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Survivals of Real Art

women with emotions                         animal with humour

Survivals of art - created from 40,000 to 20,000 years ago

The artists were able to depict emotions, and even humor, in their subjects.
Surprisingly, they were easily capable of working within the strong constraints of shape and texture of their chosen materials - ivory pieces and a section of reindeer-antler shown above, and below - a clay floor for the `finger painting' of a bison calf, and pigment on a rock wall for the `impressionist' horse.

`Cavemen Were Much Better At Illustrating Animals Than Artists Today'
"In analyzing dozens of examples of cave art from places such as Lascaux, the group, led by Gabor Horvath, determined that prehistoric artists were actually better at accurately depicting the way four-legged animals walk than artists from the 19th and 20th centuries."
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young bison - Niaux Cave             the `Chinese Horse' of

A Young Bison in Clay Floor of Niaux Cave - - - An Impressionist `Chinese Horse' in Lascaux Cave

a face at La Marche cave       a face at La Marche cave       a face at La Marche cave       faces at La Marche cave       a face at La Marche cave

The Artists' Sketch-Pads

found on floor and walls of La Marche caves
the artists' sketch-pad

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:47:02 +0100
Subject: How long have `human' attributes been around?

Recently got interested in the record of human activities, like art, and, with the kind help of folk in the Welsh Library Service, managed to get more detail, starting yesterday.

Looking at an art survival, from 40,000 to 20,000 yrs ago , like the Dolni Vestonice ivory figurine - [above],  have a strong personal impression that the artist had a fully human admiration / love for that woman, as well as considerable artistic talent.

Those traces are only surviving glimpses of the human past.  It's rather as if we had one frame (less than a second) taken from a full-length feature film and from it we had to guess not only the content and story of the film but its length and how much had happened before the clip.

There are some surviving traces of earlier art going on - like the use of ochre for coloring - from 60,000 to 90,000 years ago.

[Latest analysis of those `handprint' paintings (below) in European caves shows that many, maybe a majority of the artists were women.]

A different art, cooking, involves the use of hearths which are fortunately sometimes more durable and also datable.  Hearths have been found in China dated at 500,000 yrs, near Marseilles dated at a possible age of 750,000 years [earliest `French cuisine'?] and recently at Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa dated to 1.07 to 0. 99 Mya.

So,  stepping back from career-serving or fashionable `academic opinion',  we can get the impression, based on evidence and statistical probabilities (like that film-clip example),  that `people' were doing fully human things maybe up to one million years ago - it's maybe just that surviving clues are scarce.

Yet even that might be an under-estimate. [see below]

You can find reports of OOPARTS (out of place artifacts - sometimes quoted as part of fundamentalist or creationist agendas but some real none the less).  Now some of those are maybe `intrusions' - like if you drop a lap-top down a well it'll end up in the "wrong" geological level or stratum for a computer.  But other artifacts, such as gold / silver jewellery or `chalices', and iron / steel tools, have been found trapped in coal seams or inside slow-building sedimentary rock.  That leaves interesting questions still open.


female hands in silhouettes

Mural of `spotted horses' signed by female hand-print in Pech-Merle Cave

c. 300,000 yrs ago - Terra Amata (French Riviera) - a small constructed stone wall, possibly used for a wind-break or a lean-to building.
c. 1.4 million yrs ago - Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania, Africa) - a similarly constructed stone wall.

Shelter from wind and rain makes life a deal more comfortable - and maybe more sophisticated.

Later news - Article - release date 16-Jul-2009
"stone artefacts found in prehistoric Oldowan sites which date back 2.6 to 1.6 million years".

color bar

Survivals of Artists' Records of Strange Aerial Vehicles

etching of migrating deer and salmon

This etching is of two moving deer and three leaping salmon - clearly indicating, very accurately, the season of migration (for the deer) and of spawning (for the salmon). ref1
This small rounded section of horn seems to've been etched so the artist could `print' that picture by rolling the horn over other surfaces. ref2

Bearing in mind the accuracy of these prehistoric art-works you might well ask - `What are those unnatural-looking kite-shaped objects - or `drones'? - overhead, which seem to alarm that deer?'

other `aerial vehicles depicted by pre-historic artists

In the closely sited caves of Cougnac and Pech-Merle, are two examples of a wounded human (male), a rare event in earliest cave-art. ref3

`Wounded Man' and vehicle from Cougnac CaveAlongside both `wounded men' pictures you can spot structures or `vehicles', the closest of which have been likened to `steamboats',

[To see full-size - go `VIEW/OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB']
`Wounded Man' and vehicles from Pech-Merle Cave   - although you can also see some have been given indications of `fast movement', maybe even of `flight'.
`Catalog of symbols - some from Cougnac and Pech-Merle Caves
Right - catalog of strange `flying vehicle' symbols in French caves.

Below- individual examples - from caves in France and Spain.
Cave-art VehiclesCave-art Vehicles2

Another Depiction of Historic & Pre-historic Strangeness

Green Man
Green Man of Bamberg

Possibly Linked

Great Cycle?

We'll try to trace events, more ancient than blinkered experts admit to, which may still be influencing human civilizations.

We may have to look back 13,000 years - or more than 26,000 years.



"Dualism or Dichotomy"


"Westward Ho!"

"Great Cycle?"

and maybe even

"Psyche Storms"

and its evidence file


Unexplained Mysteries

Human Origins
Human Mutations
The Sphinx

Dowsing / Feng Shui

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