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Cleveland Street

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1888 - Women, some of them `ladies of the night', were being gruesomely murdered in London.  The killer, who obviously hated women, was given the name "Jack the Ripper", from the sexual mutilation he inflicted on the victims.

As months passed, with fresh murders being committed but no success on the part of the police, there were rumours of some very big names involved.

N.b. - although poverty and starvation was rife in London, even people of the poorest areas were well aware of the faces and characters of rich `aristocrats', who, in those days of absolute power, frequented places of commerce and amusement freely.

The `aristos' were safe - as part of the elite they were protected by police thugs, and besides, most well-fed aristocrats were not only big and strong but also carried handguns; the poor were mostly much smaller (malnourished) and unarmed.

Some Background (find Stowell)

"Popular myth made 'E' - or `Eddy' [Prince Albert Victor, 25 year old Heir Presumptive to the British Crown - son of the Prince of Wales], a candidate for the title of Jack the Ripper" - wrote modern commentators Lewis Chester, David Leitch & Colin Simpson, speaking of "his sinister reputation".

This may have been due to his too-close association with his tutor J.K Stephen, whom junior policemen did suspect of committing the murders.  J.K.S was "an enormous man" who obviously had charisma, while the Prince had little or none (he and his younger brother left naval academy only after "the exams were made easier so they could pass" and 'E' left Cambridge with only an `honorary' degree.)

J.K.S was a typical product of the English `men-only' academia:  i.e. a woman hater.  Although a suspect, the authorities would not allow his arrest.

[J.K.S. was the author of these disturbing lines - "If all the harm that women have done / Were put in a bundle and rolled into one / Earth would not hold it / The sky could not enfold it // It could not be lighted or warmed by the sun. / Such masses of evil / Would puzzle the devil / And keep him in fuel while Time's wheels run".]

These two were immune to British law, as they probably still would be today, but the scandal of the woman-killings were not to be the end of establishment's fixers' problems.

[ 'E's biographer, Sir Phillip Magnus, wrote of the dilemma of the father - Prince of Wales - in these words - "He braced himself to face resolutely the problem posed by his elder son" who "must either marry suitably during 1891, or be dispatched on a tour of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as a punishment, and to preserve him from harm".

Punishment for what? - but by "harm" Magnus may have meant meant public exposure, or maybe something else - being gotten-rid of (assassinated) by the `men-in-gray' who represent the real owners of power in most countries (echoes of JFK today).]

But more scandals were to come.  If draconian action against the Press had not been taken, these scandals would have dragged the Victorian pretence of "respectability" from the aristocrats, the Government, the Church, and the Law.

J.K.S was later declared mad, and 'E' - Prince Albert Victor - was `found dead, of influenza and pneumonia'.

Sir Phillip Magnus declared this outcome "a merciful act of providence".

I.e. convenient. But what could have caused these drastic outcomes?

A clue might be the slightly suspicious fact that J.K.S was also `found dead' - within days of his royal protege's unfortunate demise (or dispatch).


During 1889 a brothel catering to rich homosexual pedophiles (pederasts:- rapers of boy-children) came to the attention of some junior policemen.

The house was in Cleveland Street, in the West End of London: an area known for the town houses, theatres, and clubs of the rich, the elite of the establishment.

There was little publicity and all subsequent events were cloaked in enforced secrecy for many years - the British "free" Press was almost immediately cowed and shackled by the imprisonment of an editor, the others got the message.

The junior policemen had initially reacted as normal (working-class) men would - they were determined to catch and prosecute the criminals.

But just as in more recent times, their senior officers seemed of different mind.

Why did they prevent their policemen from prosecuting pervert sex-criminals who'd raped children?

All the elite groups proved to be implicated!

Senior police officers; senior barristers (elite lawyers); senior judges; churchmen; members of Parliament (UK "congressmen"); the British Government (the "Cabinet"); and members of the British "aristocracy" (inter-related families who actually own Britain - surrounding, and partly comprising, "Royalty")

Members of all these elite groups were "customers" at Cleveland Street.

As the story was pieced together - with the junior policemen from Scotland Yard getting little support and much blocking from above - it transpired that:

the "Post Office", a British government organization, had been recruiting working-class boy children as messenger boys - "telegram boys";

each boy was ordered to go alone to Cleveland Street;

at Cleveland Street the boys were sexually assaulted - by men who were 'the highest in the land'.

These facts were suppressed, in a simple but brutal way.

Editor Ernest Parke, of the North London Press was jailed - for printing the headline -

"Names of some of the Distinguished Criminals who have Escaped"

followed by this account:-

"The men to whom we thus referred were THE EARL OF EUSTON, eldest son of the Duke of Grafton, and LORD H. ARTHUR C. SOMERSET, a younger son of the Duke of Beaufort.  The former, we believe, has departed for Peru; the latter, having resigned his commission, and his office of Assistant Equerry to the Prince of Wales, has gone too.  These men have been allowed to leave the country and thus defeat the ends of justice because their prosecution would disclose the fact that a far more distinguished and more highly placed personage than themselves was inculpated in their disgusting crimes."


