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Are they human beings?

Our financial, civic, military and political leaders?

A good case can be made that they're not.  Not organically non-human or unable to inter-breed with other humans, simply not `conscious' humans as we are.

There's an increasing awareness of the high percentage of psychotic individuals who are attracted to `power' jobs - seen in hitherto suppressed and rather shocking statistics of abuse in medicine, pedophiles in bureaucracy (& in the judiciary, education business), and murderers and rapists in police, etc. and frauds and bullies in all areas.

The brutal thugs and thieves

See them today around the world - they're conspicuously `in charge', as top police, judges, military & politicos.

Small examples-
Tony Blair - stealing from the UK's working poor - `a legal tax-thief'
G W Bush - i/c cowardly bullies* & waster of braver lives
UK's (& USA's) pervert judges
UK's murderous (& bent) police

The cowardly thugs and thieves

Closer to home & usually hidden behind desks.

Small examples-
Fat bureaucrats implementing cruel and unfair taxation policies
Greasy lawyers (who'll become judges) skimming tax-money to keep criminals out of jail
`Prosecutors' protecting elite fraudsters, drug-dealers (and pedophiles) from justice
Usurers abusing `law' to steal from poor people
`Bankers' (institutional usurers) using poor people's money to pay-off the rich - while ignoring their duty to the poor.

Observation seems to show that abusers are simply not `conscious' of how we see them and their actions.
Particularly, they seem not to be aware that they are physically repulsive (i.e. - disgusting) in the eyes of normal humans.  ref 1 & ref 2
[And intellectually disgusting also.]

This leads us to a conclusion that some might regard as metaphysical.
That abusers, high and low - brutal or cowardly, have minds and bodies no sane person would want to inhabit.

I.e - their mental and perhaps physical lives are literally `hell on Earth'.

There is evidence that all the moral religions knew of the genetic results of selfish life-styles - hence their taboos.  ref 3

Above all, usury or money-lending (for fixed interest rather than an investment) was recognized as having a deforming and degenerating effect on the descendants of the usurers;  so for all moral religions usury was a `sin'.  ref 4

Needless to say, money interest has prevailed upon the modern `churches' and their priests to corrupt those doctrines.

`Sin' is only a superstitious translation of an earlier (lost) science - it cannot be `forgiven' or `redeemed' - it inevitably results in extinction. ref 5


And of course, all abusers are prisoners.

If they were ever to try to change - they'd be instantly put out of the way, assassinated, by those they call `friends' and `colleagues'.

* from Mac Tonnies' "Posthuman Blues"
(don't watch all those vid clips if you've got high blood pressure)

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