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Reference: NESTA letters dated 02 and 13 November, signed Margaret McAlpine

Dear Sir or Madam

The a/m letters reject two applications, one for the "Altruist Survivor" theory, the other for the UEF Theory. NESTA gave these reasons: the project is "contentious"; the project is "unfortunately fundamental"; and "we also noted that you incorrectly stated that you have not applied to NESTA on previous occasions." These reasons are specious and they are incorrect.

Firstly, any new idea or concept is by definition "contentious." Is NESTA saying Britain does not need these new ideas? That is untrue, as can be seen from the original statement of NESTA's mission.

Secondly, Science advances by "fundamental" reappraisals. Does NESTA mean Britain does not want these scientific advances? Again untrue - see above.

Thirdly, for two years or more NESTA has prevented me applying. Your records should show that initial attempts were met by the excuse that NESTA "is not yet ready to accept applications." Then it was (repeatedly) stated that projects can only be submitted via the ridiculously unfriendly NESTA web-site form, deemed to be "pre-application." Unless NESTA has deceived and misled me, my first "pre-applications" are now before you. [While this prevarication was ongoing NESTA was quietly giving away £75,000 of taxpayers' money for an upper-class poem or two.]

The English establishment's influences can be destructive: the Oxbridge don's imaginary black holes and fake Social Darwinist theories give rise to the arrogantly corrupt officials in MAFF, DFEE, the Board of Inland Revenue and the CPS, who in turn cover-up for thieves and pedophile cliques in positions of authority.

I ask NESTA to throw off destructive establishment bias and attempt an impartial re-examination of the applications.

Yours faithfully

[ed at perceptions]


Margaret McAlpine

Peter C Coe

Program Assistant - P&O Department

`Perceptions' note: some background went to an MP earlier see nestarep


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