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LATER Grav-Energy Angular - Linear? Abolish Gravity? Speed & UEF Rhythmodynamics?
Tap-Ten Research Photons? Like Tesla? Absolutism? Electric Sky Observations?
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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 00:41:22 +0100

Hi Ray, Great site and great thinking.

I have a few interesting links for you. The first couple of links have to do with the possibility of generating energy from gravity. This is generally a similar idea as that of generating energy with a permanent magnet. (See

The idea of generating energy from gravity is based upon the fact that a mass being rapidly accelerated by gravity generates more energy than the energy needed to move the same mass to a given height at a constant speed. The difference in the energy needed to slowly lift the mass and the energy developed in dropping the mass with constant acceleration can be considered the energy differential that can be extracted from gravity.

See the following two sites that seem to both employ this principle in different ways:

The next link that I think you will find interesting is the described correction of the current formula for kinetic energy - which appears to be wrong - it should simply be mv. See the following link and proof:

Finally, you may already be aware of this, but I think you will find it interesting as well. It's about Russian experiments in antigravity and energy generation from a large spinning magnetic mass (similar to the work of John Searl):

Hope you find these links thought provoking.

Best Regards,
Paul Galush
[address supplied]

Thanks a lot Paul - there's food for thought there.
Think I'll have to do some cogitating on the kinetics thing - like `gravity' and `momentum / inertia' it may be that there's one or more false assumptions hidden in the mainstream text-book approach.

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 10:34:49 GMT

From your information on precession and gyroscopic effects, have you any information on someone who is currntly working in the research of angular velocity into linear velocity?

Bob L

Hi Bob,
Yes - NASA and all `space-nations' use it extensively for `sling-shot' changes of orbit.  Although - as I think you mean - there's more to it than that.

best regards

Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 19:29:35 GMT

Dear Ray Dickenson.

I just saw your website Abolish a Force and it's very interesting.  I did write a booklet on the same object and the theory is rather simular.  Please have a look at:

If you would like to know more about it, just let me know.

Have a wonderful 2008.

Ruud Loeffen.

vriendelijke groeten,

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 13:40:01 GMT

I am having a good time reviewing your website. I'm glad to see many current year (up to date) sources. I have not on your site seen what the acronym UEF stands for, though I assume it means Unified Energy Field. I think it's an interesting take on things. In reading your section about our use of the two different parts (cerebellum and cerebrum) of the brain, you demonstrated use of the cerebellum more when driving and flying.

I can identify with this favoring of the cerebellum in speed related travel. The bad that I see coming out of activities such as driving cars, is that they heighten our use of the cerebellum while *at the same time* limiting our use of the cerebrum by isolating us in a cage and requiring a special infrastructural grid that dwarfs the human scale to use properly, thus throwing our psyches out of the ideal balance between our two brain structures.

Lastly, I like how your idea that movement results in less shielding fits with the idea that time and aging is a product of the steady reduction in UEF strength, and thus that movement could make us "younger" by keeping us in a state of field strength more closer to when we were born. My intuitive reasoning says that this is why sports and cycling or chariot racing, for example would be beneficial where as flying would not - because the former activities take place on a human scale thus exposing us to a tolerable and perhaps even anti-aging increase in UEF strength whereas flying dwarfs the human scale, exposing us to to high of a difference in UEF. I dunno - I'm just 'spinning'. Haven't done any looking into it, but let me know if it squares with your picture.

Randall Sanderson

Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 17:37:33 +0300 Subject: Read book `RHYTHMODYNAMICS'

Dear Friends!

I'm one of the founders of our Interdisciplinary Institute of Rhythmodynamics, and I am in charge of its contacts with the outside world.

Our goal is to find out the mechanisms which form the fundamental properties of various phenomena.  We are especially interested in such basic issues as: the nature of movement, inertia, the nature of force, gravitation, electricity.  We have achieved certain breakthroughs of which you can learn visiting our web-site:

We are interested in propagating our rhythmodynamic methodology of research and in cooperation with the rest of scientific community.

We propose to conduct concrete joint work on one of the above-mentioned problems (

Yuri Ivanov


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 13:56:01 -0700 (PDT)

Achieve Radio - The Positive Side of Broadcasting!

We will be "Co-hosting" this Tue. 4-5 Pm AZ Time for Lilly-G's "Voice of The World"

Beginning this Sat. Oct. 3rd, (and every Sat. thereafter), we will have our very own program on Achieve Radio featuring Aurora Light of Vortex Network News (VNN) your host for the "Technology Hour"

I shall be joining Aurora as her special co-host for the program every Sat. so please be sure to call in with your questions and comments! The caller line for for the show is: 1-888-235-7374

See You There!

---Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 03:30:18 +0100


While I'm only a layperson in the field of physics, I also enjoy learning about it on a conceptual level. So, with this in mind, I read "some" of what was written about the concept of a photon as being something other than linear or one directional. Which was also stated as something to do with UEF or "pressure" being exerted against the photon in the "other" direction.

And so, I'm wondering what does an opposite "pressure" have to do with the ongoing energy of the photon? Because it certainly looks to me that the photon does have somewhere to go as in magnetic flux between the north and south poles of a magnet, or as in the positive and negative charges of electricity moving through a conductor by way of the electrical field.

And so, the only other possibility for my mind and understanding is to think of the "UEF" as the "zero point energy" or vacuum energy that's now being discussed in the physics community. For which I believe may have also been attributed to the "Casmir effect"? Or the effect of two metal plates placed in extreme close proximity to each other? Which then causes a closing of the gap without any known external forces?

But these plates are made of metal and "not" packets of energy as in photons. So why should any kind of UEF have an effect upon them?

So therefore, I just wanted to present my own little theory which is probably just fantasy, but here it is: Because it's been said that magnetic poles draw closer by the exchange of photons and that electrical charges are carried along a conductor by the electrical field, the photon can be considered as a mediator of the electromagnetic force. (Which, quite frankly, is not any theory of mine, but a starting point nevertheless.)

So then, the question still remains, what is this process of mediation? And the only thing I can think of is something someone else proposed to me as the "corkscrew" effect. Which, I believe, has something to do with photons as they impact space. (And also, something he said that may have been gleaned from reading a book by Roger Penrose.)
Frankly, it sounds intriguing, because I believe that light is a property of space, (or as they like to say, that photons are the mediator of the electromagnetic force.)

But my final comment, I believe, may actually align more closely with UEF or "pressure". And that is the idea of "rarefraction". But "not" with the pressure of sound waves. Instead, with the pressure of space closing the gap.

In other words, a burrowing or "corkscrewing" photon may cause a vacuum or gap of some sort which causes a rarefraction" or UEF (as you propose) in the opposite direction to shorten the distance of the travelling photon.

I know, probably is nonsense, but thought I'd suggest it.

T. Gudz

(Fri a.m.)
Hello, Thanks for that interesting and thoughtful piece on photon identity and electro-magnetic (and other) effects.

Think you have a real point about the `corkscrew' action at a (deep) level of photon interactions, which I think is theoretically necessary when considering magnetism in particular.  And yes, the very reason for the existence of photons, and the whole Casimir effect seems deeply bound up with that.
On the `forward path' of the photon - and the significance of `UEF' to that.  I find it useful to think of UEF as an incoming (and outgoing) radial field of energy and the photon as a traveling perturbation in that field.  If we say that the field is universal and radially centered at _every_ point, that allows for the photon always traveling onwards into the oncoming force-field but changing direction (or `stopping') if a difference of energy occurs ahead of it.  This allows for all those `reflection' QED vectors, and also for various other quantum effects seen in experiments like the two-slit.
Thanks again, further thoughts (and theories) will be welcome.

Best regards

Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 23:28:05 +0100

Man i bet you like Nikola Tesla.... that was one of the best arguments i have ever read.. the black hole theory.. its like gravity..

i mean people say the moons gravity or our gravity on the moon is what effects our tides... i say its garbage.. the only reason our earth is spinning is because we have light that vibrates things to create heat.. that heat created gas and the motion of our planet including our iron core created energy that could trap all of the atmosphere inside...

if you have a constant rate of speed that is determined by the rate of heating and cooling OBVIOUSLY if you apply more light and gamma rays and how many other rays bouncing off of a full moon and heat up the darker portion of the earth then its obviously going to slow down and the tides are going to roll forward.. and the tides arent just in water they are in the earth and the atmosphere as well...

also have you ever thought about what a moon would act like if it had a positive pressure in its interior.. i have found several articles talking about Titan and how there are methane volcanos on that moon... there have also been methane eruptions on our moon as well.. and considering the moon doesnt have motion why would it have gravity if it has no atmosphere or anything else.. and if the surface of the moon is exposed to the vacuum of space one has to take into consideration the motion of bodies in space... if a force is exerted out then it will maintain its speed and direction until friction or an opposite but equal force are released against it....

i dont know.. maybe you think im crazy but i worked around rockets in the army and i was actually field artillery so i did get a decent education on trajectory and ballistics and motion..

i saw a thermal representation of Titan and one of its eruptions and it looks EXACTLY like a rocket propulsion system ... with a resonant container.. its something to think about i guess...


