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References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

abbreviations:-  archeo = archeology/archeological;  a t t = at this/that time;  (B) C E = (before) Common Era;  consp. = conspiracy;  e m (r) = electro-magnetic (radiation);  f t l = faster than light;  gov't = ruling elite;  Gov't = formal front-men;  hist. = history / historical;  inc. = including / inclusive of;  MSM = mainstream media;  nr = near to;  PTB = `powers that be';  spec. = special/specially/specialist;  w r t = with respect/relation to

abduction - a reader's question / a reader's observation; more site references

acceleration - speeding-up or slowing down and/or turning;  i.e. circular motion = acceleration toward the center

accident - reported causes are not to be trusted, especially `official reports'; some cases. comment on statistical trends; method for analysis / detection

Adam - for Adam Smith

advanced - ~ civilizations; by Nikolai Kardashev; qualities?

A.E.R.O. - international airlines (was called "S.I.T.A."); flight trauma

affection - "Where physical affection is encouraged, theft, organized religion and invidious displays of wealth are inconspicuous; [BUT] where infants are physically punished, there tends to be slavery, frequent killing, torturing and mutilation of enemies, a devotion to the inferiority of women, and a belief in one or more supernatural beings who intervene in daily life" - Carl Sagan in `Cosmos'

African - expansion in prehistory; African Vikings?

Ages - `Four Previous Great Ages';  also maybe see Dark Ages

agriculture - agri-/industry; corrupt subsidies in UK; propaganda

AGW - `anthropogenic (human caused) global warming': - a politico-finance motivated millenial scare, as was the 1960's `Acid Rain Scare' and 1970's `New Ice Age Scare'; summary of the logic; also see the TWO vdeos: The Global Warming Swindle Pt 1 & The Global Warming Swindle Pt 2; Proof of media scare-mongering

Aid - foreign aid: "taxing poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people in poor countries" Bernard Rosenberg

AIDS - you know the basics - some say there's a secret possible cause?

airlines / travel - `Perceptions' warning - & the media record

air rage - when `new' brian is suppressed & `lizard' brain is amplified; an example; - also `road rage'

algorithm - a routine allowing a mathematical problem to be solved `without thought' - from Al-Khwarizmi

alien - some points-to-note; other site-references; also see ET

Abu Ali Ibn Sina - `Avicenna' - polymath: astronomer, chemist, logician and mathematician, physicist and scientist, poet, soldier and statesman, theologian, and foremost physician and philosopher; - `that the mind may exist independently of the body'

Al-Kindi - `the Philosopher of the Arabs' - known as Alkindus in Latin; his physics, medical, mathematical, musical & other theoretical and experimental work was hundeds of years ahead of later Western scientists

altruist - Altruist Survivor principle; first denied by establishment creeps, now being confirmed; see human mentality; human attraction; co-operation; society; roots of ethics; more fundamental evolvability

Alzheimer's - [wiki]; seems to be increasing in the West

analysis - see methods of inquiry

anarchy - `without hierarchies' - self-rule

ancestry - some clues re: human ancestry and earliest diets

ancient - astronauts / aliens

angular - `angular momentum' (conservation of); really an effect of inertia

animal hypnosis - psychological effect; especially in young

anomalies - Google results; re: 800,000 years of human history; re: 3.7 M years of human history; re: UFO/USP

ant - and evolution : i) news ii) earlier speculation

Antikythera - Antikythera Mechanism - ancient analogue computer ["Greeks" link]; a mail reference

a priori - (beforehand) & a posteriori (in retrospect) - Wiki's philosphy defintion; Kant's philosphical usage

Aquarius - zodiac group, changes on Earth?; [ "Aeon of Horus" ]

Arab - a view of the `Arab World' - from Jamal Khashoggi, his final article before being butchered by fifteen Saudi `intelligence agents'.

aristocracy - big subject - here's a start point; reasons why aristocracies are corrupt/incompetent

Arp - Halton, predicts anomalously high redshifts, especially obvious when paired with medium or low redshift objects; Arp on `science paradigms'; (see videoPt2 or go here for list)

arrow - of time; why're scientists scared?

art - ancient art; arts in society

ascendancies - the phenomenon - more site chat; latest mention

asteroid - ("star-like") - body smaller than planet; threat1, threat2, threat3

asteroid threat - dangers & ice-core and treering evidence; early guess; guess2; guess3; guess4

astrology - physics behind `Astrology' is more to do with alignments of planetary masses (`astro' was an understandable pre-medieval error); early note; latest note; latest summary

astronomy - astronomers' reports ; planetary alignment checks & predictions, serious astro-physics errors

Atlantis - myth question; poss. undersea sites; new scenario

authenticity - "a fundamental desideratum of the human soul" - Stephen Jay Gould

authority - most often corrupt, psychotic, or pervert

autism - reported increase; recent new evidence

average - often misleading statistic

axis - a (smoothly) rotating object spins around a center-line called its `axis'

Aztec - creation myth

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Babylon - (and Sumer) claimed as earliest civilization, astronomy - ology

Bacon - Francis 1561 - 1626 scientist - lawmaker; and also Roger 1214 -1292 scientist - monk

baloney - see `baloney detection kit' (text back-up)

banks - mostly run by usurers; reasons why bankers are corrupt/criminal

banking - "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild; its operation

banking conspiracy - it seems to be still ongoing (Aug. 2017): if you follow the trail of fake suicides of bankers (+lawyers) around the world it seems to heavily implicate Deutsche Bank (Germany) and Deutsche Bank (Argentina); see N.W.O.

barristers - see judges

Barrow - mathematician / physicist taking part in `constants of nature' research - on progress; on `life' and `science'; on those `constants'; his speculation

Bayes' Theorem - method of extracting truth from deceptive statistics used by lying lawyers & politcos; Wiki description w/examples; why corrupt judges/politicos fear it: example#1 / example#2

BBC - its most recent corruption, tax lies; pedophile links & pedo-agents so far (text version); (pedo-chart); secret `tools of the trade'; more site refs

bee - bee behavior, part of Alien Comms

beliefs - `the unrealistic beliefs of diplomats are what soldiers die of' - H. Beam Piper

Berry - Wendell, (quote) good farmer, poet, author & philosopher

Berwyns - `The Berwyns', a group of hills in North Wales (UK), see Berwyn UFO Incident

Bes - pre-Egypt `Green Man' (image), see our report

bias - see `1st Theorem of Science'

Big Bang - increasingly implausible politico-sci scenario of young-universe - arguments against: i) Review of Top 30 Problems (Van Flandern); factual evidence here & here & here

Big Bang - wrong - "If the Big Bang is wrong, then many of the basic ideas of fundamental physics are wrong as well.  The same methods that have led cosmology into a blind alley have also simultaneously stalled the advance of knowledge of the structure of matter and energy." - Eric Lerner

Big Crunch - implausible politico-sci scenario of end-of-universe - arguments against: i) gross violation of `2nd Law' (Entropy Law); ii) violation of Leibniz'`Principle of Sufficient Variety'; iii) contradicted by NASA observations; (also see subsequent evidence)

big science - has many problems (caused by human arrogance / ignorance) - an ancient example

binary - in ancient arithmetic & numbers; used for codes, old and new

birds - observations of behavior, re - Prisoner's Dilemma

Black, African - expansion in prehistory, African Vikings also oppression in UK, USA

black hole - unproven hype, instead read `neutron star' or `galactic core' and `redistribution of matter by jets' - update; more detail / detail2; overview

blasphemy - a fake crime - saying or doing something that a churchman or religious disapproves of - see `contempt of court', sedition, treason

Blue Book - one of three USAF `investigations of UFOs' - all were fakes

Bohr - Neils - pioneering atomic theorist, a quote; also said: "prediction is very hard, especially about the future"

Bonilla - José; head of Zacatecas Observatory - 1883 `fleet' sighting & photos

Bonobo - Pan paniscus, smaller, intelligent chimpanzee; peaceful - females have guiding role; estrus

Bragg - a media `talking-head' who later aspired to `thinking' but maybe failed - re: `elite racism', `astrology' and `evolution', (his later realization)

brain - structure; unrecognized abilities; early damage example; anomalies; uses; effects of angular momentum on; DNA's inabilities

Brookings - Report on possible `advanced / superior beings' extracts & links

BSC - like all UK `watchdogs', the Broadcasting Standards Commission was a corrupt body - no integrity

Buckle - Henry Thomas; on `Metaphysics'

