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Inequality is perceived as class or race bias.
However an analysis shows that the root cause is greed and corruption, in hierarchies of politics, law, finance and education.

These tax pages catalog UK's inequality problems in political finance (and `culture').
Laworjustice page does the same for policing and courts, where gender and age biases are subsets.  Schools pages similarly expose education biases.  Morals page examines the same problems - ever present, though covert in UK - in hierarchies of churches.

An investigation

has found that the UK tax-system is heavily regressive:  real taxation is paid by c. 80% of people, those who earn less than 40K - above that income-level less and less net-tax is paid.

While folk below that income-level suffer more and more tax burden inflicted, unfairly and corruptly, by greedy privileged politicians and bureaucrats.

The rich pay _no_ net tax!  Instead, they take a profit from the system!  [Due to UK's diversion of subsidy to big land-owners]

[UPDATE - POLITICAL CONFESSION Sept '05 - You know that politicians of all parties have implicitly denied this fact for generations.  That is, leaders from the left and right have lied to us!]

Those on higher income get more `allowances' not allowed to the working poor, and then, if more seriously rich, they even get `subsidised' by our corrupt senior civil-servants and politicians.

How?   -   Money-aid intended, under EU rules for poor tenant farmers and small-holders, is diverted in the UK to the wallets of the hugely rich - the corporates and landed Dukes etc., who are pocketing taxes taken, by force, from starving pensioners.

How it is -

The UK tax system began in 1945/6, theoretically taxing everyone equally.  But the wealthy & powerful soon began avoiding link06 taxation.

Eg. the Church of England link07 instituted "Church Commissioners" for that purpose, in 1948.

Of course this meant non-rich people had to pay ever more linkl08, for, in addition to their own share, they increasingly had to pay the taxes avoided by the wealthy, plus the enormous costs of the inefficiency & unfairness.

By 1955/6 it could be said (and was, by an internationally respected statistician and tax-expert from Canada) that Britain's tax system had become so inefficient and corrupted that it had "passed the point of no return" - wasting more money than is spent on public work.


Recent Prime Ministers - who had previously claimed "fairness" link09 for the system - have ceased those claims, now lying about "efficiency".

See Adam Smith's maxims for taxes.  Condensed version or Full version

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Tax System = Unfair, Regressive, Corrupting, Wasteful' - Delayed (by Gov't) I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

Tax Free

In Britain the elite political classes pay approximately ZERO% net tax

Charlie Whelan (ex political adviser to British Cabinet) 25 June '00 BBC R5 -
"The very, very rich _don't_ pay tax." - (his emphasis)

Yes, the owners linkTF-01 of Britain, billionaire linkTF-10 and richer, actually take from the system - stealing from us poorer taxpayers. linkTF-11

"We're taking from the poor and giving to the rich" said Norman Baker - Liberal Democrat MP (congressman) for Lewes - full story

Liars for Leaders

Politicians' morals:-
Let's say that Tony Blair (elected British Prime Minister in 1997) and the Opposition Leader both claim that they support `morality' and `fair taxation':
i.e that they claim to pay a `fair rate' of tax themselves; and that they practise `Christianity' (or any other moral religion).

If so - then both of them are hypocrites, liars linkTF-12 and parasitic thieves, linkTF-13 along with all other members of Parliament  (Congress), all Bishops of the Church of England linkTF-14 and all members of the `House of Lords'  (Senate).

That's a logical conclusion from the facts shown on this page and its links.

A certain M Thatcher linkTF-15 several times claimed "we in Britain have a fair tax system" while she was covertly implementing unfair regressive taxes.

A lawyer might claim she was 'mistaken'.  A truthful person would say it was a blatant lie.  Ask Tony Blair what he, as a barrister linkTF-16 thinks

The "Altruist Survivor" principle says that elites inevitably corrupt systems.

Any `fair' tax soon becomes regressive - favoring an elite - by collusion between politicians, mandarins and the rich.

International tax experts say that the British tax system became `inefficient' linkTF-17 as early as the mid-1950's.

It's been corrupted much, much more - for another fifty years!


