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Attraction and Repulsion - and UEF

Electrical charge is not what `scientists' assume

Reality:- patterns of reaction - in the surrounding UEF field ref-01 - exist around protonic matter.

These local deformations in UEF flow give the 'electric field'.

From arguments at <time> electrical charge is analogous to a small push up / down or `pastward' / `futureward' on the 'time slope' of UEF intensity

It can be seen - from radiation - that the a/m small number of spiralling UEF entities are brought about almost-instantaneously at each photon 'bunching'

This is the true explanation of why an electric field is accompanied by a synchronized magnetic field

Some readers will realise this is the only real explanation you've seen of linked electromagnetic fields. Lacking knowledge of UEF, mainstream scientists are forced to 'assume' the unexplained "electromagnetic" linkage

Although their many detailed descriptions claim they are explanations.

Examples at blinded and footnotes2

Try time & smt for conclusions on behavior of affected material.


"We know this because "incomplete" patterns of reaction in UEF intensity: electrons or oppositely time-biased positrons, will appear to travel backwards or forwards in time if their states are changed. See radiation.html#near

But they will only travel the small permitted amounts indicated by the arrows.

An electron is time-biased. It will, if liberated from matter, travel toward least UEF pressure - FUTUREwards.

Partial UEF flow through a magnet is the reason - the only reason - for loss of parity (see magnetism.) We see this in the movement of liberated (not forcibly ejected) electrons in beta decay in a magnetic field. They move towards the N pole of the magnet. Ie. away from S pole of nuclei

It now seems that a small percentage of the UEF affected by interaction with matter will spiral preferentially through surrounding material - if that has the right atomic structure and spacing. We call such material 'magnetic'

And that 'spiral' UEF travels through a magnet from 'South' to 'North' - therefore the magnet's N pole is at slightly lower UEF intensity. [ All other conditions being equal ] [Don't forget Earth's poles are reversed in the lab. Our Earthly NORTH pole is actually a S pole of a magnet (or vice versa)]

The Earth's North and South poles are therefore just a little PAST-wards and FUTURE-wards respectively w.r.t the equator [and all points on the equator exist in the same approximate "time zone"]

[Interestingly that means that parts of our bodies and surroundings inhabit different time zones. Despite that, and because time is not a 'dimension,' we continue to function and interact with the world]

A "complete" UEF reaction-to-matter pattern - a photon - is free and unbiased. I.e. it has both time conditions within it (like a bubble with a core). It is not yet certain whether a photon looks inward or outward to the "future", but logic would suggest the latter


From all above, true concept of electrical &/or magnetic `charge' is different from, and not directly related to, a true concept of the mathematical terms 'negative' and 'positive'.

Magnetic &/or electical 'polarity' is different, not really 'equal and opposite' !

(Try magnetism for details)

That difference, only now being faintly recognized in `loss of parity' experiments (see Wu - ignoble misuse of Nobel prize) is real cause of "Time's Arrow" and other hitherto unexplained UEF phenomena.

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