Buddha - Gautama Siddhartha, his advice

Buddhism - a philosophy and way of life for the wise (_not_ a religion)

burn-out - "There be some have an over-early ripeness in their yeares; which fadeth betimes: these are first, such as have Brittle Wits, the edge whereof is soone turned; such as was Hermogenes the Rhetorician, whose books are exceedingly Subtill; who after-wards waxed Stupid" - Bacon (Lord Verulam)

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

cannabis - drug law

cataclysm - (Greek - evil flood) - see below

Çatalhöyük - see `egaliterian'

catastrophe - (Greek - `evil turn') - reasons; probability; an (unrecognized?) example

cause - `I would rather understand one cause than be King of Persia' (then the world's empire) - Democritus of Abdera; other `causes'

Celts - [Keltoi] one of the four great divisions of the ancient world - as described by Ephorus

center of gravity - effective center of a mass

centrifugal / centripetal - force

change - a constant, usually cyclical;  i.e. - usually ascending, with each cycle visiting fewer, though often more potent, alternatives

charity - mostly corrupt in Britain; comparisons between greedy rich and generous poor - 2015 update

Charity Commission - accusation of corruption and confirmation, [the CC is as notorious as PCC and BSC]

chimpanzee - closest DNA relation to homo sap, evolved a more intelligent representative - the Bonobo

christianity - another `untried system' - for examples see corrupt C.o.E bishops - perversion of message - perversion of power

Christian ... - (and Muslim) fundamentalism - see `morons'

Christmas - see `Christmas and Easter' and links

C.I.A - Dulles brought SS / Gestapo to form CIA after WWII.  C.1950> CIA began diverting funds link1, link2), & began anti-ETH propaganda & operationsJet Propulsion Laboratory's co-founder (& libertarian) Jack Parsons was then `accidentally' killed and JPL also became CIA-ruled.  A CIA website, more at search perceptions; press update (limited)

circular argument - "begging the question"

civilizations - possible proof of lost civs; also see `lost cities'; speculation re: future or alien civs.; cycles of ascendancies

civilized - the rich aren't, the poor are; reason why, earliest (only) truly civilized nation?

Clarke - (1917 - 2008) Sir Arthur; his letter, his view of Mars; Clarke's `Three Laws'

class - i.e. class-bias is covert racism: so is rife among ignorant `upper classes'; report on bad effects in those `upper classes'

climate - `Climate is what we expect - Weather is what we get'; see "weather"

climate-change - summary of the logic; summary of the hoax backgrd; the graphical evidence; ongoing propaganda & motives

true climate change - see the TWO videos: The Global Warming Swindle Pt 1 & The Global Warming Swindle Pt 2

clone - asexual conception from only one parent, lacks protection from genetic disorders

CMB - see MBR

CO2 - the hard data (IPCC) - see `climate change' background

cocaine - drug law

Cock-up - usual excuse when conspiracies are detected

collapse - of societies), up-coming forecast

comedy - perhaps most important, among humans anyway

commons - `Governing The Commons' - Elinor Ostrom : "competitive consumption results in mass pollution, desertification & eventual mass starvation"; see the fate of the Dodo, passenger-pigeon, American bison, & ongoing mass extinctions of forest-life / bird-life & today's disappearing fish-stocks, pollution of air and water; (i.e. Adam Smith was wrong; he didn't know/realize the Earth is finite, with limited resources)

communication - meaningful communication requires consciousness; plus the necessary sentience/intelligence

communism - another `untried system'

complex - `complex phenomena' are those not amenable to mathematical (`scientific') description:  i.e. turbulence (in fluids), most biology, culture, consciousness etc; see also simple

complications - anything said to be `complicated' (like some science and most taxes) is probably corrupt; as Einstein said - `If you can't explain it in a few short words then you don't understand it'.

conditioning - psychological, consumerist, skeptic v believer

conformism - ease of `brain-washing'; soc/sci dangers; Samuel Butler's comments; `signs'

congress(men) - see `members-of-parliament'

conscious - "A scientific world view which does not profoundly come to terms with the problem of conscious minds can have no serious pretensions of completeness."  Roger Penrose - `Shadows of the Mind' p. 8

consciousness - a consensus arrived at by the sense organs and (sometimes gullible) parts of the brain; maybe affected by quantum-weirdness?

consensus - "Well, when you have a consensus of scientists, that should set off alarms." David F. Noble p. 205 `The Paradigm Shifters'; also see `status quo' & `experts' - in science the largest consensus was always wrong about unsolved problems: the reasons; recent example; Bertrand Russell's view & Fred Hoyle's

conspiracy - suspected - detected - motives; test for conspiracy; changing public-opinion c. 1980;

conspiracy theory - derogatory term invented by CIA to discourage interest in or investigation of Kennedy assassination (also see `UFO Nut')

constant - see change

constitution - UK's lack of

contempt of court - most often a fake crime - i.e saying something that a judge is afraid of or disapproves of; (many UK judges and courts _are_ contemptible - see `libel', `blasphemy', `sedition', `treason' trials)

control - see N.W.O

Cook-up Sites - see list at Delicious Cook-up Sites

Coriolis - an apparent force

coroners - reported causes are not to be trusted, especially `official reports'; some cases. comment on statistical trends

corruption - power leads to corruption; analysis of gov't

Corus - previously "British Steel" - now a supra-national combine; influence in corrupt UK courts

cosmopolitan - 'citizen of the universe' - (see `falsity of nations') a term invented by our hero Diogenes [wiki], a rationalist who lived riotously but minimally - he slept under a disused wine barrel. When the King of Athens asked what royal favor he might grant the famous philosopher, Diogenes replied "You can move, you're blocking my sunlight"

cosmos - whole of universe

countries - ~ don't exist

CPS - like all UK `watchdogs', the Crown Prosecution Service is a corrupt, racist organization, under the aegis of a corrupt, racist `Home Office'; some site refs

creation - a myth found world-wide, here's the Olmec-Maya-Toltec-Mixtec-Aztec creation myth - a modern scientific alternative; Hoyle's view

`Creation' - (myth) First traceable Original was a Sumerian experiential history (c. > 4000 BCE); that was co-opted by later Semite (Babylonian) invaders (w/patriarchal `supernatural' spin for mind-control); ditto by later Hebrew slaves of Babylon; ditto by later Xtian slaves of Rome; ditto by later Arab (`Muslim') imitators

crises - mostly fake: an example is recent engineered migrant/refugee crisis, the planning of which probably began in 70's, 80's 90's; the methods used are often `false-flag'

Cro-magnon - from area of France, name given to early

crystal - formation; their mystery

cults - reasons, cataclysmic reasons, "Piscean" / "Aquarian"

culture - definition - some examples; `pseudo-culture' is imposed by ruling elites or bureaucracies

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Dando, Jill - presenter on Crime-Watch TV prog - assassinated for maybe learning too much; also see Seema1.html (go "View HTML" for lowdown)

Dark Ages - in - 6th Cent.; or western Europe, Greece & Persia; more generally; Americas?; China; pre-Ionian Greece - "Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own" - Georg C. Lichtenberg

dark energy - recently invented; see `cosmological constant', `quintessence', `vacuum energy', `zero point energy' - UEF

dark matter - recently invented; see `dark energy'

Darwinism - (crude natural selection) a possible - but hardly likely - mechanism for a certain type of evolution; (Wallace's alternative)

data - investigative use; for other purposes see `Datakind' (for not-for-profits & charities etc)