"The criminals in this case are to be numbered by the score.  They include two or three members of Parliament" ["Congressmen"]

It is hard to see who could be "more highly placed" than those two named, other than a very senior aristocrat or a royal.

Which was probably why bent judges of the establishment sent the innocent editor - Ernest Parke - to jail.  This effectively silenced the Press. See real.html

[Note: search on NAMES; English aristocracy change their names as often as nuclear power stations and for the same reasons, to evade political fallout from past crimes]

The honest policemen who had attempted to make the case against the pedophiles were soon either demoted, discouraged or removed from their posts.

We're told that James Munro, then Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, formerly head of CID Scotland Yard, was fired (`resigned' - June 1890 - without pension and no reason given).  An apparently honest man, he left and became a missionary to India.  Much later he wrote to his son Charlie that it was "because he had refused to do what he had considered to be wrong".
[from "Fenian Fire" by Christy Campbell, 2002, ISBN 0-00-710483-9]

[ Some say that "Scotland Yard", along with the "Post Office" (or rather that branch now known as "BT"), has been controlled by networked perverts ever since.  Admittedly, that would be elementary `self-protection' for elite pedophiles, in a country whose population would probably lynch them were they exposed.  The evidence says they have long controlled the judiciary - for the same reason. ]

The famous reformer Henry Labouchere - before the jailing of Ernest Parke - wrote: -

"The facts are in the hands of the Home Office and of Scotland Yard, but as some of the greatest hereditary names of the country are mixed up in the scandal, every effort is being made to secure the immunity of the criminals.  Indeed I am credibly informed that the Home Office is throwing obstacles in the way of prompt action on the part of Scotland Yard, and trying to get the persons out of the country before warrants are issued."

As we now know, none of the criminal perverts - all from the elite - were ever punished.  But (Editor) Ernest Parke - an innocent man - was jailed.  To silence the Press.

Clearly on the side of justice were Editor Parke and Labouchere, and some social reformers.  But their voices were not allowed to be heard.

The power of the British State corruptly worked to suppress the facts, and the wider population remained unaware - then and now.

The politicians, barristers (senior lawyers), judges and highly placed Civil Servants who helped - some secretly - to jail Editor Parke and suppress knowledge of the scandal were all rewarded by promotions to power and wealth.

Names involved :

Lord Salisbury - Prime Minister (his nephew A J Balfour was later invited to be Prime Minister by King Edward VII);

Lord Halsbury - Lord Chancellor;

Henry Mathews - Home Secretary;

Sir Richard Webster - Attorney General, then later "Master of the Rolls" and a Privy Councillor (an 'elite' group of Royal advisers);

Sir Dighton Probyn - became "Keeper of the Privy Purse," then later Comptroller of Houshold for Dowager Queen Alexandra;

Sir Augustus Stephenson - Treasury Solicitor and Director of Public Prosecutions;

The Hon. Hamilton J Cuffe - then deputy, later next Treasury Solicitor and D.P.P., later succeeded as the fifth Earl of Desart;

[Search on NAMES; English aristocracy change their names as often as nuclear power stations and for the same reasons, to evade political fallout from past crimes]

In 1891, when the affair was at its height, Sir Francis Knollys, the Prince's private secretary, wrote to the Prime Minister's private secretary :-

"As you are aware, the Queen [Victoria] strongly advocates Prince ['E'] travelling in Europe, instead of visiting the Cape of Good Hope (or rather South Africa), New Zealand, Canada, etc.  Unfortunately her views on certain social subjects [Knollys' stress] are so strong that the Prince of Wales does not like to tell her his real reason for sending Prince ['E'] away, which is intended as a punishment, and as a means of keeping him out of harm's way; and I am afraid that neither of these objects would be attained by his simply travelling about Europe.  She is therefore giving her advice in the dark."

That's probably code for "he can find pedophile brothels in the capitals of Europe almost as easily as in London".

Many other documents of the time were surreptitiously 'lost.'

In 1913 Knollys wrote to King George -

"It is necessary, however, that I should first look over, sort and, when advisable, destroy the great mass of letters and papers of all descriptions which accumulated at Marlborough House, and which have since accumulated at Buckingham Palace - in fact from the year 1863 to the present day."

And it seems those documents were destroyed by him.

[Knollys was made a Baron in 1902 and died as Lord Knollys, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.M.G., I.S.O.]

But some official documents were already in the files of the Director of Public Prosecutions. In 1976 they were in the Public Records Office, Chancery Lane, London. The dossier on the "Cleveland Street" investigation is No. DPP 1/95/1-7, the last two digits being the count of envelopes.

A private case book was in 1976 kept locked away at the British Library but it is just possible that it may be viewed.

