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Inequality in `Property Taxes'

Inequality is perceived as class or race bias.
However an analysis shows that the root cause is greed and corruption, in hierarchies of politics, law, finance and education.

These tax pages catalog UK's inequality problems in political finance (and `culture').
Laworjustice page does the same for policing and courts, where gender and age biases are subsets.  Schools pages similarly expose education biases.  Morals page examines the same problems - ever present, though covert in UK - in hierarchies of churches.

CHART -1995/6 rates for Shropshire - DETAILS at TAX 4
Property confiscation

You can see people who have to rent are worst-off.  They're paying 1000% or more, to a fake `property tax'.

Here's why:-

a) Aristocrats and rich agro-industrialists get huge amounts of tax-payers' money in immoral `subsidy' link02 - each taking approximately £20,000 per year from us poor taxpayers.  They (less than 1% of population) own most of the land but pay no real property tax. link03

We, the remaining 99% of population, only rent or `buy' about 0.2 acres per family, but are forced to pay huge annual `property taxes' (council tax).  That's in addition to the 70-80% (mostly hidden) taxes taken directly and indirectly from our earnings and our spending, on food and other necessities!

Why don't the rich pay property taxes?  Or, conversely, why don't we - renters, houseowners and tenant farmers - get subsidies?  Here's some evidence

[Oct. 2003 a Liberal Democrat MP revealed corrupt `Council Tax' set-up: it asks only half-a-day's earnings from Prime Minister Blair/Brown, but rips-off two months' income from an already poor pensioner, who's paid very high taxes all her life.]

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Tax System = Unfair, Regressive, Corrupting, Wasteful' - Delayed (by Gov't) I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

Summary - Tax-money is taken from middle-incomed and the poor then squandered by corrupt bureaucracy link04 or stolen by the rich & powerful (see Duke of Westminster).

More details are available in "Who Owns Britain" by Kevin Cahill
Nov. 2001 ISBN 086241 912 3

You can read an outline of "Who Owns Britain" at

[ Note: Kevin has updated amount of subsidy taken (stolen) from us by the rich - 30 March '02 (R4 - BBC) Kevin said it's now reached £20,000 per year, taken by each of the land-owning rich!]

PENAL HIGH TAXES on majority 90% of voters - - while rich 10% (& MPs) pay LOW or ZERO TAX
Majority work LONGER / pay HUGE taxes - get LOWEST pensions, LEAST services, WORST transport, COSTLY `care'

Britain's Property Tax/Council Tax -

The only possible reason for a banded Council Tax, with a very high minimum payment and a very low maximum payment, is to make the poor pay more tax than the rich; in some cases a million times more.

Table of money numbers and %s

The cost of a fair non-banded system would be only 0.2% of property value per year, so you can see that the present system is wasteful, unfair and corrupt. ref09

Working folk in a rented place ref10  with only a bit of furniture, can be forced to pay 1,000% (ten times what they own) or even more, in `property tax'.

While a rich Cabinet Minister (with property of £100M or more) can pay 0.001% or less.

That case is a million times more tax being taken from the poor.

N.B. That's why a very rich Cabinet Minister lied on record when he claimed "Council Tax is a fair property-based Tax".

That was a liar named Parkinson - another lying, parasitic, pervy politician. ref11

11 Jan 2001 - Children link01 of the poor are barred from school for not wearing expensive compulsory school uniforms that their overtaxed parents cannot afford.

1999 - Many councils link02 now charge fees for "public" services paid for by poor peoples' taxes - educational link03 & link04 facilities, museums, even "public" washrooms or lavatories.

So the poor and lower-incomed can't use them!

So young mothers and anyone out-of-work, paying vastly higher tax rates than the well-off councillors and their richer friends, are corruptly excluded from services (and grants) for which they (the poor) are taxed so much.

Hypocrite councillors and rich senior civil servants are thus exposed as cruel liars link07 and thieves.  They're persecutors of the middle-incomed and the poor, who pay the highest rates of local tax and are now barred, by unfair costs, from the very services for which they pay so highly

Politicians and bureaucrats always lie about taxes.

A politician (named Cecil) claimed that British Property Tax is "fair".  Liar!

Compare 50 years of payments:-

In the USA Bill Gates will pay around 50% of his home's value in Property Tax, over 50 years;

in Britain the author (one of the 'poor') will pay 100% or maybe a lot more, over 50 years;

in Britain a multi-millionaire politician (or Duke), will pay 2.5% (or less), over 50 years.

Date: 21 March 2000

`Perceptions' editor (me) wrote to John Major (then UK Prime Minister) asking why his government allowed Duke of Westminster (England's richest so-called "aristocrat") to escape 99.9% of the taxes that we poorer people are forced to pay.

[E.g. the Duke pays less than 0.001% property tax (`council tax'), while many poor people are forced to pay 1000% - a tax rate one million times higher than the Duke's

The Duke - like other rich aristocrats (and all national politicians) - is paying much less tax than the national average and is therefore a criminal parasite (and pervert), feeding off the poor - see here & here]

John Major instructed his civil servant to answer, saying -

a) that British taxes were 'fair' - a lie;

b) that 'National Insurance' was not taxation - another lie;

c) that the Duke paid fair taxes - yet another lie.


All politicians and senior civil servants are motivated to lie, especially about taxes.

Adam Smith -
"A tax may take out or keep out of the pockets of the people
a great deal more than it brings into the public treasury"

Wealth of Nations

The truth of Adam Smith's statement is born out by admissions of the Chancellor of the Exchequer - of the most corrupt government in recent British history - Norman Lamont:-

"reducing a tax or even abolishing one can bring in more revenue"

and, on the "Petroleum Revenue Tax"

"...because of its generous regime of reliefs it had become a drain on the Treasury rather than a source of revenue."

[the Oil Companies complained when the tax was abolished]


[from p346 of "In Office" by Norman Lamont - ISBN 0-316-64707-1]

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