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Where's Oswestry?

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Old Wild West

North-West Shropshire

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Welsh Border Country


Way back, this was border country. Oswestry was 'Welsh'. The nearest English town was Shrewsbury, about twenty odd miles away. In between was 'no-mans' land.

The "King" was only interested in subjugating the Welsh - and we were an independent bunch.

So he gave over all control - of the military, of the courts and of the infrastructure in the border area - to a bunch of sadistic psycho's: the "Lords" of the Marches

The English Lords were corrupt, evil and rich.

They used this untrammelled power for generations to imprison, torture and murder the people of the Marches, in a perverted and long-lasting campaign to oppress the people.

We - the people then called "Welsh" - had many talents, mostly declared illegal, but we were also the best breeders of horse, cattle and sheep. When the English merchants wanted to buy the best meat, skins, woolens or flannel - (a heavy cloth made from wool) - they had to come to Oswestry - over the border in Cymru.

The fat merchant's baggage-trains had to pass through the no-man's land between Shrewsbury and Oswestry, past Nesscliffe where outlaws waited (our more adventurous lads).

Later, when the soldiery ruled more of the area, they would hang our 'outlaw' lads in chains atop Gibbet Holt - name gradually changed to present 'Gibraltar' - a long lightly-wooded hill facing the Wolf's Head Inn across the highway .

[They did that to dishearten the 'outlaws,' who used the Wolf's Head - now a farm-house - as headquarters.]

We, the Cymric* - had long before decided that the incoming 'Saxons' were "cowardly, incestuous and godless" and not worth fighting.

[*'Welsh' - is originally a pejorative word for "foreigners" used by Saxon others - as is "Eskimo" and "Paki" and "Abo". Ie. 'Walcot' = 'house of the foreigner']

So we just took their women - and the resulting mixture is the people of North-West Shropshire: The Marcher People.

[ Note: Cymru = pronounced Komree - Cymric = Khumrig ]

[ "Welsh Marches" = Border area between Wales and England ]

We did fight the Romans - they were the hardest bastards in the world at that time. And - against enormous odds - we nearly won !

Our Chieftain - captured and taken to Rome - was welcomed as an equal by Caesar and granted Roman freedom, for himself and his family.

[Subsequently many a descendant 'Roman' was actually a 'Welshman' (you might ask Welsh girls what that means)]

That last great battle, ending when Caradoc was finally captured, was fought for a long time, all around Llanymynech Hill - the Britons' last redoubt - near Oswestry.

[ Llanymynech is pronounced "Khlanumunakh" = Burg of the Monks (mynech) ]

Eventually our language was swamped (but only in 'England'), by the tide of incoming Angles, Saxons and Jutes, and many more since.

[ But, as they were often all-male bands we kept our genes alive, so much so that Britain and Ireland still have mainly Celtic DNA ]

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All that has left the border town Oswestry with a unique individualism - we have had to solve our problems without any help, ruled as we were by corrupt police, magistrates or Lords.

[ Indeed we knew any police, magistrate or Lord sent here would be corrupt ]

For Oswestry, being valuable, was annexed by a corrupt English 'shire county'

Why? Because the English tax - and policing - system remains corrupt!

Because "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" are taken from the poor and lower middle-incomed - but spent mainly in the interests of the rich.

Tax-money - taken from the ordinary person - is spent mainly on on selective 'grants' to elite schools, on 'subsidy' to rich estate-owners, on 'allowances' to the influential, on pay-offs to corrupt officials, contractors, and representatives - and much more.

Oswestry's facilities are almost invisible to ordinary folk, and its schools among the worst funded in the UK

Example: There are no footpaths or cycle paths here - just narrow and dangerous 'car/truck roads.' If women or children try to walk or cycle these roads they are likely to be dead!

But around Shrewsbury, where the rich 'councillors' and tax-thieves live, there are wide paved footpaths and cycle-paths galore - to keep their children safe.

To hide this tawdry mess the local media has become a mixture of cover-up and brain-washing, unprincipled, second-rate and corrupt.

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Yes, most despicable types appear to run Shropshire

UPDATE - Discovery - They're taking our tax-money and giving it to themselves, their officials and their rich friends - AGAIN.

HOW - You've seen - from tax3 & tax4 - that only middle-incomed and the poor actually pay property tax (council tax). A man with say a £1million estate doesn't even pay enough to cover administration costs - he's a TAX-THIEF

20 YEARS ago ('ish) - when the last corrupt lot had been in charge for a year or two they decided to to give ALL our tax-money to themselves, their top officials and their rich friends - in the form of "grants" [50%, 80% even 90% "grants] which of course could ONLY be taken by the well-to-do and the seriously rich. -

'Cos we ordinary folk haven't GOT the cash, even for 10%, and most of us rented anyway. It was a blatant SWINDLE of we people who pay the highest rates of tax

AND then they said - "Hey -the money's all gone; we need to raise taxes" (which only we ordinary folk really pay) and we got that corrupt saga of "poll tax" and then "council tax."

WELL - they're doing it again! 24 Feb '01 - Watch this space for details.

In the meantime - message - to possible perps

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`Perceptions' campaign for freedom of information seems to be paying off - for some citizens at least

Oswestry folk have just been `granted' library Internet access for the first time (27 May '02)

But Shropshire County Council is not making this fact known to ordinary folk. Do they think it would be dangerous for poor people to find out too much?

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