Dawkins - his `Selfish Gene' said "selfishness wins", so he had to attack Altruist Survivor principles, (via the BBC); his claims have collapsed and the A.S. Theory's now being confirmed (see egs here, here, here & here); recent news-item

death - cause in organic cellular beings?;  in society reported causes are not to be trusted, especially `official reports'; some cases. comment on statistical trends - `near-death' effect in animals, humans, (& `little-death' in marriage)

debunkers - (or `skepti-bunkers') organized anti-progress zealots or agents generating sci-misinfo, social-misinfo, and abuse; later confirm & summary; method for analysis / detection

decadence - the phenomenon - more site chat

deducing - predicting future outcome from a general law or principle - as opposed to inducing

democracy - "no modern state qualifies as a democracy in the (classical) Greek sense of being directly ruled by its citizens" - Oswyn Murray, in `Early Greece'

denial - common in mediocre members of the professional classes

Descartes - René Descartes - French philosopher [early scientist] mathematician; developed positional / co-ordinate 'dimensional' scientific method; 1596-1650

detecting - methods of inquiry

determinist - determinism (cause > effect), like reductionism (taking apart organisms / phenomena for analysis) i.e. like most neo-Darwinists, cannot predict anti-intuitve / unforseeable emergent qualities or attributes resulting from self-organizing complexity;

dexterity - work needed for brain completion; for humanity

Diamond - Prof. Jared Diamond - his work, earlier interview, Stanford reference to "Guns, Germs & Steel", useful knowledge

dictator - And a dictator ... has no choice but to lead his people into foreign war, to keep them from turning upon him. - H. Beam Piper

dictionary - on-site dictionary

dirty money - `does no good'; because gotten unfairly, is used unfairly amd wastefully:  by lying politicos, murderous rulers, greedy usurers and other thieves/pervs

disease - the mystery of selective immunity (i.e. most are `infected' - few suffer)

divergence - evolutionary - Alltruist Survivor; recent evidence

divining - background of water/metal dowsing / divining; for other meanings see `omens' -

divorce - early democratic approach

DNA - see genes

dolphins - links page whale / dolphin behavior, repeats question at Alien Comms

dowsing - working hypothesis

dream - stages of sleep: types of dream

driving - mental change & subsequent addictiveness - also "road rage" and earth-damage

drug law - used as race / class weapon, UK & USA, less risk; method for analysis / detection

dualism - ethos of Zoroastrianism: `good' vs `evil' - example

DVT - `Perceptions' warning - & the media record

Dystopia - corruption aways conspires to create dystopian groups and civilizations - while human (and maybe animal) fairness always attempts to improve societies towards utopia

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

earnings - `Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us' & `The puzzle of motivation'; application for sensible government; see `incentive / motivation'

Earth danger - impact-warning, early, general; extinctions

Earth's asteroid threat - ice-core and treering evidence; early guess; guess2; guess3; guess4

earth quakes - tectonic event, forecast here (w/tools & maps / reports);

Easter - see `Easter and Christmas' and links

E.B.E - see E.T, - also UFO

eccentricity - "The amount of eccentricity in a society has been proportional to the amount of genius, vigor and moral courage which it contains" - John Locke

economics - a non-science - best assessed by a (rare) competent historian like David Hackett Fischer in `The Great Wave' (see QuickPDF, reviews and our ref.); i.e the "isms" of politicos are irrelevant; they merely ride a wave - of greed / fraud / perversion in the case of `Thatcher-ism' & `Blair-ism' (part of Fourth or Fifth Great Wave - ongoing: as seen)

education - what's wrong with UK / western edu?  and biased education generally?; education is more economical than ignorance; why education charges are corrupt

egalitarians - Koutroulou Magoula, Indus Valley and Çatalhöyük - N0 palaces, barracks or prisons (or slave houses); everybody had good, hygienic accomodation, of a quality not since equalled in most parts of the world; this seems to be covered-up today

Egypt - from `The Teachings of Ptahhotep': "No one is born wise"

Egyptology - mainstream seems dominated by ignorance & politics, suppressing impartial science and real scholarship

Einstein - (quote) dissatisfaction with the theories

Eisenhower - war speech; thoughts on UFOs

electron - proton-surround; its time-bias

elephant - in North America, an ancestral form

elf - "Little People"

elites - Samuel Butler's comment; a side-effect; a direct effect; method for analysis / detection

emotions - humans' organic/animal inheritance

empire - past empires; the future of empires; for mechanism of, see `rule'

e.m spectrum - see electro-magnetic spectrum

encyclopedia - on-site encyclopedia

enemy - enemies are people you know - strangers are potential friends

energy - quick definition

english disease - pedophilia (in UK's ruling classes); phrase was first used in Europe, where (pedophile) English aristocrats took their `Grand Tour' ; method for analysis / detection

English Idioms - from Michelle

entelechy - [having - growing] one's purpose within oneself [Wiki]; maybe exemplified by Sheldrake's `Morphic Resonance' and Milton's `Directed Evolution' (of bacteria etc.)

entropy - `entropy always increases' (2nd Law - Wiki); which forbids a maximum-entropy "big-bang" followed by present low-entropy universe - which therefore may be eternalist

Epicurus - (341 BCE, Samos - 270 BCE, Athens) Greek philosopher - see `Principle of Plenitude'

epistemology - asks the questions:  What is knowledge? / How is knowledge acquired? / To what extent is it possible for a given subject or entity to be known?

equality - see egalitarianism; review of today's problems (inc. real and fake `terror'); UK's inequality problem

eschatology - study of of final things, ie. `death, judgement, heaven, and hell'

e.s.p - paranormal

estrus cycle - fertility cycle in most animals

E.T - "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not.  Both are equally terrifying." - Arthur C. Clarke

ether - (physics) Michelson / Morley experiment; (metaphysics) "the ether is the floor of others who, stepping there, begin to notice you" - Tanith Lee

ethics - a sort-of definition

E.U. - European Union; present incompetence or corruption, (like the UK); past Muslim conspiracy; plotting dominance?; probable schemings; earlier secret treachery; two-faced regrets

Europe - "Germany is Europe" - Adolf Hitler

eugenics - references and links for review / download

Evans - R, pervert liar, parasite, coward (see BBC) - maybe a typical lawyer and politician

evolution - plant, animal & human evolution; `Perceptions' coverage of controversy, latest site update(s);

experts - Clarke's Law re: `experts'; why many `experts' are unreliable; `why experts are often/usually wrong' by David H. Freedman & Dan Gardner (Amazon reviews); latest research says: experts biased to `employer'

extinct - (of a species: dead); 99.999* % of all Earth species are extinct; most soft-bodied groups died-out by a billion yrs ago, most fish & invertebrates by some hundreds of million yrs ago, most reptiles & saurians within last hundred million yrs, and most mammalian lines during last few tens of millions of yrs

extinctions - temperature graph; extinction graph; dangers

extra-sensory - (also telepathy & others) paranormal

extra-terrestrials - examined

extremism - reaction of the nervous & ignorant; see fundamentalism

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

fable - poss. reading

faerie - fairie / fairy - controversy, "Little People"

faith - not using logic or evidence, `faith' is necessarily an emotion; "It is, indeed, one of the ideals of science that we should not simply take things on trust, and that our beliefs should, at least from time to time, be tested against the realities of the world." - Roger Penrose - `Fashion, Faith and Fantasy' p. 121

fake-sci - an example; many more here

fallacy - false but believable argument, mostly used by politicians, economists, media, lawyers, bureaucrats, priests, and by authority in general; method for analysis / detection

false flag - gov't terrorism - `Perceptions' coverage of the history; latest site update(s);

falsifiable - testable (`yes' or `no') by experiment, as proposed by Popper

farming - estimated origin

fashion - fashions, fancies and emotions; "It is, indeed, one of the ideals of science that we should not simply take things on trust, and that our beliefs should, at least from time to time, be tested against the realities of the world." - Roger Penrose - `Fashion, Faith and Fantasy' p. 121

fast evolution - poss. explanation for Cambrian Explosion

Fatima - in Portugal, scene of a significant 1917 event

fear - primeval, leading to racism; and defensive materialism: mostly used by gov't - military/security - big pharma; public fears & phobias are mostly politicaly engineered (divide and rule & rule by fear) - current situation (scroll)

feet - converting from feet to meters; and from meters to feet

felines - predators, some carrying a brain disease (to disable future prey, disarm possible enemy)

female - human template; males are response to adversity?

feng-shui - as a "lost" or proto- science

Fermi - scientist - posed a "paradox" (based on false assumptions?)

fertility - conclusions, Nasa confirms? the media record

Feynman - Q.E.D physicist - some thoughts: `What we don't know' & `What is Science?'; more at SEARCH

fines - usually a fraud against the public

finite - [also `finity', `finitude'] - all we know is finite, perhaps excepting the universe

fisherfolk - personal, political

flat tax -the `only fair tax' - see Adam Smith and modern politicos lies (why the rich refuse fair taxes)

flight trauma -`Perceptions' warning & the media record

force - quick definition

forces - term used by blind science to cover-up lack of knowledge; an unknown force [UEF]; recent catch-up?

foreign aid - "taxing poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people in poor countries" Bernard Rosenberg

Forrestal - first US `Secretary of Defense'; mysterious death 1948 - see CIA

Fort - Charles Hoy Fort: (site refs and some sayings); critic of `mainstream science'; collector of reports of anomalous phenomena; his work is now slighted by establishments - as with Adam Smith - by hidebound pro-censorship groups misappropriating his name [i.e. `fortean' / `forteana' etc]

Fry - Andrew Fry, a BBC pervert bully, liar and coward; typical of corrupt and/or incompetent BBC producers / editors

f.t.l comms - projected `instantaneous' inter-stellar communication - a suggested system

Full Moon - overview; (also see `criminality'); also see Syzygy

fundamentalism - present situation; the process; time of change; researched mechanism