All politicians claim to be 'democratic', all claim they're motivated only by 'public service,' and all say they operate 'fair taxation'. link16 ABOVE

Can you find any politicians who :-

will themselves work average industrial hours for the average industrial wage, in order to truly represent their constituents, as an honest public servant would?

will themselves pay the same REAL rate of taxation that the working population pays, as an honest public servant would?

will themselves agree to have their assets - bank accounts and property - open to view by the public, as an honest public servant would?

Keep looking ! link17

"Corrupt Manipulation" - What happened when a citizen asked an awkward question on 'strange' tax rules. link18

North - South divide

`North' = low income area, `South' = high income area

Regressive taxation, operating on differentials in incomes and property values,

low values in the `North', high values in the `South'

means `North' is taxed much more than `South'

Low-waged areas are trebly penalized by :-

a) unequal "council/property tax" ref-ns01

b) unequal "income tax" ref-ns02

c) unequal "necessities tax /VAT" ref-ns03

Devon and Cornwall for example are low income / high tax areas, as are Wales & the West, North of England and parts of Midlands and Scotland

Outcome:- average person in `North' pays much higher taxes than does the same average person - in same job/ living in same house - in `South'


You can see it's a "negative feedback" situation - a temporary decrease in local incomes / jobs is exacerbated by punishing effects of unfair, increased taxation.  This will result in long term decline, all other factors being equal.

Latest - 22 Aug '00 "The Guardian" :- "New warning on north-south divide" - "Backbenchers warn Prime Minister to 'get his head out of the sand' as report reveals widening prosperity gap"

Then Michael Portillo accused the government of increasing the north-south divide through taxes which were "felt most heavily in the least prosperous parts of the country".

It seems both left and right-wing politicians are now willing to use `Perceptions' figures - all denied earlier ref-ns04 - as political weapons - and for ulterior motives. ref-ns05

They all go back to denial, lying and tax-thieving when they get power - and don't we know it!

Exclusion of non-Rich

Britain has many moralistic politicians, judges, bishops, big landowners and business leaders - always ready to preach about "honesty and hard work".

Analyzed, all those well-off moralists are hypocritically taking tax money from middle income workers and even from the very poorest of the unemployed. refx-01.

Not content with that, since the greedy eighties hypocritical councillors and rich senior civil-servants have introduced `fees' for most "public" services and unfair wealth-biased restrictions on most `grants'.

Thus the middle-incomed and the poor, who pay the highest rates of tax refx-02 are now excluded by cost from the very services for which they are paying so highly.

So `rulers' of Britain are exposed as hypocrites, liars and thieves.  But in addition they are cruelly abusing the helpless.

For the unemployed, the poor, and even their children refx-04 & refx-05 are unjustly forced to pay vastly higher tax rates than MP's, estate-owners, bishops, business leaders, judges refx-06 and senior civil servants.

Corrupt misuse of taxes

Britain has hundreds of thousands of fake "trusts" and fake "charities". linkCH01

All but a handful of the so-called charities and trusts exist only for two reasons:-

concealing rich tax-evaders; evidence1 & evidence2

grabbing subsidies paid for by the poor. below

Because all subsidies come from taxes paid by the middle/lower incomed and the poor - the only net tax-payers.

["net" means `real' balance when gains:-
made by the rich in huge "allowances", "subsidies", Bank of England protection, non-payment of "National Insurance", and exemption from "Property Taxes / Council tax,

are compared to penalties:-
all paid by middle and low-incomed.]

Gov't spends about 40% but the cost of all those inefficent taxes is more than 50% (of the national GDP), so anyone paying less in net taxes is a tax-thief - stealing from those who can't avoid paying those higher total tax costs. linkCH01A & linkCH02 & linkCH03 & linkCH04 & linkCH05

The rich don't pay - forcing the middle-incomed and poor to pay much higher tax costs.

Outcome:- the majority - working people and the poor - in Britain linkCH06 are oppressed by real (but largely hidden) tax rates of 60% - 70% - 80% or even more.

