organisms;
b) reactions to ultra-violet radiation and heat at mid-day (+ hour or so) in hotter regions;
c) increasing day-length.

Humans still find clear thought more difficult during night-time and, bearing in mind that in ancient times UEF pressure was (probably) much greater than today, old `superstitions' about the dangers of being outside or even awake at midnight - peak of UEF pressure - might seem less fanciful.

day / night UEF shielding

Measurable differences will eventually be found, in brain cell density and cellular activity, between day-time & night-time.



Full Moon
When the Moon is 'full' - opposite the Sun - it intercepts a maximum amount of UEF energy and thus prevents a large decrease in cellular activity on Earth's nightside.

See also `fullmoon' below - Failure of modern 'experts'

forces at full moon

'No' Moon
But when the Moon is 'old/new' - in Sunward direction - all available UEF energy impinges on Earth's nightside resulting in slowdown of cellular activity.

forces at new moon



Tip No 1: Although the Moon's shielding effect has decreased - from UEF Theory it follows that a higher rate of cellular fertility exists at 'full moon' especially at midnight and highest of all say, near the equator when Sun - Earth - Moon are nearest alignment, as in eclipses.

Tip No 2: From UEF Theory it is also possible to increase fertility locally using a rotating mass or magnetic field - a 'UEF Shield'.

Monthly (continued)

There are many references in European folklore to stimulated cellular growth before the FULL MOON; i.e. during the `waxing Moon'.  Also to restricted growth / increased density before the NEW MOON; i.e. during the `waning Moon'.

These references are still mainly denigrated as 'superstition' by conventional modern scientists.

Suor Maria Celeste, nee Virginia Galilei, elder daughter of Galileo was the most competent of his children.  During Galileo's travels, trials and tribulations it was Maria Celeste who, from the convent, took charge of the many family and domestic problems he would leave behind.

Writing to her father on 24 - 26 Feb. 1633 (Galileo was then in Rome to be interrogated and tried for heresy) Maria Celeste noted "The vines in the garden will set nicely now that the Moon is right" - and, if we check the orrery - the Moon was full on 24 Feb. 1633.

From `Galileo's Daughter - A Drama of Science, Faith and Love' by Dava Sobel - ISBN 1-85702-712-4

[Ironically, Galileo himself rejected all folk-lore about the Moon, as `old wives' tales.  Which was why he failed to solve the connected mysteries of `tides' and therefore of `gravity' itself.]

Lt Col P.H. Fawcett - writing of South American customs, (c. 1913) -

"In the Acre planting was always done four days before or after the full or new moon, according to the crop;  in fact it was then quite common throughout South America to plant in accordance with the moon's phases, and any neglect to observe these was said to render crops more liable to attack from pests.  The same precautions were taken when thatching with palm leaves, in the belief that fronds cut during a waning moon or too near a new moon were liable to be rapidly devoured by insects.  It is unwise to condemn these as primitive superstitions until they are proved unfounded.  Personally I think we have yet much to learn about the moon's influence."
p. 73

`Exploration Fawcett' - by Lt Col. P.H. Fawcett. (1953)

John McLeish, mathematician, included a reference in his amusing and revealing survey of maths - `Number - From ancient civilizations to the computer'

The ancient Chinese Empire was much more advanced in mathematics than the 'elitist' and 'inhibited' stagnant European cultures of that time.
[check note & other reference to Europe's Dark Age]

Over two thousand years ago Chinese court scientists (astronomers & astrologers) arranged rituals to ensure continuance of the imperial family line.  Now it seems they knew more than we thought.

The Emperor's sex life was regulated - and observed - by the secretariat.

The imperial harem was large - 1 Empress, 3 senior consorts, 9 spouses, 27 concubines and 81 slaves (assistant concubines).

Although it would seem some of the ladies might have to help the Emperor rest and recuperate - Why?

Check "rota" - quoted by McLeish - that the Emperor had to follow -

First night = the Empress,

next night = the 3 consorts,

next night = the 9 spouses,

next three nights = the 27 concubines (9 per night),

next nine nights = the 81 assistant concubines (9 per night).

On the 16th night the Empress again and so on to the end of the [lunar ?] month.

Phew !!

[ McLeish is quoting from the `Record of Institutions of the Chou Dynasty' (1122 BCE - 256 BCE) compiled around the second century BCE. ]

The Empress was favored by having the Emperor's services for the night of the full moon, followed in nearness by the 3 official consorts.  Why?

For preserving political alliances it was important that these women conceived.

It seems that ancient Imperial China's canny astronomers / astrologers had found, from their extensive historical records, the correlation between night time fertility and the FULL MOON.

Mid-day fertility increases at NEW MOON, when the Empress could again be favoured.

From `Number - From ancient civilizations to the computer' - 1991 by John McLeish - HarperCollins ISBN 0-00-654484-3

See also - `Estrus' findings & paranormal & NASA news-release 21Nov01

Maybe see also psychological effects below


Annual and half yearly increases and decreases in cellular activity due to increased interaction with UEF caused by Earth's annual orbit, and c) the Sun's motion w.r.t. Milky Way.

