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The Power of Zero

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Indian mathematics is said to have first used the power of ZERO - the invention has been ascribed (by some) to Aryabhata - born 476 CE.

It not only revolutionized number systems note1  by allowing `proper' decimals,  it also enabled them to tackle some seemingly difficult problems.

Later the rising Persian / Arab cultures imported ZERO under the name of `sifr' - `empty' , a word still meaning a ZERO when used to say "he's only a cypher",  meaning a no-personality type - not independent.

Then, bigger steps were taken in India and Arabia by the invention and development of algebra (Al-Jabrnote2  and the beginnings of `calculus'.

Algebraic equations
All that happens in `algebra' is that an apparently unsolveable expression, with unknown factors, becomes easier to solve if you temporarily make the whole thing equal to ZERO.

An `equation-to-zero'.

So that individual terms can be substituted, manipulated, cancelled-out and extracted to arrive at solutions for the unknowns, which are then easily proven correct or not by substituting them in the original `equation'.


There's an analogy with algebra here - for anyone who needs to do detective work on complex physical or social cases.

This is - first make the whole setting equal to ZERO.

I.e. - deemed as worthless, untrustworthy, possibly fraudulent.

Then, by using operators like `cui bono' - `who gains'  etc. - i.e. by considering all motives - you'll have a better chance of solving it.

The average police-man, magistrate, or bureaucrat `watchdog' tends to be handicapped by non-zero assumptions of the `rightness' of the establishment, the rich etc., and even more by assumptions of `wrongness' of the poor, of independent investigators, or of critics etc.

Whereas the actuality is that the `upper-classes' are much more likely to be liars, thieves (and pervs) than ordinary folk.
[Here's 2012 evidence - and "Put Not Your Trust in Princes" is much earlier, from the Bible and then from Machiavelli.]

Main problems with analysis by police, magistrates, judiciary or bureaucrats:-

1 - lack of intellectual competence note3  and independence:  not having the ability to understand or to direct mental processes.  As they're typically appointed / `selected' - no elections for police-chiefs or judges in UK - to favor the `status quo',  so they tend to be dimwitted & complacent or arrogant & corrupt.

2 - inherent `institutional corruption':  those in senior positions tend to be motivated by the same goals as the VIP criminal frauds or criminal perverts,  because they belong to, or aspire to, the same social groups (sometimes in elitist `secret societies').

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[Later (07 Feb 2011) update:
found amusingly relevant clues about `preferred lack of intelligence in police'
i) evidence of preference
ii) reasons for thick police/judges
(and the reasons for thick greedy `scientists' & media?)]


The same `equation-to-ZERO' works just as fundamentally in Science.

Bacon and Descartes both have claims to be the first inventors and users of the system of `scientific thought'.

This is still the only way to science discovery - and hence not much used by government or establishment `scientists', who are motivated to want control / domination and to suppress competition.  I.e. - they don't want truly `scientific' research.

What's the secret?

From mail page you can see that Bacon says one must first  "lay aside received opinions"  (Descartes - "accept nothing as true which I did not clearly recognize to be so")  and "to refrain the mind for a time from the highest generalizations"  (Descartes - "carefully to avoid precipitations and prejudice in judgments"

That really means you have to suspend or abandon all religious, political or financial motives and even `science' axioms, dogmas or assumptions.

That's the `equation-to-ZERO' operation, which allows independent thought.

Where real analysis can begin.

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