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Mr Straw

Say a nun was entering the Town Hall and the doorman told her to "show her legs" to him before he'd let her into the building.

That is the cultural equivalent of what Mr Straw is boasting he always inflicts on the Muslim women of his constituency who are forced to consult him.
[ Reported at ]

Do we believe him?

No. We would have heard about it long ago.  So it seems Mr Straw is lying about how long he's been sexually insulting those unfortunate women.

[ Here'e the reality behind Gov't and Press lies and demonizations - esp. Mr Straw's ]

Is Mr Straw a bullying perv * and compulsive liar?

Probably no more than other politicians.

Therefore the real questions are -

Why has Mr Straw begun this offensive behavior?

And why publicize it just now?

Herr Ratzinger

Telling a blatant lie, even by proxy, seems strange behavior for any so-called academic, especially when educated people should know, or can easily find out, that it is a lie.
[ That `big lie' was reported at ]

Historians are aware that -

1 - the mainly Christian West has a history of about a thousand years of slaughtering, directed against Jews, against Muslims, against honest Christians, and latterly against native peoples around the world;

2 - the killing is non-stop, from Middle Ages onwards: from pervert `crusades' and the blood-crazed Albigensian genocide* forwards to mass-killings during `colonizations' by military oppression and machine-gunning of all non-compliant* native inhabitants, English concentration-camps, then mass poison-gassings and slaughter from the air of innocent pastoralists:- the secret Oil Genocides* (these by Winston Churchill* et al), leading to WW II's torture and gassing of millions of Jews, Roma & dissidents, (aided by Vatican*), onward to Korea, Vietnam, the secret military murderings & coups and `The Disappeared' of South America - to Chechnya, Bosnia, etc, always accompanied by rape, abuse, torture and mass-murder of citizens - claiming ethnic or ideological reasons, but really for greed and slave-domination.*

Those historians also know that -

1 - For much of that time only the Islamic countries gave sanctuary* and religious freedom to those Jews and Christians fleeing from murderous oppression in the West.

2 - Iraq and Iran and eastwards (old Persian Empire), for hundreds of years allowed the Jewish and Christian refugees their own towns & colleges, churches & synagogues - and safety from the persecutions of blood-thirsty Western `priests' & rulers.

Is Herr Ratzinger a crazed racist and compulsive liar?

Probably no more than other religious rulers.

Therefore the real questions are -

Why did Herr Ratzinger spin a lie about history?

And why publicize it just now?

Those questions - about Herr Ratzinger and Mr Straw - have one answer: that they want to inflame ignorant Muslims against the West, and to inflame ignorant Westerners against Islam.

After all, educated Muslims and educated Westerners should know, or can find out, that the `claims' of Ratzinger and Straw are politicians' lies.

But Straw and Ratzinger don't seem to care.  That is revealing.

As is this fact: they don't care that their `claims' are open invitations to thugs, bullies & perverts (in all groups) to attack and harm ordinary folk.
see veilrants.txt or good-edu.txt
Today's 2012 situation is a result of 100 or more years of Western oppression, invasions and coups:
Persia/Iran was a prosperous democracy until USA/UK installed non-elected tyrant Shah + cruel secret-police;
Iraq had a thriving and peaceful pastoral population - until Churchill began a genocidal and pervert extermination campaign of bombing and fire-bombing of hundreds of thousands of innocent families.
Both those international atrocities were for profit, mostly of the Anglo/Persian Oil Company, later re-named `British Petroleum' - `BP'.
Details of (UK/USA) Oil Genocides at truechurch.html

That has been followed, in recent times by genocidal slaughter (ethnic-cleansing) of many thousands of unarmed Bosnian (Muslim) men and boys and the rape/murder of thousands of Bosnian (Muslim) women and children in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, all with the initial covert complicity of UK's Gov't (and maybe the USA's also).
Details of duplicity at answers033.html#tru

Considering today's media-antagonisms seem to be almost entirely racist, it's ironic that most of many thousands of victims of the western oil-genocides and anti-Muslim provocations have been our own cousins.  I.e. Persians / Iranians, Iraqi Kurds and Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian Muslims are all Indo-Europeans - Caucasians.
From personal experience in Borneo/Sarawak, Malaysia and the Gulf, know that earlier almost all Muslims were moderate and relaxed, capable of being good friends with visiting foreigners. 

