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No chance of Democracy
for Oswestry?

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(where's Oswestry?)

(old map)

Situation now, Oswestry Borough Council district is 'owned' by an external bureaucrats mafia

How come ? - the OBC 'Chief Executive' is a non-elected official, paid, promoted (and 'perked') by Shropshire County Council bureaucrats - the same people who ran the road-scam milking Oswestry's funds and cheating Oswestry's citizens

As a result Oswestry's district has only unfriendly, narrow and dangererous roads. There are few useful transport services for the public, and no footpaths or cycle-paths connecting the villages or towns (recently admitted, reluctantly, by an OBC spokesman)

And you can see, at "#122", Oswestry's schools are among the lowest funded in the country ! Even below the pitiful nation average !

This despite Oswestry district's residents paying far higher rates of local tax than the rich parts of East Shrophire - where the Shropshire councillors live

[ The owners of this area probably live in London and the 'Home Counties' (homes of the English upper-class elite - paying even lower rates of tax), where highly-funded schools, amenities, footpaths, cycle-paths and bridle-tracks abound - as they abound in East Shropshire too]

On 27 March 2001 an expensively printed "Questionnaire" was found in our back-yard - and the neighbour had one. Here are the pages

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That was the preamble, necessarily skipped over by the hard-working folk of Oswestry

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Now comes the important bit - the OPTIONS a, b, c, d.


the order favours the non-independent 'mayor' (c & d), ruled by a non-elected all-powerful Chief Eecutive - well, we ordinary people tend to remember what we've just read last;

the wording favours the tame 'mayor' too - the power of the Chief Executive is greater than any Mayor's, but only the independent Mayoral options are slagged off - first in (a) for having "a powerful political role"



defs c

defs d


You can see someone doesn't like the idea of having his (un-elected) power being limited even a little bit - did you check the "will have a powerful political role" criticism in option a!

And that someone got even bitchier about the prospect of NO all-powerful, un-elected Chief Executive! Spot b)'s extra-sharp derogatory note?

Now some more waffle, again probably skipped over by the hard-working folk of Oswestry. Well, we've read the options, haven't we?

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waffle 1

waffle 2


Here comes the big one. This is the "survey" that could be used to justify all kinds of shenanigans

"prize draw"


What IS question 4 doing there?

Surely it's already been answered in No. 3 - the BIG question?

So, most hard-working Oswestry folk would naturally just tick "YES"

Not thinking that an unscrupulous individual could use that un-informed, casual* tick to CHANGE, or even CANCEL a vote already cast for an independent Mayor !

(*the 'real' info is NOT in Page 1)

Class / Income Bias

Most people we know wouldn't want, or couldn't afford to accept that "first prize" - but we don't seem to know many posh, rich, greedy posers

Neither the OPCS (the Census people) nor any competent market research company could permit the use of such a biased pamphlet or such a loaded "Question Paper"

Do we live in a third-world country?

We thought Britain had laws against election rigging !

Wrong !

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