It is suggested that for approximately 3 months per year * the increased interaction with UEF will cause a general slow-down of cellular activity (superimposed on diurnal / nocturnal rhythms) - see diagram

[ * time spent in that part of orbit heading galactic East - into augmented UEF pressure ]

It may be that this has been partly obscured by evolutionary adaptations

Earth's spin & orbit speeds

1) "Speeds of travel" that we could be affected by - Earth's equator spins eastward at 1,000 miles per hour and Earth itself orbits the Sun at another 66,600 miles per hour (solar eastward).

We could also consider -
1) Sun's speed `galactic eastward' - 44,000 mph w.r.t Galaxy
2) Milky Way's (angular velocity at radius of Solar System) w.r.t `local universe' - 600,000 mph

2) Forecast of night-time-easterly flight-trauma exceeding westerly trauma has been confirmed (but more data needed); we can logically induce that UEF's `local frame' - that is, as informed by "local" masses of Earth / Solar System - has most effect on cellular activity.

Why? - Because we don't seem to suffer huge half-yearly effects from maximum / minimum speeds w.r.t `galactic frame' - 110,000 mph against `minus' 22,000 mph

[ Hold on that - reconsidering S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syptoms that some folk suffer.  It may be that most of us have simply adapted to (became inured to) this effect.  More research needed - but impossible att. ]

3) Another forecast - space vehicles at very high speeds will experience slightly more UEF resistance, apparent increase in inertia, when traveling due solar-East.  Even more so when traveling due Galactic 'East'

Caution Note


Timing - Effects - Note

A woman listener asked a BBC R4 phone-in: "Is it safe to travel by air (long-haul) while pregnant?" - [last week of September '00]

The BBC expert replied "Go ahead - it's safe"

Adding that any spontaneous abortions / stillbirths after air-travel 'are probably coincidence'.

We [me - author] immediately rang BBC during program - realizing that our findings were not only for astronauts, n.a.s.a., industry and the military.

Not surprisingly, the BBC refused to add our warning to their broadcast program.

Note: general ft-02 and specific conclusions say a threshold of damage potential is being straddled by many of today's high altitude, high speed, long haul air flights.

That does not mean that everybody on such a flight can immediately notice physiological changes - or the harm suffered.

For physicists: threshold is of increased relative angular momentum, w.r.t. the UEF frame (mostly of local Solar System? - see below).

Extrapolated: that more obvious `compressive' effects will be from long, high, fast, eastward night-time flights across medium to equatorial latitudes (west-bound gives different symptoms).

Timing:- Media Record

1 - Phoned the BBC during actual program which OK'd air travel for pregnant women - last week of Sept 2000.

2 - Checked our facts, preparatory to publishing warnings - next day or so, Sept/Oct 2000.

3 - Informed media (& BBC), and web indexes known to be listing `Perceptions' pages - in case our caution note upset their content assessors / readers:- warning1, warning2 - Date: 01 Oct 2000

From this point some real [non-BBC] journalists began to get involved, especially in USA where `Perceptions' has many organized readers ft-04

4 - Airlines immediately told the media that the story "may be radiation damage" ft-05
BBC - apparently involved in later cover-ups ft-06 - also broadcast `radiation damage' as cause of 'illnesses'- but cover was too flimsy.

5 - Next few days / weeks partly revealed some of the many previously unpublicised seizures, collapses and and fatalities caused by flight trauma.

Our thanks to real journalists asking probing questions who elicited even that much.  [The sad death of young Emma Christoffersen, announced in this period, increased pressure on the airlines to reveal more of truth.]

6 - TEXT RECORD of reactions.

7 - Possible commercial or gov't influences put spin on story, claiming "only economy-class affected" - clearly untrue ft-07 - and that "only results are DVTs" (deep vein thromboses) - also untrue. ft-08

8 - Subsequent grudging official `acknowledgements' followed by `guidelines' and finally `warnings' issued by the British Gov't among others - later in 2001 / 2002.
Now official warnings approach that `Perceptions'first gave: that pregnant women, the elderly & those with certain medical conditions should avoid taking long-haul flights crossing several time-zones

9 - `Research' ft-09 ongoing and we expect `Perceptions' forecasts will be fully borne out - eventually.

Fear of offending large vested interests may still be severely limiting public statements by `experts' / perhaps slowing pace of research / restricting public access to results.

Media Record

Full effects on brain and cellular activity,
especially of trauma to women,
are more recognizable if read with notes on:-

cellular causes   ft-02
technical sequence   ft-10
chronology   ft-11
media record   ft-12


Physical effects of 'flight-trauma' -


- temporarily increased density of cells, unbalanced slow-down of cellular activity - from high speed, high altitude flights in night-time easterly direction - see nitefite ?
[later - Jan '04 co-incidence? - "3 die flying EAST"]


- temporarily decreased density of cells and unbalanced speed-up of cellular activity - from high speed, high altitude flights in night-time westerly direction.