At one time the teenage daughter of one of Malaysia's state rulers (Sultans) could stroll alone around town (though there was probably a `minder' at discrete distance), dressed in jeans and T-shirt, freely chatting to anybody, even to young Brit soldiers - who were quite impressed.  And around the Gulf, respectable young Persian women could wear bikinis at the beach or pool to admiration - not criticism.

The root cause of the change - a fearful reaction towards `fundamentalism' - has been provoked by corrupt western ruling elites wanting to create an `enemy' - to distract public attention from corruption and to justify further massive embezzlement of public funds.
[Research shows `fundamentalism', in religion or politics, tends to be composed of the ignorant and fearful, ruled by bullying patriarchal male psychos - mostly perverts.]

(Maybe also see `alien rulers' and `national stupidity' and `brain loss' )


`False-flag' incitement to violence, to justify further State-oppression, is a common ploy in the West; both UK and USA (and earlier the Nazis), have murdered innocent civilians to provoke and incite more violence; they still do - the UK lately restricted to Africa, the Med islands, Europe and UK while the USA more widely, concentrated in Mid-East, Asia and even more so in Central and South America.

I.e. USA & UK & Europe have been practising terrorism for generations.
Here's a recent summary:
"Governments from around the world admit they carry out false flag terror" - false-flag66.txt

Also see:-
`Operation Gladio - State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe' - "Operation Gladio BBC"
(never re-shown by BBC despite promises)

[ As Harold Pinter's Nobel speech showed, at pinter.txt ]

answers9.html#gladio - "Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organized or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of United States intelligence"

[in `The Spy and his Masters' the (CIA) author `Christopher Felix' tells how, shortly before the Bay of Pigs attempted invasion of Cuba, the USA disguised some B-26 bombers as Cuban airforce and illegally bombed targets in Cuba.  This was presented as `defecting Cuban pilots seeking revenge'.  See on-line copy at - and go `find' for < B-26 >]

[CIA/military] plans to create public support for a war against Cuba, to oust Fidel Castro from power.  The plans included committing acts of terrorism in U.S. cities, killing innocent people and U.S. soldiers, blowing up a U.S. ship, assassinating Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees, and hijacking planes.  The plans were all approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but were reportedly rejected by the civilian leadership, then kept secret for nearly 40 years. - James Bamford, author of `A Pretext For War', discusses the declassified `Operation Northwoods' documents revealing that in 1962 the CIA was planning to stage phony terrorist attacks on the US and blame it on Cuba to start a war.
(More details at

Good general reviews (w/ links) at - and, more recent, at - here's our text copy - just in case

Quote - General William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, said "By any measure the US has long used terrorism.  In '78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism, yet in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation"

And today (2008/2009), you can read of Canadian and German (+ UK) police faking `riots' to justify oppression and police brutality - suppression of free speech.

Latest (so far) is the French/Pakistani complicity in `false-flag' - murdering their own citizens as part of a corruption feud - and blaming `terrorists'

See - "'Bribes and bombs' scandal returns to haunt Sarkozy" at
[original URL was]

UPDATE 2010: INFO-WARS has a summary of cases where Gov'ts have had to admit killing their own innocent citizens, or those of other countries - to create `terror'.
or at this text file -

UPDATE 2014 - Evidence arising that London's "7/7 Bombings" was a false flag / agent provocateur operation - organized at arms length by MI-5 and its corporate friends and covered up by bent senior police and bent judges

Good general reviews (w/ links) at - and, more recent, at - here's our text copy - just in case


It seems we can expect further ramping-up of provocation: false-flag atrocities blamed on some "enemy" - anybody the planners choose.

That is, it wouldn't be surprising to find that secret police thugs of UK, USA & Europe are already assembling fire-bombs and other weaponry - with planted clues to implicate Zionist, Muslim, Christian or Fundy / Redneck / Skinhead groups - for false-flag attacks on citizens (that's you and me).