The same rates that the corrupt Bolshevik (definitely not `communist') rulers of the Soviet Union imposed on their workers.


a) Aristocrats and agro-industrialists get huge amounts of tax-payers' money in immoral "subsidies" linkSU-01 - taking approximately £20,000 per year each from us poor taxpayers.

The grossly rich - maybe 1% - 3% of population - own most of land in Britain but pay no real taxes, instead they can claim £20,000 or even more, per year in "subsidy".

See George Monbiot's evidence and later `media's fake shock' at recent confirmation.

We (remaining 97% of population) only rent or `buy' about 0.2 acres per family, but are forced to pay huge annual taxes (av. c. £1,000 pa `council / property tax' linkSU-02) on that land (even if only rented), in addition to 60-70% taxes taken directly and indirectly from our earnings!

[ Oct. 2003 a Liberal Democrat MP reveals corrupt "Council Tax" set-up:- it asks only half-a-day's earnings from Prime Minister Tony Blair, but rips-off two months' income from an already poor pensioner. ]

Note - the `Royals' take about £8,000,000 per year in subsidy from tax-payers ("Civil List").

Much of that tax was taken compulsorily from very poor people; too often by extremely immoral, even illegal methods.  (*More to come on this) linkSU-03

The Queen has a personal fortune estimated between £6.7 billion (1990 estimate) and £275 million (2002 estimate) but actual total is a secret. linkSU-04

Why don't the rich pay real taxes?  Or, conversely, why don't we - room or house renters, house (mortgage) owners and smallholders - get subsidies?

See George Monbiot's evidence and later `media's fake shock' at recent confirmation.

Tax-money stolen from middle-incomed, workers and the poor, is then wasted by the corrupt bureaucracy linkSU-05 or given to the rich (see Duke of Westminster)

Details in "Who Owns Britain" by Kevin Cahill Nov. 2001 ISBN - 086241 912 3

You can read an outline of "Who Owns Britain" at

[ Note: Kevin's updated subsidy given to (stolen by) the rich - 30 March '02 (R4 - BBC).  Kevin said it's now reached £20,000 pa !]

Latest: - Rich estate-owners, company directors, bureaucrats and politicians steal more British and European tax-payers' money in UK than anywhere else in Europe!
The biggest losses of funds in the EU, by fraud, originate in UK.
EU Commission - `Corruption Commissioner' Kinnock 30 May 2002

British Government and "RailTrack"

Late note (& NEWS) When the rich invest in say, "RailTrack" they get shares and lots of dividends in return.

But when working people, and the poor, and the unemployed are forced* to invest in "RailTrack" they get - NOTHING.  Except: bad service (see Reports), danger (see Reports) and discrimination - "second class travel".

See latest British government "direct grant" of £ 4.5 BILLION of tax-payers money to a private company - 23 October 2000.

The share price immediately zoomed - the rich know they will get much of that cash.

* Only working people and the poor and the unemployed ref10 pay NET TAXES in Britain.


Later - 16 Jan '01 - Previously published conclusion.

Later - 01 June '01 - Yet another subsidy to the rich - from the poor - more dividends

From "LaworJustice" quote

You don't believe CPS & judges are corrupt, biased and pervert?

Overpaid, corrupt civil-servants linkTA01 & company directors kill - by greed & incompetence - hundreds of people ["RailTrack" linkTA03 & certain English Ferry Co's] -

or thousands of people ["British Gas" - their explosive North-Sea gas conversions have murdered more than the population of an entire British town since the 60's]

they get millionaire's incomes and even bonuses, linkTA04 taken from their victims' taxes by the murderers' accomplices, our venal linkTA05 lying linkTA06 politicians

Overworked, overtired truck-driver accidentally kills somebody - he gets 6 years in jail!
04 June 2001

LATEST "only the poor go to prison"

pooronly - privileged exemptions - murdering rich

Perverse Taxes

After years of denial, by senior civil servants, by the BBC and by politicians, a politician has finally confessed that Britain's taxes are "regressive" -

- taking more from the poor than from the rich.  [Michael Portillo (Shadow Chancellor) "Drive" R5 Live BBC - 5:30 pm. - 18 July '00]

HE IS STILL WRONG ! [check Portillo's background]

[reptiles lowages fueltaxes pervert3]

Britain's taxes are ultra-regressive - unfairly taking from everybody, except the rich, to give to institutionally corrupt senior civil servants, to corrupt & venal politicians and to the very rich.

