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After overseas work came home, expecting to see a fair, democratic society.

Started work and some writing. Also, with friends, was requested to research a local tourism program.
(Eventually we produced the quality, information-rich leaflet of legends - "Kynaston Country")

That leaflet was needed because `local authority' attempts
- although very costly for tax-payers -
were turgid, boring rubbish!

Then, politicians and bureaucrats badly over-reacted to simple questions about `Roads'

Local county's location

'county' here on border

Shrewsbury - central city, base for County Authority link01

- - - -


Roads in N & W of Shropshire mostly laid for horses / wagons, and in bad repair

(high traffic-deaths numbers)

Worse - no safe footpaths, cycle-paths or even paved sidewalks in North-West region,
so no pedestrian access to towns and villages

Why ?

- - - -


When traffic at seasonal high on A483 & A5
County Authority link04 digs up those roads

[ jams, frustration & road accidents ]


- - - -


Dirty tricks seemed always played by County Authority link05
whenever 'Ministry of Transport' traffic census came round

Keeping the figures down!

- - - -

At the cost of dead and injured adults & kids

all those impatient cars and trucks have to take to the narrow country lanes, inflicting mayhem on each other and on the local residents - children and adults are killed and maimed unnecessarily


- - - -


North-west area link06 governed by 'councils' but all qualified executives are
professional 'civil servants' under control of County Authority's
mandarins' mafia
link07 who'd conspired at road-deaths in north-west

No impartial link08audit of accounts

No `safe for people' roads

No footpaths, cycle paths etc.


- - - -


Democracy link-03 lacking,
Transport funds are easily siphoned-off - by corrupt
link-09 central `authority'

No coincidence that central authority is `owned' by big-landowners' `politicians'

While north-west area is traditionally more independent, having had
`Liberal', `Independent' and `Socialist'

Separately - long-term consequences of short-term greed
by Shropshire County Council: - Earth-shock

Next, because of overseas duties - inspecting training military communicators in various countries and, later, designing courses for students in Middle-East, when he compared those with his evening & week-end studies with a local college - it made him think.

He was shocked by low standards of provision - bad buildings, inadequate staffing & pitiful transport - for colleges & even for primary/secondary education in north-west of county

Summary of problems are at "Schools for Slaves" and "Worse".

Coincidentally, forced to ask local authority to warn a local (maybe ignorant) corporate polluter subjecting young families to pcbs & dioxins burning in a residential area
(pcbs & dioxins are toxic for all of us, but especially dangerous - even in tiny amounts - to mothers and infants, causing brain and immune-system damage)

He was disturbed when of local `authority's"Health & Safety Officer"
i) claimed total ignorance of hazards!
ii) initially refused to stop pollution (possible `friendship' with polluter?)
iii) only - resentfully - complied after long, damaging delays and obfuscation: bureaucrats' lies!

- - - -

Separately - long-term consequences of short-term greed
by Shropshire County Council: - Earth-shock

- - - -

Noted all above incompetence/corruption seems influenced by

Rich estate-owners in charge of corrupt central bureaucracy, misusing / mis-allocating tax-funds taken from others - avoiding paying fair taxes themselves
While traditionally independent folk in north-west area are systematically
over-taxed and under-provided

Suddenly - police presence is obvious!

- - - -

A clumsy attempted frame-up ?

Ed is back in Shropshire (UK) - He's on normal terms with local police; gets directions when needed - only rarely - covering many road miles daily for work and later visiting with pals - music venues, country fairs etc.

Atmosphere changed - suddenly !

What happened ? - When?

After starting and progressing some investigations link1 (as sort of hobby), set out to drive to a large commercial PC networking job in London. Luckily a computing colleague asked for a lift

Police-car tagged on behind and followed - signalling 'STOP' after trailing for some miles, 3-4 minutes

Mean-featured policeman approached car, asked several brusque 'identity' questions, with 'where you going?' stuff

Police body language said "intent" & "aggression" but also "uncertainty" - seemingly about colleague

Eventually constable gave up

Resumed journey - but had already used some logic

- - - -

Driven these same roads for some years - Suddenly - he's in demand !

Logically, someone must've changed police attitude - and logically only someone with authority has power to do that !