- possibly complex combinations of effects above - from high speed, high altitude flights that overlap direction and time divisions.

Some detail above and more in `Perceptions' notes at jetlag2 & jetlag4


- division or degrees of trauma, by 'shielding' effects conferred by a rotating mass or electromagnetic field.  In most cases, ironically, this means that 'economy class' passengers have more protection, along with some cabin crew.

[ D.V.T. - 'deep vein thrombosis' is merely one obvious symptom / outcome of flight trauma, others include change / damage to the functions of heart, brain and central nervous system. ]

- mutations -see below

Mental - from below, also "nitefite" & "conscious" (& brain).

Astro - Launches are day-time and thus save astronauts from extreme UEF trauma.  (launches are mainly eastwards - to use 'slingshot' of Earth's spin)

[ Even so, astronauts suffer increased UEF 'compression' when away from Earth's shielding effect.  This slows down cellular activity and affects brain 'consciousness' as noted elsewhere - from confir & conscious & astroko ]

`Perceptions'does not offer medical advice.

However, evidence - from UEF Theory - says that cellular change ('flight-trauma') is caused by UEF pressure during certain modes of air-travel.  See above

We believe it will be shown that this 'flight-trauma' does cause mother/womb shock or damage


Were we justified publishing that September 2000 "WOMEN -WARNING notice?

Check recent Bristol University tests of female flight crew - "because women appeared to suffer more acute jet lag" - reported at

See BBC's cover-up of effects on female [only] flight crew - Here's real background from genes4 & footnotes3

Note : UEF shock or trauma, is separate from any slight damage caused by energetic electromagnetic radiation and particles ('solar', 'galactic' and 'cosmic' rays) which is experienced during high-altitude polar flights.

I.e. if the 'flight-trauma' was caused only by radiation then westward and eastward effects would be about equal.  They are not - therefore the extra damage is due to UEF shock caused by moving into augmented UEF pressure (augmented by Earth's rotation speed).


If gov'ts / airlines were really interested there is a simple test -

Fly two sets of volunteers completely around the world - one group westward and the other eastward - during local night-times, returning them within say three or four days to their own original time-zone.

Subsequent monitoring, for about twenty - thirty days, should not be contaminated by long-term slow-down or catch-up effects since they are back in original time-zone.

Any differences between Westerly flight and Easterly flight effects will be solely due to cellular trauma (caused by high speed travel increasing UEF interaction)

Web trawl results :- jetlag (previous to 1999/2000)

Updates from Web & Press (some with `Perceptions' notes and forecasts) at:- jetlag2, jetlag3, jetlag4, jetlag5, trauma9 and ft6

LATER check NASA news-release 21Nov01

This caution note is posted on `Perceptions' pages and in Q&A and SciMail

Full effects on brain and cellular activity,
especially of trauma to women,
are more recognizable if read with notes on:-

cellular causes   ft-02
technical sequence   ft-10
chronology   ft-11
media record   ft-12

From above, we say cellular activity increases when humans experience more than normal shielding.  That is, when near large rotating mass or magnetic field.

And that cellular activity decreases under lower than normal shielding, when further away from Earth's mass - under "space" conditions.

Further, large & fast variations in shielding affect not only the stability of cells but also their integrity and makeup.  That is to say - damage / mutations will occur more often than normal.

Enough facts are now available, or at least could be made available, to let us make careful checks of the family outcomes of astronauts, of long-haul flight cabin crews and of frequent air-travellers.  We suspect statistical anomalies will emerge concerning numbers of offspring, physical / mental symptoms, gender ratio etc

The major difficulty would be to disentangle causes.  However, while high frequency radiation at altitude gives a fairly constant effect with time, it may be possible to get indications of effects of variations of shielding by extracting flight direction / duration data.

Full effects on brain and cellular activity,
especially of trauma to women,
are more recognizable if read with notes on:-

cellular causes   ft-02
technical sequence   ft-10
chronology   ft-11
media record   ft-12


Increases and decreases in cellular activity due to long-term planetary alignments.

See work of J H Nelson, for RCA in 1940 - investigation of short-wave radio phenomena related to sunspot activity.

[This work seems unappreciated, until now]

It is suggested that from UEF Theory that - in addition to sunspot activity and weather and temperature cycles on Earth - long-term planetary alignments, which increase or decrease UEF shielding within the Solar System, will increase or decrease tectonic movements on Earth and also cause cellular activity to vary similarly. See solcys

Later note - you can now check alignments of the planetary masses.

Later Note: Tragic events have confirmed the forecast of tectonic activity after the August '99 eclipse (11th) and the closely following Sun - Venus - Earth alignment (20th) - (see M.o.D. reference: D/INV.U/1/5/01BS18; Office of Science and Technology reference: S392 , subsequent letters dated 23rd/24th October 1999.  Also NASA **,, and SUBJECT - "Your results" Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 15:14:13 +0100) - The severity of the events has also confirmed the degree of UEF shielding conferred.

Consequently we can provisionally forecast a statistically anomalous increase in human births around 17th May - 1st June 2000 [date is approximate - not all babies wait around for 280 days]
Other fertility blips will follow.