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

galactic - referring to the Milky Way galaxy (only)

galaxian - referring to all other galaxies ("offshore")

gamma-ray - bursts, real cause

gas - one of the `divisions' of matter, theories for existence / actions

G.B.R - `Great Barrier Reef', damaged and threatened by heavy pollution (via corrupt politicos and corporates) - controversy, proof of AGW lies

genes - can only adapt to the present (soon to be `past'); are not a `blueprint'; nor can they be `selfish'

gender ratios - mysterious variations due to wars - see Indian example

genius - "Some men come by the name of genius in the same way as an insect comes by the name of centipede - not because it has a hundred feet, but because most people can't count above fourteen" - Lichtenberg

genocide - medieval example; early English examples; later English genocides

ghosts - ghost page, recent testimony; some site refs

G.I.G.O - example

Gladio - western State `terrorism' organizations (generic) - definition, purpose, our reference (scroll)

globalists - see `N.W.O' + Banking

global warming - see the TWO vdeos: The Global Warming Swindle Pt 1 & The Global Warming Swindle Pt 2

GM - review of the `science'; external reviews & reports

Gödel - his paradox

Goddess - an ancient female-led world-religion possibly dating back to well before dynastic Egypt and Sumer (say about 10,000 to 12,000 years)

good - all outcomes are not known to humans, therefore a good person is one who avoids doing foreseeable harm

Gould - Stephen Jay ~, science essayist - realizes genes not (quote) `Darwinianly selected'; opinion of males, Darwin's "mechanism" versus Wallace with - "the transformation of the possible"

government - "Government has robbers and thieves to guard us" - Abdul Bari; lack of integrity; method for analysis / detection

GP - `general practitioner' - non-specialist family doctor in Britain, medical

gravity - a shadow in the inertial field (UEF); [i.e. - hence gravitational mass = inertial mass; same thing]; also see site references - theory: "there is no model of the theory of gravitation today ..."; and see `Speed of Gravity' from Tom Van Flandern

greed - sign of evolutionary failure; ongoing UK example; scientific analysis of greed; modern effect of greed; research shows how greed-thoughts (of money) switches on dishonesty; more site refs

Green Man - pre-historic deity - see report on UFO's and Fairies / Legends

G.U.T - `grand unified theory' - to unite `gravity' (which mainstream science still believes is a `force') with `quantum theory'; present pseudo GUTs soon to be replaced by UEF Theory

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

half life - (wiki) demands a theoretical reason; newly discovered variations give some clues, (and throw`carbon dating' into disarray - again)

happiness - a review;

heat death - along with a `big crunch' - a science mis-understanding (perhaps from ulterior motives

heliocentric - concept of a rotating spherical Earth orbiting a central Sun - 1st attributed to Aristarchus of Samos (Aegean); maybe also Qi Meng of Han China

heritage - often cover for official corruption - also "tradition"

heroin - drug law

Herbert - Frank:- author - "Dune" sagas etc, also produces brilliant short pieces; some of his sayings:- on `balance' & `credibility', on "organic beings" (scroll down), on imbalance

historians - mostly sycophantic +/or biased (try site-search for "historian"); personal choice of good historians: Herodotus &, Diodorus, Buckle, Fischer

history - - of known civilizations: a review;  in reality - "History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon." - Napoleon;  "History is bunk" - Henry Ford

Hogan - James P. Hogan, author; see `Kicking The Sacred Cow' [Amazon]

Holy Roman Empire - remnant of Roman Empire, as temporarily revived by Charlemagne in 800 CE

homeopathy - Mae-Wan Ho et al show that `There is now good evidence that water is quantum coherent under ambient conditions' - so water has `a memory', and can `communicate' with other water - I.e. the conditions needed for homeopathy to work

homo sap - ancient evolution; origin of modern (intelligent) humans?

honour - public honour is usually worthless, while private honour is priceless

Horus - "Aquarius"

Hoyle - a real scientist - "They defend the old theories by complicating things to the point of incomprehensibility." - his opinion of the science establishment; on "creation" and "providence"; Hoyle on the `Reliabilty of Science and the Scientific Consensus'

hubris - self-destructive foolishness arising from pride; Sagan succumbed to it, breaking his own `rules' in the case of Dr Velikovsky and also in the case of Profs Hoyle & Wickramasinghe

human sacrifice - in Europe & America but not in Ancient Egypt (according to Herodutus)

human origin - most likely China (the intelligent ones anyway);

humane - of animals, maybe more-so than some humans

Humason - Milton Humason - Pasadena muleskinner, later astronomer, made discovery of first galaxy outside the Milky Way [found Cepheid variables to prove distance of Andromeda Galaxy]

humor - why necessary in humans, maybe always for survival, its real value; [poss. fox humor]

Hutton - 'journalist'

hypnosis - animal ~, an effect produced in the young (of advanced species) by inhumane treatment

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency; corrupt (from the start)

I.D. - `Intelligent Design':- the concept; the history

ideas - "An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all." - Oscar Wilde

ignorance - ignorance costs much more than education

illusion - distortion of reality, reasons

immemorial - `rights immemorial" site refs

immoral - seeking advantage/privilege; a scientific analysis

immortality - death

immune - system, as a behavior marker

impacts - dangers; early guess; guess2; guess3; guess4; looks like this is example

inbreeding - genetic danger of inbreeding; religious/economic reasons; see `increase of morons'

Inca - Peruvian 'civilization' overthrown by Spanish conquest, which also destroyed most written records; an Inca proverb

incentive - how it works: `RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us' & `The puzzle of motivation'; application for sensible government

income - usually a wage, some countries considering a `national wage'

incompetence - usually a pretence; method for analysis / detection

inducing - inferring a general law or principle from particular observed facts - as opposed to deducing

Indus Valley - see egaliterian

inequality - see equality; UK's inequality problem; some results

inertia - UEF-endowed property of mass - cause; unexplained by `Relativity'; QUOTE - "The law of Inertia has no known origin"; our examination

inertial mass - demo - `power of inertia'

inquiry - methods of inquiry

instantaneous - "instantaneous transmission of information" which science still deems impossible - but UEF Theory demands, as do other phenomena - "Speed of Gravity" & certain crystals' symmetry; here's a mail reference, and here's a valuable use of effects

intelligence - non-measurable combo of attributes - fallacy of `national intelligence'; academics tend to ignore real intelligence; & politicos lie about it; psychiatrists mis-represent it; also see motivation of intellect; also see `I.Q.'

intelligent design - a non-testable hypothesis; - a modern scientific alternative

intelligentsia - opinion of John Updike's; reason why intelligentsia flawed; why biased - also, why corrupt

interest - (sometimes used for) - payments demanded by usurers

investment - why investment differs from usury

IPCC - like all UK `watchdogs', the `Independent Police Complaints Commission' is a biased and corrupt agency - see egs. here and here (background); method for analysis / detection

I.Q. - definition of types of intelligence; reasons for gain / loss of I.Q; present-day World IQ reality

Ireland - (`Hibernia') neolithic possessor of science & civilization

Islam - The `Law'

Islamic - early science; early history; drive for knowledge; an ascendancy; modern situation;

isotope - an element - in the soil, the air and even in our bodies - can come in "heavy" and "lite" versions, merely because it has more or fewer neutrons in its atomic nucleus; heavy and lite versions of the same element are called `isotopes'

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Jeans - James Jeans; on `Physics & Reality'; a thought; some quotes

jets - UEF phenomenon, early appreciation, recently realized danger, also Solar System

jihad - a concept invented by WWI Germany, adopted by radical Muslims;

Johnson - "Dr" Samuel ~, couldn't afford English `doctorate' - finally got honorary degree after writing first `English' dictionary, historian, his biography from Boswell; some `Johnsonian' sayings

journals - when science journals get prestige and power they inevitably become corrupt - examples here, here & here; also see "peer review"

judges - in UK mostly corrupt and/or pervert - historical reasons; some consequences; overview; method for analysis / detection

junk - junk mails - (about 14.5 bn of them) are paid for (compulsorily) by working people and the poor (the only net-tax-payers), due to corrupt business tax-allowances and postal charges

Jury - origins; preventing cruelty and abuse; mathematical / sociomental reason for

justice - Fiat justitia ruat caelum - `Let justice be done, though the heavens fall'
Fundamenta justitiĉ sunt, ut ne cui noceatur, deinde ut communi utilitati serviatur - `The foundations of justice are that no one shall suffer wrong; then, that the public good be promoted'

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Khayyami - Omar - mathematician, astronomer, and controversial poet

