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Pauline `Heresy'

Fatal Corruption of a "church"

Did a self-seeking politician and murderer - Saul of Tarsus - hitch a ride on a profitable bandwagon: the new "Christianity"

We know what happened afterwards - from the sanctimonious letters ascribed to that same liar and torturer - Saul of Tarsus, who was `made' into a "Saint" by the corrupt hijackers of a church.

Paul's Letter to the Galatians Chap.II verses 9 & 10

9 - "And when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship; that we should go unto the heathen and they unto the circumcision" [circumcised = Hebrews]

10 - "Only they would that we should remember the poor; the same which I also was forward to do"

It seems clear Saul is lying here, glossing over the public dressing-down he'd been given by the three real disciples

The three disciples, Simon-Peter (the Rock), James and John, had called on Saul, in Jerusalem, because he was claiming to preach "Christianity" - to gain political & financial power.

Saul had never met Jesus or heard his teachings, but his politician's craftiness enabled him to imitate most of the best known parts of the "Parables" & "Sermons" etc.

However the real disciples, Simon-Peter, James and John, knew the central pillar of those teachings was -

the Rich buy or steal Privilege, forfeiting tomorrow;

the Oppressed own the Future

- and therefore, although they sent Saul away from Jerusalem unharmed, they repeated their warning, played down in Saul's 'epistle' to the Galations.

Deceiving, he wrote they had only said that he "should remember the poor" - and, mealy-mouthed, claimed that was "which I also was forward to do"

(maybe - with crossed fingers!)

Sent away from Jerusalem smarting with resentment, Saul determined to discredit the disciples

'Preaching' to the Galatians - his chosen milch cows at that time - he looked for a plausible excuse.

He readily found it in the Hebrew food taboos

[ All taboos derive from originally rational 11-link scientific reasons. The Hebrews' long sojourns in Mid-East & Egypt naturally created strong hygiene rules which acquired religious significance and sensitivities.

Just as naturally, the Galatians' recent northern European background had left them relatively carefree (or reckless) about food safety.
Saul was aware of this -
Ed ]

Saul knew that Simon-Peter was willing to eat with Gentiles when he met them outside the Hebrew community.

However, because Peter's work was mostly amongst Hebrews he could not destroy it by offending them within their own community. Simon-Peter therefore obeyed the food taboos when he was with Hebrews.

Saul, in his next sentence creates a devious piece of hypocrisy, making this seem blameworthy - to the Galatians.

Galatians II, verses 11 & 12

11 - "But when Peter was come to Antioch I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed"

12 - "For before that certain came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles: but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were of the circumcision"

waffling on, as politicians still do, to the end of the chapter.

Notice the translators wrote "Peter" here.

But in the previous sentence they'd used "Cephas" (the Rock) to denote the same man: Simon-Peter

This is 'disinformation' - ordered by later Church leaders to cover-up fact that Saul's dirty tricks were aimed at "the Rock" - Simon-Peter, who spoke for the real disciples and for real Christianity

Other accidental mis-translations ?

Original forecasts / statements:-

"Only altruists 10-link [non-violent & non-ruthless] will finally represent humanity"

became a mis-translated 'prophecy' - "the meek will inherit the earth"

and - "Only altruists 12-link [non-greedy & non-acquisitive] successfully evolve"

became - "the poor will always be with us"

So hard scientific forecasts were corrupted / changed by 'mis-translations' into nicey-nicey platitudes

Which greedy & ruthless elites of state & church can ignore!

We conclude: that's why these mistranslations were ordered.  To serve the interests of greedy and ruthless elites.

As you probably know, that `pauline revision' of "Christianity" completely corrupted the message of the early church, which then turned to gaining worldly power - by:-

devising 'supernatural' rites

& spurious `hierarchies' 13-link

claiming 'magical' powers for those fake intercessors:

corrupt & pervert 14-link 'priests', 'bishops' 15-link and 'popes' 16-link

for sale to the highest bidder

Corrupt religious `leaders' have since used their authority to systematically commit usury, theft, rape, torture, mass slaughter and even purposeful genocide. 17-link

Their 'Church' has since been ruled by greed and perversion,

cruelly 18-link implemented by 19-link corrupt bishops & priests 19-link

"There was never any thing by the wit of man so well devised, or so sure established, which in continuance of time hath not been corrupted"

The Book of Common Prayer - "Concerning the Service of the Church"

Scholarly & well-referenced
`Critique of Christian Theology'
Alex Paterson


those who abuse power
over helpless people

are perverts, merely
more cowardly terrrorists

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