[ Statistically you can forecast EARTHQUAKE & FERTILITY PEAKS using this software ; bearing in mind that effects are stronger when Full/New Moon is most closely aligned (i.e eclipses), and also when Venus, Saturn, Jupiter (less w/Mars) is aligned with Earth/Moon at, or closely before/after, a New or Full Moon. ]

Finally (Feb. 2003) got the data for that period - from UK's "Office of National Statistics" - Yes, there was an increase!

ALL BIRTHS (2000) increased from April (49031) to May (51752), then decreased to June (49917).
BIRTHS to 35 - 49 yr olds increased from 1999 (94065) to 2000 (98463).

So, there was a May 2000 blip as forecast.

Note: It is also suggested that a decrease of UEF shielding means not only a decrease in fertility but a similar decrease in all cellular activity, including that of the brain

In view of long term fluctuations there may be a recurring physical reason for noticeable 'Dark Ages'.

Further, that smaller cycles of increase and decrease of intellectual efficiency might be affecting us.

These caused by:-

a) the various cyclical alignments of masses within the Solar System;

b) further cycles of alignments imposed on the Solar System by its - probable - gravitational entanglement(s) with nearby masses.  These may be 'external' asteroid belts, stars or complete solar systems.

We've been observing our own stellar neighborhood for only a short while - a few hundred years - using only inefficient detection devices of eyes and crude telescopes.  Any gravitational interlockings with neighbor(s), and long, interlocked orbital cycles, are very likely to be unknown to us.  See PRECESS

Now, several years after this page opened, we've found a bit of reality from science:- "Most stars in the sky are members of double or multiple star systems.  Our solitary Sun is something of an anomaly" - Carl Sagan in "Cosmos"

See - "" 2003 - `doubles & triples common'

Note: from visitors1 / visitors.txt and all above we can speculate that sudden very large variations in shielding associated with near-misses and actual catastrophic impacts would lead to more and wider degrees of mutation and therefore greater possibility of evolutionary diversity among survivors of the impact.

The 'experts' are now seemingly agreeing, telling us this seems to have been the case after both `recent' impacts / extinction events.

Would a much bigger impact give higher mutation rates?

Previously unlinked data seems to point to a very large mass involved in maybe repeated near-misses or collisions about 500 - 600 million years ago.

query? - - cause?


Very long-term increases and decreases in cellular activity due to the Solar System's travel from thickly to sparsely populated areas of Milky Way galaxy.
I.e. "Our solar system enters a new spiral arm every 50 million years or so" or
"Solar system leaves / enters an arm every 25-30 million years"


It is suggested, from UEF Theory, that, in addition to above noted phenomena, our Solar System's movements cause long-term changes in cellular activity.  I.e. variations in local Galactic mass / density will change overall UEF shielding in the Solar System.

In 1977 Fischer & Arthur estimated the cycle (of mass extinctions) at 32 million years, but in 1984 Raup & Sepkoski made the measure 26 million years.

UPDATE - 2005 March, Muller and Rohde announce they'd detected an underlying 62 million year cycle of extinctions - loss of diversity - in the fossil record, over 545 million years.  However they did not specify the mechanism or cause of any damage suffered by Earth's eco-system.
Muller's `Nemesis' page;
Muller & Rohde's extinction graph.

UPDATE - 2007 April, Medvedev and Melott find a cause: a cyclical up-down movement, above and below the disk of the Milky Way, exposing the Solar System to an increased cosmic ray shock every 62 million years.
  (National Geographic report)

Maybe associated links
- setigift2#INTELLIGENCE
- `Life waxes and wanes with bobbing of the Solar System'

Other Changes

Any changes due to a larger-scale motion than that of the Earth around the Sun might seem only an academic question, because they would each probably occur over more than one human lifetime.

However there are questions remaining, concerning 'Dark Ages' - see above


Long-term decrease in cellular activity, due to slowdown of Earth's rotation rate and slowdown & increasing distance - D-00 of the Moon.

- a rotating mass provides shielding from UEF in proportion to its rotation rate (directly), and its distance (inversely)

- at one time the Moon spun faster than it does today, and orbited much closer to Earth D-01

- so the moon's UEF shielding effect was much greater than now, and fluctuated more significantly

has caused Earth's animal life to synchronize its varying reproductive cycles - estrus - human menstrual cycle / `rut' (disguised in human males) - with the Moon's UEF effects at stages of their evolutionary history.

Establishment `science experts' don't really ** know the factors driving reproductive evolution of humans and animals on Earth.

So they misunderstand the past and are confused D-02 about the present situation.

Cycle changes

Anthropology `experts' claim variously that:- the human female has no estrus or that human females lost or abandoned estrus or that human females have become `permanently receptive'.

Those claims are all untrue - more due to male fantasy, misogyny or plain ignorance than to interpretation of facts.