- - - -

Had a suspicion only presence of colleague prevented 'plant' operation - maybe to justify later searches / harassment / rougher stuff / framed charges etc

No, not paranoia, merely knowledge acquired link02 overseas at locations where police are more openly corrupt

What conclusions ? / Why ?

- - - -

Rang local police-chief for interview

Police-chief, very self-assured - 'Certainly - come in tomorrow'

Was received in office of C.I. (Chief Inspector - local chief) who's very relaxed,
'I'm sure it was just a normal check'

He then called in a portly constable, not one who'd done previous questioning - who was 'unavailable' - but the partner, driver of police-car

C.I. still very self-assured

One Question !

`I want to ask the constable one question'

C.I. smiled, said 'Go ahead' - sat back and folded his hands over his stomach(s)

Looking policeman directly in the eye, asked:

'Did you check my license plate with the police computer?'


C.I. leaped up from chair - calling out 'Don't answer that question!'

Then he calmed down, saying more formally and circuitously 'You can't answer that question unless you are sure that the answer will not result in the West Mercia police force being sued or prosecuted'

- - - -

Stupid thing to say - below

- - - -

The C.I. was likely feeling sick, realizing that the (probable) `crime' entry on the police computer - which they had maybe been gloating over - is now revealed as "illicit", and entered for malicious, or criminal purpose

And that could mean trouble for West Mercia policemen - because they had probably put it in - likely at request of some bent politician or other 'authority' figure

SEARCH for "Shropshire + police + corruption" / "Wiltshire + police + corruption"

Detail - 2001, the national police computer is 60% corrupt !
That expensive police database has rapidly become worse than useless

- - - -

The portly constable - slowly realising he's just been ordered to lie to a citizen - looked uncomfortable for l-o-n-g seconds - then said 'I forget'

- - - -

D'you think those lying policemen hadn't been discussing it before the interview ?


If they'd been thinking they'd've realized:

i) CI's panic (and reneging on promise of an honest answer) was clear indication of police culpability

ii) true answer to question was obvious, even before the interview

- - - -

iii) Why ? Because it's standard operational procedure to check license plate, and only takes 25 secs

No policeman wants to approach an unknown vehicle with unknown number of passengers maybe on-the-run from scene-of-crime

Not if he can run a check on the license-plate and get warning first

- - - -

Conclusion: - another "corrupt entry" on the police computer

Police powers being abused - possible by criminal(s) in elite

As C.I. had belatedly realized

- - - -

We also discovered West Mercia Constabulary was corruptly - and illegally - pretending that a ciizen's "police file" consisted of multiple files and was illegally refusing to show more than one at a time (so they could switch hiding places for wrong/corrupt info) and they were charging citizens multiple costs - again illegally - for each operation




From knowledge of 'secure' databases, while it's easy to ENTER "corrupt info" - it's very hard to DELETE !

Unless operator wants to risk arrest, imprisonment. loss of pension etc.

- - - - -

So, even if corrupt entry's been masked or "erased" - RECORDS OF ENTRY ARE STILL THERE!

And they - & passwords / authentications - are Evidence

- - - - - -

History - Background

Local pals reported planted `mis-info' - that ed. was "Russian spy"
& then "a communist" & then "a drug pusher"

after corrupt roads scandal [early 90's]

Perpetrators clearly didn't know ed.'s background
- official one & confidential one -
(Expect a claim of "terrorist" eventually from the conspirators?)

Check the Police Computer

Why the lies? . . . and the panic?


"ed" decides
the UK
- and the world -


Puzzles encountered in Britain?
after return

- - - -

1996 - circulated early copies
UEF Theory

leading to
Life-saving WARNING

1996-97 - published
Altruist Survivor principle

Bureaucrats at national level seemed to be suppressing ed's work, though physics applications looks to be invaluable.

- - - -

Surely not? Not in Britain!

- - - -

Despite opposition ed. published
"Avoid air flights crossing several time zones"

The warning saved several thousand lives in first year alone.
Lives saved were especially of pregnant women, who had been repeatedly assured, to October 2000, by governments and by media & airlines - that long-haul flights were "perfectly safe"!

Why bent bishops magistrates judges politicians & bureaucrats
(& bent BBC)
might want `Perceptions' shut-down

our struggle & our contract
- check:-

"Cruel & Unjust Taxes"
Altruist Survivor

another overriding reason?



can we
take off the blindfolds?

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