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Corrupt abusers of Law

SYKOPHANCY - quote:- Generally, sykophancy has been viewed as a disease that plagued a society `where the chances of perverting justice were so numerous because of the character of the courts'. (Lofberg 1917, 10)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2000.01.10  Matthew R. Christ, `The Litigious Athenian'. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998. Pp. 317. ISBN 0-9018-5863-1. $39.95. Reviewed by Brad L. Cook, Tulane University

`Perceptions' has found the same conditions in Britain today, where powerful individuals and organizations are routinely using threats of vexatious link00  and malicious litigation to bully and oppress ordinary innocent people.

Coercion seems to be covering-up greater crimes committed by these individuals / organizations.  Their corrupt misuse of Law takes the form of restraint of trade and prevention of free speech.

Restraint of Trade and Prevention of Free Speech are infringements of the UN Charter of Human Rights.

They are also specific offences under British & European law.

The threats - against innocent third parties - are vexatious by British legal definition link01  because the offenders daren't make a true libel suit against the person who originally made a statement or wrote a book etc.

In reality the corrupt offenders dare not sue the main party for libel because the offenders are clearly in the wrong, but, having control of large amounts of money (often taxpayers' money), those offenders can afford to threaten innocent third parties with huge legal costs, before anything is even heard in court.

Just like in ancient Athens, bent lawyers are using bad law, and the cost of law (
in a corrupt country), to blackmail ordinary citizens and prevent freedom itself.

We call for the public officials with responsibility:-

(Note Freudian slip)

to stop this scandal and to punish the offenders

Who are the offenders?

English law says we can't tell you !

But, the hell with it -

To cover-up establishment crimes - privileged groups are suppressing Free Speech !

Bent Police Federation is abusing our Laws & our Courts


Bent bureaucrats are abusing our Laws & our Courts


Bent Judges are abusing our Laws & our Courts

the evidence

Note: the CPS is actually the "Crown Prosecution Service"
but, as we see it protecting link02 establishment criminals link03 we could be allowed that Freudian slip.

Corrupt use of Law by Police & Judges




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