At least two books have been written on this subject:

"The Cleveland Street Affair" - Chester, Leitch & Simpson (see above); Weidenfeld and Nicolson (1976)


"The Cleveland Street Scandal" - H.Montgomery Hyde; W.H. Allen / Virgin Books (1976)

Sept. 2000 - For a further sensational news item from Jack the Ripper's period - see promise2

May 2011 - Modern police (Met.) hiding past corruption?  "Met Police to keep Jack the Ripper case secret"


Evidence shows English elite - drawn from private schools - haven't changed much.

Here are three separate cases of large-scale organized pedophile abuse by the ruling-class in Britain:-

July 24, 1998

1992 - "The Kincora Scandal : Political Cover-Up & Intrigue in Ulster" by Chris Moore. Paperback (December 1996) Dufour Editions; ISBN: 1860230296

Amazon review - British MI-5 ignore Pedophile Directors of Boys Orphanage - Reviewer: A reader from Massachusetts July 24, 1998

"The 3 directors of Kincora boys foster home engaged in pedophile activities with the boys. The book traces the authors investigation as he learns that the RUC & Secret Service [MI-5] used the directors association with extreme Unionists / Loyalists with similiar tastes to get inside information on paramilitary activities. The major scandal was never fully unearthed in the British House of Parliament. Some of the political heavy weights had enough influence to crush the investigation. The files are sealed even to the RUC police force to this day."

March 3 2000<Girls in care 'used as prostitutes'>

From "The Times" [Electronic edition] News in Brief

"The Royal Ulster Constabulary has begun an investigation into allegations that teenage girls, some as young as 13, from a residential home were involved in a Province-wide child prostitution ring organised from Belfast (Christopher Walker writes). It is claimed that some wealthy clients have been flying into Northern Ireland specifically to have sex with young members of the ring."

The words ["members of the ring"] shows how the newspaper - ie. "the establishment" - tries to blame the abused children not the establishment abusers.

February 16 2000 "Hundreds of children in Welsh care homes were systematically sexually exploited and brutalised over a period of twenty years - and youngsters in care remain at risk today, Britain's most extensive public inquiry into child abuse concluded yesterday." BY ALEXANDRA FREAN, SOCIAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT

This is yet another 'report' on yet another British pedophile scandal. The 'report' - from Sir Ronald Waterhouse - a former High Court judge and member of the English elite - reads all too predictably:-

From the "Guardian" - "Rumours of a ring of abusers, including prominent public figures, have been rife. But the report says there is no credible evidence of any such network. It also dismisses suggestions that freemasonry was implicated in what went on."

From "The Times" - "The report names many of those convicted of abuse in the scandal, but stops short of revealing the identities of those against whom no convictions have been secured. Despite persistent rumours that paedophile activity led straight from the Welsh care homes to the door of the English Establishment, the report concludes that there was no evidence to confirm the existence of "a wide-ranging conspiracy involving prominent persons". (our stress)

Well, well.

Shall we check how much an English judge's word is worth?

The newly revealed truth about the Titanic, and the harsh modern fact of lying, fraudulent and all too often criminally pedophile judges, should tell us.

An English judge's word is worth nothing! - Less than nothing!

LATEST "The Guardian" (English broadsheet) web-page:- Tuesday October 9, 2001 story here

" Former councillor jailed for sex abuse" - but other VIP goes free "after police lost video evidence" - full text here - link here & link here

There are some disturbing resemblances to cover-ups, even in recent years

NEWS 09/09/01 bentcops13

NEWS January 2003 avoiders

Investigation report dated 31 October 1999 from "The Times" internet edition

QUOTE from "The Times" - 31 October 1999: - from John Harlow, Social Affairs Editor - additional reporting Zoe Brennan and Simon Trump

"Paedophile inquiry ... Several public figures ... in a paedophile ring, including leading politicians, aristocrats and senior policemen"

and -

"Such is the sensitivity of the document that the only copy is due to be placed in a strong room at the Cabinet Office"

A remedy for corrupt brutality? We found an answer!

`Perceptions' posted a remedy for corrupt and pervert policeMEN

NEWS "Attack on Straw over extension of secrecy"

Freedom of information: special report

David Hencke, Westminster Correspondent Monday 17 January 2000

" Jack Straw [a lawyer, and British Law and Order Minister in charge of the Home Office see above] has been severely criticised . . . . for using the new freedom of information legislation to extend secrecy to cover up some of the worst scandals which hit the monarchy this century."

LATE NEWS from unholy.html#last

Sept. 2000 further news item of Jack the Ripper's period - from promise2

Update - 12 November 2002

NEWS - Police 'failing to arrest pedophiles'

Update - 21 August 2003

NEWS - CPS Lawyers find excuses for pedophiles

Update - 27 August 2003

NEWS - "Professional" pedophiles get soft treatment

Update - 11 Feb 2004

NEWS - "UK police failing pedophiles' victims"

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