Khidr - al-Khidr "the Green Man of the Sufis" - see report

kindness - quality of self-aware animals - but not of `authority'

kinetic - 'theory' supposedly accounting for gas behavior

knowledge - Wolfram's `Timeline of Computational Knowledge' - 20Kyrs BCE - 0 / to 1600 CE / to 1800 CE / to 1900 CE / to 1960 CE / to 2010 CE

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

law - in a real democracy; today's corrupt law; method for analysis / detection

Law - (science) - It is easy to ignore a Principle, while a Law is only circumvented with difficulty; yet the latter can be useful while the former is invariably fatal

Leavitt - Henrietta, astronomer, discovered (1912) the Cepheid variables' correlation of brightness with slow variation - allowing true distance to be estimated

Leibniz - philosopher, theoretical scientist and mathematician; invented the Calculus (some background), disproved `Newtonianism' - check his `physics from metaphysics'

Leo - `The Age of Leo' - a clue from Mercator; more clues from Egpt & South America; some clues from the calendar;

leprechaun - "Little People"

lesbian - a possible association

leukemia - early investigator & preventer

Lewis. C.S - &Tolkien

libel - misuse of law in UK, our policy; method for analysis / detection

library - in a democracy; attitude of elites

life - Barrow's suggested definitions; some of Smolin's thoughts; life in the universe (working there)

Life - "The transition from non-life to life in our view must have involved the resources of all the stars in all the galaxies in a substantial part of the Universe, but this transformation needs to have taken place only once" - Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe

life after death - a useful belief: i) doesn't do harm; ii) strengthens motivation to do good in this life; iii) if true - the believer is well prepared, and best equipped

limitation - `statute of limitation' - a corrupt `law' whereby the rich and powerful can delay proceedings and escape prosecution

literacy - vital for civilization; a personal recollection

logic - is flawed (also see dogmatics)

lost cities - in Brazil (Fawcett's); under-sea cities; lost civilizations

lost science - Greek - Egyptian - Chinese; in west and east re-examined here

lottery - "Lottery Commission" - corrupt upper-class UK committee

Lucretius - (c. 99 BC - c. 55 BC) Roman philosopher, follower of Epicurus - his `Principle of Plenitude'

loyalty - loyalty to any cause (other than truth) is merely a form of ignorance

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Mach - his Principle: `If we feel an effect when we rotate and the rest of the universe remains fixed, we must feel exactly the same effect when the stars are rotated the other way round while we are fixed' - from Lee Smolin

Madagascar - a mass sighting at Tananarive City

M.A.F.F - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food: recently scrapped, run by bent senior civil servants, who now control its successor DEFRA.

magic - so-called `forces' (of Physics); paranormal, as folk-lore, lost science, deeper explanation for UFO / faerie / legends

magic forces - blind science cover-up for lack of causality

mainstream (science) - mediocre & uninformed - willing to ignore or destroy evidence

mandarins - civil service bosses, senior bureaucrats (in UK called the `First Division' of civil-service - and all corrupt)

marijuana - drug law

markets - always tend to corruption and slavery, pollution, desertification and starvation; cycles of operation

Mars - strange data - re artifacts; history, xenocide?; opinion of probe results

mass - officially a mystery; `weight'; `gravitational vs. inertial'; cause of grand cycles??

mass-extinctions - extinctions

materialism - scientific materialism: the view that, as only insensate matter exists, then `mind' and `consciousness' must be merely emergent qualities of sufficiently complex matter - maybe leading to strong A.I. (all refuted by Leibniz)
materialism - social materialism: tendency to selfishness and desire for wealth, maybe leading to usury

mathematics - an (incomplete) human construct; [Gödel's paradox means mathematics can't prove anything]

matter - `Most, if not all, of the matter in the Universe, doesn't exist for much, if not most, of the time - which itself might be similarly interrupted.' - there's similar thoughts from Leibniz, & from Wallace, & (reluctantly) from Einstein; - theory; change in (universal), w.r.t. thresholds in

Maxwell - greatest experimental scientist, almost discovered real Gas Laws

Maya - so-called empire and real Maya; Mayan "long count" - creation-myth of Olmec - Maya - Toltec - Mixtec - Aztec

Mayer - Julius ~; discovered principle of conservation of energy (that Work is Heat and vice versa), ultimately leading to Einstein's E = M c2

M.B.R. - Microwave Backgound Radiation, often misleadingly claimed as `Cosmic' - seeing as almost all variations in MBR overwhelmingly originate within the Galaxy and Solar System, and largely from Earth itself; "The radio fog surrounding us is ambient starlight reflecting local structure and the equilibrium temperature of space." - Hilton Ratcliffe

medieval science - which of the two Bacons?

mediums - some accredited examples

mental stability - vaguely treated as science subject; some personal observations

merit - rarely recognised in a human lifetime; eg. cannot be `wealth' or `success'

meta-evolution - & para-Evolution

metaphysics - examination of mataphysics, by Buckle, with short exposition by Lee Smolin

meteor (oid / ite) - "shooting star" - `meteoroid' burns-up; if reaching ground called `meteorite' - danger from

meter - converting from meters to feet; and from feet to meters

methods - methods of inquiry

MI-5/6 - English `security' + `intelligence' agencies (began as military - hence MI) - now seems largely controlled by elite's perverts, an investigator's opinion


Michelson / Morley - experiment

military - probably many military folk try to be honourable - (here's a personal memorandum)

mind - "... it is our present lack of understanding of the fundamental laws of physics that prevents us from coming to grips with the concept of `mind' in physical or logical terms." - Roger Penrose (`The Emperor's New Mind' p. 4)

Mind Control - earlier forecast; modern attempt; modern classification

Missing people - best investigations (so far) are by David Paulides

Miztec - creation myth

momentum - angular; an example

monogamy - mating / living as family group; in humans

Moon - Full Moon (also see `criminality'); New Moon; also see syzygy

moral - sharing/self-sacrifice/bravery; (see commons, cults etc)

Morgan - Elaine, her "Aquatic Ape" theories have helped explain previously unsolved questions - refs: Answer, dedication, The Fish, passing evils; Aquatic Ape update

morons - increasing due to immigrants, opposing / ending the Flynn Effect - eg.#1eg.#2eg.#3eg.#4 [in date order]; main cause (inbreeding) + early warning; UK example (Pakistanis); Qatar research also; Jammu research also international assessment; EU OUTCOME; two-faced EU `regrets'; illegal Bangladeshis; see Cruel Results; latest confirm of morons; more cruel results; social results in Arab (Muslim) world; recent murder-morons; inevitable consequences

mortality - death

motion - Newton's Laws of

motivation - `Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us' & `The puzzle of motivation'; application for sensible government

MPs - (congressmen) - mostly greedy incompetents or thieves; (two honourable exceptions were framed and banned - too honest); method for analysis / detection

M.S.M - `main stream media': owned by a handful of international corporates, corruptly subsidized by big-banking (i.e. thieving usurers) and in league with big-pharma (i.e. profiteering by chemical addictions, toxic pesticides and dangerous GMOs)

murder - reported causes are not to be trusted, especially `official reports'; some cases. comment on statistical trends; method for analysis / detection

Music - can be proven non-interpretable, and its power is ineffable; see musical memories

Muslim ... - (and Xtian) fundamentalism - see `morons'

mutation - rates of; action of Cambrian explosion & its possible cause

mysteries - ~ of science (more here & here & here); ~ of the un-identified; ~ of the un-natural

myth - explains the mysterious, example 1 - examples 2; most myths seem to refer to, or cover-up, real events

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

nationalism - "the great nations have always acted like gangsters" - Stanley Kubrick

`national wage' - being considered by progressive countries - like Switzerland and Canada, N.Z, Finland, Netherlands

nations - ~ don't exist

natural selection - (Darwinism) a possible - but hardly likely - mechanism for a certain type of evolution; (Wallace's alternative)

nature/nurture - long-running debate: latest evidence

Nazi - Modern Nazi cult-groups - "Germany had, after all, risen from the ashes of World War I and evaded the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty through use of a variety of underground organizations, and Hitler and his top lieutenants had repeatedly pledged that they would do it again if Germany fell to the Allies." p.p. 68-69 `Blowback' by Christopher Simpson - also see `The Third Way' by Joseph P Farrell

Neanderthal - Homo sapiens neanderthalensis

near death - effect in animals, humans, (& `little-death' in marriage)

neutron - the shielded proton - radiation, smt, footnotes

new brain - brain

New Moon - overview; also see Syzygy

Nietzsche - recognized social evolution - "Werde was du bist" - ("we shall become what we must" ) - mistook direction of change, (his quote on War)

noises - see strange noises

non-science - some so-called `sciences' are no such thing: ecology, economics, epidemiology, meteorology (weather) have too many unknown variables for accurate forecasts; further, sociology and psychiatry etc. are composed almost entirely of unknown variables plus a lack of knowledge of cause - effect (the `mechanics')

Nordic - & Norse - Viking

normal curve - (Gaussian Distribution); I.Q. example; social example; see statistical detective-work

N.W.O. - `New World Order'; modern political reference / money reference

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

objectivity - passive observation: not possible for humans. "there is ground for suspicion that any system built on the passiveness of the mind must be false, as a system." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge, after Goethe.

