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Crime Kids

Or Freedom Fighters

Politicians, bureaucrats, bishops, senior police, judiciary and media are always ready to condemn the behavior of
"children of the poor"
- branding them -
"Criminal Kids"

We looked at situation of kids with families trapped by unfair bad education, unfair job market, unfair council services & taxes, unfair hidden taxation of necessities and unfair misuse of official power.

Here's analysis, in e-mails.

`Perceptions' note:-

Subject: "Terrible Teens" Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 13:05:26 +0100 From: Editor \`Perceptions'\ <editor> To:

Hello Kate

To be equipped for interviews on genesis of "Terrible Teens" - especially in inner cities - you'll need some real facts (below, in recent [mail] for Mathew Taylor (LibDems)

Subject: True rates of taxation Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 14:28:31 +0100 From: Editor \`Perceptions'\ To: CC:

Dear Mr. Taylor

You told Parliament that relative tax burdens ranged from ~40+% for the poorest to ~30+% for the richest.

You could hardly have been more wrong. [The poor pay twice as much - the rich pay ZERO]

As an economist you should know better than to average-out different types of (tax) ratios - result is bound to be untrue.

1 Taxation of Property - the Council Tax.  This is paid at a rate of over 1000% (yes - over one thousand per cent) by the poor, and at less than 1% by the very rich.  Sometimes the rich pay ZERO tax and actually collect free SUBSIDIES paid for by the poor!ref-01

2 Taxation of Income.  PAYE + (2 x NIC) for poorer folk, who pay tax [now at 45% total] on Gross Income.  The rich have their NET Income taxed lightly (lots of allowances), and pay almost zero ref-02 NIC - a tiny token payment only, as you and all MPs should know.

3 Taxation of Necessities - VAT etc.  This is `descending taxation' - by Government ref-03 instruction.  An independent media study - (at a time when VAT was only ~8%) found that VAT added up to 42% to final cost of consumables.

The poorest pay the full descending cost as an extra tax-cost, which is necessarily now over 50%.ref-04 (much higher in some cases).

By simple mathematics, a person with 10 times the income of the poorest needs to pay only 1/10 of that tax on necessities = 5%; and a person with 100 times income-of-poorest need pay only 0.5% tax on necessities.

Full details and references should be available at `Cruel & Unjust Taxes', and linked pages.

A correction of your egregious "tax table" is necessary and would be appreciated by `Perceptions'.

Failure to understand the true tax burden imposed on the poor is common today among the protected - and therefore corrupt - elite.  This corruption of tax gatherers and the `elite' is to be expected; Adam Smith stressed the danger in his "Maxims" - see manip.html#adam

Let's hope you're not one of those ignorant or evil (evolutionarily dead) individuals.


UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

You can be sure that children of the poor are aware - if only subconsciously - of how they're victimized and oppressed by the hypocritical `respectable' - wealthy and non-tax-paying - classes;  violent reactions are almost inevitable.

Everything is Connected

The media representative kept quiet- the politician protested that he'd only been quoting figures supplied by English senior `civil-service'

We checked those figures - which he kindly enclosed - and found they'd been rigged!

Inequality is perceived mainly as the working of ethnic - class or race - bias.  However an analysis shows that the root cause is greed, in hierarchies of politics, law, finance and education.

The tax pages catalog UK's inequality problems in political finance (and `culture').
Laworjustice page does the same for policing and courts, where gender and age biases are subsets.  Schools pages similarly expose education biases.  Morals page examines the same problems - ever present, though covert in UK - in hierarchies of churches.

`Perceptions' note:- English senior civil-servants - the "First Division" - have corruptly inflated their own (& MPs') incomes and pensions note-02 to multi-millionaires' levels and now have every motivation to deceive.
i) pretending that they (the elite) pay equal taxes;
ii) covering-up unfair taxes imposed on the poor.

The "First Division" `always lies - if challenged, they're being `economical with the truth'!

[SEARCH for that phrase - Yes, lying, pervert `First Division' again]

Those figures cut off at a top level of £56,000!

That's not even a fifth (less than 20%) of those senior bureaucrats' own `salaries' and probably only 10 - 15% of their "financial package".

So much for `accuracy' of civil-service figures!

We felt we had to reply - so it's below -

BTW - definition - `regressive' = unfairly taking more from poor than from the rich

a description that applies to all UK taxes & charges

Subject: Kate's "Terrible Teens" / Mathew's tax problems Date:Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:11:33 +0100,,

Don't you have responsibilities? Surely both of you - media & reps - should be checking validity of figures produced by highly suspect senior Civil Service?

Evidence says that `First Division' is willing to deceive the public on every financial issue.

1 - A person with any logic, using only public domain, can determine for instance that both NICs are taken from one source - an employee's payroll earnings.  NICs thus constitute an additional 22% of Income Tax taken from Gross Earnings (as was publicly admitted by John Major) ... payable in full on earnings less than £30,000.  So [majority] have gross income taxed at rate of 44 - 45% ref-01

But highly paid politicians, mandarins or media men on £300,000 pay only 1% - shortly to be 2% - NIC tax.  Additionally they can protect much income from tax.

2 - Also in public domain - independent research revealing VAT as shamefully wasteful and regressive.  It is a descending tax which only impinges fully on poorer folk forced to spend all income on necessities.  Present cost of VAT to them is now necessarily passing the 50% mark (original 42% researched + 9% rate increase) ref-03

3 - Fuel charges now include approximately 90% tax costs, again only fully paid by the poor & lower incomed.  Why? Corrupt IR [Inland Revenue] allows politicians, mandarins etc. to actually make a profit from generous `allowances' for travel - allowances that we `poor' people must pay for ref-04

4 - Rounding off our survey, the "Property Tax" is most regressive.  A poor person with no property (other than clothes on back) is forced to pay more than 1000% in Property Tax (council tax).  But owners of property over £10,000,000 pay less than 1% - sometimes even zero ref-05

"Taxation without Representation" is a phrase that comes to mind.  Our `representatives' do not speak for us, they carefully protect themselves from the corrupt and regressive taxes they impose on the majority - us lower income folk.  The royal claim of "fairness" [Queen's speech - 30 April '02] doesn't apply in Westminster (or Windsor, Highgrove etc) ref-06

`Perceptions' (i.e - me) feels strongly that criticism of the poor, even of larcenous behavior, is not permissible from politicians, mandarins, churchmen, top police, media folk or anyone else taking significant benefits from corrupt English tax laws.  Greedy hypocrites & tax thieves shouldn't throw stones

Check updating of "skids" -"Crime Kids" - coming soon

Ray Dickenson


So, if / when teenagers from Britain's underclass steal from the rich (who are themselves the greater thieves) -

should you condemn them?

After all - hypocrital, lying, tax-cheating
magistrates, politicians, bureaucrats, bishops, senior police, judiciary & media

from those kids and their families
every day!

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