And agent provocateur inspired "plots uncovered", "attacks foiled" etc. where active [but hidden] leaders & planners are actually `provocateurs'.  I.e - the plots are set-ups by gov't agents and secret-police to provide propaganda and fuel hatreds.

see good-edu.txt

Later udpate - by Paul Joseph Watson (2008/11/24)
"German Intelligence Agents Caught Staging False Flag Terror"

Later udpate - Nov '11 - FBI Created and Committed Fake-Terror Plots
Quote - "The target, the motive, the ideology and the plot were all led by the FBI"

So, bearing in mind the greedy and murderous habits of rulers* & priests* of the Christian West, and given the tolerant histories of most Muslim countries, will we again see refugees of Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other groups fleeing from murderous oppression and discrimination in the West?

Looking for safety and protection in Islamic countries?

But this time you've also got to ask - how safe will you be from carpet-bombing?  Or nuclear weapons?

Answer - not safe at all.  Unless truly Islamic countries get their own nuclear deterrent to protect themselves - and maybe us.

[ See `History`s Terror-Bombings' - all committed by `Rulers' / Governments, mostly Western ]

* Refs

1 - for "Albigensian" heresy - & - `The Cathars: the struggle for and of a new Church'

2 - latest (sparse) details of UK's colonial crimes - colonial-crimes.txt and colony-pervs.txt

3 - (sparse) details of (UK/USA) Oil Genocides - truechurch.html

4 - for Hitler / Vatican alliance - faith_works.txt

5 - for scapegoats - a striking example - witchcraft.html

6 - for oppressed Xtians - search for "Nestorians" and follow links

7 - for example of `refuges' -; and maybe for recent evidence

8 - for "rulers" - govperv9.txt and subindex.html#rule

9 - for "priests" - subindex.html#priest

10 - for Western `terrorism' - centuries-old - subindex.html#terr

11 - see `Council of Constance' for authority to get rid of corrupt Popes -; the Council fired two (or three) Popes, replacing them with a `reserve'

12 - for low-down on Straw's and Ratzinger's lies about `tolerance' - veilrants.txt

13 - For Vatican's lies about Holocaust and its aftermath in South America - see the `Rat Lines' series, sad (short) videos on unspeakable subjects -; (if it gets `lost' again search for "vatican + rat lines" and maybe have to choose).  And non-pius.txt, for latest review of `complicity' or `The unholy legacy of Pius XII' or `Rome and The Reich: The Vatican's other dirty secret' and latest with `Pope Benedict XVI played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by its priests'

14 - for latest update (Mar '09) on changing perceptions of Ratzinger (and, by implication, of Straw) - "Now I am beginning to suspect he might be a very nasty piece of work." - Robert Fisk, reprinted by Belfast Telegraph; scroll to foot of page. [text version] -

15 - Straw is/was deeply involved in long-running plot to downgrade or even (if possible) to get rid of jury trials (last vestige of democracy); Update (Sep '11) on revelations re: Straw (+war-criminal Blair) being complicit / responsible for illegal kidnap, torture and probable murders, of men, women and children - see Wiki ref. & straw-blair-crimes.txt [scroll down].  Maybe expect mail-shredding and witness-elimination on-going? - 2012 UPDATE: `Straw lied to cover-up kidnaps, torture' [text version] - 2013 UPDATE: See text-summary for details of Straw's complicity in Hillsborough cover-up (w/corrupt police); abetting dictator Pinochet to avoid `crimes against humanity' trial (mass abuse/torture/murder); use of `Secret Trials' to avoid justice for colluding w/kidnap and torture of man/wife/children.; also see `2013 suspicions of Straw's complicity in list of Gov't murders of scientists' -

Herr Ratzinger is/was (temporary?) Capo di Vatikanstadt, a.k.a. `Il Papa'
Mr Straw is/was a UK Gov't Minister

Later - An analysis
(made me smile - vision of Mr Straw staked to an ant-hill in Morocco)

If Mr Straw found himself facing the strictly veiled Tuareg warriors of North Africa, wonder if he'd "request them to unveil", if, as he claimed, it's "a matter of principle"?

Ha!  No chance!  Tuareg warriors are male, Caucasian, and lots harder than Mr Straw.  So he's definitely not interested in their veils.

Gosh!  So Mr Straw's a racist, sexist bully?  And maybe more than a bit pervy?

Looks like it

And a coward?

Well, maybe

And a liar?


`Perceptions' original publish date 07 Oct '06
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