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The 'Dome'

Pomposity - end-game of Elites

"saturated in poisonous envy and reflexive intolerance link01 and basic impotence"

John Updike on the "intelligentsia"
in "Bech at Bay"

Now known: humans who learn manual dexterity through work establish vital neural connections, confirming `human-ness';

elites commonly don't have to learn manual dexterity - they remain slightly psychotic / lacking in `judgement'

Confirms historical record: "committees" of elite are incompetent / "juries" of working-class are competent

The 'Dome' - supposed to be a "millennial experience" - was dull, uninspired and wasteful link02

It typifies a world social problem that is perhaps focussed more sharply in Britain

Britain is small and isolated; we have no choice or competition for our political and financial rulers and owners. We are prisoners of language and geography

The political and social elite are ruled by prejudices note10 of race link03 and class link04

So we in Britain can more easily view the effects of privilege - on the mental abilities of ruling 'elites'. These outcomes confirm the Altruist Survivor link05 principle and its forecasts.

Our experiences in short - although an encyclopedia could be written - are summed up below

Elite's history of Failure

Pseudo culture:-

literature - dismal elitism; opera - dull, low-quality link06 expensive and snobbish imitation of others - paid for by corrupt taxation of working people; sports - expensive, snobbish failures; music - self indulgent atonal posturing by a talentless elite - Query:- find anybody who really likes English 'contemporary classical' music link07

The 'arts' and even the Sciences link08 in Britain today are reduced to privileged groups of talentless parasites in league with corrupt bureaucrat and politician functionaries who control the tax-take.

[that tax-take is confiscated link09 - at aprox. 75% of real earnings - from the hapless majority: the working middle-incomed and the poor link10]

Education:- biased and corrupt. link11

Infrastructure:- elitist transport system (dead railways - canals, congested expensive roads, few pathways - few cycle paths), dangerous, dirty hospitals linlk12 incompetent town-planning, brutal architecture link13 & unfriendly 'public' buildings.

Commerce:- monopolist agrochem agriculture link14 monopoly & cartels link15 in industry and retail.

Media:- corrupt internal press link16 and corrupt internal broadcasting link17

All these tend to make Britain an unsafe link18 dirty, sad and boring place to live.

All these are products of the professional link19 ruling elite

Ordinary Peoples' history of Success

Keeping all the badly-planned infrastructure working, despite abrasive and incompetent administration link20 by ruling elite, see roads, railways link21 & past link22 hospital safety.

Imagination and invention link23 but most often wasted by incompetent link24 elite.

Real writing - but most often wasted; 'literature' being owned by the publishing elite.

Science discovery link25 & link26 & link27 - but wasted by incompetent elite. link24

Real British culture - music, dance, art, sport, fashion, and all people-to-people groupings.

In fact everything that gives empathy, interest, quality, warmth and excitement to life in Britain.

All these come from the efforts link28 inventiveness and life-choices link29 of ordinary people

Can we draw conclusions from these facts ?

That ruling elites lack integrity, efficiency, 'taste', 'judgment' or planning ability.

That their incompetence has to be compensated for, by the unacknowledged effort and talent of ordinary people.

An observation on groups which build 'monuments' can be found in Buckle's "History of Civilization"link30 Chapter II "Influence exercised by physical laws" where he lays down what `Perceptions' thinks is a general rule:-

"Indeed, the mere appearance of these huge and costly buildings, which are still standing, is a proof of the state of the nation that erected them. To raise structures so stupendous, and yet so useless, there must have been tyranny on the part of the rulers, and slavery on the part of the people".

uses this as one of its rule-of-thumb indicators of democracy - further informed by Buckle's equations link31


i) 'Great projects' are only made great by the efforts of the working population who inspire them, build them and operate them - and pay for all, failure or success.

ii) Projects conceptualized by the elite are mediocre, tasteless, unchallenging failures.

For the elite always rejects real challenge link32 fearing all change

Hence the failure of

the 'Dome'

The `celebrities' who went to the DOME's opening were crap people.
Because the DOME itself was crap.


`Perceptions' note: from

Inadequate people often become 'snobs' - because 'pedigree' (racism), `wealth' and intellectual snobbery serve to conceal their own inadequacy.

The saddest are 'intellectual snobs' - who are too stupid to to realise that, given equal education, (see schools.html) most people in the world would be _more_ intellectual than the snobs themselves!

We say - 'intellectual snobbery' is a mark of the mentally inadequate.

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