UPDATE 2007 - Looks like the professors finally decided to catch up with reality, maybe they even asked a woman:- 12 September 2007 - `New Scientist' - "Women may come into 'heat' like other mammals"

It is true that humans (& bonobos m-01), have loosened the seasonal grip on reproduction, by virtue of continuing evolution. m-02

That is, we humans now have a female cycle which runs throughout the whole year, not limited to seasonal `windows' as is the case for most other mammals.

Most mammals' estrus m-03 cycles start running in early spring and stop before winter.

And it is also true that this means human females (& bonobos m-04), theoretically can have sexual sociability with some chosen partner.
That is, not limited to one single day each four years like the elephant, or an annual 12 hours like bovines, of `automatic' response (if not conceiving that day, an elephant's or a bovine's estrus cycle - menstruation - normally restarts).

`Perceptions' controversial conclusions

A - That mammals with least recent evolution retain cycle timings of ancient Moon orbital period of about 21 days, reflecting their last reactions to the environment of perhaps a million or more years past.
Most mammals - elephants, dogs, cows, pigs etc - have estrus cycles (or equivalent) of approximately 21 days, the Moon's period in the very ancient past. Those few mammals with much longer cycles were probably contrained, by physiological or seasonal conditions to give birth at only certain times in the year and so their estrous cycles were probably triggered at alternate `moons' (or even longer periods).

B - That, because humans continue to evolve, we kept in touch with the changing orbital period of the Moon.
Recent / latest evolution in humans (& bonobos) has allowed individuals' cycles to `freewheel' w.r.t. Moon's phases.

C - That human estrus still exists hidden within the menstrual and Moon cycles, as we believe any woman could tell the bemused / ignorant professors.
UPDATE Dec. 2010 - `Estrus still operates' - A woman's social behavious changes to avoid inbreeding.  [scroll text version for our `male rut' conclusions]

That is, a human female can and will feel much more sociably and sexually receptive and - even if only imagining - could opt for more than one male, in the right settings, during the most fertile part of her cycle.
Still a female secret in most cultures, due to males' ego sensitivities.

UPDATE Dec. 2010 -

D - That earlier human males and females both were very tightly synchronized with a closer, more effectual mo-05 Moon cycle.
Explaining esoteric traditions in many diverse cultures.

E - That human males also retain hidden `rut' reactions.  And that, although there is a large seasonal cue, a more visible influence may be the monthly one.
`Strong' male response, called rut, is linked to both the Moon's cycle and to strong seasonal cues for most animals - and like most animals, the early human's `rut' was activated only in response to a female `in estrus'.

**UEF Theory is not yet accepted by science establishment mo-06
2004 note - mainstream `science' finally catching-up?


Organic cellular-life comes to a stop.  A condition not understood by present-day `science' - which vaguely proposes two possible `causes' (with variations).

i) The `message' originates in the cells themselves?
No.  Human cells have a life of about 7 years.  There's no apparent reason why a particular generation of cells should commit suicide.

ii) The `mind-body' issues a `self-destruct' order?
No.  Mind-body control - mostly inaccessible to consciousness - is very strong, able to recover from `near-fatal' conditions.  Why should it suddenly quit at any time?

Evidently organic life is `informed' of serial change of a universal attribute or parameter.  That information is expressed as `aging' and, in a self-conscious being, also as awareness of the passage of time.

Therefore - Cellular life stops when it can no longer operate within its original specified parameters.

Specified? Do we mean - by DNA?
Not quite.  DNA is not a blueprint for an organism.  It's a crude inter-action schedule - from before conception & onward - which doubles as variable shift-roster for symbiotic `genes' as and when needed.  There is no evolutionary reason why either should contain a `close-down' command.

Breakdown comes when the external parameter to which a community of cells (a human or animal) was `tuned' at birth has changed too much for continued operation of the group - the body.

That is, a body dies when the primary external force - UEF pressure, which sets nuclear, atomic, molecular and cellular binding conditions at birth - has altered by a large enough factor to make that assemblage non-viable.

[Note: we say that the brain's perception of UEF intensity-change is what we see as the `passage of time'.]

Ancient Greeks - who said Chronos fathered Thanatos, ie. that `death' is the child of `time' - were correct !

Any forecasts? Just one (at this time).

We've concluded that UEF intensity is decreasing over time.  Therefore any lowering or avoidance of UEF shielding later in life would increase the UEF pressure perceived by an organism.  This would simulate the body's original conditions.  That is, all else being equal, going further away from Earth tends to make one `younger'.

"Time" says this is only logical.  Increasing UEF pressure is equivalent to "going back in time".

`Perceptions' note: There is a possibility, once the technology of UEF shielding is acquired, of effectively increasing UEF field around an organic body - by way of magnetic fields.  That could give a relative (and temporary) "youth" to the cells of that body.

The main uncertainty - apart from tricky balancing of increased UEF field - is whether or how the brain cells, and memory, would be affected.

That is, would both short-term and long-term memory be `sharpened'?

Or would either one (or both?) lose some of their `imprintings'?


A more mundane short term effect of UEF shielding, caused by a moving mass of relatively high density, can be seen at sensor.html.