[Think this may be an important message for modern science - still `Newtonian' rather than of Leibniz.  Ray D ]
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 21:33:19 +0100


The dogmas detailed in subsequent pages indicate that the consensus beliefs of your culture, of your society, are flawed.  But these dogmas are the foundation on which you have built the citadel of knowledge of which you are so proud.  Could it be that you have been deceiving yourself?

Could it be that the citadel of knowledge you so proudly acclaim to be the ultimate achievement of human intelligence is something less than a bad fairy tale?  Or is it just a gigantic tangle of imaginings and flawed interpretations?

I leave it to you to ask yourself these questions.  I will just regurgitate some of your dogmas (using the words of your High Priests of Science and Academia).  Your answers will be obvious but painful.  Prepare yourself for an awakening.

Dogmas. (Not necessarily in order of importance.)

1) Identicality.  This is the dogma that insists that you exist in a world of identical things.  Look as hard and as closely as you will, you cannot find two (or more) identical things in your physical world.  Thinking of (imagining) things as identical is a (false) convenience.  A dozen (identical) eggs, a football team (of eleven identical men), a bushel of (identical) apples.  You use collective words like dozen, team and bushel and have come to automatically think (imagine) of the parts (elements) of these collective terms (or classes) as being identical, when they are not.  (Before moving on, let me emphasize that you know that these elements are not identical.)

(Now comes the conceptually difficult part.)  No two things in your physical reality are identical.  No two grains of sand, no two snow flakes, no two microbes are identical.

However, when your High Priests enter the invisible world of infinitesimals, suddenly all members of a class (or sub-class) are identical: electrons, molecules, proteins, DNA, etc.  All such invisible members have a class (and subclasses) and all members of a class are deemed identical.  How conveniently creative?

Once they cross into Alice's world (through the looking glass), the High Priests find a world of matter with the unique property of identicality.

I suggest that these invisible members are more imagined than real and being imaginary allows them to be endowed with the (imagined) property of identicality, a property that is non-existent in your physical reality.

Why is this important? Because it is false, as in not true.

But knowing, as I do, that the High Priests cannot deal with a reality without identicality, let's just keep it quiet.  Let them live with their dogmas.  I choose to live with my realities.

2) DNA. Is an egg smart enough to make a chicken?  The High Priests state that the tiny machine (the egg) runs (sort of) like a clock.  (The clock was already wound up when it was laid.)

The High Priests insist that the running is not intelligent.  But the embryologists know better. They have watched embryos develop. They have cut and patched them.  They know that the development of the embryo is an active, intelligent, adaptive process.  The embryo somehow senses its status (extent of development) and its environment (temperature, available nutrients) and proceeds doing intelligent, adaptive things.

The imagined wonders of genetic science are based on the (supposed) discovery of the DNA double helix - by Francis Crick and James Watson in 1953.  The High Priests insist this DNA thing is the exclusive agent of inheritance in all living things.  The High Priests aptly named this thing the "central dogma".  The High Priests speculated (no, insisted) that this DNA thing accounts fully for an organisms' complete set of inherited traits.  The premise, unhappily, is false.  Tested between 1990 and 2001 in one of the largest and most highly publicized scientific undertakings of our time, the Human Genome Project, the theory collapsed under the weight of fact.  The facts have been under publicized, but for those of us who knew all along, the facts destroyed the foundation of their "central dogma".

Clearly, another dogma exposed as flawed science.

In leaving this dogma, I ask one final question:  What is a gene?

Note:  Please feel free to utilize this rant somewhere on your enlightened site.


Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 21:00:38 +0100

I would like to express my appreciation for Donald Scott, author of "The Electric Sky" and his publisher Mikamar Publishing, for having the courage to go beyond conditioned scientific thought and for having the courage to publish it, respectively, and to Ray Dickenson for `Perceptions' - Thank You.

Though I have carefully designed my life to work more closely with fewer ... `Perceptions' is like taking part in a conspiracy to illuminate the world!

C.G. Klemos

Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:15:36 GMT

I'm looking for source material on quantum interactions within the cores of bodies of stellar mass size through to super-massive singularity size, in order to help with a UEF paper, but I really don't know where to look.
Could you please give me a nudge in the right direction?

(address supplied)

Hello friend,
There is a good reason why such data are a matter of speculation only, at this time - nobody's been there yet.
Ray D
[PS you should know, `singularities' don't exist.]

