From the "OBSERVER", an English Sunday Broadsheet

"Elite police squad in graft probe"

Scandal as 52 detectives are removed

by John Sweeney, Kamal Ahmed and Martin Bright
Sunday May 14, 2000

"The National Crime Squad - created two years ago as Britain's answer to the FBI - has removed 52 officers from its elite force amid allegations of corruption and malpractice.

The detectives from the NCS have been 'sent back' to their home forces from the squad - which freely admits it is 'under attack from organised crime' - for suspected offences ranging from collaborating with major criminals to losing key evidence and overtime fraud".

"Concern in Whitehall is greatest about corruption within high profile forces such as the NCS, its sister body, the National Criminal Intelligence Service, and the Metropolitan Police. The latter's anti-corruption squad, CIB3 - The Ghost Squad - has spent £23 million in the last two years, but only eight officers have been convicted.

Corruption was evident in the case of Flying Squad detective Terry McGuinness, 42, jailed last month after admitting burglary, conspiracy to supply cannabis, handling stolen goods and conspiracy to pervert justice. The court was told McGuinness revealed the existence of a 'first-aid kit', which included a balaclava and an imitation gun, used to plant evidence on suspects. McGuinness also described how his unit raided a suspect's home and found £14,000 under a bed. Officers carried off the cash after the criminal invited them to take it with the words: 'Christmas has come early'.

One law enforcement source said: 'The police have lost the Government's trust that it can keep its own house in order. If the NCS isn't clean, then nothing is.'

A huge Customs operation against drug traffickers Brian Charrington and Curtis 'Cocky' Warren, thought to be Britain's richest criminal, was thrown out when two police officers, Det Insp Harry Knaggs and Det Sgt Ian Weedon - then with the North East Regional Crime Squad - came forward, saying that Charrington was their prized informer. After he was released, Customs photographed Knaggs driving a £70,000 BMW, registered in Charrington's name. No one has been prosecuted, as the case is still with the CPS"

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`Perceptions' note:

British Governments seem unable, or unwilling, to prevent large-scale corruption in police forces and in the national and local civil-service.

It is not credible that this corruption does not extend to the politicians themselves.  See tax4.html

Who has the upper-hand?  The evidence says that some police (& to a lesser extent some civil servants), knowing 'where the bodies are buried', can blackmail corrupt, &/or criminally pervert politicians - see laworjustice

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