OCD - reader's request

OFCOM - see `watchdogs'

OFSTED - see `watchdogs'

Olmec - black African leaders (at least) of prehistoric expeditions to South America as Vikings" of their day; also creation myth

Omar Khayyami - mathematician, astronomer, and controversial poet

omens - possible remnant of lost science when `divining' trends or future events

ontology - `discourse on being' - essence / nature of things; term often overused, also maybe conflated with eschatology (doctrine re after-death & judgement) +/or thanatology (study of death)

OOPARTS - `out of place artifacts' - disliked by mainstream archeology - a multi-page OOPART assembly (by `creationists' but interesting all the same; might be proof of something else)

Oppressed - down-trodden of the world ( al-mustad'afin ), altruist survivors

organizations - tendency to corruption

orrery - working model of Solar System; here's free software +/or online orreries - used for making alignment checks for forecasting seismic / or sunspot activity (using info here)

overseas aid - "taxing poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people in poor countries" Bernard Rosenberg

Oxbridge - Oxford and Cambridge - the elite English universities, incompetence

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Pagan - "Without Paganism the world would be empty and miserable" - Thabit ibn Qurra

Pan - "God of Nature" in Greek mythology; (Pan troglodytes, Pan paniscus Latin names for old and new chimpanzee

pangenesis - another of Darwin's beliefs

panspermia - panspermia is the expectation of ubiquitous life in the Universe; sometimes called `Cosmic Ancestry'; (seems the idea is unpopular with Gov't)

paradigm - example or model (of behavior or thought) - see problems caused by social and scientific paradigms; use of sci-paradigms

paradoxes - some famous paradoxes

para-evolution - Cosmic-level Evolution

paranormal - Wallace's opinion, explanation for faerie/legend, for UFO angst, for telepathy, [Eysenck's opinion]; of e.s.p; site references & mail

parasites -corrupt politicos, bankers, bishops, lawyers, bureaucrats, police-chiefs, judiciary etc. - i.e. those who take their orders from the rich and powerful but get their income from the helpless citizenry (by taxes / tithes / usury etc.); method for analysis / detection

Parkinson - Cyril, K, sailor, soldier, scholar, administrator, writer on inevitable tyranny under increasingly incompetent bureaucracies

parliament - (congress) see MPs (members-of-parliament); method for analysis / detection

particle physics - the misunderstanding

parties - (political); a reappraisal

patriotism - GBS's opinion

pauline - the heresy

PCC - see `watchdogs'

peace - violent societies continually talk of peace - peaceful societies don't

peer review - recent recognition of its faults; examples here & here; increasing criticism; more site references

perception - perception and maybe even consciousness itself is a non-local quantum process; also, some brains can be more blind to reality

perfection - impossible in human society (see corruption); i.e. - any small decision opting for privilege starts a decline to inevitable collapse

Periodic Table - impossible in human society (see corruption); i.e. - any small decision opting for privilege starts a decline to inevitable collapse

Persians - one of the four great divisions of the ancient world - as described by Ephorus

personal space - a subjective view

pervert - against the interests of own species, in self-aware social species (i.e. like us humans):  perverts pose as gov't, judiciary, police; churchmen; bureaucrats & taxmen; security; usurers etc.; see ongoing cover-ups and example; method for analysis / detection; (the likely cause and outcome)

perverting - perverting the course of justice

petite morte - `little death' effect in male humans

phenotype - observable characteristics of an animal - body, behavior, gender; change without DNA change

philosophy - fatally flawed

phobias/fears public phobias & fears are mostly politicaly engineered (divide and rule & rule by fear) - current situation (scroll)

photon - a reaction to movement of matter, reason for "future path viabilty"

physics - expert opinion re: physical reality and our perceptions; our own speculation

pinnipeds - behavior, strange ancestry

piskey / pixie - "Little People"

plagiarism - see Newton (and BBC)

planets - alignments

plasma - fourth state of matter; (most of visible universe); a little-known source

Plato - on Atlantis

Plenitude - `Principle of Plenitude' - that life must arise wherever and whenever it can in the Universe - stated by Epicurus and then by Lucretius - supported by recent `Panspermia' findings

plenum - Descartes idea of the `ether'

polar bear - latest DNA analysis shows 600,000 yr ancestry

police - in all countries police tend to be thugs for the rich - overview - some details; a perspective; method for analysis / detection

politicians - "For nothing doth more hurt in a State, than that cunning men passe for wise" - Lord Verulam (Francis Bacon); [see `fake states' ]

politics - consists of using new words to disguise old lies"In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way" - attributed to FDR

pollution - what the rich can't steal, they will pollute

poltergeist - new summary

polygamy - multi-partner mating; in some primates

poverty - created by the rich; in a finite world one only gets `rich' by making other people poor;  i.e - `wealth' = `poverty'

power - quick (sci) definition; socio-scientific analysis: power attracts the corrupt - makes others corrupt

precession - "wobble" of spinning-top & Earth

priests - when in power always deceive or otherwise abuse ordinary people

pre-history - human movements - myths or history - weird possibilities - Egypt

Principle - (science) - It is easy to ignore a Principle, while a Law is only circumvented with difficulty; yet the latter can be useful while the former is almost always fatal

privatization - methods; motives

privilege - "~ leads to extinction" - eg. as with usury; scientific analysis of privilege effects

professors - "... elderly scientists go to extreme lengths to to suppress new ideas that contradict the theories on which their careers have been built." - by Professors Jack Cohen & Ian Stewartn (p. 69 `Evolving the Alien')

profit - when profit is paramount even `caring professions' become cruel and murderous: UK evidence & reasons; see humans' real motivation

promise - "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep,  And miles to go before I sleep."  Robert Frost

providence - Hoyle on "providence"

PSI - Dean Radin's introduction (8 min video); site references & mail; also see paranormal

psyche / psychic - "psyche storms" for `psychic vampires'

psychiatry - a fake science; examples here & here & here & here & here; some site refs; a short video "Psychiatry: No Science, No Cures" (from CCHR)

psychopaths - more common in West. site references

public - see `public safety'

public phobias mostly politicaly engineered (divide and rule & rule by fear) - current situation (scroll)

pull - does not exist in real physics - sarcastically Roger North said of Newton's `Law of Gravity' - "If one asks why one thing draws another - It is answered by `a certain drawingness it hath'"

pyramid - common thread of pyramids and their builders' possible migrations

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

quakes - earthquakes

Quantum - mathematical method for measuring / forecasting electron & photon actions; it is not a theorem, or even a hypothesis; example; modern assessment

quasars - a typical science misunderstanding

quintessence - "dark energy / UEF"

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

races - ~ don't really exist - check recent post

racism - origins:- primeval, social (elites), political, oppression & slavery, genocide, perceptions of; media racism, earlier media race-propaganda

rail - transport sytem which could be economic (and safe) but not in UK

reading - literacy: vital for civilization; a personal recollection

reality - for people; for physics: "The increasing distance of the physical world picture from the world of the senses means nothing but a progressive approach to the real world." - Max Planck; physics view (vid); some extreme failures of perception; more views

reality-gap - gov't & police/judicial corruption needs cover-ups, so (in UK) periods of official secrecy are imposed on `sensitive cases' - 30, 70 or even 100 years [eg. Dr. Kelly; scroll for some more scandals); in science the `gap' is typically c. 70 years or so - maybe allowing "the old professors" to die off / maybe for benefit of corporate-gov't monopolists i.e. Big Oil / Big Pharma / Big GM

reasons - explaining various puzzles - some obscured

redshift - acquired redshift probably mainly due to distance travelled + gas/matter intervening, also `aging of light'; for `intrinsic redshift' i.e. of quasars - see Halton Arp's prescient forecasts (esp. for mismatched triples);

reductionist - reductionism (taking apart organisms / phenomena for analysis) like determinism (cause > effect), i.e. like most neo-Darwinists, cannot predict anti-intuitve / unforseeable emergent qualities or attributes resulting from self-organizing complexity;

