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Ruling Pervs

At Cleveland Street ruling perverts were hiding in the English establishment.

That example - of corrupt judges jailing the brave pressman
who'd exposed their crimes - you might've thought unique.

We should've known better
Then and Now, these crimes are excused / covered-up by the State
Abusers in POWER      

Another pressman was jailed by pervert hypocritical English judges in the same era.

It was around the time of "Jack the Ripper" - to the sinking of the Titanic - final decades of 19th - first decade of 20th century.

The female "age of consent" in Britain was at 12 years of age.

We know, from rigged outcomes of quite recent rape trials, that the establishment - gentry, judges, bishops, senior policemen, aristocrats - can escape with "Not Guilty" verdicts even now, because judges are either corrupt or violently biased against women's evidence.

But with 12 as "age of consent" - elite perverts could rape a girl aged only 12 years and a day!

They would use their influence to escape punishment - as now

We have recently seen how English police would ritually abuse a working-class rape victim to stop her complaining - even as late at the 1960's. A TV 'fly-on the-wall' documentary proved this.
This extended to physical abuse and in one case the victim was raped again - in the police-station.

Trade Unionists, Suffragettes and liberals - [ie. libertarian, forward-thinking folk - distrusted and feared by the 'establishment' (see organisations )] - became aware of abuses inflicted on children of the poor by perverts in positions of power (see orgs and dominators2 & pervperps).

The concern for children became a campaign to raise the "age of consent", which was opposed by broadsheet newspapers (establishment voice), opposed by the Bishops (many were perverts and abusers) opposed by the aristocrats and judges (some even worse perverts and abusers), and indeed fought by all powers of the State (then, as now, protecting highly placed pedophiles)

But the libertarian campaigners had a friend - William Stead

Stead was a flamboyant character, even for a pressman

In later life he pursued a search for scientific and spiritual truth and finally died a hero's death on the Titanic

[ He refused a place on the lifeboats - helped others to escape and was last seen, calm and composed, on deck. He drowned along with the Irish immigrant children who were doomed by English upper-class racism ]

Stead agreed to help the "Age of Consent" campaign and he shocked the middle classes by running an exposure on the subject of child sex slavery in England.

Even more outrageously the center piece of his article was his "purchase" of a 13 year old girl ("Lily") for five pounds (sterling)

[ Bought from her mother - both parents were alleged alcoholics - the father was supposedly 'unaware' of the sale ]

[ Financial note - £5 doesn't sound much but att was several months wages, maybe even a year's for some - let's say it would be worth about £10,000 to £40,000 to a modern westerner ]

Stead's publication of the sale succeeded

The campaign held rallies and huge public protest - culminating in the eventual raising of "age of consent."

"Lily" was actually named Eliza, and her story - purchased as a virgin child to help a campaign - became legend. Amongst others, George Bernard Shaw was inspired by the saga and used her story and name - she became "Eliza Doolittle." - for his Pygmalion.

Due to Stead's campaign Eliza was saved from a life of misery. She kept in touch with Stead and later wrote to tell him she'd married and was very happy. [Eliza had six children]

There are some disturbing resemblances to cover-ups, even in recent years

NEWS 09/09/01 bentcops13

NEWS January 2003 avoiders

A remedy for corrupt brutality? We found an answer!

`Perceptions' posted REMEDY for corrupt and pervert policeMEN

But the elite establishment always insists on revenge* when their perversions are exposed

A rigged charge was arranged against Stead, framing him for the very crime that the elite were committing daily

The alcoholic father of "Lily" - probably paid to testify against Stead - said he knew nothing of the "sale", which would've otherwise been legal !

Stead was found guilty of "illegally" buying Eliza. He was jailed by the same perverts whose crimes he was campaigning against!

Update - 12 November 2002

NEWS - Police 'failing to arrest pedophiles'

Update - 21 August 2003

NEWS - CPS Lawyers find excuses for pedophiles

Update - 27 August 2003

NEWS - "Professional" pedophiles get soft treatment

Update - 11 Feb 2004

NEWS - "UK police failing pedophiles' victims"

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