2000 CE
A message to three politicians

Being in a political no-mans land - front door in Powys, back door in Shropshire, nearest large town Wrexham - it seems sensible to send this first to you three - luckily you are a cross-section.

NESTA suppresses two British breakthroughs - because inventor criticized civil service corruption.

The first, a physics and wider science discovery, is very advanced. There may be only two British scientists and mathematicians who understand its premises.

However, an international science readership - NASA, CERN, NE, universities, gov't energy, corporate energy and propulsion, has been downloading the theory at http://www.perceptions.couk.com/UEFindex.html and subsequent links. NASA is already thought to be quietly using its results (see attached application 1), and CERN's recent decision may have been influenced by the theory.

International science, or at least those two British scientists - Roger Penrose (Oxford) and Ian Stewart (Warwick) should have had the chance to assess the theory before NESTA banned support in Britain. Anything less will be shoddy treatment, possibly corrupt behaviour and another loss to Britain.

The second breakthrough, a revision of evolutionary theory, is also controversial. It was attacked last week (02Nov BBC R4), when Melvyn Bragg possibly hoped to get senior establishment evolutionists to deny the theory - which Melvyn referred to as "pop evolution" throughout. He clearly disliked its conclusions.

[ Explanation : Mr Bragg might dislike the theory because a quotation of his claim for the superiority of an elite, and the public refutation of that claim by two world class social historians, was posted in the Internet readers' Q&A of the "Altruist Survivor Theory" as a two-fold confirmation of the theory's secondary predictions. Amongst its many conclusions the "Altruist Survivor" theory forecasts that elites - far from being 'super' - are continually going extinct.]

Anyway, the attempt failed. The experts [Steven Rose - Gresham Professor of Physics (auth. "Alas Poor Darwin"), Nicholas Humphrey - Professor of Psychology, New School of Social Research N.Y.(auth. "How to Solve the Mind/Body Problem") and Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Reader in Bio-Ethics UCL (auth. "Humanity after Darwin")], even if miffed at being outshone by a non-professional, refused to attack the theory. Mr Bragg seemed a bit annoyed by the end of the programme.

Surely those pre-eminent professionals should have assessed the theory before NESTA suppresses it in Britain ?

Anything less would be shoddy treatment, possibly corrupt behaviour, and exhibits the 'dog-in-a-manger' civil service attitude which denies any British achievement not approved by an 'elite' - (see attached application 2).

Checking `Perceptions' ISP log records, it is clear NESTA had not accessed any of the information submitted for assessment. Significantly NESTA had accessed just one editorial page criticising the disorganized, bureaucratic and unfriendly layout of NESTA's web page and their possibly corrupt "Lotterylike" disposal of funds so far.

Why should NESTA suppress new, real ideas in science? Is this why Britain is seen as racist & stuffy, arrogant & backward by the rest of the world ? (British Council - Foreign Policy Centre Report 09 Nov.'00).

Last note: the information is posted on the `Perceptions' web-site, which is people-friendly and popular world-wide with teachers, students, schools, corporate workers, scientists, lots of media, military and even families, Answers, F/bAnswers).

And `Perceptions' is all-British - despite the advertisers [only] being forward-looking USA firms - who actually apply for space (indicating their perceptions of its audience).

Ray Dickenson

[NESTA has address]

ray at perceptions


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