For details of previous lying Prime Ministers see pervert3 & taxone.

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Tax System = Unfair, Regressive, Corrupting, Wasteful' - Delayed (by Gov't) I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

UK's secret accounts

Labour Party Conference update 26 Sept 2000

Tony Blair said "Britain has the lowest tax-burden in Europe"

So how come -

"ordinary British people - middle and working class - pay the highest net taxes in Europe but get the worst pensions and public services?"



(And here's how corrupt bureaucrats tell `legal lies')



if you think you don't pay these taxes - think again

So - how does that claim (by Tony Blair & others) square with facts?


and these admissions, (re British taxes compared to European taxes), - from the previous Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont
1) "[British leaders of] ... industry were anxious to see Continental taxes increase nearer to British levels" [p205]
2) "... legally binding minima would force some countries to raise their taxes in the direction of British taxes"
[from "In Office" by Norman Lamont - ISBN 0-316-64707-1]

1997 - Tony Blair took power - and continued the Conservatives' wasteful, corrupt and regressive tax regime

"AVERAGE" : a statistic used by liars

Example -



TOM, DICK & HARRY [three `workers'] EARN £100 EACH, AND EACH PAYS IN TAX £80


SO TOTAL TAX PAID (by Tom, Dick & Harry _and_ Paul) WAS £240


"The tax burden is low - only 10%"

Because total income of £2400 paid £240 in tax.

It's easy isn't it ?

For a politician or lawyer - who probably pays little or no net tax - to tell legal lies !

Almost unbelievably, that's approx. TRUE RATIO of today's UK TAX BURDENS

11 Jan 2001 - Children link01 of the poor are barred from school for not wearing expensive compulsory school uniforms that their overtaxed parents cannot afford.

1999 - Many councils link02 now charge a fee for "public" services - paid for by poor peoples' taxes - educational link03 & link04 facilities, museums, even "public" washrooms or lavatories.

So the poor and lower-incomed can't use them!

So young mothers and anyone out-of-work, paying vastly higher tax rates than the well-off councillors and their richer friends, are corruptly excluded from services (and grants) for which they (the poor) are taxed so much

Hypocrite councillors and rich senior civil servants are thus exposed as cruel liars link07 thieves and perverts.  Persecutors of the middle-incomed and the poor, who pay the highest rates of local tax and are now barred, by unfair costs, from the very services for which they pay so highly

Adam Smith - "A tax may take out or keep out of the pockets of the people a great deal more than it brings into the public treasury"

Wealth of Nations

The truth of Adam Smith's statement above is born out

by this admission of the

Chancellor of the Exchequer

[of the most corrupt government in recent British history],

Norman Lamont:-

"reducing a tax or even abolishing one can bring in more revenue"

and, on the "Petroleum Revenue Tax"

"...because of its generous regime of reliefs it had become

a drain on the Treasury rather than a source of revenue"

[the Oil Companies complained when the tax was abolished]


[from p346 of "In Office" by Norman Lamont - ISBN 0-316-64707-1]


First three documents below might seem angry and incoherent but they are broadly as submitted to - and eventually acknowledged by - the Neill Committee on Standards in Public Life early in 1998.

[Although for several months the Neill Committee Secretariat denied that the documents had been received]

The banned `Perceptions' Tax Series









UK's secret accounts

1 - Injustice 5 - North-South DIVIDE 9 - "subsidy" 2 13 - KIDS
2 - the Rich 6 - Exclusion 10 - Perverse 14 - Evidence ?
3 - corruption 7 - Fake "charities" 11 - Gov't LIES 15 - Testimony
4 - politicos 8 - Immoral "Subsidy" 12 - "Reality" SEARCH

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