The rhythmically varying UEF shielding provided by flowing water provides a well known but previously unexplained effect on the human brain.

It's the exhilaration, stimulation or relaxation feelings in most humans, caused by being above or near large masses of `lively' water.  As water is relatively dense, a large moving mass, with currents and rhythms, will modulate our local UEF in a way we may be evolutionarily adapted to find pleasing and therapeutic.

[Doctors maybe found out - by trial and error, as the ancient Chinese seem to have found out about the full moon and fertility - that a sea-cruise, or even time-by-the-sea, acts as a `refresher'.]

Some humans seem to have heightened sensitivity allowing them to sense the presence of water (and in some cases metals).

NB a similar but possibly more damaging 'exhilaration' can be obtained from the sensations caused by spinning, revolving, accelerating or traveling at speed.  See below

[ See Index#paranormal

"The Independent" - English broadsheet
"How does the moon affect us?"
"Depression, Accidents, even suicide - are all more common when the moon is full.  Why?"
By Roger Dobson
14 December 2000

"At the Transylvania Community Hospital, they expect the worst when the full moon rises.  It's the night when jokers are prone to ring, seeking advice about unexplained teeth-marks on a girlfriend's neck, or asking if the blood bank does night deliveries.

But the hospital in North Carolina is far from being the only medical centre to get extra business around the time of the full moon.  Research suggests that a huge range of real diseases, painful disorders and odd behaviours mysteriously peak around that time.

The latest lunar research from Leeds University shows that GPs in Britain are likely to see 30,000 more patients than normal tomorrow because of the effect of the full moon earlier this week.  The team, which looked at a dozen lunar cycles, found that the number of GP consultations in the UK peaks five to six days after the full moon.

Just what causes the increase is not known, but the results of other studies suggest that just about any medical condition could be responsible for the so-called lunar syndrome.  Various studies have so far shown that gout, pseudo-gout, lunacy, alcoholism, epilepsy, menstrual cycles, casualty-unit admissions, road accidents, absenteeism, anxiety, depression, sexual activity, homicides, insomnia and diarrhoea are influenced by the full moon.

Diet, too, is subject to a lunar effect, with an 8 per cent increase reported in average meal sizes on the day of the full moon, and a 25 per cent hike in drinking rates.

Researchers in Italy have also found that births, at least in Fano, tend to be clustered around the full moon.

Even fish and insects are not immune.  Diverse research teams have discovered that when there is a full moon, the dust mite is not so active, the giant tiger prawn eats more and the belted sandfish is more sexually active.

The idea that the full moon has an effect on human and animal health and behaviour goes back at least to Roman times and shows no sign of going away.  Indeed, one American study found that the belief in a lunar effect among health professionals is waxing rather than waning.

But, despite the links between the full moon and increases in myriad diseases and disorders, the actual mechanism remains elusive.  In the latest research, Dr Richard Neal of Leeds University says that the reason why more GP appointments take place after a full moon is unclear: "We can speculate neither as to what the nature of these moon-related problems may be, nor what mechanism underpins such behaviour.  Many explanations could be put forward, but we don't know and we probably never will,'' he says.

It has also been proposed that if the gravitational force of the moon is sufficient to cause the oceans to rise, it may also affect the glands and organs.  Some people are affected more than others, it's suggested, because they are borderline cases that are tipped over into ill health every month by the power of the moon.

Dr Mikulecky Rovensky proposes that gout attacks may peak at the full moon because of the changing geomagnetic fields; Dr Arnold Lierber suggests the biological tide theory, in which the moon exerts a pull on the water within the body, resulting in a cascade of effects.  Internal body rhythms may also be implicated, as could the effects on the pineal gland of the light emitted by the moon or a slightly warmer temperature triggered by the full moon.

Although some conditions, especially depression, anxiety and behavioural problems, have long been associated with a full-moon effect, other conditions, such as diarrhoea, are more recent.

One of the explanations as to why the full moon should have such an effect is that its small gravitational effect has an unbalancing effect on pathogens, making the body more toxic.

Despite the large amount of research and the wide range of different theories, though, scientific proof remains as elusive today as it was 2,000 years ago.  And, of course, there are the sceptics who say that talk of a dark side to the moon is simply rubbish.  All down to coincidence, they say."
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`Perceptions' note:-

What a farrago of pseudo-science these 'experts' can produce when trying to talk-down to the media.

First -
pseudo-scientific use of 'gravitational' and 'tidal' comparisons, as if 'tidal' effect was equal to 'gravity' effect.  It isn't.

