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Subject: Your attention is required to prevent abuse of Law

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:48:57 +0100

From: Editor - Perceptions <editor>

To: CPS - Enquiries <>, Martin Bright <>

This is for the attention of public officials and legal officers, and or information of Press & other public media.

It is apparent that there are at least two ongoing "vexatious and malicious" abuses of English law - and that it is the duty of the Attorney General and/or the Director of the Criminal Prosecution Service to take the necessary actions to prevent these abuses and to punish the offenders.

The law is clear on this matter:- see published by the British government. It is from the "The Law Commission" and gives details of the Supreme Court Act 1981 containing "Restriction of Vexatious legal proceedings".

The Abuses of Law? Both are "vexatious and malicious" threats of libel actions made against third parties, where it is plain to see that those making the threats have no intention of proceeding with a "true" libel action against a named person but are using known corrupt practices of English Law & Courts to cause or threaten a great deal of costly legal expense, and that this malpractice is being used as a means of coercion.

Those guilty of this abuse are clearly doing so in order to restrict free trade and to prevent free speech. British and European law define both actions as offences.

The guilty parties? See,6903,535583,00.html and


[editor - `Perceptions']

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