Relativity - Galileo's Principle of Relativity / & Theory of Relativity - mistaken experiment - recent objections; modern assessment; `Relationalism', the original `relativity' of Leibniz

religieux - commonly nuns/monks & suchlike, either as a commune, or `celled', or hermitic

religions - mostly `untried systems'; see `old and new religions'; the core of old `moral' religions are admonitions and rules based entirely on evolutionary outcomes

repetition - Nature dis-allows repetition, and so prevents `identicality'; subtly changing the ratios of matter, mass and force in the universe. Generally, this is `the passage of time'.

replicators - in info-space

revolution - greed, usury & other perversions tend to corrupt State's rulers - so revolution is eternal

riches - see `wealth'

road rage - see air-rage

Robin - redbreast, (European bird)

rock art - early beauty;  strange transition

Roma - Rome, founding of

Rubin - Vera, astronomer, discovered the galactic rotation anomaly - (also the 'attraction of Pegasus')

rule - of `nations'

rulers - see above for their usual `methods'

rut - male equivalent of female estrus

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

S.A.D - `Seasonal Affective Disorder' - possible cause

safety - UK's governments sucessively attempted cover-ups of i) nuclear accidents; ii) BSE outbreak; GM non-consultation; and now possibly of Nanotechnology

sanity - a paradox

Sanskrit - (Sanscrit) language

Saul - Saul of Tarsus; the heresy

sceptic - skeptic

schizophrenia - seems to be a catch-all excuse for social evils

school - schooling bias

Schrödinger - his disbelief in Quantum 'magic'

science - a sub-set of Philosophy (use of Logic to find non-evident truths), hence early investigation of the physical world was called natural philosophy; "Science has a long way to develop yet, of that, I am certain!" p. 420 `Shadows of the Mind' by Roger Penrose

science-fable - `scientists' honest investigation results in truthful evidence from which meaningful theories are constructed - hence the `science consensus' is always factual' (see below for science-fact)

science-fact - scientists are motivated by fashion and feuds, & driven by finance (i.e. politics) - hence the `science consensus' is always false [see geocentrism, phlogiston, neo-Darwinism, Newtonianism, GMOs, AGW, catastrophism, etc - more recent examples in chemistry / physics / astro-physics and summary] - re: media comment

science-mainstream - "As science is brought more under centralized control, researchers must concentrate more on the agenda set by paradigm; see what they have been trained to see." - Prof. Phillip Johnson (Berkeley); also see `mainstream'

scientific - a method of analysis recommended by Bacon and Descartes - theory (+ its limitations), by Popper

scientists - mostly bean-counters, very few thinkers - i.e. like any trade-group, almost all members are mediocre and a majority are ignorant/misinformed

scum - slang - human example 1 - human example 2

Scythians - one of the four great divisions of the ancient world - as described by Ephorus

seals - seal behavior, strange ancestry

seance - a curious example (also see `medium')

sedition - a fake crime

Semite - descendants of Shem, neolithic links with Celtic Hibernia

senses - new discoveries

sentiment - exerts strongest effect on humans

SETI - organization searching the sky for old-fashioned radio signals - as used by humans in last century

early SETI - when Nikola Tesla detected an apparent ET message c. 1900

Seyfert - a type of galaxy, optical illusion, clue to dangers

sex - an evolutionary invention; new controversy

sex ratios - mysterious variations due to wars - see Indian example

sexual reproduction - joining of two sets of genes to produce another organism,

SF - Lem

sharia - Sharia `Law'

sight - vision

sighting - UFO; an early sighting (by Casanova)

simple - `simple phenomena' are those amenable to mathematical (`scientific') description:  i.e. ballistics (`rocket science'), physics (`mechanics'), chemistry (`stamp collecting' or `bean-counting'); see also complex

simplicity - in laws of nature

sin - later superstitious interpretation; a review

S.I.T.A - international airlines (now called "A.E.R.O."); flight trauma

skeptic - `skeptics' are mentally challenged or fraudulent, as opposed to zetetics or true sceptics

sh*hole -`Shithole' countries as defined by POTUS

skulls - strange human evidence from pre-history

sky noises - see `strange noises'

slavery - speculation on origin; modern excuse; evolutionary effects; recent world history

sleep - stages of sleep: hypnogogic dreams (falling asleep) & hypnopompic (waking-up)

Smith - Adam Smith - economist / philosopher; his MAXIMS (for fair/economic taxation); (site refs); findings now suppressed by establishment - as with Fort - by `greed' groups misappropriating his name [i.e. `Adam Smith Society']

Smolin - Lee Smolin; physicist; on `Physics & the Cosmos'; his ideas of evolving, contingent Universe - where galaxies, stars and life must arise despite fluidity of the `laws of physics'; his new forebodings; his rundown on modern physics, along with Einstein and Feynman

snobbery - see snobbery.txt (elite's hero was a lying incompetent); and maybe the sad story of `the dome'

social Darwinism - controversy

society - strongest at lowest level - non-existent at `elite' level

Solar System - anomalous precession of, possible threat to, also jets

soldiering - experience, & war

Solon - the Wise, answer to Croesus; attribution re `Atlantis'; his `report on return to Athens';

solstice - "sun-stop" (Latin); northern hemisphere `turns' towards the Sun on Winter solstice Dec. 21-22 (see ancient festivals); Summer solstice June 20/21 is `longest day' in northern hemisphere

space - `personal space' - a subjective view

Sparta - Peloponnese elite's short heyday; & their weakness; & its social cause; a genetic cause; & their final social collapse

spectrum - see electro-magnetic spectrum

Sphinx - build date

stability (mental) - vaguely treated as science subject; some personal observations

stainless - stainless steel; (maybe that's a principle covering people also?)

starving- children, reason why?, our duty, what we can do

States - temporary fake entities

statesmanship - "For nothing doth more hurt in a State, then that cunning men passe for wise" - Lord Verulam (Francis Bacon); [see `fake states' above ]

statistics - useful tool for investigation - see `normal curve'

status quo - (`the present state');  in science the status quo is always obsolete - i.e wrong; in society the status quo is always corrupt; also see consensus & `experts';

statute of limitation - a corrupt `law' whereby the rich and powerful can delay proceedings and escape prosecution

Steady-State - looking ever more likely - Hoyle's choice over faulty `Big-Bang'; latest research update

strange noises - long sequence - some earlier (scroll); some later (scroll); some even later (scroll)

study - "Studies serve for Delight, for Ornament, and for Ability." ... "Crafty Men contemne Studies; Simple Men admire them; and Wise Men use them; for they teach not their own use; but that is a Wisdome without them, and above them, won by Observation." - Bacon (Lord Verulam)

suits - tendency to incompetence and inhumanity; reason why

sulfur - (sulphur) - indication of electrical, paranormal, UFO/ET (external site); often quoted in `chupacabra' cases (called `brimstone' [wiki] in ancient times)

Sumer - (and Babylon) claimed as earliest civilization, astronomy - ology

Sun - its apparent annual movements; some effects (of UEF action) displayed by the Sun

supernatural - `above the known laws of physics', like some `ghosts', all `theist' religions, astrology, and some ancient / modern `alien behavior'

~ entities - ghosts - little people - observers - others

superstition - "Ah, yes, superstition: it would appear to be cowardice in face of the supernatural" - Theophrastus - (372-287 BCE)

survival - Altruist Survivor theory, of gender, survival qualities

symmetry - abstract idea of balance - impossible in our universe due to `matter, mass & motion', and, most of all due to `life' (and free-will) and `the arrow of time'

systems - natural vs artificial

syzygy - astronomy - a 3-body alignment; i.e. an eclipse or even a Full / New Moon

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Tall Tales - of priests and other liars

Tananarive - Madagascar mass-sighting

tax - world-wide, tax could be cut to one-tenth if the rich would pay fair taxes - they won't

taxes - Adam Smith's tax-maxims; UK's tax problem; 2011 tax-admission; (understated update)

tax-policy - "In reviewing the history of the English Government, its wars and its taxes, a bystander, not blinded by prejudice nor warped by interest, would declare that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes." - Thomas Paine

telegony - another of Darwin's erroneous beliefs

telepathy - paranormal; ancient example, Eysenck's opinion

terror - "The global balance of terror, pioneered by the United States and the Soviet Union, holds hostage the citizens of the Earth." - Carl Sagan in "Cosmos"; the West first implemented `official terror' by rifle platoons, then by gunboats, then by ICBMs