CHECK any postgraduate physics textbook:-

'gravity' effect falls off with SQUARE (2nd power) of distance:-
so at 4 x distance: "gravity" effect is only 1/16th
- - -
the 'tidal' effect falls off with CUBE (3rd power) of distance:-
so at 4 x distance: "tidal" effect is only 1/64th
- - -
gas (repulsion) effect falls off with 5th power of distance:-
so at 4 x distance: "gas repulsion" effect is only 1/1024th
- - -
molecular (attraction) effect falls off with 6th power of distance:-
so at 4 x distance: "molecular" effect is only 1/4096th


UEF Theory forecasts that 'shielding' effect has larger interaction factor than 'gravitational' effect - maybe close to UNITY

So those various decreases (due to distance) seen for 'gravity', 'tidal', and 'molecular' effects may not happen for UEF shielding effect

So, at our present distance the 'UEF shielding effect' of the moon may be thousands or millions of times greater than the gravitational effect, which otherwise would be the most powerful of the effects noted above

For an example of 'UEF Shield' operation see
[ it's a heavy doc - give it a few secs to load ]



Why only negative effects ascribed to the Full Moon by that article's 'spin'?

Because positive effects are not monitored or reported

See #Ancient for positive fertility effects of Full Moon

`Perceptions' says most people are made more creative, faster-thinking and more adaptable at Full Moon, due to increased cellular activity.

But this means that some normally 'on the edge' of mental stability may take more risks during Full Moon, and those normally 'on the edge' of body stability find increased metabolic +/or cardiovascular activity causes physiological problems - leading to a rise in various statistical outcomes.

N.b. - conversely New Moon effects will tend to be generally depressive; and again those `on the edge' can be expected to be affected more severely.

That theoretical forecast seems to be borne out at least anecdotally : - by testimony (from a reliable friend who happened to be a neighbour of a `disturbed person'); she had reported `regular outbursts of laughing & shouting at Full Moon, and weeping and destructiveness at New Moon'.

Update 18 June 2015 - Events have prompted reviews of recent indiscriminate mass shootings / killings which seem to fit the `mood-flip' / depression profile:

Columbine - April 20, 1999
Virginia Tech - April 16, 2007
University of Alabama - February 12, 2010
Tucson - January 8, 2011
Aurora - July 20, 2012
Sandy Hook - December 14, 2012
Charleston - June 17, 2015
Parkland FL - Feb. 14, 2018

Checking with a Moon-phase calendar shows all are in the New Moon period.
[BTW - there also seems to be some folk who flipped at Full Moon - others seemed to've been triggered by a specific event, so Lunar phase was irrelevant - RD]


Update 25 July 2013 - Two fairly conclusive medical investigations support our conclusions (insofar as they go):
1) - `Evidence that the Lunar Cycle Influences Human Sleep' - [3 year study]
2) - `The influence of seasons and lunar cycle on hospital outcomes' - [15 year study]

- - -

1st item from: `Stalking the Wild Pendulum' by Itzhak Bentov
"Just check police records on the effect of the full moon on the crime rate at your local police station or the incidence of violence in psychiatric wards in mental hospitals.  In both instances, there is a great increase.

It seems that the full moon will have the stronger effect; the new moon, a lesser one, but both effects are above average."

Bentov's findings are in line with our forecasts.

- - -

2nd item from: `The Guardian' (UK) 05 June 2007 (text file - if link goes)
`Police link full moon to aggression
Police have linked full moons to a rise in aggressive behaviour among drinkers on the streets of Brighton. ...
Inspector Andy Parr told the Brighton Argus evening paper he would be interested in discussing the police findings with academics.  He said: "I compared a graph of full moons and a graph of last year's violent crimes and there is a trend.  People tend to be more aggressive.
I would be interested in approaching universities and seeing if any of their postgraduates would be interested in looking into it further.  This could be helpful to us."
In 1998, a three-month psychological study of 1,200 inmates at Armley jail in Leeds discovered a rise in violent incidents during the days either side of a full moon. ...
However, any link between the lunar cycle and human behaviour has yet to be explained scientifically.'

Comment article in The Guardian/Observer
"The usual pattern when science is confronted by phenomena it cannot explain is to deny there is anything to solve. ... It would be refreshing if, for once, science was to admit what is obvious - at present, we just don't fully understand how the cosmos works - at least the mysterious part of it involving the moon and earthly life." - Neil Spencer of `The Observer'

- - -

3rd item from: British Medical Journal - `Full moon and crime'
Full moon and crime.
BMJ 1984; 289 doi: 10.1136/bmj.289.6460.1789 (Published 22 December 1984)
Cite this as: BMJ 1984;289:1789
Full Text [PDF]

C P Thakur, D Sharma

The incidence of crimes reported to three police stations in different towns (one rural, one urban, one industrial) was studied to see if it varied with the day of the lunar cycle.  The period of the study covered 1978-82.Crime and Lunar Phase

The incidence of crimes committed on full moon days was much higher than on all other days, new moon days, and seventh days after the full moon and new moon.

A small peak in the incidence of crimes was observed on new moon days, but this was not significant when compared with crimes committed on other days.  The incidence of crimes on equinox and solstice days did not differ significantly from those on other days, suggesting that the sun probably does not influence the incidence of crime.