Interesting take on the UFO situation from Ken in Arizona

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 13:34:29 +0300 Return-Path: <mirit @>

Interesting information: new film "GRAVITATION" (science)
Details on put

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 00:25:29 GMT

Giddaye Ray from the Antipodes
thought you would love this

Kind Regards

(Fri a.m.)
Thanks Graham, Just after posting your message happened to see this
Seems that `authority' is nervous about possible revelations.
Wonder what subject they're most scared about? And why now?

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 15:50:27 GMT

The Electric Sky - A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy, by Dr. Donald E. Scott, is to be published this coming week by Mikamar Publishing, a small publishing house in Portland, OR, that specializes in science books.  Check out the url below to get a sense of what the book is about.

The book contains sensible science for the experts written for the public, and represents the first substantial public exposition of the latest developments in the Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology that is challenging the current "gravity only" system of thinking.  It further undermines the "scientistic" cosmological mythology of the "big bang" and the "expanding" universe, while replacing it with confirmed electrical engineering and high energy plasma explanations.  In the book there is a chapter devoted to Halton Arp and his work with red shift.

Donald Scott

Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 21:39:12 +1300 From: Graham Evans

Giddaye Ray

A short note from a very windy and wet Wellington.  We are now ensconsed back here - it is a city with a heart.  Went to the orchestra last Sat nite - wonderful Beethoven Violin Concerto played by Vadim Repin conducted by a Finn Sussanna Malkki.  In the interval we had our fireworks - would you believe we do it here on Guy Fawkes night!

I was catching up this morning's paper tonight and found a very interesting article referring to the so-called Antikytheran astralobe / computer / mechanism and wondered if it had ever come to your attention.  I cant see it in a search of your site.  And think it points to more of that evidence that the Greeks were far more advanced than historians give them credit for - as you keep pointing out. I am sure you will find it fascinating.  Havent had time to dig too deeply, but no doubt you will.  See

Take care
Kind Regards

Date: Wed p.m.

Hi Graham,
Yup, that "Antikythera Mechanism" has been in the background for a few years, first as a `curiosity' but they now seem to have worked out nearly all of its surprising functions - but most surprising was the metal-working and maths (for the gearing) abilities implied for that era, which is a wee bit mysterious.

There's a wiki entry for it and several other enthusiasts' pages (one by a chap who's making replica(s) - his mechanics page is fascinating) one of which I've included (the Wiki?) on that "magi" page - [it's the "Greeks" link - left hand side] along with a great link to an astrolabe fan who's also a good mechanical constructor.

best wishes to all
regards from

Nice (sharp) reader thinks I'm a `league' - or maybe the candid camera team.  Heck, all my best intentions misunderstood! - ed.

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 00:47:47 +0100

Dear Friends:
I'm one of the founders of our Interdisciplinary Institute of Rhythmodynamics, and I am in charge of its contacts with the outside world.

Our goal is to find out the mechanisms which form the fundamental properties of various phenomena. We are especially interested in such basic issues as: the nature of movement, inertia, the nature of force, gravitation, electricity. We have achieved certain breakthroughs of which you can learn visiting our web-site:

We have made a film on the nature of gravitation which is translated in English and which you can see on our web page.

You can also read our works on "Frequency Space", "Compression of standing waves", "Rhythmodynamics", "Phase-frequency cause of gravitation drift".

We are interested in propagating our rhythmodynamic methodology of research and in cooperation with the rest of scientific community.

This methodology helped us create a model showing how: gravitation, motion, and electric current emerge.

We know how the state of antigravitation could be technically achieved. But achievement of real results require joint effort, and sufficient financing. We, like the rest of intelligent people, would like to create and see during our life-time this antigravitation machine function. Our research allows us to think it's technically quite possible, even with the present state of technology.

We propose to conduct concrete joint work on one of the above-mentioned problems.

If you are a scientist whose views and methods do not coincide with those suggested by the rhythmodynamics, please, take it calmly: rhythmodynamics is not a dogma, it's just an instrument of revealing those processes invisible to the eyes or instruments. Rhythmodynamics is a convenient instrument for scientific research, especially in the field of space qualities and energy.

Yuri Ivanov


Interdisciplinary Institute of RHYTHMODYNAMICS STC "MIRIT"


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Popular scientific films: GRAVITATION (32:08)
english version:
russian version:

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 17:23:43 +0100

Hello Yuri Ivanov,
Thank you for your message - I personally think that your area of study will prove to be the most important, both for progress in science and for any further development for humans.
Today it may seem to have no support from governments or corporates - probably because it might disturb many powerful vested interests. Yet it is an inevitable threshold that we must surmount if we are to progress, or even survive.
Best wishes

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