"terrorism" - mostly faked by gov'ts [see false-flag] to justify repression / loss of civil rights (see `witchcraft-scare') - see references, and fairly recent UK terror (scroll); external references

terrorism by gov'ts - General William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, said (ref here"By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In '78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism, yet in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation"

terrorist - "war" (as used by the rich); any self-defense by the poor

Tesla - detected an apparent ET message c. 1900

thanatology - study of death

theorem - `1st Theorem of Science':- "It is impossible to convince a person of any true thing that will cost him money" - attributed to George Chapline

thermodynamics - 2nd Law - limited to "laboratory" science; in real systems life will overcome - see Herbert's opinion, and definitive Planck discovery

Thom - Professors Alexander Thom [wiki] (father & son) of Scotland; discovered the use of the megalithic 'yard' - (2.72 ft) and 'inch' [1/40th of the 'yard']

time - "our present picture of physical reality, particularly in relation to the nature of time, is due for a grand shake up" - Roger Penrose

Tinsley - Beatrice, astronomer, discovered ongoing and future expansion of Universe (co-author 1973)

Tolkien J.R.R - & CS Lewis, close friends who both - perhaps unconsciously, perhaps cunningly - encrypted `aryan' racism within their "childrens' tales"

Toltec - creation myth

T.gondii - Toxo plasma gondii; brain parasite transmitted by felines to mammals which could be prey - it forces foolish aggression and stupidity (in males) and promiscuity in females (a case can be made that most of human conflict and short-term waste / pollution / cruelty etc. is due to T.gondii effects in male human rulers or leaders).

truth - Mark Twain: "Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction is obliged to stick with what is `possible'. Truth is not";

Turing - mathematician, devised the `Turing Test' [Wiki ref] of machine intelligence (or A.I); thought on E.T.I

tyranny - under pretence of `security'; method for analysis / detection

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

UEF - the only `real' force; a suggested start-point; some later clarification

U.F.O - physical indications; present speculations; early reports, ; site UFO/ET search; Fort's UFO-opinion & ET-opinion

`UFO Nut' - derogatory term invented by CIA to discourage interest in or investigation of UFOs / UAPs (also see conspiracy theory

undersea - anomalies / cities; here's latest find - update 1, update 2, other city sites - site 1, site 2, site 3, site 4, site 5, some with possible build-dates of 9 - 15,000 yrs ago, co-incidentally linked to suggested date of the Great Sphinx, separately, to that of hinted `rebirth' of the world

understanding - "We appear to be driven to the firm conclusion that there is something essential in human understanding that is not possible to simulate by any computational means." - Roger Penrose in `Shadows of the Mind' p. 201

unexplained - `unexplained phenomena' - comprising scientific anomalies, UFO's and creation legends, paranormal, ghosts & poltergeists, the Little People, `universal' ancient symbols; mythology and scattered traces

Universe - speculation re: `Origin of Universe'; present knowledge: "We do not know whether the universe as a whole is finite or infinite in extent - either in space or in time." p. 5 `Emperor's New Mind' by Roger Penrose; some clues as to form/size of universe (follow links)

unknown - phenomena not accounted for by `science' (or attempted); why worried `experts' & authorities usually go into denial.

untried systems - christianity, communism, democracy, fair trade

upper-class - more likely to be dishonest (2012 evidence); method for analysis / detection

usury - `living off interest' - deforms descendants of the usurers; therefore was/is a sin (Wiki ref) from earliest times for all `moral religions': muslim, jewish, original christians, Buddhists etc.  See - European & UK usurers; [maybe see N.W.O];  also see `Altruist Survivor' principle;  (nb. `deforming' applies to all privilege: living off `rent' or inherited property/wealth);  usury inevitably leads to oppression and corruption; reasons why

Utopia - social and historical evidence shows that an evolving desire for fairness, among humans (and maybe some animals) tries to improve societies towards utopianism - while corruption conspires to create dystopian groups and civilizations

Uzbekistan - a rock-drawing from Fergana

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

vacuum energy - "dark energy / UEF"

Vallée - start of investigation trail - a thought on `spooks'; some conclusions and advice

vampire - psychic vampires - vampire-like sightings

Velikovsky - "The treatment of Velikovsky by his detractors. One is repeated admissions, frequently boasts, by his most vehement critics that they hadn't read the material they castigated - as if the touch of it might be somehow unclean and defiling. They just "knew" that he couldn't be right, and that was sufficient.  The other was that after solemnly reciting commitment to such scholarly principles as scientific objectivity, fairness, and civility of discourse, they would then go on to immediately violate every one of them." - James P Hogan; similar opinions & stronger views

Veils - usually claimed as `religious', now known to be inventions of male perverts & psychos; personal experiences

Viking law & divorce - expanion & society; earliest `democracy' & juries / trading; legal inheritance in England

violence - perception of; UK's Gov't stats; reported causes are not to be trusted, especially `official reports'; some cases; method for analysis / detection

violent - see peace

VIP - "very important person(s); privileged types (& their facilities):- as in `VIP lounge' at airports, public buildings, parliaments & palaces etc.

volcano - outlet for lava / magma (Vulcan - Roman god of fire) linked tectonic causes, to predict major activity: earthquakes

Voodoo - personal (limited) experience

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

wages - see `incentive / motivation'; some progressive countries looking at `national wage' concept

Wallace - Alfred Russel ~; our nominated discoverer of true human Evolution; mail; a prognosis

walls - omen of collapsing / corrupt elite ; from Prof. Jared Diamond; noted in West - reported signs to 2004; possible results:- `dark ages'

war - official terrorism = robbery with violence; historians' cover-ups; reasons; effects

`warming' - media label for `climate change' or `global warming' or `AGW' - summary of the logic

`watchdogs' - fake `protectors of the public'; in UK all are corrupt - CPS, PCC, OFCOM (was BCC), BBC, IPCC, CQC, ICO, UKPAC, Ombudsman, Home Office; - maybe more to add soon; - method for analysis / detection

Wave - see `The Great Wave'

wealth - ~ cannot be created;  in a finite world one can only become richer by making others poorer;  i.e - `wealth' = `poverty' ; analysis of effects

weather - `Climate is what we expect - Weather is what we get' see "climate"; Gov'ts are motivated to lie about both, weather and climate

west-bound - hobo expression for `death' or `dying' - a better route; seems to be anciently based and maybe for good reason

whales - links page to whale behavior, repeats question at Alien Comms

Wikipedia - it's editors seem to tend towards conformist anal retentiveness, see Sheldrake eg. and Lethbridge eg.

will - human intention - maybe not under conscious control - "I can do what I will, but I can't will what I will" - Schopenhauer

willful - `willful blindness' - legal principle that those with a duty to know cannot plead ignorance

witchcraft - early terror-scare: to steal people's rights

Wittgenstein - his revelation

wizards - evidence - and recent speculation

woman - survival qualities; women seemingly better scientists; qualities needed for humans' future; oppression of women by English judges & police, abuse by (male) English doctors

women's rights - remember 2000's Afghanistan hype by (male) Western politicians? Suspect they'll chuck it as soon as war-justification's over;  check? - interim failures and Feb 2004 "Rule of the rapists"; - latest Dec 2013 update; later wrongdoing in Japan & China

work - quick definition

working-class - more likely to be honest (2012 evidence); later confirmation

writing - literacy: vital for civilization; a personal recollection

Wu - Chien-Shiung Wu, Professor of Physics (at Columbia), proved that "Parity is not conserved " i.e. that electromagnetic states "slope" from N-S (magnetic), from +ve - -ve (electro) etc; one of our Greatest Discoverers

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

xenocide - mass murder of `stranger' group

xenoscience - inclusive of the Universe [as opposed to `blind science']

Xmas - see `Christmas and Easter' and links

x-ray - "emission"

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

young - easily conditioned

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

Zacatecas - Mexican Observatory - Bonilla's 1883 `fleet' sighting (& photo)

zero - invention - background

zero point energy - "dark energy / UEF"

zetetic - truly sceptical (proceeding by inquiry), as opposed to `skeptics': dogmatic supporters of the status quo, deniers of innovation

Zodiac -"avenue of animals" the ribbon of constellations in line with path of Sun through sky - Earth's changing view of; ancient scientific purpose? are there physical' properties of mythic "Ages"?

Zoroaster - ( ~trianism;)  also Zarathustra or Zardosht (wiki); founded colleges of dualistic morality and science (said to have influenced the Egyptians and some Semites) - one of its traditions is of a 12,000 year cycle (repeated) possibly of cataclysm or destruction; for time-line also see Giza, undersea cities

References: try SEARCH SITE for a word / phrase

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