[Collection of data -
The number of crimes reported on each day during 1978-82 was noted by one of us.  Data from all three police stations were pooled and the crimes coded and analysed by computer using a basic programming method.  The numbers of full moon days, non-full moon days, new moon days, third days before the new moon, third days after the new moon, seventh days after the new moon, seventh days after the full moon, third days before the full moon, third days after the full moon, all days minus full and new moon days, solstices, and equinoxes were calculated from the Gregorian calendar and the number of crimes committed on these days recorded.  To determine the trend in each police station the crimes committed on full moon and non-full moon days in these areas were also analysed and evaluated statistically.

Statistical analysis -
Frequency distributions were calculated to show the numbers of crimes committed on each day. Appropriate statistical analysis was done and significance assessed by x2 test26 and a confidence interval.

Results -
Crimes committed on 5478 days from January 1978 to December 1982 were studied.  One hundred and eighty three full moon days occurred during the period and 256 crimes were committed on those days.  On 186 new moon days 94 crimes were committed, on 5295 all minus full moon days 2878 were committed, on 186 seventh days after the full moon 75 were committed, and on 5109 all minus full and new moon days 2784 were committed; on 186 seventh days after the new moon 84 were committed, and on the 30 equinox and 30 solstice days nine and 22 crimes were committed.]

- - -

4th item from: British Medical Journal - `Do animals bite more during a full moon?'
Do animals bite more during a full moon? Retrospective observational analysis
BMJ 2000; 321 doi: 10.1136/bmj.321.7276.1559 (Published 23 December 2000)
Cite this as: BMJ 2000;321:1559

Chanchal Bhattacharjee, staff grade practitioner (, Peter Bradley, consultant, Matt Smith, general practitioner, Andrew J Scally, statistician, Bradley J Wilson, house officer

Objective: To test the hypothesis that the incidence of animal bites increases at the time of a full moon.
Design: Retrospective observational analysis.
Setting: Accident and emergency department at a general hospital in an English city.

Main outcome measures: Number of patients who attended an accident and emergency department during 1997 to 1999 after being bitten by an animal. The number of bites in each day was compared with the lunar phase in each month.

Results: The incidence of animal bites rose significantly at the time of a full moon. With the period of the full moon as the reference period, the incidence rate ratio of the bites for all other periods of the lunar cycle was significantly lower (P <0.001).

Conclusions: The full moon is associated with a significant increase in animal bites to humans.

What this study adds
Animals have an increased propensity to bite humans during the full moon periods
See graph below (Source British Medical Journal)

moon bites




Samuel Johnson ('Doctor Johnson' after he became famous) said - "If I had no duties and no reference to futurity I would spend my life in driving briskly in a postchaise . . ."

We most of us know the 'exhilaration' obtained from the sensations caused by spinning, revolving, accelerating or simply traveling at speed.

The earliest written accounts of that exhilaration are from ancient Greek and Roman times and refer to speedy chariot driving when they were used in war and for racing.

Later "Black Beauty" - written in 1877 - was a protest against dangerous - even murderous - riding and driving of horses by similarly mentally intoxicated owners.

Quote: - "A man well mounted is ever choleric" [angry/wild]
from - "Outlandish Proverbs" - Mr George Herbert 1640

First, fast reactions are controlled by the `reptile brain' - accounting for the addictiveness of such `sensational' activity among humans, especially the young, and especially those feeling `deprived', bored etc.

And today's accounts of "road rage" and "air rage" give us another clue.

It is suggested that there are two complementary (additive) physical reasons for such aberrations -
1) Presently unrealized - a temporary change and impairment of our human mental processes by an additionally compressive force on the brain.

"Time" & "Consciousness" pages say that only the `new' forebrains of humans and higher animals possess -
i) self-awareness ii) perception of changing space-time (passage of time).

So, due to increased relative motion when traveling at speed, the new brain's "quantum" sensors are swamped by increased UEF interaction -
effectively suppressing new brain's `consciousness', leaving the old or 'reptile' brain more or less dominating actions and reactions - see nitefite.

2) Presently only dimly comprehended - a person actually engaged in `fast-action' is already out of conscious `new brain' mode and has given over control to the cerebellum - the `lizard brain' - making dominance by fear / rage / lust / greed much more likely.

This is cause and reason for old and new phenomena of "road rage" and "air rage".

It's been noticed throughout history, precisely because it's an effect of our brain's reactions to relative increases in speed.

This means that astronauts need that UEF shielding more urgently than we initially thought (when presuming that the increased UEF interaction of high velocity travel would merely slow down cellular and brain activity).

Latest conclusions mean that pilots and astronauts, like the rest of us, may behave more irrationally as UEF interaction increases, as it does, at relatively high speeds.  This is dangerous.

Late note 12 Jan 2001 Yet another `Perceptions' forecast seems to be confirmed by this news item - astroko.txt.

LATER 21 Nov 01 NASA news-release

April '08 - Review - Recently watched Martyn Stubbs' interesting revelations (in `Smoking Gun' and its `Follow-up'), one of which concerned astronauts' reactions to space-exposure.  It seems some or maybe all of them experienced `deep depression' after return to Earth.

Can't claim to have foreseen that particular outcome, although you're probably aware that it was forecast that going away from Earth's shielding would produce an effect on the human brain (see all above).

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