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Schools for Slaves

We found that :-

1 - educational outcomes do not match known abilities of children link01

2 - teachers unfairly 'selecting', link02 for social, racial and gender reasons

3 - pupils not 'selected' then being alienated - turned-off by unfairness - and teachers then further discriminating against those pupils, again for social, racial and gender reasons

4 - teachers and governers are readily corruptible - as members of self selecting link03 elites
[parents - a cross-section link04 of the working community - are even today forced to campaign to remove corrupting influences - commercial, sexual and political - from schools]

5 - politicians of all parties prefer indolence & corruption rather than progress or action. link05

On checking we found

i) - HEADS & TEACHERS - biased, some dangerously

ii) - EXAMINATIONS - rigged for rich thickos

iii) - HOMEWORK - waste of time - a wealth test

iv) - CONTENT - corriculum to suppress talents

enforcing unfairness / low quality in 'English' education system

What we did?

Curriculum & Homework Stupidity.

We've shown - at curriculum & homework pages - that way too much worthless material is given to pupils to be slavishly copied and memorized. Most of it is out-of-date or just plain wrong.

In addition, those masses of worthless data - and subsequent exams - are a ridiculous and damaging overload of pupils who would gain from more out-of-classroom time and more time for private reading.


junking 33% of the curriculum - so removing misinformation and ending 'curriculum rush';

reintroducing valuable non-classroom subjects - music, sport, PE, drama, swimming, private reading / private study etc - to the school week;

scrapping homework completely - to prevent damaging class-bias and discrimination;

would substantially improve characters and academic outcomes!

Nov. 2006 UPDATE - Finally getting the message?


Why do UK politicians seem always to choose, initially anyway, the most harmful and inefficient methods and systems?

By 2006  - UK's intensive multiple exam system has had the effect of making `valuable' - so far as selfish teachers and heads are concerned - only those students pretty well guaranteed to achieve good passes in certain `academic' subjects.

At all stages the others are deemed `worthless' - by selfish teachers and heads - because the league tables are biased toward pre-selection.

So, at all stages they tend to be abandoned - by selfish teachers and heads - whilst in reality they are most important students of all.  They are our future - both as work-force and voters! * - **

I suspect politicians purposely make those `erroneous' choices because they are hand-in-glove with a civil-service ruled by greedy dishonest elitists, and need to preserve privilege and corruption for their own advantage.
Which is why we see this faked `incompetence' in all matters:-  of education, taxation, law, policing and of the electoral system itself. ***

"Can we truly expect that those who aim to exploit us can be trusted to educate us?"

Eric Schaub

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